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2003A&A...405..577B 75 T                   1 8 49 Tracing the
Sgr Stream with 2MASS. Detection of Stream stars around Outer Halo globular clusters.
2003ApJ...588..824Y viz 403 380 A low-latitude halo stream around the Milky Way. YANNY B., NEWBERG H.J., GREBEL E.K., et al.
2004AJ....127.1545C viz 77 T                   13 122 Palomar 12 as a part of the Sagittarius stream: the evidence from abundance ratios. COHEN J.G.
2004ApJ...610L..97H 34 2 208 Velocity trends in the debris of Sagittarius and the shape of the dark matter halo of our Galaxy. HELMI A.
2004MNRAS.351..891Z 27 25 Dynamical friction for dark halo satellites: effects of tidal mass loss and growing host potential. ZHAO H.
2004MNRAS.354.1263B 1 14 70 Detection of the Canis Major galaxy at (l:b) = (244°:-8°) and in the background of Galactic open clusters. BELLAZZINI M., IBATA R., MONACO L., et al.
2004AAS...20514205P 2 4 Tidal streams in the outer galactic halo: pieces of a 500-degree long trailing Sagittarius tidal tail? PAKZAD S.L., MAJEWSKI S.R., FRINCHABOY P.M., et al.
2005A&A...438..867M 40 25 Cool carbon stars in the halo. II. A study of 25 new objects. MAURON N., KENDALL T.R. and GIGOYAN K.
2005A&A...440..523N 4 2 26 Constraints on the halo density profile using HI flaring in the outer Galaxy. NARAYAN C.A., SAHA K. and JOG C.J.
2005A&A...441..141M 7 5 118 The Ital-FLAMES survey of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy. I. Chemical abundances of bright RGB stars. MONACO L., BELLAZZINI M., BONIFACIO P., et al.
2005AJ....129..148P 40 23 Discovery of a solitary dwarf galaxy in the APPLES survey. PASQUALI A., LARSEN S., FERRERAS I., et al.
2005AJ....129.1096I 4 4 51 The selection of RR Lyrae stars using single-epoch data. IVEZIC Z., VIVAS A.K., LUPTON R.H., et al.
2005ApJ...619..807L 50 2 300 A Two Micron All-Sky Survey view of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. IV. Modeling the Sagittarius tidal tails. LAW D.R., JOHNSTON K.V. and MAJEWSKI S.R.
2005MNRAS.361..971R 2 4 29 Tidal streams in a MOND potential: constraints from Sagittarius. READ J.I. and MOORE B.
2005MNRAS.362..349C 14 22 Distant field blue horizontal branch stars - III. Identification of a probable outer halo stream at Galactocentric distance r= 70 kpc. CLEWLEY L., WARREN S.J., HEWETT P.C., et al.
2005MNRAS.363..146L 35 2 211 The distribution of satellite galaxies: the great pancake. LIBESKIND N.I., FRENK C.S., COLE S., et al.
2005NewAR..49..193G 4 3 A dark matter stream through the solar neighborhood. GONDOLO P., FREESE K., NEWBERG H.J., et al.
2006A&A...446L...1B 8 3 48 The age of the main population of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy. Solving the ``M giant conundrum''. BELLAZZINI M., CORRENTI M., FERRARO F.R., et al.
2006A&A...457L..21B 80 T                   3 37 Detection of a population gradient in the
Sagittarius stream.
2006A&A...457..541F 2 3 CADIS has seen the Virgo overdensity and parts of the Monoceros and ``Orphan'' streams in retrospect. FUCHS B., PHLEPS S. and MEISENHEIMER K.
2006AJ....131.1405K 1 36 87 The anisotropic distribution of M 31 satellite galaxies: a polar great plane of early-type companions. KOCH A. and GREBEL E.K.
2006AJ....131.2801S 21 1 43 Variable faint optical sources discovered by comparing the POSS and SDSS catalogs. SESAR B., SVILKOVIC D., IVEZIC Z., et al.
2006AJ....132..714V viz 493 135 The QUEST RR Lyrae survey. II. The halo overdensities in the first catalog. VIVAS A.K. and ZINN R.
2006AJ....132.1645S 4 77 749 The RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): first data release. STEINMETZ M., ZWITTER T., SIEBERT A., et al.
2006ApJ...637L..25M 1 6 16 Measuring fundamental galactic parameters with stellar tidal streams and SIM PlanetQuest. MAJEWSKI S.R., LAW D.R., POLAK A.A., et al.
2006ApJ...642L.137B 48 8 768 The field of streams: Sagittarius and its siblings. BELOKUROV V., ZUCKER D.B., EVANS N.W., et al.
2006ApJ...645L..37G 5 18 208 Detection of a 60°-long dwarf galaxy debris stream. GRILLMAIR C.J.
2006ApJ...645..240P 3 6 40 Modeling tidal streams in evolving dark matter halos. PENARRUBIA J., BENSON A.J., MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., et al.
2006MNRAS.366.1012F 4 9 72 Investigating the Andromeda stream - II. Orbital fits and properties of the progenitor. FARDAL M.A., BABUL A., GEEHAN J.J., et al.
2006MNRAS.367.1781A 120 2 482 The shape of dark matter haloes: dependence on mass, redshift, radius and formation. ALLGOOD B., FLORES R.A., PRIMACK J.R., et al.
2006MNRAS.368..310C 74 T                   16 4 Probing the
Sagittarius stream with blue horizontal branch stars.
2006MNRAS.368..877B 1 38 117 Planetary nebulae as tracers of galaxy stellar populations. BUZZONI A., ARNABOLDI M. and CORRADI R.L.M.
2006MNRAS.371L..11C 33 12 Spatial and velocity clumping in a Sloan Digital Sky Survey blue horizontal branch star catalogue. CLEWLEY L. and KINMAN T.D.
2006PhRvL..97m1303K 9 3 57 Galilean equivalence for galactic dark matter. KESDEN M. and KAMIONKOWSKI M.
2006ApJ...651L..29G 6 7 96 Substructure in tidal streams: tributaries in the Anticenter Stream. GRILLMAIR C.J.
2006ApJ...651..167F 110 T                   3 221 The origin of the bifurcation in the
Sagittarius stream.
2006PASP..118.1428J 15 7 The origins billions star survey: galactic explorer. JOHNSTON K.J., DORLAND B., GAUME R., et al.
2006MNRAS.372.1304D 1 8 21 Galactic structure studies from the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut survey. DU C., MA J., WU Z., et al.
2006ApJ...652.1188G 6 6 80 A new method for isolating M 31 red giant stars: the discovery of stars out to a radial distance of 165 kpc. GILBERT K.M., GUHATHAKURTA P., KALIRAI J.S., et al.
2006ApJ...652.1213K 10 11 234 Is the SMC bound to the LMC? the Hubble Space Telescope proper motion of the SMC. KALLIVAYALIL N., VAN DER MAREL R.P. and ALCOCK C.
2007A&A...461..155R 16 25 Is the dark matter halo of the Milky Way flattened? RUZICKA A., PALOUS J. and THEIS C.
2007MNRAS.374.1125M 1 47 160 The spatial distribution of the Milky Way and Andromeda satellite galaxies. METZ M., KROUPA P. and JERJEN H.
2007A&A...463..503M viz 44 33 The early-type dwarf galaxy population of the Fornax cluster. MIESKE S., HILKER M., INFANTE L., et al.
2007MNRAS.375L..41B 8 10 The absence of HI in the Bootes dwarf spheroidal galaxy. BAILIN J. and FORD A.
2007ApJ...657L..89B 8 8 132 The Hercules-Aquila cloud. BELOKUROV V., EVANS N.W., BELL E.F., et al.
2007MNRAS.375.1171F 2 10 49 Is Ursa Major II the progenitor of the Orphan Stream? FELLHAUER M., EVANS N.W., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2007MNRAS.375.1381K viz 112           X         3 131 37 Kinematic structure in the Galactic halo at the North Galactic Pole: RR Lyrae and blue horizontal branch stars show different kinematics. KINMAN T.D., CACCIARI C., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
2007ApJ...658..337B 4 28 247 An orphan in the ``Field of streams''. BELOKUROV V., EVANS N.W., IRWIN M.J., et al.
2007A&A...464..201M viz 70 50 High-resolution spectroscopy of RGB stars in the Sagittarius streams. I. Radial velocities and chemical abundances. MONACO L., BELLAZZINI M., BONIFACIO P., et al.
2007A&A...466..181C 76             C       1 26 68 Whiting 1: the youngest globular cluster associated with the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy. CARRARO G., ZINN R. and MONI BIDIN C.
2007MNRAS.376..939C 37           X         1 19 37 The AAT/WFI survey of the Monoceros Ring and Canis Major dwarf galaxy - I. From l = (193-276)°. CONN B.C., LANE R.R., LEWIS G.F., et al.
2007SciAm.296d..40I 14 0 The ghosts of galaxies past. IBATA R. and GIBSON B.
2007ApJ...659.1212M 2 8 35 Tidal tails around globular clusters: are they a good tracer of cluster orbits? MONTUORI M., CAPUZZO-DOLCETTA R., DI MATTEO P., et al.
2007ApJ...660.1264M 3 7 50 The Virgo stellar overdensity: mapping the infall of the Sagittarius tidal stream onto the Milky Way disk. MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., PENARRUBIA J., JURIC M., et al.
2007MNRAS.377...50H 73           X         1 2 144 The shape of the gravitational potential in cold dark matter haloes. HAYASHI E., NAVARRO J.F. and SPRINGEL V.
2007AJ....133.2569G viz 739 154 The Arecibo legacy fast ALFA survey. III. H I source catalog of the northern Virgo cluster region. GIOVANELLI R., HAYNES M.P., KENT B.R., et al.
2007A&A...467..665F viz 37           X         1 99 32 Manganese trends in a sample of thin and thick disk stars. The origin of Mn. FELTZING S., FOHLMAN M. and BENSBY T.
2007ApJ...662..322H 14 8 227 The Milky Way, an exceptionally quiet galaxy: implications for the formation of spiral galaxies. HAMMER F., PUECH M., CHEMIN L., et al.
2007AJ....134..391C 52 38 Stellar populations of globular clusters in the elliptical galaxy NGC 1407. CENARRO A.J., BEASLEY M.A., STRADER J., et al.
2007A&A...469..387T 18 21 765 Limits on the Macho content of the Galactic Halo from the EROS-2 Survey of the Magellanic Clouds. TISSERAND P., LE GUILLOU L., AFONSO C., et al.
2007MNRAS.378L..64J 39           X         1 5 23 Are Complex A and the Orphan stream related? JIN S. and LYNDEN-BELL D.
2007MNRAS.379.1373X 37           X         1 7 10 The structure of the Galactic halo: SDSS versus SuperCOSMOS. XU Y., DENG L.C. and HU J.Y.
2007MNRAS.380..749F 76           X         2 8 25 The tidal tails of NGC 5466. FELLHAUER M., EVANS N.W., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2007ApJ...667L..57S 6 13 180 The ACS survey of galactic globular clusters: M54 and young populations in the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy. SIEGEL M.H., DOTTER A., MAJEWSKI S.R., et al.
2007A&A...473..143D viz 109 28 C stars as kinematic probes of the Milky Way disk from 9 to 15 kpc. DEMERS S. and BATTINELLI P.
2007ApJ...668..221N 3 15 95 The overdensity in Virgo, Sagittarius debris, and the asymmetric spheroid. NEWBERG H.J., YANNY B., COLE N., et al.
2007ApJ...668..245G 4 7 65 Stellar kinematics in the complicated inner spheroid of M31: discovery of substructure along the southeastern minor axis and its relationship to the giant southern stream. GILBERT K.M., FARDAL M., KALIRAI J.S., et al.
2007ApJ...669..337K 4 12 108 The discovery of two extremely low luminosity Milky Way globular clusters. KOPOSOV S., DE JONG J.T.A., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2007A&A...474..857D 14 10 Signatures of star streams in the phase space distribution of nearby halo stars. DETTBARN C., FUCHS B., FLYNN C., et al.
2007ApJ...670..346C viz 846 T   A     X         22 77 139 A 2MASS all-sky view of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. V. Variation of the metallicity distribution function along the
Sagittarius stream.
2007A&A...475..843M 360     A     X C       9 42 15 Cool carbon stars in the halo: new very red or distant objects. MAURON N., GIGOYAN K.S. and KENDALL T.R.
2007AJ....134.2236S 186           X C       3 4 288 Exploring the variable sky with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. SESAR B., IVEZIC Z., LUPTON R.H., et al.
2007ApJ...671.1135K 67           X         1 2 122 The shapes, orientation, and alignment of galactic dark matter subhalos. KUHLEN M., DIEMAND J. and MADAU P.
2008Sci...319...50I 11 1 The Cosmic Web in our own backyard. IBATA R.A. and LEWIS G.F.
2008ApJ...673..215F 117           X         3 6 50 The stellar content of galaxy halos: a comparison between ΛCDM models and observations of M31. FONT A.S., JOHNSTON K.V., FERGUSON A.M.N., et al.
2008MNRAS.383.1686J 113           X         3 12 17 Geometrodynamical distances to the Galaxy's hydrogen streams. JIN S. and LYNDEN-BELL D.
2008MNRAS.384...11S 717     A D     X C       19 17 48 Is the sky falling ? Searching for stellar streams in the local Milky Way disc in the CORAVEL and RAVE surveys. SEABROKE G.M., GILMORE G., SIEBERT A., et al.
2008ApJ...673..864J 192           X         4 13 1077 The Milky Way tomography with SDSS. I. Stellar number density distribution. JURIC M., IVEZIC Z., BROOKS A., et al.
2008AJ....135.1361D 113           X         3 22 36 Numerical color-magnitude diagram analysis of Sloan Digital Sky Survey data and application to the new Milky way satellites. DE JONG J.T.A., RIX H.-W., MARTIN N.F., et al.
2008A&A...481..701S 39           X         1 16 37 The correlation between blue straggler and binary fractions in the core of Galactic globular clusters. SOLLIMA A., LANZONI B., BECCARI G., et al.
2005PASA...22..190L 111           X         3 6 1 Tidal tails and the shape of the dark matter halo. LEWIS G.F. and IBATA R.A.
2008A&A...482..151M 339           X C       8 68 26 New observations of cool carbon stars in the halo. MAURON N.
2008ApJ...678..851K viz 228           X C       5 10 51 Revealing substructure in the Galactic Halo: the SEKBO RR Lyrae survey. KELLER S.C., MURPHY S., PRIOR S., et al.
2008ApJ...679..432N 42           X         1 23 202 The origin of the Magellanic stream and its leading arm. NIDEVER D.L., MAJEWSKI S.R. and BURTON W.B.
2008AJ....135.2013C 264           X         7 7 10 Kinematics of stars in kapteyn selected area 71: sampling the Monoceros and Sagittarius tidal streams. CASETTI-DINESCU D.I., CARLIN J.L., GIRARD T.M., et al.
2008ApJ...680..295B 134           X         3 9 382 The accretion origin of the Milky Way's stellar halo. BELL E.F., ZUCKER D.B., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2008ApJ...681...40S 40           X         1 5 28 Signatures of ΛCDM substructure in tidal debris. SIEGAL-GASKINS J.M. and VALLURI M.
2008MNRAS.388..307S 40           X         1 4 21 The evolution of the binary population in globular clusters: a full analytical computation. SOLLIMA A.
2008ApJ...683..750C 603           X C       15 10 15 Maximum likelihood fitting of tidal streams with application to the Sagittarius dwarf tidal tails. COLE N., NEWBERG H.J., MAGDON-ISMAIL M., et al.
2008ApJ...684..287I 49           X         1 21 484 The Milky Way tomography with SDSS. II. Stellar metallicity. IVEZIC Z., SESAR B., JURIC M., et al.
2008AJ....136.1147B 81           X         2 15 198 The nucleus of the Sagittarius dSph galaxy and M54: a window on the process of galaxy nucleation. BELLAZZINI M., IBATA R.A., CHAPMAN S.C., et al.
2008MNRAS.389.1041R 92           X         2 8 284 Thin, thick and dark discs in ΛCDM. READ J.I., LAKE G., AGERTZ O., et al.
2008MNRAS.389.1391S 226           X         6 16 21 On the genealogy of the Orphan Stream. SALES L.V., HELMI A., STARKENBURG E., et al.
2008AJ....136.1645V viz 75             C       2 47 43 Spectroscopy of bright QUEST RR Lyrae stars: velocity substructures toward Virgo. VIVAS A.K., JAFFE Y.L., ZINN R., et al.
2008MNRAS.390..863B 38           X         1 12 10 The stellar populations of M33's outer regions - IV. Inflow history and chemical evolution. BARKER M.K. and SARAJEDINI A.
2008MNRAS.390.1437C viz 188           X C F     3 147 36 The kinematic footprints of five stellar streams in Andromeda's halo. CHAPMAN S.C., IBATA R., IRWIN M., et al.
2008ApJ...688..245W 38           X         1 32 29 Bootes II ReBooted: an MMT/MegaCam study of an ultrafaint Milky Way satellite. WALSH S.M., WILLMAN B., SAND D., et al.
2008ApJ...689..184M 192           X         5 15 139 The ghost of a dwarf galaxy: fossils of the hierarchical formation of the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 5907. MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., PENARRUBIA J., GABANY R.J., et al.
2008MmSAI..79..692C 136     A     X         4 3 0 The relics of the Sagittarius dSph galaxy: stellar populations and distances in the Main Body and in the Stream. CORRENTI M., BELLAZZINI M., FERRARO F.R., et al.
2008MNRAS.391..793S 155           X         4 9 82 Estimation of the tilt of the stellar velocity ellipsoid from RAVE and implications for mass models. SIEBERT A., BIENAYME O., BINNEY J., et al.
2009ApJ...690..453K 289     A S   X C F     5 29 102 A spectroscopic confirmation of the Bootes II dwarf spheroidal. KOCH A., WILKINSON M.I., KLEYNA J.T., et al.
2009ApJ...692.1464G viz 630     A     X C F     15 61 201 The least-luminous galaxy: spectroscopy of the Milky Way satellite Segue 1. GEHA M., WILLMAN B., SIMON J.D., et al.
2009ApJ...693.1118G 270           X C       6 19 211 Four new stellar debris streams in the Galactic halo. GRILLMAIR C.J.
2009AJ....137.3809C 114           X C       2 13 19 The globular cluster AM 4: yet another young globular associated with the Sgr dwarf spheroidal galaxy? CARRARO G.
2009MNRAS.394..641Z 46           X         1 3 50 The graininess of dark matter haloes. ZEMP M., DIEMAND J., KUHLEN M., et al.
2009AJ....137.4377Y viz 417           X C       9 12 930 SEGUE: a spectroscopic survey of 240,000 stars with g = 14-20. YANNY B., ROCKOSI C., NEWBERG H.J., et al.
2009AJ....137.4478K 153           X         4 11 30 Distance to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy using MACHO project RR Lyrae stars. KUNDER A. and CHABOYER B.
2009ApJ...696..385G 40           X         1 71 345 H I in local group dwarf galaxies and stripping by the galactic halo. GRCEVICH J. and PUTMAN M.E.
2008A&ARv..15..145H 78           X         2 33 216 The stellar halo of the Galaxy. HELMI A.
2009ApJ...697..207W viz 76           X         2 62 40 An orbit fit for the Grillmair Dionatos cold stellar stream. WILLETT B.A., NEWBERG H.J., ZHANG H., et al.
2009ApJ...697..269M 38           X         1 29 44 Did the Milky Way dwarf satellites enter the halo as a group? METZ M., KROUPA P., THEIS C., et al.
2009ApJS..182..543A 286           X         1 9 4475 The seventh data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. ABAZAJIAN K.N., ADELMAN-McCARTHY J.K., AGUEROS M.A., et al.
2009ApJ...698..567S 77           X         2 38 82 Mapping the Galactic halo. VIII. Quantifying substructure. STARKENBURG E., HELMI A., MORRISON H.L., et al.
2009ApJ...698.1110S 44           X         1 5 61 The tilt of the halo velocity ellipsoid and the shape of the Milky Way halo. SMITH M.C., EVANS N.W. and AN J.H.
2009A&A...500..801B 117           X C       2 4 26 Galactic kinematics with modified newtonian dynamics. BIENAYME O., FAMAEY B., WU X., et al.
2009RMxAC..35..125V 38           X         1 4 0 Sub-structures in the Milky Way's halo towards Virgo. VIVAS A.K., JAFFE Y.L., ZINN R., et al.
2009ApJ...700L..61N 315           X C F     6 5 121 Discovery of a new, polar-orbiting debris stream in the Milky Way stellar halo. NEWBERG H.J., YANNY B. and WILLETT B.A.
2009ApJ...700L..69T 39           X         1 7 19 Chemical signature of a Major merger in the early formation of the Small Magellanic Cloud. TSUJIMOTO T. and BEKKI K.
2009ApJ...700.1282Y 3322     A S   X C F     85 16 100 Tracing Sagittarius structure with SDSS and SEGUE imaging and spectroscopy. YANNY B., NEWBERG H.J., JOHNSON J.A., et al.
2009ApJ...701..776G 41           X         1 4 27 The dominance of metal-rich streams in stellar halos: a comparison between substructure in M31 and ΛCDM models. GILBERT K.M., FONT A.S., JOHNSTON K.V., et al.
2009ApJ...701.1053C viz 41           X         1 23 164 The chemical evolution of the Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy. COHEN J.G. and HUANG W.
2009MNRAS.397...44R 99           X         1 1 123 A dark matter disc in three cosmological simulations of Milky way mass galaxies. READ J.I., MAYER L., BROOKS A.M., et al.
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2009MNRAS.397.1748B viz 265           X C       6 363 168 The discovery of Segue 2: a prototype of the population of satellites of satellites. BELOKUROV V., WALKER M.G., EVANS N.W., et al.
2009ApJ...703L..67L 185     A     X         5 6 135 Evidence for a triaxial Milky Way dark matter halo from the Sagittarius stellar tidal stream. LAW D.R., MAJEWSKI S.R. and JOHNSTON K.V.
2009MNRAS.397L..26C 76           X         2 18 7 Red clump stars in the Bootes III stellar system. CORRENTI M., BELLAZZINI M. and FERRARO F.R.
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2009ApJ...704.1327P 856 T   A     X C       21 43 15 Exploring the Sagittarius Stream with SEKBO survey RR Lyrae stars. PRIOR S.L., DA COSTA G.S. and KELLER S.C.
2009ApJ...705L.158K 38           X         1 17 24 Spectroscopic confirmation of the Pisces overdensity. KOLLMEIER J.A., GOULD A., SHECTMAN S., et al.
2009ApJ...705L.223C 123           X C       2 4 79 Star stream folding by dark galactic subhalos. CARLBERG R.G.
2009ApJ...705.1275G 77           X         2 8 30 The Splash survey: a spectroscopic portrait of Andromeda's giant southern stream. GILBERT K.M., GUHATHAKURTA P., KOLLIPARA P., et al.
2009MNRAS.399.1223S 39           X         1 42 166 Kinematics of SDSS subdwarfs: structure and substructure of the Milky way halo. SMITH M.C., EVANS N.W., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2009MNRAS.400..548E 40           X         1 7 31 Locating the orbits delineated by tidal streams. EYRE A. and BINNEY J.
2010NewA...15..234Y 77           X         2 4 14 Estimation of galactic model parameters and metalicity distribution in intermediate latitudes with SDSS YAZ E. and KARAALI S.
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2009A&A...508..289G 38           X         1 21 24 Li-rich red giant branch stars in the Galactic Bulge. GONZALEZ O.A., ZOCCALI M., MONACO L., et al.
2010ApJ...708..560F viz 80             C       1 29 232 High-resolution spectroscopy of extremely metal-poor stars in the least evolved galaxies: Ursa Major II and Coma Berenices. FREBEL A., SIMON J.D., GEHA M., et al.
2010ApJ...708..717S viz 610           X         16 490 189 Light curve templates and Galactic distribution of RR Lyrae stars from Sloan Digital Sky Survey stripe 82. SESAR B., IVEZIC Z., GRAMMER S.H., et al.
2010ApJ...708..770Q 38           X         1 43 21 Search for very low-mass brown dwarfs and free-floating planetary-mass objects in Taurus. QUANZ S.P., GOLDMAN B., HENNING T., et al.
2010ApJ...708.1168T 39           X         1 19 60 Structure and population of the Andromeda stellar halo from a Subaru/Suprime-Cam survey. TANAKA M., CHIBA M., KOMIYAMA Y., et al.
2010ApJ...708.1290C viz 976 T   A S   X C       23 80 55 A Two Micron All Sky Survey view of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. VI. s-process and titanium abundance variations along the Sagittarius stream. CHOU M.-Y., CUNHA K., MAJEWSKI S.R., et al.
2010AJ....139..415K 38           X         1 32 28 The determination of reddening from intrinsic VR colors of RR Lyrae stars. KUNDER A., CHABOYER B. and LAYDEN A.
2009MNRAS.400L..43J 38           X         1 2 3 Inferring the dynamics of stellar streams via distance gradients. JIN S. and MARTIN N.F.
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