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1994ApJ...430L.121B 16 40 Two young galactic globular clusters: Terzan 7 and Arp 2. BUONANNO R., CORSI C.E., FUSI PECCI F., et al.
1994MNRAS.270L..43K 71 T                   10 34 H I observations of the new
Sagittarius dwarf.
1994PASP..106.1225G 1 28 116 Dwarf spheroidal galaxies : keystones of galaxy evolution. GALLAGHER III J.S. and WYSE R.F.G.
1994BAAS...26.1395J 71 T                   1 ~ Dynamical models of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. JOHNSTON K.V., SPERGEL D.N. and HERNQUIST L.
1994BAAS...26Q1395H 71 T                   2 ~ The
Sagittarius dwarf.
1994Natur.370..194I 38 8 1218 A dwarf satellite galaxy in Sagittarius. IBATA R.A., GILMORE G. and IRWIN M.J.
1994SciN..145..228C 2 0 Ill-fated milky way neighbor found. COWEN R.
1995AJ....109..588M 72 T                   15 87 The optical gravitational lensing experiment: deep photometry of the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
1995AJ....109.1071P 3 9 137 The effect of galactic tides on the apparent mass-to-light ratios in dwarf spheroidal galaxies. PIATEK S. and PRYOR C.
1995AJ....109.1086S viz 73 T                   13 146 A photometric study of the globular cluster M 54 and the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy: evidence for three distinct populations. SARAJEDINI A. and LAYDEN A.C.
1995AJ....109.2533D 72 T                   55 253 Abundances and kinematics of the globular cluster systems of the galaxy and the
Sagittarius dwarf.
1995AJ....110.1129L 29 35 Stellar populations of the dwarf galaxy LGS 3 in the Local Group. LEE M.G.
1995AJ....110.1141M viz 72 T                   9 48 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment: variable stars in the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy. MATEO M., KUBIAK M., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
1995AJ....110.2166M viz 53 80 Variable stars in the Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy. MATEO M., FISCHER P. and KRZEMINSKI W.
1995ApJ...451..598J 174 T K                 1 269 The disruption of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. JOHNSTON K.V., SPERGEL D.N. and HERNQUIST L.
1995MNRAS.274..491D 14 19 A search for stellar aggregates in dwarf spheroidal galaxies. DEMERS S., BATTINELLI P., IRWIN M.J., et al.
1995MNRAS.275L..23V 74 T                   5 61 On the dynamics of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. VELAZQUEZ H. and WHITE S.D.M.
1995MNRAS.275..605I 3 8 106 The outer regions of the Galactic bulge. II. Analysis. IBATA R.A. and GILMORE G.F.
1995MNRAS.277..781I 76 T                   16 344
Sagittarius : the nearest dwarf galaxy.
1995AcA....45..237U 5 12 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Journal of the 1994 season observations. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1995AGAb...11....9G 5 0 Sculptor, Fornax, and the origin of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. GREBEL E.K. and ROBERTS W.J.
1995Obs...115..256B 71 T                   7 19 Is M 54 the nucleus of the
Sagittarius galaxy ?
1996A&A...305...33K 75 43 The Local Group in comparison with other nearby groups of galaxies. KARACHENTSEV I.
1996A&A...312L..21Z 107 T K                 15 28 Two planetary nebulae in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. ZIJLSTRA A.A. and WALSH J.R.
1996A&A...312...49M 35 22 Globular cluster halos around dwarf elliptical galaxies. MINNITI D., MEYLAN G. and KISSLER-PATIG M.
1996AJ....111..794K 103 164 The galaxy motion relative to nearby galaxies and the local velocity field. KARACHENTSEV I.D. and MAKAROV D.A.
1996AJ....112..972D 1 22 72 Globular cluster systems in dwarf elliptical galaxies. II. The Virgo cluster. DURRELL P.R., HARRIS W.E., GEISLER D., et al.
1996ApJ...458L..13M 114 T K                 3 67 Discovery of a tidal extension of the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
1996ApJ...458L..17A 95 T                   1 74 Evidence for the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy at low Galactic latitudes. ALARD C.
1996ApJ...459L..65F 109 T K                 7 47 The main-sequence stars of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. FAHLMAN G.G., MANDUSHEV G., RICHER H.B., et al.
1996ApJ...463..543D 9 22 Globular cluster systems in dwarf elliptical galaxies. I. The dE, N galaxy NGC 3115 DW1. DURRELL P.R., McLAUGHLIN D.E., HARRIS W.E., et al.
1996MNRAS.278..727U 20 3 186 The merging history of the Milky Way. UNAVANE M., WYSE R.F.G. and GILMORE G.
1996MNRAS.278..947B 15 28 Environmental effects on the structure of the dwarf spheroidal galaxies. BELLAZZINI M., FUSI PECCI F. and FERRARO F.R.
1996PASP..108..986V 23 27 Formation of the Galaxy. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1996Msngr..85...28Z 71 T                   11 0 Two planetary nebulae discovered in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. ZIJLSTRA A.A., DUDZIAK G. and WALSH J.R.
1996NewA....1...57W 107 T K     O           89 38 Bright giants in the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.
1997A&A...328..211N 107 T K                 5 13 Are the Bulge C-stars related to the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy?
1997A&AS..123..115N viz 107 T K                 23 10 Field #3 of the Palomar-Groningen Survey. I. Variable stars in the outer edge of the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.
1997AJ....113..624K 7 12 An adaptive kernel approach to finding dSph galaxies around the Milky Way. KLEYNA J.T., GELLER M.J., KENYON S.J., et al.
1997AJ....113..634I viz 81 T                   12 343 The kinematics orbit and survival of the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
1997AJ....114.1471S viz 29 6 Fornax globular cluster 3: new color-magnitude diagrams for cluster and surrounding field. SMITH E.O., RICH R.M. and NEILL J.D.
1997ApJ...474..217A 107 T K                 34 55 MACHO project photometry of RR Lyrae stars in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. ALCOCK C., ALLSMAN R.A., ALVES D.R., et al.
1997ApJ...486L.107L 108 T K                 10 33 The globular cluster M54 and the star formation history of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. LAYDEN A.C. and SARAJEDINI A.
1997ApJ...487..651W 107 T K                 22 32 Chemical abundances of planetary nebulae in the
Sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy.
1997ApJ...490L..59A 36   K                 25 53 Is the Large Magellanic Cloud microlensing due to an intervening dwarf galaxy? ALCOCK C., ALLSMAN R.A., ALVES D.R., et al.
1997MNRAS.290....7E 73 T                   5 15 Computer models of the
Sagittarius dwarf interaction with the Milky Way.
1997AcA....47..169U 2 3 20 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Journal of the 1995 observing season. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1997BCFHT..37...20F 1 0 MEGACAM observations of the stellar halo. FAHLMAN G.
1997Msngr..90...25G 6 0 From EROS to DUO, ALADIN, GATT and others: wide-field astronomy. GUIBERT J.
1997NewA....2..139K 9         O           7 206 Dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies without dark matter. KROUPA P.
1998A&A...330..453M viz 74 T                   10 60 The stellar content of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. MARCONI G., BUONANNO R., CASTELLANI M., et al.
1998A&A...336..130I 117 T K                 1 27 Archer of the Galactic disk? The effect on the outer H I disk of the Milky Way of collisional encounters with the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.
1998A&A...338..435N 108 T K                 3 8 Are the Bulge C-stars related to the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy? II. Metallicity - a link with the galactic disc.
1998A&A...340...67R 24     A   O           6 42 The chemical evolution of dynamically hot galaxies. RICHER M.G., McCALL M.L. and STASINSKA G.
1998AJ....115.2369S 36   K                 18 20 Placing the Fornax and
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal globular clusters in the horizontal-branch type versus metallicity diagram.
1998AJ....115.2384D 40           X         1 23 343 The distribution of nearby stars in velocity space inferred from Hipparcos data. DEHNEN W.
1998AJ....116.1690C 27 67 Detection of H I associated with the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. CARIGNAN C., BEAULIEU S., COTE S., et al.
1998AJ....116.2873J 55 97 Surface brightness fluctuation distances to dwarf elliptical galaxies in the Sculptor group. JERJEN H., FREEMAN K.C. and BINGGELI B.
1998ApJ...495..297J 10 8 252 A prescription for building the Milky Way's halo from disrupted satellites. JOHNSTON K.V.
1998ApJ...500L.149Z 109 T K                 13 68 The survival of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and the flatness of the rotation curve of the galaxy. ZHAO H.
1998ApJ...500..575I 3 8 93 Galactic indigestion: numerical simulations of the Milky Way's closest neighbor. IBATA R.A. and LEWIS G.F.
1998ApJ...501..554C 5 22 334 The formation of giant elliptical galaxies and their globular cluster systems. COTE P., MARZKE R.O. and WEST M.J.
1998ApJ...505L.127V 13 12 The globular clusters of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1998ApJ...508L..37S 26 63 Hubble space telescope WFPC2 color-magnitude diagrams of halo globular clusters in M33: implications for the early formation history of the Local Group. SARAJEDINI A., GEISLER D., HARDING P., et al.
1998ApJ...508L..55M 111 T K                 7 71 Tracing the outer structure of the Sagittarius dwarf Galaxy: detections at angular distances between 10° and 34°. MATEO M., OLSZEWSKI E.W. and MORRISON H.L.
1998MNRAS.294..139Z 7 5 110 Microlensing of tidal debris on the Magellanic great circle. ZHAO H.S.
1998MNRAS.299...24L 30 4 Galaxy candidates in the Zone of Avoidance. LAHAV O., BROSCH N., GOLDBERG E., et al.
1998MNRAS.299..611B 1 24 90 The Smith cloud: H I associated with the Sgr dwarf? BLAND-HAWTHORN J., VEILLEUX S., CECIL G.N., et al.
1998PASP..110..223T 201 6 Astrophysics in 1997. (Review paper). TRIMBLE V. and McFADDEN L.A.
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1998AcA....48..341M 34 17 Fourier coefficients of OGLE variables. II. RR Lyraes. MORGAN S.M., SIMET M. and BARGENQUAST S.
1998ARA&A..36..435M 17 41 2094 Dwarf galaxies of the Local Group. MATEO M.
1998JRASC..92Q..32R 1 0 Gas dynamics of the outer disk of the Milky Way. RAZOUMOV A. and IBATA R.
1998SciAm.279d..50K 24 1 Galaxies behind the Milky Way. KRAAN-KORTEWEG R.C. and LAHAV O.
1998S&T....95e..42J 6 0 Our Galaxy's nearest neighbor. JAYAWARDHANA R.
1999A&A...347...77G 42   K                 2 37 Sagittarius, a dwarf spheroidal galaxy without dark matter? GOMEZ-FLECHOSO M.A., FUX R. and MARTINET L.
1999A&A...349....7B 73 T                   4 19 HI observations towards the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
1999A&A...351..775G 16 19 Microlensing towards different Galactic targets. GRENACHER L., JETZER P., STRAESSLE M., et al.
1999A&AS..139...97K viz 320 28 HI properties of nearby galaxies from a volume-limited sample. KARACHENTSEV I.D., MAKAROV D.I. and HUCHTMEIER W.K.
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1999AJ....117.1771S 22 49 The chemical composition of halo stars on extreme orbits. STEPHENS A.
1999AJ....117.1792D 3 45 433 Space velocities of globular clusters. III. Cluster orbits and halo substructure. DINESCU D.I., GIRARD T.M. and VAN ALTENA W.F.
1999AJ....117.2211V 33 12 Subclustering among Local Group galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1999AJ....118..337C 1 55 165 The solar motion relative to the Local Group. COURTEAU S. and VAN DEN BERGH S.
1999AJ....118..442O 1 18 85 RR Lyrae variables in the globular cluster M55. The first evidence for nonradial pulsations in RR Lyrae stars. OLECH A., KALUZNY J., THOMPSON I.B., et al.
1999AJ....118..862M 37 56 The stellar content of the Local Group dwarf galaxy Phoenix. MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., GALLART C. and APARICIO A.
1999AJ....118..883P 55 49 The luminosity distribution of Local Group galaxies. PRITCHET C.J. and VAN DEN BERGH S.
1999AJ....118..911M 1 6 27 Determining the galactic mass distribution using tidal streams from globular clusters. MURALI C. and DUBINSKI J.
1999AJ....118.1230C 18 40 Surface brightness profiles of three new dwarf spheroidal companions to M31. CALDWELL N.
1999AJ....118.1245B viz 1 13 49 Elemental abundances in five stars in M54, a globular cluster associated with the Sagittarius galaxy. BROWN J.A., WALLERSTEIN G. and GONZALEZ G.
1999AJ....118.1671B viz 3 11 106 Hubble space telescope photometry of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy: cluster 4 and its field. BUONANNO R., CORSI C.E., CASTELLANI M., et al.
1999AJ....118.1709M 36   K                 39 55 Starcounts redivivus. III. A possible detection of the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy at b=-40°.
1999AJ....118.1719J 113 T K                 5 85 Constraining the history of the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy using observations of its tidal debris.
1999ApJ...515..206N 5 8 Microlensing in the Galactic Bulge: effects of the disk behind the bulge. NAIR V. and MIRALDA-ESCUDE J.
1999ApJ...522...82K 27 29 2398 Where are the missing galactic satellites? KLYPIN A., KRAVTSOV A.V., VALENZUELA O., et al.
1999ApJ...525L..17T 21 3 Observational test of environmental effects on the local group dwarf spheroidal galaxies. TAMURA N. and HIRASHITA H.
1999MNRAS.303L...7J 8 4 99 Warps and cosmic infall. JIANG I.-G. and BINNEY J.
1999MNRAS.304..633B 109 T K                 8 29 The
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy survey (SDGS) - I. Colour-magnitude diagrams, reddening and population gradients. First evidence of a very metal-poor population.
1999MNRAS.307..495H 31 4 375 Building up the stellar halo of the Galaxy. HELMI A. and WHITE S.D.M.
1999MNRAS.307..619B 109 T K                 16 57 The Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Survey (SDGS) - II. The stellar content and constraints on the star formation history. BELLAZZINI M., FERRARO F.R. and BUONANNO R.
1999PASP..111..653D 8 0 The third Stromlo symposium. The galactic halo: bright stars and dark matter. (Conference highlights). DE ZEEUW T. and NORRIS J.
1999PASP..111..817K 10 3 Abundances in the metal-poor common proper motion star BD +00°2058A. KING J.R.
1999AGAb...15...36K 1 1 Heating of spirals due to minor planets. KLEINSCHMIDT L., THEIS C., HENSLER G., et al.
1999AGAb...15..133K 1 ~ Heating of spirals due to minor mergers. KLEINSCHMIDT L., THEIS C., HENSLER G., et al.
1999A&ARv...9..273V 1 44 192 The Local Group of galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1999Ap&SS.263..155G 2 ~ Dwarf spheroidal galaxies: dynamical evolution. GOMEZ-FLECHOSO M.A.
1999Ap&SS.265..115M 18 3 The (sub)structure of the Halo. MAJEWSKI S.R.
1999Ap&SS.265..291A 20 9 Carbon stars in nearby Local Group galaxies. AZZOPARDI M.
1999Ap&SS.265..541B 72 T                   2 5 Spectroscopy of giants of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. BONIFACIO P., PASQUINI L., MOLARO P., et al.
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1999PASA...16...18C 22 14 Search for HI in dwarf spheroidal galaxies. CARIGNAN C.
2000A&A...357..871C viz 110 T K                 3 15 Structure of the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy at low Galactic latitudes.
2000A&A...358..471F 127 39 The elliptical galaxy formerly known as the Local Group: merging the globular cluster systems. FORBES D.A., MASTERS K.L., MINNITI D., et al.
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2000A&A...359..597R viz 163 49 SX Phe stars in globular clusters. RODRIGUEZ E. and LOPEZ-GONZALEZ M.J.
2000A&A...359..663B 120 T K                 3 101 First results of UVES at VLT: abundances in the Sgr dSph. BONIFACIO P., HILL V., MOLARO P., et al.
2000A&A...361L...1P 38   K                 5 31 Third-dredge-up oxygen in planetary nebulae. PEQUIGNOT D., WALSH J.R., ZIJLSTRA A.A., et al.
2000A&A...361..451S 107 55 The influence of interactions and minor mergers on the structure of galactic disks. II. Results and interpretations. SCHWARZKOPF U. and DETTMAR R.-J.
2000A&A...363..117K 54 45 Dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the M 81 group imaged with WFPC2. KARACHENTSEV I.D., KARACHENTSEVA V.E., DOLPHIN A.E., et al.
2000A&A...363..526P 30 18 The Old Halo metallicity gradient: the trace of a self-enrichment process. PARMENTIER G., JEHIN E., MAGAIN P., et al.
2000A&A...363..717D 110 T K                 7 29 A radio-continuum and photoionization-model study of the two planetary nebulae in the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.
2000A&AS..144....5R viz 67 69 Photometric catalog of nearby globular clusters. I. A large homogeneous (V,I) color-magnitude diagram data-base. ROSENBERG A., PIOTTO G., SAVIANE I., et al.
2000AJ....119..188Y 15 23 Searches for H I in the outer parts of four dwarf spheroidal galaxies. YOUNG L.M.
2000AJ....119..760M 2 15 104 Exploring halo substructure with giant stars. II. Mapping the extended structure of the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy. MAJEWSKI S.R., OSTHEIMER J.C., PATTERSON R.J., et al.
2000AJ....119..777L viz 72 T                   9 22 Stellar populations of the
Sagittarius dwarf irregular galaxy.
LEE M.G. and KIM S.C.
2000AJ....119.1760L viz 113 T K                 18 236 Photometry of the globular cluster M54 and the
Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: the age-metallicity relation.
2000AJ....119.2843C 2 67 578 Kinematics of metal-poor stars in the Galaxy. III. Formation of the stellar halo and thick disk as revealed from a large sample of nonkinematically selected stars. CHIBA M. and BEERS T.C.
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2000AJ....120.1342K 18 48 An extragalactic H I cloud with no optical counterpart? KILBORN V.A., STAVELEY-SMITH L., MARQUARDING M., et al.
2000AJ....120.1892D 111 T K                 13 82 The absolute proper motion of Palomar 12: a case for tidal capture from the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
2000AJ....120.2437S 44 62 Hubble space telescope WFPC2 photometry of M33: properties of the halo star clusters and surrounding fields. SARAJEDINI A., GEISLER D., SCHOMMER R., et al.
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2000ApJ...530..777V 39 34 Young globular clusters and dwarf spheroidals. VAN DEN BERGH S.
2000ApJ...541..675B 1 34 160 Gas-rich dwarf spheroidals. BLITZ L. and ROBISHAW T.
2000MNRAS.314..468J 119 T K                 2 60 The orbit and mass of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. JIANG I.-G. and BINNEY J.
2000PASP..112..529V 54 87 Updated information on the Local Group. VAN DEN BERGH S.
2000PASP..112..747R 18 2 One hundred years of rotating galaxies. (Millennium essay). RUBIN V.C.
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2000AGAb...17R..77S 72 T                   2 ~ Tracing the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy's tidal stream. STOLTE A., IBATA R. and RIX H.-W.
2000A&ARv..10....1K 1 78 346 The most metal-poor galaxies. KUNTH D. and OSTLIN G.
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2001A&A...369..778C 109 T K                 3 6 The
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy as a microlensing target.
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2001A&A...375..909C viz 109 T K                 91 56 RR Lyrae stars in the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy: Period analysis.
2001A&A...377..389A 79 T                   1 20 Metallicity gradients in the
Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal Galaxy.
2001AJ....121..148C viz 107 12 The dwarf galaxy population of the Dorado group down to MV~-11. CARRASCO E.R., MENDES DE OLIVEIRA C., INFANTE L., et al.
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2001AJ....121.2610D 42   K                 4 80 Structure of
Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz using VLBI closure quantities.
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2001AJ....122.1916D 28 29 Orbits of globular clusters in the outer galaxy: NGC 7006. DINESCU D.I., MAJEWSKI S.R., GIRARD T.M., et al.
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2001ApJ...547L.133I 135 T K                 3 239 Galactic halo substructure in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: the ancient tidal stream from the
Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.
IBATA R., IRWIN M., LEWIS G.F., et al.
2001ApJ...548..592S 4 35 461 Abundance patterns in the Draco, Sextans, and Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxies. SHETRONE M.D., COTE P. and SARGENT W.L.W.
2001ApJ...549L.199M 47   K                 2 70 Tidal streams in the galactic halo: evidence for the
Sagittarius northern stream or traces of a new nearby dwarf galaxy.
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