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1974A&A....30...37J 6 25 On the nature of the nonthermal radio emission from the Galactic Center. JONES T.W.
1979A&AS...35....1D 76 100 Compact radio sources in the Galactic Center region. DOWNES D., GOSS W.M., SCHWARZ U.J., et al.
1985ApJ...288..575H 1 12 84 Interactions between the continuum sources in the Galactic Center and their immediate molecular environment. HO P.T.P., JACKSON J.M., BARRETT A.H., et al.
1986A&A...157..252M 2 4 37 Dynamics of the ionized gas within 2 pc of the Galactic Center. I. First results of a radio recombination line survey. MEZGER P.G. and WINK J.E.
1987ApJ...320..545Y 1 33 165 Structural details of the Sagittarius A complex: evidence for a large-scale poloidal magnetic field in the Galactic Center region. YUSEF-ZADEH F. and MORRIS M.
1987JRASC..81...75V 4 0 Les gaz ionises dans le noyau de notre galaxie. VALLEE J.P.
1988Ap&SS.148....3G 164 147 A revised reference catalogue of galactic supernova remnants. GREEN D.A.
1988BAAS...20.1017S 3 ~ Shocked molecular gas near the galactic center. SZCZEPANSKI J.C., HO P.T.P., HASCHICK A.D., et al.
1988PASJ...40..665T 4 9 Radio continuum observations of the galactic center at 91 GHz. TSUBOI M., HANDA T., INOUE M., et al.
1989A&A...209..337M 9 3 118 Continuum observations of Sgr A at mm/submm wavelengths. MEZGER P.G., ZYLKA R., SALTER C.J., et al.
1989ApJ...342..769P 5 7 145 Radio studies of the Galactic Center. I. The Sagittarius A complex. PEDLAR A., ANANTHARAMAIAH K.R., EKERS R.D., et al.
1989ApJ...347..240O 8 29 Aperture synthesis observations of the molecular environment of the SGR A complex. I. The M - 0.13-0.08 molecular cloud. OKUMURA S.K., ISHIGURO M., FOMALONT E.B., et al.
1989ApJ...347..915K 49 56 Low-frequency observations of galactic supernova remnants and the distribution of low-density ionized gas in the interstellar medium. KASSIM N.E.
1989ComAp..13..273Y 11 2 Summary of IAU Symp., No 136, 273-293. YUSEF-ZADEH F. and MORRIS M.
1989QJRAS..30..295D 24 2 Presidential address of 1989 February 10 : Activity in the nuclei of nearby galaxies. DAVIES R.D.
1989IAUS..136..287Y 7 8 Mid-infrared observations of the galactic center Arc and the Sgr A East HII region. YUSEF-ZADEH F., TELESCO C.M. and DECHER R.
1989IAUS..136..345G 1 2 13 The nature, location and environment of SGR A East. GOSS W.M., ANANTHARAMAIAH K.R., VAN GORKOM J.H., et al.
1989IAUS..136..365L 3 8 HI absorption against the 40kms-1 cloud and the circum-nuclear disk in Sgr A. LASENBY J., YUSEF-ZADEH F. and LASENBY A.N.
1989IAUS..136..383S 1 3 13 Shocked molecular gas near the galactic center. SZCZEPANSKI J.C., HO P.T.P., HASCHICK A.D., et al.
1989IAUS..136..421S 3 6 OH in the environment of Sgr A. SANDQVIST A., KARLSSON R. and WHITEOAK J.B.
1990A&A...234..133Z 3 5 77 Anatomy of the Sagittarius A complex. I. Geometry, morphology and dynamics of the central 50 to 100 pc. ZYLKA R., MEZGER P.G. and WINK J.E.
1990ApJ...357..591F 1 10 54 Bipolar supernova remnants and the obliquity dependence of shock acceleration. FULBRIGHT M.S. and REYNOLDS S.P.
1990Ap&SS.172..109K 8 16 The galactic centre. KUNDT W.
1990Rech...21..160G 7 0 Voyage au centre de la galaxie. GUSTEN R. and COX P.
1990S&W....29..357M 3 0 Das galaktische Zentrum. Teil 2 : die zentralen 150 Lichtjahre des Milchstrassensystems. MEZGER P.G.
1991MNRAS.249..262A 1 16 99 Radio studies of the Galactic Centre - II. The arc, threads and related features at 90 cm (330 MHz). ANANTHARAMAIAH K.R., PEDLAR A., EKERS R.D., et al.
1991Natur.350..309H 4 3 55 A molecular gas streamer feeding the Galactic Centre. HO P.T.P., HO L.C., SZCZEPANSKI J.C., et al.
1992A&A...261..119Z 2 6 67 Anatomy of the Sagittarius A complex. II. Lambda 1300 mu.m and lambda 870 mu.m continuum observations of Sgr A* and its submm/IR spectrum. ZYLKA R., MEZGER P.G. and LESCH H.
1992ApJ...387L..65W 1 5 28 Gravitational lensing by a massive black hole at the Galactic Center. WARDLE M. and YUSEF-ZADEH F.
1992ApJ...395..166S 38   K                 4 59 The compression of the
M-0.02-0.07 molecular cloud by the Sagittarius A east shell source.
1992ApJ...398..128U 1 8 34 A dense molecular ring surrounding the nonthermal Galactic Center radio shell G 359.1-0.5 UCHIDA K.I., MORRIS M., BALLY J., et al.
1992Mercu..21...57O 5 1 Exploring the nuclei of galaxies. OORT J.
1992Sci...255.1538Z 13 39 A transient radio source near the center of the Milky Way galaxy. ZHAO J.-H., ROBERTS D.A., GOSS W.M., et al.
1993ApJ...403L..13P 5 18 High-velocity formaldehyde absorption within 30" of the galactic nucleus. PAULS T., JOHNSTON K.J., WILSON T.L., et al.
1993ApJ...418..235Z 13 21 VLA radio recombination line observations of ionized gas in the - 30 kilometers per second molecular cloud (G 0.04+0.03) near the Galactic Center. I. The discrete radio sources. ZHAO J.-H., DESAI K., GOSS W.M., et al.
1994MNRAS.270..822G 71 T                   24 19 The MOST Galactic Centre survey - I. Survey images and results on Sgr A-E. GRAY A.D.
1994AZh....71...30D 13 0 Nonthermal radio sources and interstellar gas in the Galactic Center region. DAGKESAMANSKII R.D., KOVALENKO A.V. and UDAL'TSOV V.A.
1994RPPh...57..417G 3 19 189 The nucleus of our Galaxy. GENZEL R., HOLLENBACH D. and TOWNES C.H.
1995ApJ...442..646Y 4 11 H110-alpha observations of Sagittarius A West : ionized gas at peculiar velocities at the Galactic Center. YUSEF-ZADEH F., ZHAO J.-H. and GOSS W.M.
1996A&A...314..615L viz 60 21 Maps of the 36GHz methanol emission. LIECHTI S. and WILSON T.L.
1998AJ....116.1323K 47 95 Shock-excited maser emission from supernova remnants: G32.8-0.1, G337.8-0.1, G346.6-0.2, and the HB 3/W3 complex. KORALESKY B., FRAIL D.A., GOSS W.M., et al.
1998ApJ...499L.159Y 14 31 Proper motions of ionized gas at the Galactic Center: evidence for unbound orbiting gas. YUSEF-ZADEH F., ROBERS D.A. and BIRETTA J.
1998ApJS..118..201L viz 301 31 Hyperstrong radio-wave scattering in the galactic center. I. A survey for extragalactic sources seen through the Galactic Center. LAZIO T.J.W. and CORDES J.M.
1999A&A...348..768P 1 6 31 The nuclear bulge. I. K band observations of the central 30pc. PHILIPP S., ZYLKA R., MEZGER P.G., et al.
2000ApJ...533..245C 2 10 65 The dynamics of molecular material within 15 parsecs of the Galactic Center. COIL A.L. and HO P.T.P.
2001A&A...375L..18C 10 4 The stellar winds of Galactic Centre and the low accretion rate of Sgr A*. COKER R.F.
2001PASJ...53..787O 6 15 A hyperenergetic CO shell in the Galactic Center molecular cloud complex. OKA T., HASEGAWA T., SATO F., et al.
2002BASI...30..637R 15 0 Radio study of the galactic environment. ROY S.
2003AJ....126..319L 16 27 The Chandra detection of Galactic Center X-ray features G359.89-0.08 and G359.54+0.18. LU F.J., WANG Q.D. and LANG C.C.
2003ApJ...591..891B 4 34 487 Chandra X-ray spectroscopic imaging of Sagittarius A* and the central parsec of the galaxy. BAGANOFF F.K., MAEDA Y., MORRIS M., et al.
2003MNRAS.340..747S 1 8 31 The discovery of a new non-thermal X-ray filament near the Galactic Centre. SAKANO M., WARWICK R.S., DECOURCHELLE A., et al.
2003ANS...324a.151S 10 ~ Discovery of new SNR candidates in the Galactic Center Region with ASCA and Chandra. SENDA A., MURAKAMI H. and KOYAMA K.
2003ANS...324a.167M 3 ~ Deep X-Ray imaging of the central 20 Parsecs of the Galaxy with Chandra. MORRIS M., BAGANOFF F., MUNO M., et al.
2003ANS...324a.189L 3 ~ Interaction between the northeastern boundary of Sgr A East and giant molecular clouds: excitation mechanisms of the H2 emission. LEE S., PAK S., DAVIS C.J., et al.
2003ANS...324a.197S 5 ~ Sgr A East and its surroundings - a view with XMM-Newton. SAKANO M., WARWICK R.S. and DECOURCHELLE A.
2003ANS...324a.235S 6 ~ Discovery of a non-thermal X-ray filament in the Galactic Centre. SAKANO M., WARWICK R.S. and DECOURCHELLE A.
2004ApJ...613..326M 9 8 158 Diffuse X-ray emission in a deep Chandra image of the Galactic Center. MUNO M.P., BAGANOFF F.K., BAUTZ M.W., et al.
2004MNRAS.350..129S 2 9 36 XMM-Newton observations of Sagittarius A East. SAKANO M., WARWICK R.S., DECOURCHELLE A., et al.
2004MmSAI..75..498S 9 5 Three years progress of the XMM-Newton Galactic Centre/Plane Survey. SAKANO M., WARWICK R.S., HANDS A., et al.
2005PASP..117.1451L 5 1 Structure and dynamics in the central 10 pc of the galaxy. LEE S.
2008ApJ...673..915L 92       D     X         3 14 11 An imaging and spectral study of 10 X-ray filaments around the Galactic center. LU F.J., YUAN T.T. and LOU Y.-Q.
2008A&A...486..467L 76           X         2 6 7 Multiplicity of nuclear dust lanes and dust lane shocks in the Milky Way bar. LISZT H.S.
2009ApJ...702..178Y viz 38           X         1 492 84 Star formation in the central 400 pc of the Milky Way: evidence for a population of massive young stellar objects. YUSEF-ZADEH F., HEWITT J.W., ARENDT R.G., et al.
2013ApJ...764L..19Y viz 80           X         2 17 43 Widespread methanol emission from the Galactic Center: the role of cosmic rays. YUSEF-ZADEH F., COTTON W., VITI S., et al.
2014ApJ...784....6Z 2152 T K A     X C       52 10 13 High-energy X-ray detection of
G359.89-0.08 (Sgr A-E): magnetic flux tube emission powered by cosmic rays?
2014ApJ...786...84K 45           X         1 9 52 Timing and flux evolution of the Galactic Center magnetar Sgr J1745-2900. KASPI V.M., ARCHIBALD R.F., BHALERAO V., et al.
2015ApJ...800..119N 366           X         9 16 8 G359.97-0.038: a hard X-ray filament associated with a supernova shell-molecular cloud interaction. NYNKA M., HAILEY C.J., ZHANG S., et al.
2015MNRAS.446.3842A viz 162           X C       3 25 7 3-mm spectral line survey of two lines of sight towards two typical cloud complexes in the Galactic Centre. ARMIJOS-ABENDANO J., MARTIN-PINTADO J., REQUENA-TORRES M.A., et al.
2015MNRAS.453..172P 81             C       1 60 39 The XMM-Newton view of the central degrees of the Milky Way. PONTI G., MORRIS M.R., TERRIER R., et al.
2015ApJ...814...94M 690           X C       16 35 26 NuSTAR hard X-ray survey of the Galactic Center region I: hard X-ray morphology and spectroscopy of the diffuse emission. MORI K., HAILEY C.J., KRIVONOS R., et al.
2016ApJ...825..132H viz 165           X         4 93 22 NuSTAR hard X-ray survey of the Galactic Center region. II. X-ray point sources. HONG J., MORI K., HAILEY C.J., et al.
2018MNRAS.476.2446A 255           X C F     4 24 ~ Study of diffuse H II regions potentially forming part of the gas streams around Sgr A*. ARMIJOS-ABENDANO J., LOPEZ E., MARTIN-PINTADO J., et al.
2020ApJ...893....3Z 314           X         7 13 ~ NuSTAR and Chandra observations of the Galactic Center nonthermal X-ray filament G0.13-0.11: a pulsar-wind-nebula-driven magnetic filament. ZHANG S., ZHU Z., LI H., et al.
2019PASJ...71..128T 174           X C       3 18 ~ G-0.02-0.07, the compact H II region complex nearest to the galactic center with ALMA. TSUBOI M., KITAMURA Y., UEHARA K., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.3142Y 93           X         2 9 ~ G0.173-0.42: an X-ray and radio magnetized filament near the galactic centre. YUSEF-ZADEH F., WARDLE M., HEINKE C., et al.
2021PASJ...73..943M 187             C F     1 27 ~ Hot molecular core candidates in the Galactic center 50 km s-1 molecular cloud. MIYAWAKI R., TSUBOI M., UEHARA K., et al.

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