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1967ApJ...147..799B 13 3 236 Observations of an infrared star in the Orion nebula. BECKLIN E.E. and NEUGEBAUER G.
1967ApJ...149L...1K 99 T                   1 1 192 Discovery of an
infrared nebula in Orion.
1969ApJ...155L.193N 3 4 83 The infrared sources in the Trapezium region of M 42. NEY E.P. and ALLEN D.A.
1973ApJ...186L...7R 70 T                   1 7 134 High-resolution maps of the
Kleinmann-Low nebula in Orion.
1974ApJ...189L..87H 2 4 52 Dust and gas in the Orion molecular cloud: observations of 1-millimeter continuum aand 2-centimeter H2CO emission. HARVEY P.M., GATLEY I., WERNER M.W., et al.
1974ApJ...193L..41L 2 2 26 Kinematics of the Orion A molecular cloud. LINKE R.A. and WANNIER P.G.
1975AJ.....80..125C 7 19 Optical identifications of AFCRL rocket infrared sources. COHEN M.
1975ATsir.852....1G 1 0 The nature of Kleinmann-Low (KL) and Becklin-Neugebauer (BN) infrared sources. GNEDIN Y.N. and MITROFANOV I.G.
1976ApJ...208..753P 25 46 The 10 micron silicate feature in southern H II regions. PERSSON S.E., FROGEL J.A. and AARONSON M.
1976ApJ...209L.137Z 77 T                   4 181 High-velocity gas in the
Orion infrared nebula.
1976ApJ...209..452K 5 4 105 A dense molecular cloud in the OMC-1/OMC-2 region. KUTNER M.L., EVANS II N.J. and TUCKER K.D.
1976ApJ...210L..39K 112 T                   1 221 The nature of the broad molecular line emission at the
Kleinmann-Low nebula.
1976SvA....19..673G 68 T                   1 2 The nature of the
Kleinmann-Low and Becklin-Neugebauer infrared sources.
1977ApJ...215..521K 4 10 246 The molecular complexes in Orion. KUTNER M.L., TUCKER K.D., CHIN G., et al.
1977Natur.269..674W 2 1 13 Prebiotic polymers., infrared spectra of galactic sources. WICKRAMASINGHE N.C., HOYLE F., BROOKS J., et al.
1977RMxAA...3..189P 1 4 The origin of multiple stars by condensation in dense nebulae. POVEDA A.
1978A&A....69...73B 4 1 24 Model infrared spectra for accreting stars. BEDIJN P.J., HABING H.J. and DE JONG T.
1978AJ.....83..492T 14 49 Observations of five moderate-luminosity far-infrared sources in Orion and Monoceros. THRONSON H.A., HARPER D.A., KEENE J., et al.
1978ApJ...223L..47H 13 1 68 High-resolution 1.5-5 micron spectroscopy of the Becklin-Neugebauer source in Orion. HALL D.N.B., KLEINMANN S.G., RIDGWAY S.T., et al.
1978ApJ...223..464B 6 9 282 Observations of the molecular hydrogen emission from the Orion nebula. BECKWITH S., PERSSON S.E., NEUGEBAUER G., et al.
1978ApJ...224L..23H 4 2 44 A new dynamical model for the Orion molecular cloud. HO P.T.P. and BARRETT A.H.
1978Ap&SS..53..489H 6 8 Calculations of infrared fluxes from galactic sources for a polysaccharide grain model. HOYLE F. and WICKRAMASINGHE N.C.
1978Ap&SS..54..181D 9 4 Equivalent widths of the 10 mu-m interstellar silicate feature and dust temperatures in infrared sources. DORSCHNER J., FRIEDEMANN C. and GURTLER J.
1979ApJ...230..127S 3 4 60 H alf line survey of compact infrared sources. SIMON T., SIMON M. and JOYCE R.R.
1979ApJ...234..912H 3 4 68 Ammonia observations of the Orion molecular cloud. HO P.T.P., BARRETT A.H., MYERS P.C., et al.
1980A&A....84L...1F 11 48 A formaldehyde maser in NGC 7538. FORSTER J.R., GOSS W.M., WILSON T.L., et al.
1980ApJ...236..481M 1 4 38 An interferometric and multitransitional study of the Orion methanol masers. MATSAKIS D.N., WRIGHT M.C.H., TOWNES C.H., et al.
1981ApJ...244..884G 99 T                   1 3 450 Proper motions and distances of H2O maser sources. I. The outflow in
GENZEL R., REID M.J., MORAN J.M., et al.
1981ApJ...251L..21H 2 5 64 One-dimentional infrared speckle interferometry. HOWELL R.R., McCARTHY D.W. and LOW F.J.
1981MNRAS.194..809L 33 14 2375 Turbulence and star formation in molecular clouds. LARSON R.B.
1981MNRAS.195..921A 72 T                   2 35 Infrared spectral observations of the BKNL complex in Orion. AITKEN D.K., ROCHE P.F., SPENSER P.M., et al.
1981ARA&A..19..231R 5 13 325 Masers. REID M.J. and MORAN J.M.
1981IAUS...96..153T 10 10 Infrared spectroscopy of protostellar objects. THOMPSON R.I.
1981IAUS...96..187S 3 1 17 Spectroscopic of the Orion molecular cloud core. SCOVILLE N.Z.
1982A&A...113L..18O 77 T                   1 1 40 Extended and anisotropic high-velocity gas flows in the
Orion-KL region.
1982ApJ...252L..11K 5 6 169 A high resolution submillimeter map of OMC-1. KEENE J., HILDEBRAND R.H. and WHITCOMB S.E.
1982ApJ...259L..97C 81 T                   1 3 188 Molecular shock waves in the
BN-KL region of Orion.
1982ApJ...261L.103E 8 3 120 Detection of bipolar CO outflow in Orion. ERICKSON N.R., GOLDSMITH P.F., SNELL R.L., et al.
1983A&A...124...23P 102 T                   1 1 165 Clumping in
Orion KL : 2-arcsecond maps of ammonia.
1983A&A...127L..19W 1 5 47 Non-metastable ammonia absorption toward compact H II regions. WILSON T.L., MAUERSBERGER R., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1983A&A...128..279B 2 13 162 Clumping in molecular clouds. The region between OMC 1 and 2. BATRLA W., WILSON T.L., BASTIEN P., et al.
1983AJ.....88..469S 3 2 Intensity and extinction irregularities in the H2 emission from Orion. SMITH H.A., LARSON H.P., FEIERBERG M.A., et al.
1983ApJ...264..161S 73 T                   2 48 Observations of sulfur dioxide in the
Kleinmann-Low nebula
1983ApJ...264..485D 81 2 812 Magnetohydrodynamic shock waves in molecular clouds. DRAINE B.T., ROBERGE W.G. and DALGARNO A.
1983ApJ...265L..13W 20 1 103 The polarization of the infrared cluster in Orion : the spatial distribution of the 3.8 micron polarization. WERNER M.W., DINERSTEIN H.L. and CAPPS R.W.
1983ApJ...265L..63H 2 4 46 Small rotating clouds of stellar mass in Orion Molecular Cloud 1. HARRIS A., TOWNES C.H., MATSAKIS D.N., et al.
1983ApJ...266..623S 1 27 250 Infrared line and radio continuum emission of circumstellar ionized regions. SIMON M., FELLI M., CASSAR L., et al.
1983ApJ...267L..41W 7 3 105 Source of the high-velocity molecular flow in Orion. WRIGHT M.C.H., PLAMBECK R.L., VOGEL S.N., et al.
1983ApJ...267L..53M 9 42 Detection of the J = 1 ⟶ 0 transition of CH3 CN. MATTHEWS H.E. and SEARS T.J.
1983ApJ...267L.115W 70 T                   1 5 42 Positions of the SiO masers in
Orion-KL : anisotropy on a scale of 70AU.
1983ApJ...267..126W 19 21 The polarization of millimeter-wave emission lines in dense interstellar clouds. WANNIER P.G., SCOVILLE N.Z. and BARVAINIS R.
1983ApJ...267..184H 7 31 SiS maser emission from IRC +10216. HENKEL C., MATTHEWS H.E. and MORRIS M.
1983ApJ...269L..11T 76 T                   1 1 38 Detection of interstellar NH3 in the far-infrared: warm and dense gas in
1983ApJ...271L..31M 9 1 46 Detection of radio emission from the Becklin-Neugebauer object. MORAN J.M., GARAY G., REID M.J., et al.
1983ApJ...272..591C 3 3 48 The kinetic temperature and CH3CCH column density profiles in SGR B2, Orion and DR 21 CHURCHWELL E. and HOLLIS J.M.
1983MNRAS.202p..25S 1 ~ Highly excited (J=16 to 15) rotational transitions of CO, at 162.8 mum, in the Orion cloud. STACEY G.J., KURTZ N.T., SMYERS S.D., et al.
1983PASP...95..648E 1 2 Spectroscopy of molecular cloud sources at 6-7 microns. EVANS II N.J., CARR J.S., BECKWITH S., et al.
1983ARA&A..21..239H 11 9 533 Interstellar ammonia. HO P.T.P. and TOWNES C.H.
1983ApL....23..217T 1 2 10 On the identification of U-Lines in the 3 mm region of the interstellar spectrum TURNER B.E.
1983MitAG..60..407H 69 T                   1 3 0 High density gas in
1984A&A...130L...1J 44 42 SiO maser emission from OH/IR stars and a search for Orion-like SiO masers. JEWELL P.R., BATRLA W., WALMSLEY C.M., et al.
1984A&A...130..227J 13 5 338 Spectral scan of Orion A and IRC +10216 from 72 to 91 GHz. JOHANSSON L.E.B., ANDERSSON C., ELLDER J., et al.
1984A&A...132L...1R 4 1 24 Large grains in Orion are indicated by IR polarization and flux data. ROUAN D. and LEGER A.
1984A&A...132..265F 71 T                   1 2 29 SO (3 2- 2 1) mapping of the
Orion KL cloud components.
1984A&A...134L...7W 12 50 Detection of a new type of methanol maser. WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., SNYDER L.E., et al.
1984A&A...134L..11W 12 26 Detection of interstellar methyldiacetylene (CH3C4H) in dark dust cloud TMC1. WALMSLEY C.M., JEWELL P.R., SNYDER L.E., et al.
1984A&A...134...36O 70 T                   1 5 38 Deuterated water in
Orion-KL and W 51 M.
1984A&A...136...17O 1 7 60 Distribution and kinematics of CO in the galaxy M 82. OLOFSSON H. and RYDBECK G.
1984ApJ...280..163C 9 19 The sub-arc second structure of IRc2 at 5 microns. CHELLI A., PERRIER C. and LENA P.
1984ApJ...281..172W 97 T                   1 144 The
Kleinmann-Low nebula: an infrared cavity.
1984ApJ...281..219Z 1 4 24 A search for interstellar silicon nitride. ZIURYS L.M., CLEMENS D.P., SAYKALLY R.J., et al.
1984ApJ...282L..81W 2 3 39 Detection of shocked atomic gas in the Kleinmann-Low nebula. WERNER M.W., CRAWFORD M.K., GENZEL R., et al.
1984ApJ...283..106K 70 T                   1 2 13 183 GHz water line variation: an energetic outburst in
Orion KL.
1984ApJ...283..117H 83 T                   1 1 73 CS around
Orion-KL: a large rotating disk.
1984ApJ...285..580J 2 2 23 Position-dependent infrared spectroscopy of M 82 : 100,000 Orion nebulae ? JONES B. and RODRIGUEZ-ESPINOSA J.M.
1984ApJ...286..289P 1 15 88 Brackett-alpha line profiles of young stellar objects. PERSSON S.E., GEBALLE T.R., McGREGOR P.J., et al.
1984ApJ...287L..91H 69 T                   1 3 14 The H51 alpha emission associated with the shocked gas in Orion-KL. HASEGAWA T. and AKABANE K.
1984ApJ...287..697T 2 6 72 Absorption features in the 5-8 micron spectra of protostars. TIELENS A.G.G.M., ALLAMANDOLA L.J., BREGMAN J., et al.
1984MNRAS.207..127N 75 T                   1 1 34 MERLIN observations of OH maser outflows in
1984BAAS...16..445L 2 ~ Interstellar grain models toward the BN object. LEE H.M. and DRAINE B.T.
1984BAAS...16..464W 2 0 Aperture synthesis maps of HCN emission from Ori MC1. WELLCH W.J., VOGEL S.N., WRIGHT M.C.H., et al.
1984BAAS...16..878S 69 T                   1 1 0 1.3 mm continuum mapping of
Orion KL : evidence for a disk.
1984MitAG..62...29D 4 0 Galactic far infrared astronomy. DRAPATZ S.
1984MitAG..62..299H 2 ~ H2 emission bei 1.064 mu.m im Orion Nebel. HIPPELEIN H., MUNCH G. and PITZ E.
1984Natur.310..125M 1 9 61 A new interstellar molecule : tricarbon monoxide. MATTHEWS H.E., IRVINE W.M., FRIBERG P., et al.
1984NewSc.101...12L 3 1 How astronomers watch the birth of stars. LITTLE L.
1984ORROE..12...82G 1 1 Experiments on chemical and physical evolution of interstellar grain mantles. GREENBERG M.J.
1984ORROE..12..158D 4 0 Infrared polarmetry of young clusters. DINERSTEIN H.L.
1984PAZh...10..199M 69 T                   1 3 1 Rotation measure of the H2O maser outburst region in
Orion KL.
1984PAZh...10..345R 69 T                   1 3 2 Investigations of the
Orion KL H2O maser outburst.
1984SciAm.250f..96G 2 0 The structure and evolution of interstellar grains. GREENBERG J.M.
1985A&A...142..363S 4 8 CO (J = 4-3) spectroscopy in M 17 SW and OMC 1. SCHULZ A., GILLESPIE A.R. and KRUGEL E.
1985A&A...142..451P 31 50 The optical properties of dust in the mid-IR silicate bands. PEGOURIE B. and PAPOULAR R.
1985A&A...146...86B 1 6 34 Formaldehyde observations of OMC-1. BASTIEN P., BATRLA W., HENKEL C., et al.
1985A&A...146..134H 76 T                   1 1 30 15 NH3 in
Orion-KL : the hot core is not so hot.
1985A&A...147L..19W 33 42 The discovery of a new masering transition of interstellar methanol. WILSON T.L., WALMSLEY C.M., MENTEN K.M., et al.
1985A&A...150..169O 8 31 The peculiar SiO (v=2, J=2-1) maser in khi Cygni. OLOFSSON H., RYDBECK O.E.H. and NYMAN L.-A.
1985AJ.....90.2331L 1 3 17 The infrared size of IRc2/KL and its structure on an arcsecond scale. LESTER D.F., BECKLIN E.E., GENZEL R., et al.
1985ApJ...290L..63W 69 T                   1 5 6 On the evidence for methane in
Orion KL : a search for the 4.6 gigahertz line.
1985ApJ...290..211L 17 3 209 Infrared extinction and polarization due to partially aligned spheroidal grains: models for the dust toward the BN object. LEE H.M. and DRAINE B.T.
1985ApJ...290..609M 12 42 The detection of acetaldehyde in cold dust clouds. MATTHEWS H.E., FRIBERG P. and IRVINE W.M.
1985ApJ...291L..59S 1 3 19 Detection of the CO (J=7–6) rotational transition at lambda = 0.37 millimeters toward Orion. SCHULTZ G.V., DURWEN E.J., ROESER H.P., et al.
1985ApJ...293L..83M 1 4 19 VLA observations of the 9 2- 10 1 A+ methanol masers toward W3 (OH). MENTEN K.M., JOHNSTON K.J., WILSON T.L., et al.
1985ApJ...296..149V 4 15 Observation of far-infrared transitions between excited states of OH. VISCUSO P.J., STACEY G.J., HARWIT M., et al.
1985ApJ...296..600V 72 T                   3 47 Differential rotation near the Orion-Kleinmann-Low region: aperture synthesis observations of HCN emission. VOGEL S.N., BIEGING J.H., PLAMBECK R.L., et al.
1985ApJ...297L..11W 72 T                   1 3 38 Continuum emission at 3.4 millimeters from
1985ApJ...298L..67K 1 3 20 Search for interstellar methane. KNACKE R.F., GEBALLE T.R., NOLL K.S., et al.
1985ApJ...298..316W 93 T                   1 1 97 Far-infrared emission lines of CO and OH in the
Orion-KL molecular shock.
1985ApJ...299..956T 9 14 Interstellar MgO. TURNER B.E. and STEIMLE T.C.
1985MNRAS.215..815A 71 T                   1 3 31 Infrared spectropolarimetric observations of
BNKL : the grain alignment mechanism.
1985PASP...97..183F 3 3 36 The new near-infrared array camera at the university of Rochester. FORREST W.J., MONETI A., WOODWARD C.E., et al.
1985ATsir1375....1R 69 T                   1 1 0 Protoplanetary ring's system in
Orion KL.
1985AN....306..311G 29 7 On the properties of very young massive infrared sources. GURTLER J., HENNING T., DORSCHNER J., et al.
1985BAAS...17..562M 69 T                   1 1 0 CVF observations of several
Orion-KL sites : the spectra of scatteredlight.
1985MitAG..63..132H 69 T                   1 1 0 15 NH3 im
Orion-KL Nebel : der "Heisse Kern" ist gar nicht SO Heiss.
1985MitAG..63..215G 13 8 Far-infrared and submillimeter astronomical spectroscopy. GENZEL R. and STACEY G.J.
1985Sci...228.1389W 9 8 Gas jets associated with star formation. WELCH W.J., VOGEL S.N., PLAMBECK R.L., et al.
1986A&A...155..339W 7 5 Observations of a high-excitation transition of SO in galactic HII regions. WATT G.D., MILLAR T.J., WHITE G.J., et al.
1986A&A...158L...1W 1 9 63 12C18O in OMC-1 : kinematics, molecular column density, and kinetic temperature distribution. WILSON T.L., SERABYN E., HENKEL C., et al.
1986A&A...161...55B 1 3 12 The galactic wind in the circum-nuclear zone of NGC 6946. BECKMAN J.E., MUNOZ-TUNON C., BATTANER E., et al.
1986A&A...162..199M 2 14 121 Hot ammonia in the galaxy. MAUERSBERGER R., HENKEL C., WILSON T.L., et al.
1986A&A...162..248G 16 63 Absorption by solid and gaseous CO towards obscured infrared objects. GEBALLE T.R.
1986A&A...164..104O 22 26 Infrared objects near H2O masers in regions of active star formation. IV. Molecular hydrogen observations. OLIVA E. and MOORWOOD A.F.M.
1986A&A...165..287R 2 2 16 A high resolution heterodyne spectrometer from 100 mu-m to 1000 mu-m and the detection of CO (J=7-6), CO (J=6-5) and 13CO (J=3-2). ROESER H.P., WATTENBACH R., DURWEN E.J., et al.
1986A&A...166..276T 21 15 The second molecular cloud core in L 1641. TAKABA H., FUKUI Y., FUJIMOTO Y., et al.
1986A&A...167..151W 12 23 Observations of highly excited OH towards galactic HII regions. WALMSLEY C.M., BAUDRY A., GUILLOTEAU S., et al.
1986A&A...169..271M 1 7 54 Torsionally excited methanol in hot molecular cloud cores. MENTEN K.M., WALMSLEY C.M., HENKEL C., et al.
1986ApJ...300L..19Z 8 2 70 Detection of interstellar vibrationally excited HCN. ZIURYS L.M.
1986ApJ...301L..57H 73 T                   1 4 50 Detection of (34.8 micron) emission in
Orion-KL : a measurement of the silicon abundance in dense interstellar gas.
1986ApJ...301..571P 19 5 380 Bipolar hydromagnetic winds from disks around protostellar objects. PUDRITZ R.E. and NORMAN C.A.
1986ApJ...302L..31Z 3 3 42 HCNH : a new interstellar molecular ion. ZIURYS L.M. and TURNER B.E.
1986ApJ...303L..57C 78 T                   1 1 32 Observations of far-infrared line profiles in the
Orion-KL region.
1986ApJ...304..459L 11 27 The geometry of anisotropic CO outflows. LISEAU R. and SANDELL G.
1986ApJ...305..405C 21 61 The excitation, abundance and distribution of HNCO in Sagittarius B2. CHURCHWELL E., WOOD D., MYERS P.C., et al.
1986ApJ...306..682M 15 27 Observations and analysis of HDO in interstellar clouds. MOORE E.L., LANGER W.D. and HUGUENIN G.R.
1986ApJ...308..270D 1 8 39 Submillimeter polarization in the Orion nebula. DRAGOVAN M.
1986ApJ...309L..13H 5 7 Detection of silicon in the Galactic Center. HERTER T., HOUCK J.R., GRAF P., et al.
1986ApJ...310..383G 5 3 69 Variations in the HCN/HNC abundance ratio in the Orion Molecular Cloud. GOLDSMITH P.F., IRVINE W.M., HJALMARSON A., et al.
1986ApJ...311L..51L 6 2 48 The interstellar medium in the central 1 kiloparsec of M 82. LUGTEN J.B., WATSON D.M., CRAWFORD M.K., et al.
1986ApJ...311L..85F 1 23 155 Discovery of seven bipolar outflows by an unbiased survey. FUKUI Y., SUGITANI K., TAKABA H., et al.
1986MNRAS.220..233R 1 10 45 Rapid variability of H2O masers in Cepheus A. ROWLAND P.R. and COHEN R.J.
1986PASP...98..709P 16 29 Star formation in molecular disks. PUDRITZ R.E.
1986AN....307..119H 15 4 Mass loss from very young massive stars. HENNING T.
1986Ap&SS.118..405O 72 T                   1 1 11 Excitation of interstellar molecules in the
Ori-KL source.
1986Ap&SS.118..421H 19 11 Star formation associated with high-velocity mass outflows. HASEGAWA T.
1986Ap&SS.119..115O 70 T                   1 1 0 Hydrodynamical models of the
Orion-KL nebula.
1986Ap&SS.128..163G 6 17 Circumstellare dust shells around very young and massive stars. GURTLER J. and HENNING T.
1986Ap&SS.128..199H 9 10 BN objects - a class of very young and massive stars. HENNING T. and GURTLER J.
1986BAAS...18..921F 70 T                   1 1 0 The spatial extent of the 183 and 380 GHz water emission in
Orion KL.
1986BAAS...18..921P 70 T                   1 2 1 Aperture synthesis maps of HDO in
1986BAAS...18Q.921M 70 T                   1 2 0 The SiO maser toward IRc2 in the
Orion KL region.
1986PASJ...38..199O 70 T                   1 17 8 Hydrodynamical model of the
Orion KL nebula.
1987A&A...172..299Z 71 T                   1 3 14 SiO emission from the
Orion KL region.
ZENG Q., SUN J. and LOU G.F.
1987A&A...172..368M 3 9 A new infrared camera for the 2-5 mu.m range. MONIN J.-L., VAUGLIN I., SIBILLE F., et al.
1987A&A...181..155G 1 8 48 Photoprecessing of H2S in interstellar grain mantles as an explanationfor S2 in comets. GRIM R.J.A. and GREENBERG J.M.
1987A&A...182L..15T 3 2 31 Vibrationally excited CS in IRC +10216. TURNER B.E.
1987A&A...182..143M 12 24 Searches for interstellar and circumstellar metal oxides and chlorides. MILLAR T.J., ELLDER J., HJALMARSON A., et al.
1987A&A...182..299H 71 T                   1 6 41 Deuterated water in
Orion-KL and NGC 7538.
1987A&A...185..107H 8 26 NLTE models for cocoon stars. HOEFLICH P. and WEHRSE R.
1987AJ.....94..416P 57 42 Identification of new young stellar objects associated with IRAS point sources. I. The southern galactic plane. PERSSON S.E. and CAMPBELL B.
1987AJ.....94..972K 2 2 23 Spectroscopy of the Kleimann-Low nebula : scattering in a solid absorption band. KNACKE R.F. and McCORKLE S.R.
1987ApJ...312L..45B 9 14 534 Filamentary structure in the Orion molecular cloud. BALLY J., LANGER W.D., STARK A.A., et al.
1987ApJ...312..297G 20 54 Emission from CO band heads in young stellar objects. GEBALLE T.R. and PERSSON S.E.
1987ApJ...312..351H 1 6 36 Ion-molecule calculation of the abundance ratio of CCD to CCH in dense interstellar clouds. HERBST E., ADAMS N.G., SMITH D., et al.
1987ApJ...314L..49Z 75 T                   1 2 42 Observations of SiO toward OMC-1 : a new outflow source 1'5 south of
Orion-KL ?
1987ApJ...314..535G 1 25 181 Compact continuum radio sources in the Orion nebula. GARAY G., MORAN J.M. and REID M.J.
1987ApJ...316..721B 20 40 Bipolar flows, molecular gas disks, and the collapse and accretion of rotating interstellar clouds. BOSS A.P.
1987ApJ...317L.101P 75 T                   1 3 71 Aperture synthesis maps of HDO emission in
1987ApJ...318L..77H 5 4 86 Level population and para/ortho ratio of fluorescent H2 in NGC 2023. HASEGAWA T., GATLEY I., GARDEN R.P., et al.
1987ApJ...319..426S 3 4 49 1300 micron continuum and C18O line mapping of the giant molecular cloud cores in Orion, W 49 and W 51. SCHLOERB F.P., SNELL R.L. and SCHWARTZ P.R.
1987ApJ...321L..75T 11 3 135 Detection of interstellar planetary nebulae : the first identified phosphorus compound in the interstellar medium. TURNER B.E. and BALLY J.
1987ApJ...321L..81Z 9 4 146 Detection of interstellar planetary nebulae : the first phosphorus-bearing species observed in molecular clouds. ZIURYS L.M.
1987ApJ...321..516C 2 25 229 Solar system-sized condensations in the Orion nebula. CHURCHWELL E., FELLI M., WOOD D.O.S., et al.
1987ApJ...321..530M 77 T                   1 1 30 Interpretation of rotationally excited far-infrared OH emission in
1987ApJ...322..266N 13 1 54 H2O line emission from shocked gas. NEUFELD D.A. and MELNICK G.J.
1987ApJ...322..275M 3 3 41 Radio recombination lines from fast shocks in molecular clouds, with application to bipolar flows. McKEE C.F. and HOLLENBACH D.J.
1987MNRAS.229p..41M 1 ~ An efficient gas phase synthesis for interstellar planetary nebulae. MILLAR T.J., BENNETT A. and HERBST E.
1987Ap&SS.132..263Z 71 T                   1 2 9 The masers of E-type methanol in
Orion KL and Sgr B2.
ZENG Q., LOU G.F. and LI S.Z.
1987MmSAI..58..173P 26 0 IRAS sources in star forming regions. PERSI P.
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