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1998ApJ...506L...7F 118 T K                 9 270 Molecular gas in the z = 2.8 submillimeter galaxy
SMM 02399-0136.
1998ApJ...507L..21S 1 33 183 Faint submillimeter galaxies: Hubble space telescope morphologies and colors. SMAIL I., IVISON R.J., BLAIN A.W., et al.
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1999A&A...349..363G 1 16 61 Dust and CO lines in high redshift quasars. GUILLOTEAU S., OMONT A., COX P., et al.
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2001A&A...380..409V 110 T K                 11 28 Investigating the nature of the z≃2.8 submillimeter selected galaxy
SMM J02399-0136 with VLT spectropolarimetry.
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SMM J02399-0136: A very massive galaxy at z = 2.8.
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: the EVLA reveals a colossal galactic nursery.
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