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1969ApJ...155..817R 1 17 122 Positions and Stokes parameters of seven OH-emssion sources. RAIMOND E. and ELIASSON B.
1969ApJ...157L..13C 15 1 93 Distribution of ammonia density, velocity, and rotational excitation in the region of Sagittarius B2. CHEUNG A.C., RANK D.M., TOWNES C.H., et al.
1970ApJ...162L.203B 8 3 147 Detection of methyl alcohol in Sagittarius. BALL J.A., GOTTLIEB C.A. and LILLEY A.E.
1971ApJ...164L..23H 2 8 110 100-micron map of the Galactic-Center region. HOFFMANN W.F., FREDERICK C.L. and EMERY R.J.
1971ApJ...165L..87H 10 27 Evidence for an optically thick component in the galactic radio source Sagittarius B2. HOBBS R.W., MODALI S.B. and MARAN S.P.
1971ApJ...168L.101B 1 14 97 Detection of methyl alcohol in Orion at a wavelength of ∼1 centimeter. BARRETT A.H., SCHWARTZ P.R. and WATERS J.W.
1971ApJ...170L..89H viz 159 135 100-micron survey of the galactic plane. HOFFMANN W.F., FREDERICK C.L. and EMERY R.J.
1972ApJ...172..335S 71 T                   1 3 80 Survey of molecular lines near the Galactic Center. I. 6-centimeter formaldehyde absorption in Sagittarius A,
Sagittarius B2, and the galactic plane from lII = 359.4deg to lII = 2.2deg.
1972ApJ...174..207R 3 5 Remeasurement of the rest frequency of the 36-centimeter radio line of methanol. RADFORD H.E.
1972ApJ...175L.127S 9 3 177 Kinematics of molecular clouds near the Galactic Center. SCOVILLE N.Z.
1972ApJ...177L..53L 1 7 62 21-micron observations of H II regions. LEMKE D. and LOW F.J.
1972ApJ...178L..23B 23 18 Observations of methanol in Sagittarius B2 at 48 GHz. BARRETT A.H., MARTIN R.N. and MYERS P.C.
1972ApJS...24...49R 1 42 309 III. 21 centimeter absorption measurements on 41 galactic sources north of declination -48. RADHAKRISHNAN V., GOSS W.M., MURRAY J.D., et al.
1972ApL....11..219M 1 8 60 Possible sites of star formation in SGR B2. MARTIN A.H.M. and DOWNES D.
1973ApJ...181..781F 1 9 66 Interferometric observations of formaldehyde absorption in front of strong galactic sources. FOMALONT E.B. and WELIACHEW L.
1973ApJ...184L...7B 4 3 88 21-centimeter absorption at z=0.692 in the quasar 3C 286. BROWN R.L. and ROBERTS M.S.
1974A&A....31..431F 22 44 A survey of fine structure in galactic HII regions. FELLI M., TOFANI G. and D'ADDARIO L.R.
1974A&A....32..283C 19 100 Helium abundance in galactic H II regions. CHURCHWELL E., MEZGER P.G. and HUCHTMEIER W.
1974AJ.....79..938D 15 3 An OH survey of the Hoffmann 100 micron sources. DICKINSON D.F. and CHAISSON E.J.
1974ApJ...192L.149Z 6 10 360 Models of massive molecular clouds. ZUCKERMAN B. and EVANS II N.J.
1974IAUS...60..275D 1 7 54 Magnetic fields in OH maser clouds. DAVIES R.D.
1975ApJ...195L..77R 70 T                   1 2 28 350-micron mapping of
Sagittarius B2.
1975ApJ...201..352S 11 3 165 The molecular cloud Sagittarius B2. SCOVILLE N.Z., SOLOMON P.M. and PENZIAS A.A.
1976A&A....51..289B 1 7 41 Aperture synthesis of 1667 MHz OH absorption in the direction of the Galactic Center. BIEGING J.H.
1976MNRAS.176..495C 4 2 45 Observations of OH in the Galactic Centre. COHEN R.J. and FEW R.W.
1977ApJ...211..108P 14 40 Deuterium in the Galaxy. PENZIAS A.A., WANNIER P.G., WILSON R.W., et al.
1977ApJ...211..786H 4 7 174 High-resolution far-infrared observations of H II regions: Sagittarius B2, W 49, DR 21-W75. HARVEY P.M., CAMPBELL M.F. and HOFFMANN W.F.
1977ApJ...212..396A 12 3 188 The molecular composition of dense interstellar clouds. ALLEN M. and ROBINSON G.W.
1977ApJ...214L.115L 1 8 45 Far-infrared scans of the Galactic plane. LOW F.J., KURTZ R.F., POTEET W.M., et al.
1977ApJ...217..741S 4 3 73 Molecular synthesis in interstellar clouds: some relevant laboratory measurements. SMITH D. and ADAMS N.G.
1977PASAu...3...65B 1 ~ Detection of the J=1-0 transition of cyanodiacetylene in Sgr B2. BROOKS J.W., McGEE R.X. and NEWTON L.M.
1977PASAu...3..152B 12 9 Observations of NH3 in southern sources. BATCHELOR R.A., GARDNER F.F., KNOWLES S.H., et al.
1977PASJ...29..643F 5 2 55 HCN emission in the Sagittarius A molecular cloud. FUKUI Y., IGUCHI T., KAIFU N., et al.
1978ApJ...220..822G 1 9 71 Far-infrared observations of H II regions near the Galactic Center. GATLEY I., BECKLIN E.E., WERNER M.W., et al.
1978ApJ...226..824C 6 9 Upper limits to the ambient magnetic field in several dense molecular clouds. CLARK F.O., JOHNSON D.R., HEILES C.E., et al.
1978Ap&SS..47L...9W 1 0 Organic molecules in interstellar dust: a possible spectral signature at lambda2200Angstroms. WICKRAMASINGHE N.C., HOYLE F. and NANDY K.
1979A&A....72..215W 9 1 48 Ammonia in absorption in the direction of Sagittarius B2. WINNEWISSER G., CHURCHWELL E. and WALMSLEY C.M.
1979A&A....80L...3M 25 60 Radio determination of oxygen abundance variation in the Galaxy. MEZGER P.G., PANKONIN V., SCHMID-BURGK J., et al.
1979ApJ...231..720P 1 13 109 Observations of CO(J=2-1) emission from molecular clouds. PHILLIPS T.G., HUGGINS P.J., WANNIER P.G., et al.
1979MNRAS.187..441F 3 1 17 Laboratory investigation of ion-molecule reactions of HC3N in dense interstellar clouds. FREEMAN C.G., HARLAND P.W. and McEWAN M.J.
1979ARA&A..17..345H 109 223 Compact H II regions and OB star formation. HABING H.J. and ISRAEL F.P.
1980A&AS...42..163B 1 3 28 Formaldehyde in the Galactic Center region - Observations. BIEGING J., DOWNES D., WILSON T.L., et al.
1980ApJ...239L.101N 2 3 38 Far-infrared survey of the galactic plane. NISHIMURA T., LOW F.J. and KURTZ R.F.
1980ApJ...241..132L 3 15 228 Observations of the motion and distribution of the ionized gas in the central parsec of the Galaxy. II. LACY J.H., TOWNES C.H., GEBALLE T.R., et al.
1981ApJ...243..147L 1 8 74 Millimeter-wave absorption features toward the Galactic Center: evidence for a massive nuclear disk. LINKE R.A., STARK A.A. and FRERKING M.A.
1981ApJ...245...99S 7 16 Isotopic species of HCO+ in giant molecular clouds. STARK A.A.
1981ApJ...245..482G 22 42 A study of interstellar carbonyl sulfide. GOLDSMITH P.F. and LINKE R.A.
1981ApJ...246...86W 11 6 A search for interstellar nitrous oxide. WILSON W.J. and SNYDER L.E.
1982A&A...115..185W 15 1 78 Detection of the (8,8) and (9,9) absorption lines of ammonia: the hot molecular cloud toward Sgr B2. WILSON T.L., RUF K., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1982A&AS...49..607B 19 49 Formaldehyde absorption measurements of selected galactic molecular clouds. BIEGING J.H., WILSON T.L. and DOWNES D.
1982ApJ...254..111J 4 13 Rotational temperatures of cyanodiacetylene in Sagttarius B2, TMC-1, and IRC +10216. JENNINGS D.E. and FOX K.
1982ApJ...260..590P 2 9 115 Sulfur chemistry in dense interstellar clouds. PRASAD S.S. and HUNTRESS W.T.Jr
1982ApJ...263L..89G 3 1 19 Detection of HC17O+ in Sagittarius B2. GUELIN M., CERNICHARO J. and LINKE R.A.
1983A&A...121..265G 14 40 Emission and absorption at 6 cm from excited OH associated with compact HII regions GARDNER F.F. and MARTIN-PINTADO J.
1983A&A...126..393H 14 16 Radio searches for additional interstellar molecules. HOLLIS J.M., SUENRAM R.D., LOVAS F.J., et al.
1983A&A...127L..19W 1 5 47 Non-metastable ammonia absorption toward compact H II regions. WILSON T.L., MAUERSBERGER R., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1983A&A...127..388H 10 34 Formaldehyde towards compact HII regions : densities and isotope ratios. HENKEL C., WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1983A&A...127..420B 1 1 7 Observations of microwave transitions of A-state acetaldehyde in Sgr B2. BELL M.B., MATTHEWS H.E. and FELDMAN P.A.
1983A&A...128..355B 2 1 12 The isotopic abundance of interstellar oxygen derived from 18-cm line observations. BUJARRABAL V., CERNICHARO J. and GUELIN M.
1983AJ.....88.1228M 3 4 71 The temperature of molecular gas in the Galactic Center region. MORRIS M., POLISH N., ZUCKERMAN B., et al.
1983ApJ...264L..69B 5 1 25 Laboratory millimeter and submillimeter spectrum of HOC+. BLAKE G.A., HELMINGER P., HERBST E., et al.
1983ApJ...266..331C 8 1 40 The kinetic temperature and density of the Sagittarius B2 molecular cloud from observations of methyl cyanide. CUMMINS S.E., GREEN S., THADDEUS P., et al.
1983ApJ...267L..53M 9 42 Detection of the J = 1 ⟶ 0 transition of CH3 CN. MATTHEWS H.E. and SEARS T.J.
1983ApJ...267..126W 19 21 The polarization of millimeter-wave emission lines in dense interstellar clouds. WANNIER P.G., SCOVILLE N.Z. and BARVAINIS R.
1983ApJ...267..184H 7 31 SiS maser emission from IRC +10216. HENKEL C., MATTHEWS H.E. and MORRIS M.
1983ApJ...268..123S 24 35 An extensive galactic search for conformer II Glycine. SNYDER L.E., HOLLIS J.M., SUENRAM R.D., et al.
1983ApJ...270L..99P 1 1 5 Laboratory measurement of the J=2–3 rotational transition frequency of HC 17O+. PLUMMER G.M., HERBST E. and DE LUCIA F.C.
1983ApJ...270..583W 17 61 The / abundance ratio in molecular clouds. WOODS R.C., GUDEMAN C.S., DICKMAN R.L., et al.
1983ApJ...271..161V 29 30 Cyanoacetylene as a density probe of molecular clouds. VANDEN BOUT P.A., LOREN R.B., SNELL R.L., et al.
1983ApJ...271..170H 14 15 Comparison of C+ distributions with new interstellar sources of HCO emission. HOLLIS J.M. and CHURCHWELL E.
1983ApJ...272..591C 3 3 48 The kinetic temperature and CH3CCH column density profiles in SGR B2, Orion and DR 21 CHURCHWELL E. and HOLLIS J.M.
1983ApJ...275..175Z 5 4 A search for 2Pi, N=1, J=3/2 Lambda-doubling transitions of CH. ZIURYS L.M., HENKEL C. and SAYKALLY R.J.
1983MNRAS.202..265P 9 2 A search for the J = 1 ⟶ 0 transition of l4CO. PHILLIPS J.P. and WHITE G.J.
1983MNRAS.203..661W 13 1 Observations of the 3 1,3 - 2 0,2 transition of SO 2. WHITE G.J. and PHILLIPS J.P.
1983MNRAS.205p..27W 7 ~ 4.8-GHz H2CO maser emission in Sgr B2. WHITEOAK J.B. and GARDNER F.F.
1983ApL....23..217T 1 2 10 On the identification of U-Lines in the 3 mm region of the interstellar spectrum TURNER B.E.
1983BAAS...15..684W 2 2 Element and isotope gradients in the galaxy. WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., HENKEL C., et al.
1983MitAG..60..402M 6 3 Newly detected sources of non-metastable ammonia. MAUERSBERGER R., WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1983Natur.301..402F 1 4 29 Formation of complex molecules in TMC-1. FREEMAN A. and MILLAR T.J.
1983PAZh....9...26S 2 0 Monte Carlo simulation of the CH3OH masers. SOBOLEV A.M. and STREL'NITSKIJ V.S.
1984A&A...130L...1J 44 42 SiO maser emission from OH/IR stars and a search for Orion-like SiO masers. JEWELL P.R., BATRLA W., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1984A&A...131...45G 49 41 Rotationally excited OH : emission and absorption toward HII/OH regions. GUILLOTEAU S., BAUDRY A., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1984A&A...134L...7W 12 50 Detection of a new type of methanol maser. WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., SNYDER L.E., et al.
1984A&A...134L..11W 12 26 Detection of interstellar methyldiacetylene (CH3C4H) in dark dust cloud TMC1. WALMSLEY C.M., JEWELL P.R., SNYDER L.E., et al.
1984A&A...135..199D 41 57 A VLBI survey of interstellar broadening of extragalactic radio sources seen at low galactic latitudes. DENNISON B., THOMAS M., BOOTH R.S., et al.
1984A&A...136L..17G 1 4 20 Detection of 13 CN in three galactic sources. GERIN M., COMBES F., ENCRENAZ P., et al.
1984ApJ...276..211K 15 29 Methyl acetylene as a temperature probe for dense interstellar clouds. KUIPER T.B.H., RODRIGUEZ KUIPER E.N., DICKINSON D.F., et al.
1984ApJ...277..181B 1 15 102 Arc second resolution maps of the compact sources in Sagittarius B2 and G 34.3+0.2 BENSON J.M. and JOHNSTON K.J.
1984ApJ...277..581L 2 29 301 Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation in dense interstellar clouds. LANGER W.D., GRAEDEL T.E., FRERKING M.A., et al.
1984ApJ...278L..57G 7 23 IRAS images of the Galactic Center. GAUTIER T.N., HAUSER M.G., BEICHMAN C.A., et al.
1984ApJ...281..219Z 1 4 24 A search for interstellar silicon nitride. ZIURYS L.M., CLEMENS D.P., SAYKALLY R.J., et al.
1984ApJ...282..197S 1 4 26 Detection of U 45.379: an intense, peculiar unidentified line. SUZUKI H., KAIFU N., MIYAJI T., et al.
1984ApJ...282..516I 6 4 125 Cyanide and isocyanide abundances in the cold, dark cloud TMC-1. IRVINE W.M. and SCHLOERB F.P.
1984ApJ...284..144S 14 50 SiS in circumstellar shells. SAHAL R., WOOTTEN A. and CLEGG R.E.S.
1984ApJ...286..573R 9 15 High-resolution far-infrared observations of the extended W 51 complex. RENGARAJAN T.N., CHEUNG L.H., FAZIO G.G., et al.
1984ApJS...55..563S 4 9 Laboratory millimeter and submillimeter spectra of HNO and DNO. SASTRY K.V.L.N., HELMINGER P., PLUMMER G.M., et al.
1984ApJS...56..231L 33 2 337 Synthesis of complex molecules in dense interstellar clouds via gas-phase chemistry: a pseudo time-dependent calculation. LEUNG C.M., HERBST E. and HUEBNER W.F.
1984BAAS...16..462V 1 ~ Massive molecular cores in Sgr B2. VOGEL S.N., GENZEL R., HO P.T.P., et al.
1984BAAS...16..493B 2 ~ Fully sampled mapping of the Galactic Center molecular clouds in 13 CO. BALLY J., STARK A.A., WILSON R.W., et al.
1984Natur.310..125M 1 9 61 A new interstellar molecule : tricarbon monoxide. MATTHEWS H.E., IRVINE W.M., FRIBERG P., et al.
1985A&A...142..237L 2 4 44 Associations between neutral and ionized gas in Sgr A. LISZT H.S., BURTON W.B. and VAN DER HULST J.M.
1985A&A...143..148H 11 30 [12C]/[13C] ratios from formaldehyde in the inner galactic disk. HENKEL C., GUSTEN R. and GARDNER F.F.
1985A&A...147L..19W 33 42 The discovery of a new masering transition of interstellar methanol. WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., MENTEN K.M., et al.
1985A&A...149..195G 1 4 23 H2 12 CO/H2 13 CO ratios from molecular clouds near the Galactic Center. GUSTEN R., HENKEL C. and BATRLA W.
1985AJ.....90.1812L 16 18 Infrared mapping of the galactic plane. IV. The Galactic Center. LITTLE S.J. and PRICE S.D.
1985ApJ...288L..11M 3 4 57 New maser lines of methanol. MORIMOTO M., OHISHI M. and KANZAWA T.
1985ApJ...288..575H 2 12 101 Interactions between the continuum sources in the Galactic Center and their immediate molecular environment. HO P.T.P., JACKSON J.M., BARRETT A.H., et al.
1985ApJ...289..681G 2 10 114 Compact H II regions: hydrogen recombination and OH maser lines. GARAY G., REID M.J. and MORAN J.M.
1985ApJ...290..609M 12 42 The detection of acetaldehyde in cold dust clouds. MATTHEWS H.E., FRIBERG P. and IRVINE W.M.
1985ApJ...295..183J 48 20 The detection of rotationally excited OH emission toward the probable young planetary nebula Vy 2-2. JEWELL P.R., SCHENEWERK M.S. and SNYDER L.E.
1985ApJ...296..218S 13 4 A search for the interstellar HCN dimer. SCHENEWERK M.S., JEWELL P.R., SNYDER L.E., et al.
1985ApJ...297..302B 1 9 37 Tricarbon monoxide in TMC-1. BROWN R.D., GODFREY P.D., CRAGG D.M., et al.
1985ApJ...298L..61M 5 5 112 The hydrocarbon ring C3H2 is ubiquitous in the galaxy. MATTHEWS H.E. and IRVINE W.M.
1985ApJ...298..360S 15 13 Observations of several new transitions of interstellar HCO. SNYDER L.E., SCHENEWERK M.S. and HOLLIS J.M.
1985ApJ...299L..63T 11 6 284 Laboratory and astronomical identification of cyclopropenylidene, C3H2. THADDEUS P., VRTILEK J.M. and GOTTLIEB C.A.
1985ApJ...299..405G 16 21 Further studies of vibrationally excited cyanoacetylene near Orion IRc2 and other sources. GOLDSMITH P.F., KROTKOV R. and SNELL R.L.
1985ApJ...299..956T 9 14 Interstellar MgO. TURNER B.E. and STEIMLE T.C.
1985MNRAS.213..641B 21 29 OH masers associated with compact H II regions in the G 45.1+0.1 complex. BAART E.E. and COHEN R.J.
1985MNRAS.215..395B 2 1 9 Lare-velocity-gradient modelling of Sagittarius B2. BROWN R.D. and CRAGG D.M.
1985AbaOB..59..135G 9 1 Catalogue of radio recombination lines : first results of data analysis. GULYAEV S.A. and SOROCHENKO R.L.
1985ATsir1370....1S 1 0 From what interstellar objects can the emission of CH 2 at 4.3 mm be observed ? SOBOLEV A.M.
1985BAAS...17..557C 1 1 The far infrared radiation field in Sgr B2 inferred from the excitation of HNCO. CHURCHWELL E., MYERS P., MYERS R.V., et al.
1985BAAS...17..871Z 1 ~ Detection of interstellar HCNH+. ZIURYS L.M. and TURNER B.E.
1985BAAS...17..903G 1 0 The distance to the center of the galaxy. GWINN C.R., REID M.J., SCHNEPS M., et al.
1985JApA....6..177A 61 30 A survey of radio recombination line emission from the galactic plane at 325 MHz. ANANTHARAMAIAH K.R.
1985Msngr..42....4T 19 6 A photometric study of the bright cloud B in Sagittarius: IV. 17 new diffuse objects. TERZAN A.
1985MitAG..63..134M 7 0 The detection of the (7,7) line of NH3. MAUERSBERGER R., WILSON T.L., HENKEL C., et al.
1985Natur.315..124L 4 5 99 On the size of the galactic centre compact radio source: diameter < 20 AU. LO K.Y., BACKER D.C., EKER R.D., et al.
1985Natur.317..697S 2 7 66 A new symmetrical polarization structure near the galactic centre. SEIRADAKIS J.H., LASENBY A.N., YUSEF-ZADEH F., et al.
1985PAZh...11..599B 4 0 A search for interstellar glycine. BERULIS I.I., WINNEWISSER G., KRASNOV V.V., et al.
1986A&A...154..176T 2 3 22 GHz continuum and spectral index maps of the Galactic Center region. TATEYAMA C.E., STRAUSS F.M. and ABRAHAM Z.
1986A&A...157..318M 42 117 The centimeter transitions of E-type methanol. MENTEN K.M., WALMSLEY C.M., HENKEL C., et al.
1986A&A...160..157M 1 15 109 Radio observations of CH in three dark nebulae and the correlation of CH with optical extinction and molecular hydrogen. MATTILA K.
1986A&A...161..329M 12 1 A search for rotationally-excited CH in galactic sources. MATTHEWS H.E., BELL M.B., SEARS T.J., et al.
1986A&A...162..199M 2 14 121 Hot ammonia in the galaxy. MAUERSBERGER R., HENKEL C., WILSON T.L., et al.
1986A&A...163..177M 19 22 Observations of the 2pi3/2, J=7/2 transition of OH toward compact HIIregions. MATTHEWS H.E., BAUDRY A., GUILLOTEAU S., et al.
1986A&A...166L..15W 10 36 A search for interstellar H3O+. WOOTTEN A., BOULANGER F., BOGEY M., et al.
1986A&A...168L..11G 2 1 9 Detection of interstellar 13 C isotopes of C 3 H 2. GOMEZ-GONZALEZ J., GUELIN M., CERNICHARO J., et al.
1986ApJ...300..396T 39   K                 2 34 Far-infrared observations of Sagittarius B2 : reconsideration of source structure. THRONSON H.A.Jr and HARPER D.A.
1986ApJ...300..766M 1 5 27 Interstellar molecular line searches at 1.5 centimeters. MATTHEWS H.E. and SEARS T.J.
1986ApJ...302L..31Z 3 3 42 HCNH : a new interstellar molecular ion. ZIURYS L.M. and TURNER B.E.
1986ApJ...303..392J 7 1 28 A reanalysis of the HCO+/HOC+ abundance ratio in dense interstellar clouds. JARROLD M.F., BOWERS M.T., DEFREES D.J., et al.
1986ApJ...305..405C 35   K                 21 61 The excitation, abundance and distribution of HNCO in Sagittarius B2. CHURCHWELL E., WOOD D., MYERS P.C., et al.
1986ApJ...307L..69M 10 24 The C3H2 2 20-2 11 transition : absorption in cold dark clouds. MATTHEWS H.E., MADDEN S.C., AVERY L.W., et al.
1986ApJ...308..288G 18 25 Filled-aperture maps of selected HII regions at 3.5 millimeters. GORDON M.A., JEWELL P.R., KAFTAN-KASSIM M.A., et al.
1986ApJ...311L..27M 1 3 16 Detections of 13C-substituted C3 H2 in astronomical sources. MADDEN S.C., IRVINE W.M. and MATTHEWS H.E.
1986ApJS...60..819C 100   K                 1 260 A survey of the millimeter-wave spectrum of
Sagittarius B2.
1986MNRAS.218..385G 6 1 26 Characteristics of the H2CO maser emission in Sgr B2. GARDNER F.F., WHITEOAK J.B., FORSTER J.R., et al.
1986MNRAS.223..405B 1 4 19 Galactochemistry - I. Influence of initial conditions on predicted abundances. BROWN R.D. and RICE E.H.N.
1986BAAS...18Q.684C 1 0 Millimeter-wave aperture synthesis of Sgr B2. CARLSTROM J.E. and VOGEL S.N.
1986BAAS...18..920R 4 0 Radio recombination line observations of HII regions. ROELFSEMA P.R. and GOSS W.M.
1986BAAS...18.1007L 1 1 4 Detection of interstellar 18 OH in the far-infrared. LUGTEN J.B., STACEY G.J. and GENZEL R.
1986BAAS...18.1025G 1 0 High-angular resolution 1300 mu-m continuum observations of the Sgr B2 molecular cloud. GOLDSMITH P.F., SNELL R.L. and LIS D.C.
1986BAAS...18.1026H 4 0 Detection of v=0, J=1-0 silicon monoxide absorption in Sgr B2 and observations of silicon monoxide at 43.423 GHz in HII regions. HASCHICK A.D. and HO P.T.P.
1986BAAS...18.1036G 2 0 Refractive interstellar scattering of radiation from H2O masers. GWINN C.R., MORAN J.M., REID M.J., et al.
1986PASJ...38..485F 7 5 The vertical structure of galactic spiral arms : the energetics of velocity active regions. FEITZINGER J.V. and SPICKER J.
1986PASJ...38..531N 9 19 Molecular line observations of the S235B region. NAKANO M. and YOSHIDA S.
1986Sci...232..185B 11 5 Interstellar molecular clouds. BALLY J.
1987A&A...172..299Z 1 3 14 SiO emission from the Orion KL region. ZENG Q., SUN J. and LOU G.F.
1987A&A...180L..13C 21 1 86 Acetone in interstellar space. COMBES F., GERIN M., WOOTTEN A., et al.
1987A&A...182..299H 1 6 41 Deuterated water in Orion-KL and NGC 7538. HENKEL C., MAUERSBERGER R., WILSON T.L., et al.
1987ApJ...313L...5G 12 1 48 1300 micron continuum observations of the Sagittarius B2 molecular cloud core. GOLDSMITH P.F., SNELL R.L. and LIS D.C.
1987ApJ...313..867H 5 2 44 Can gas phase reactions produce complex oxygen-containing molecules in dense interstellar clouds? A revision of some important radiative association rate coefficients. HERBST E.
1987ApJ...314..525G 20 1 80 Small-scale structure and chemical differentiation in the central region of the Sagittarius B2 molecular cloud. GOLDSMITH P.F., SNELL R.L., HASEGAWA T., et al.
1987ApJ...314..747H 2 4 41 Molecular gas within 2 of the galactic center. I. Survey of 13 CO emission. HEILIGMAN G.M.
1987ApJ...315..621B 77 3 933 Molecular abundances in OMC-1 : the chemical composition of interstellar molecular clouds and the influence of massive star formation. BLAKE G.A., SUTTON E.C., MASSON C.R., et al.
1987ApJ...315..646M 7 19 Observations of OCS and a search for OC3S in the interstellar medium. MATTHEWS H.E., MacLEOD J.M., BROTEN N.W., et al.
1987ApJ...316..243V 42   K                 3 92 The dispersal of dense protostellar material: NH3 hot cores and outflows in Sagittarius B2. VOGEL S.N., GENZEL R. and PALMER P.
1987ApJ...316..826V 2 5 The radio spectrum of cyclopropene. VRTILEK J.M., GOTTLIEB C.A., LEPAGE T.J., et al.
1987ApJ...320..573L 18 70 Far-infrared measurements of N/O in H II regions : evidence for enhanced CN process nucleosynthesis in the inner galaxy. LESTER D.F., DINERSTEIN H.L., WERNER M.W., et al.
1987ApJ...321L..75T 11 3 135 Detection of interstellar planetary nebulae : the first identified phosphorus compound in the interstellar medium. TURNER B.E. and BALLY J.
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