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1968JRASC..62..145V 67 T                   1 45 71 The galaxies of the
local group.
1969AJ.....74..587H 68 T                   1 7 75 The structure of dwarf elliptical galaxies of the
local group.
1969ApJ...156..771V 68 T                   1 6 69 The high-velocity cloud complexes as extragalactic objects in the
Local Group.
1974ApJ...191...63S 68 T                   1 50 47 A preliminary photoelectric sequence in the galaxy M33 of the
Local Group.
1977ApJ...217..903Y 70 T                   1 27 381 The
Local Group: the solar motion relative to its centroid.
1977ApJ...218..633B 79 T                   5 289 On the frequency-period distributions of Cepheid variables in galaxies in the
local group.
1978IAUC.3305R...1K 68 T                   6 ~ New galaxies of the
local group.
1979AJ.....84...62F 68 T                   1 15 37 Photographs of dwarf irregular galaxies in the vicinity of the
Local Group and the M 81 group.
1979ApJ...232L..11T 69 T                   6 31 A new dwarf galaxy in the
local group.
1980ApJS...42....1J 68 T                   109 207 The luminosity function for planetary nebulae and the number of planetary nebulae in
local group galaxies.
1981AJ.....86.1627H 77 T                   1 9 383 Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the
Local Group. I. New cluster systems in selected northern ellipticals.
1981ApJ...246..680T 75 T                   6 197 Velocity dispersions of elliptical and S0 galaxies. II. Infall of the
local group to Virgo.
1981Obs...101..111L 71 T                   8 90 The dynamical age of the
local group of galaxies.
1983ApJ...264..114R 69 T                   20 51 Carbon stars in
Local Group galaxies.
1983IAUS..103..443F 69 T                   18 19 Planetary nebulae in local goup galaxies. FORD H.C.
1984AJ.....89..216H 72 T                   1 2 37 Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the
Local Group. III. NGC 4594 (The SOMBRERO).
1984ApJ...278..575M 74 T                   1 3 79 Stellar populations in
Local Group dwarf elliptical galaxies. II. NGC 205.
1984ApJ...287....1D 69 T                   1 605 74 The dependence on distance and redshift of the velocity vectors of the sun, the galaxy, and the
Local Group with respect to different extragalactic frames of reference.
1984PASP...96..913H 69 T                   1 11 26 Endpoints of stellar evolution: X-ray surveys of the
Local Group.
1985AJ.....90.1007D 70 T                   2 9 A new determination of the peculiar Virgocentric velocity of the
local group of galaxies.
1985AJ.....90.1012A 69 T                   12 15 HI clouds in the Sculptor and
local groups.
1985ApJ...291..147H 70 T                   1 3 13 Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the
Local Group. IV. The elliptical galaxies NGC 524 and 1052.
1985MNRAS.212..163M 69 T                   1 16 22 Predictions of distance within the
Local Group.
1985Obs...105..167S 69 T                   1 2 1
Local group motion and the Virgo cluster.
1986A&A...156..207A 70 T                   30 33 A corrected velocity for the local standard of rest by fitting to the mean redshift of l
ocal group galaxies.
1986ApJ...301....7G 33 26 The distance moduli from the B-band Tully-Fisher relation and the velocity field. GIRAUD E.
1986ApJ...304..599H 74 T                   1 2 35 Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the Local Group. VII. The SO galaxy NGC 3115. HANES D.A. and HARRIS W.E.
1986ApJ...307....1S 71 T                   1 30 233 The redshift-distance relation. IX. Perturbation of the very nearby velocity field by the mass of the
Local Group.
1987AJ.....93.1368H 70 T                   1 8 16 Globular clusters in galaxies beyond the
Local Group. IX. More on theFornax ellipticals.
1987ApJ...317..557S 70 T                   1 18 20 The redshift-distance relation. IXa. Reinterpretation of the
Local Group deceleration data emphasizing the Kahn-Woltjer mass determination.
1987ARA&A..25..425T 4 37 594 Existence and nature of dark matter in the universe. TRIMBLE V.
1987Mercu..16....3H 70 T                   1 11 0 The
Local Group : our galactic neighborhood.
1988A&A...189...34A 70 T                   1 14 49 The number of Wolf-Rayet stars in
Local Group galaxies.
1989AJ.....98.1274L 71 T                   1 13 85 The mass distribution and the law of gravity in the
Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613.
1989ApJS...69..763F viz 712 594 Spectroscopy and photometry of elliptical galaxies. VI. Sample selection and data summary. FABER S.M., WEGNER G., BURSTEIN D., et al.
1989MNRAS.241..325L 15 2 126 Cosmological deductions from the alignment of local gravity and motion. LYNDEN-BELL D., LAHAV O. and BURSTEIN D.
1990ApJ...353L...3M 71 T                   5 35 The X-ray flux dipole of active galactic nuclei and the peculiar motion of the
local group.
1990ApJ...355...94T 70 T                   1 13 33 Submillimeter continuum emission from galaxies : star formation and the interstellar medium in the
Local Group dwarf IC 10.
1990ApJ...357..408P 3 7 Peculiar velocity of the local group from nearby redshifts surveys. PELLEGRINI P.S. and DA COSTA L.N.
1990MNRAS.244..493G 4 4 Large-scale attractors: the direct effect on the X-ray background. GOICOECHEA L.J. and MARTIN-MIRONES J.M.
1990BAAS...22.1331P 3 ~ Absolute calibration of the luminosity-line-width relations and the implications for Ho. PIERCE M.
1991A&A...246..349B 73 T                   7 103 Internal stellar kinematics of three dwarf ellipticals in the Local Group. BENDER R., PAQUET A. and NIETO J.-L.
1991A&A...247...20Z 70 T                   12 19 Maffei 1 as an interloper of the Local Group of galaxies and the mass of the Local Group. ZHENG J.-Q., VALTONEN M.J. and BYRD G.G.
1991AJ....101.1258S 1 11 83 The optical counterpart to the large H I cloud in Virgo. SALZER J.J., DI SEREGO ALIGHIERI S., MATTEUCCI F., et al.
1991AJ....102..927A 71 T                   12 51 Wolf-Rayet stars in
local group galaxies: numbers and spectral properties.
1991ApJ...372..455F 1 49 267 New Cepheid distances to nearby galaxies based on BVRI CCD photometry. II. The Local Group galaxy M 33. FREEDMAN W.L., WILSON C.D. and MADORE B.F.
1991ApJ...381L..13C 71 T                   7 40 The HI content of the Local Group dwarf (spheroidal or irregular ?) galaxy Phoenix. CARIGNAN C., DEMERS S. and COTE S.
1991PASP..103..850G 15 14 H II regions with He II emissionn. GARNETT D.R., KENNICUTT R.C.Jr, CHU Y.-H., et al.
1991PASP..103.1012S 1 2 8 On the derivation of selection functions from redshift survey data. STRAUSS M.A., YAHIL A. and DAVIS M.
1991ARA&A..29..543H 72 T                   1 77 660 Globular cluster systems in galaxies beyond the
Local Group.
1991Afz....34..213N 70 T                   1 2 2 Dynamical models of the
Local group.
1991AGAb....6..106S 4 0 UGC 5272 : a pair of nearby dwarf galaxies? SCHULTE-LADBECK R.E. and HOPP U.
1991AGAb....6..114D 2 0 The Hubble constant free from local velocity effects. DUEMMLER R.
1991BAAS...23.1445M 70 T                   2 0 The Tucana dwarf elliptical galaxy : a new member of the Local Group. MIGHELL K.J.
1991MmSAI..62..653R 2 0 Will the universe expand for ever ? REES M.
1991NewSc1792...23C 70 T                   2 0 Galaxy becomes new member of our Local Group. CROSWELL K.
1992A&A...264...75V 71 T                   31 38 The luminosity function of the Local Group. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1992AJ....103...81L 72 T                   8 34 A new member of the Local Group: the Tucana dwarf galaxy. LAVERY R.J. and MIGHELL K.J.
1992AJ....104.1072S 71 T                   37 63 RR Lyrae stars in Local Group galaxies. IV. IC 1613. SAHA A., FREEDMAN W.L., HOESSEL J.G., et al.
1992ApJ...385..421S 3 10 141 A redshift survey of IRAS galaxies. IV. The galaxy distribution and the inferred density field. STRAUSS M.A., DAVIS M., YAHIL A., et al.
1992ApJ...388..354R 74 T                   2 24 Constraints on baryonic dark matter in the galactic halo and Local Group. RICHSTONE D., GOULD A., GUHATHAKURTA P., et al.
1992ApJ...389..188F 10 1 42 The density evolution of IRAS galaxies. FISHER K.B., STRAUSS M.A., DAVIS M., et al.
1992ApJ...400...80H 10 3 128 Bar-spheroid interaction in galaxies. HERNQUIST L. and WEINBERG M.D.
1992MNRAS.255p..29V 71 T                   29 ~ Galaxy evolution and the Local Group. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1992MNRAS.257..715D 3 2 24 Large-scale periodicity and Gaussian fluctuations. DEKEL A., BLUMENTHAL G.R., PRIMACK J.R., et al.
1992MNRAS.258..581P 4 1 19 Errors on the measurement of omega via cosmological dipoles. PEACOCK J.A.
1992MNRAS.259..421C 19 2 155 Remnants of the quasars. CHOKSHI A. and TURNER E.L.
1992ARA&A..30...51B 5 8 179 Warps. BINNEY J.
1992AN....313..329S 12 15 Nearby galaxies. II. Luminosity function and spatial distribution. SCHMIDT K.-H. and BOLLER T.
1992Ast....20k..45C 6 0 The grand illusion. CROSWELL K.
1992Sci...255..404C 6 0 Variable stars pulse in a new light. CROSWELL K.
1992S&T....84..613L 71 T                   33 2 Cosmology of the Local Group. LAKE G.
1992S&W....31..438H 71 T                   2 0 Eine neue Zwerggalaxie der
Localen Gruppe.
1993A&A...269L...9G 71 T                   7 4 The motion of the Local group with respect to the microwave background frame : local anomaly and effect of clusters at distances >40h-1 Mpc. GOICOECHEA L.J.
1993A&A...270...83C 71 T                   15 5 Globular clusters in the Local Group of galaxies: a statistical approach. COVINO S. and PASINETTI FRACASSINI L.E.
1993A&A...275..433B 35 50 Statistical properties of stellar populations and surface-brightness fluctuations in galaxies. BUZZONI A.
1993A&A...276....1J 71 T                   64 76 The Local group motion towards Virgo and the microwave background. JERJEN H. and TAMMANN G.A.
1993ApJ...408..389S 8 1 34 The cosmic mach number : direct comparisons of observations and models. STRAUSS M.A., CEN R. and OSTRIKER J.P.
1993ApJ...415...10D 18 47 The extragalactic distance scale. VIII. A comparison of distance scales. DE VAUCOULEURS G.
1993ApJ...415..445H 2 1 9 Large-scale peculiar velociy field due to infinitely long cosmic strings. HARA T., MAHONEN P. and MIYOSHI S.
1993ApJ...419....1K 93 1 375 Dipole anisotropy in the COBE differential microwave radiometers first-year sky maps. KOGUT A., LINEWEAVER C., SMOOT G.F., et al.
1993ApJS...88..383L 579 102 H I 21 centimeter observations and I-band CCD surface photometry of spiral galaxies behind the Virgo cluster and toward its antipode. LU N.Y., HOFFMAN G.L., GROFF T., et al.
1993MNRAS.262..711L 10 35 The Puppis cluster of galaxies behind the Galactic plane and the origin of the 'Local Anomaly'. LAHAV O., YAMADA T., SCHARF C., et al.
1993MNRAS.264..865D 71 T                   12 29 The least action principle and the spin of galaxies in the Local Group. DUNN A.M. and LAFLAMME R.
1993MNRAS.265...72H 76 T                   2 46 Optical galaxies within 8000 km s-1- II. The peculiar velocity of the Local Group. HUDSON M.J.
1993MNRAS.265..755W 1 11 59 Biased globular cluster formation. WEST M.J.
1993AGAb....8...34M 3 0 Dwarf spheroidal galaxies: more than meets the eye. MATEO M.
1993AGAb....8...38G 2 0 The stellar content of NGC 6822: deep UBVRI CCD photometry. GALLART C., APARICIO A. and VILCHEZ J.M.
1993AGAb....9...20O 4 0 The atomic hydrogen towards 30 Doradus. OSTERBERG J., MEBOLD U., STAVELEY-SMITH L., et al.
1993AGAb....9...23K 2 0 HST spectroscopy of O-stars in the Magellanic Clouds. KUDRITZKI R.-P., LENNON D.J., GABLER R., et al.
1993Ap&SS.201..243G 71 T                   38 9 The substructure of the Local Group. GURZADYAN V.G., KOCHARYAN A.A. and PETROSIAN A.R.
1993BAAS...25..783L 71 T                   5 ~ Proper motion of the Magellanic clouds and the dynamics of the Local Group. LIN D.N.C.
1993BAAS...25R.844S 71 T                   2 ~ A new color-magnitude diagram for Carina, a dwarf spheroidal galaxy in the Local Group. STETSON P.B., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1383S 3 ~ The mass-to-light ratios of low surface brightness galaxies. SPRAYBERRY D., BERNSTEIN G.M., IMPEY C.D., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1452B 71 T                   6 ~ Magellanic clouds and LeoI's orbits in Local Group history. BYRD G., VALTONEN M., McCALL M., et al.
1993Natur.362..700E 1 0 Forming galaxies spotted ? ELLIS R.
1993PAZh...19..387S 71 T                   9 ~ Nova rate in the
local group galaxies.
1993PASJ...45..393W 3 5 Effect of quadrupole anisotropy of an external density field on the evolution of clusters of galaxies. WATANABE T.
1994A&A...287..470K 5 3 The evolution of Local Interstellar Medium. KOSAREV I.B., LOSEVA T.V., NEMTCHINOV I.V., et al.
1994AJ....107.1328V 71 T                   49 94 The outer fringes of the Local Group. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1994ApJ...422..659H 4 4 73 Constraints on galactic distributions of gamma-ray burst sources from BATSE observations. HAKKILA J., MEEGAN C.A., PENDLETON G.N., et al.
1994ApJ...425..418L viz 125 332 The motion of the Local Group with respect to the 15,000 kilometer per second Abell cluster inertial frame. LAUER T.R. and POSTMAN M.
1994ApJ...426..473L 47 13 Measuring the Hubble constant and our Virgo-infall velocity independently. LU N.Y., SALPETER E.E. and HOFFMAN G.L.
1994ApJ...428...35K 1 3 12 Do spirals and ellipticals trace the same velocity field ? KOLATT T. and DEKEL A.
1994ApJ...428..617V 72 T                   15 111 The evolutionary history of low-luminosity Local Group dwarf galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1994ApJ...431..264I 12 47 Helium-accreting degenerate dwarfs as presupernovae and scenarios for the ultrasoft X-ray sources. IBEN I.Jr and TUTUKOV A.V.
1994ApJ...434L..11W 1 8 35 First observations of individual molecular clouds in the irregular galaxy NGC 6822. WILSON C.D.
1994ApJ...434L..39M 1 6 25 Large-scale streaming motions in the Local Universe. MATHEWSON D.S. and FORD V.L.
1994ApJ...435L..31F 1 6 26 First Hubble Space Telescope observations of the brightest stars in the Virgo galaxy M 100 = NGC 4321. FREEDMAN W.L., MADORE B.F., STETSON P.B., et al.
1994MNRAS.267..821R 62 18 The RR Lyrae population of the LMC - I. The immediate environment of NGC 2210. REID N. and FREEDMAN W.
1994MNRAS.268L..11Y 35 132 A new extragalactic distance indicator based on the surface brightness profiles of dwarf elliptical galaxies. YOUNG C.K. and CURRIE M.J.
1994MNRAS.268..943F 3 1 12 Testing the peculiar velocity field predicted from redshift surveys. FREUDLING W., DA COSTA L.N. and PELLEGRINI P.S.
1994MNRAS.269..957H 6 2 55 A dynamical study of the Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy. HARGREAVES J.C., GILMORE G., IRWIN M.J., et al.
1994MNRAS.270L..43K 10 34 H I observations of the new Sagittarius dwarf. KORIBALSKI B., JOHNSTON S. and OTRUPCEK R.
1994MNRAS.271..530R 39 43 The accuracy of the brightest stars in galaxies as distance indicators. ROZANSKI R. and ROWAN-ROBINSON M.
1994MNRAS.271..693H 62 50 A dynamical study of the Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. HARGREAVES J.C., GILMORE G., IRWIN M.J., et al.
1994MNRAS.271..753S 7 2 61 QSO clustering - I. Optical surveys in the redshift range 0.3 < z < 2.2. SHANKS T. and BOYLE B.J.
1994PASP..106..765H 85 23 The H II regions of Sextans A. HODGE P., KENNICUTT R.C. and STROBEL N.
1994AGAb...10...13B 3 0 Observations of the dwarf starburst galaxy UGCA 86 BRAUN M., RICHTER G.M. and ASSENDORP R.
1994Ap&SS.212..423T 3 0 The Edison Infrared Space Observatory and the study of extra-solar planetary material. THRONSON H.A., HAWARDEN T.G., BALLY J., et al.
1994BAAS...26..881H 71 T                   2 ~ Further constraints on galactic coronal models of BATSE gamma-ray bursts: (1) Limits on Local Group member contributions, and (2) Implications for spiral arm plus coronal distributions. HAKKILA J., MEEGAN C.A., HORACK J.M., et al.
1994BAAS...26..918M 71 T                   8 ~ Stellar content of giant H II regions in the Local Group. MOFFAT A.F.J.
1994BAAS...26.1395M 2 ~ Deep HST photometry of the Leo I dwarf spheroidal galaxy. MATEO M., et al.
1994BAAS...26.1433M 71 T                   3 ~ HST/WFPC-2 observations of the ionizing star cluster of the giant HII region NGC 595 in the Local Group galaxy M33. MALUMUTH E.M., WALLER W. and PARKER J.W.
1994JBAA..104..166O 2 0 Tying down the Hubble constant. O'BRIEN R.
1994KFNT...10a...9H 2 1 The large scale peculiar velocities and the primordial power spectrum of fluctuations. HNATYK B.I.
1994Natur.368..806E 2 0 A sudden squall in the cosmos. EVRARD A.E. and KAISER N.
1994BSAO...37...90G 2 0 Great Attractor - A new test for cosmological models. GNATYK B.I., LUKASH V.N. and NOVOSJADLY B.S.
1995A&A...293L..33H 15 31 Two new possible members of the IC342-Maffei1/2 group of galaxies. HUCHTMEIER W.K., LERCHER G., SEEBERGER R., et al.
1995A&A...300....1H 3 8 Great Attractor-like fluctuations: observational manifestations and theoretical constraints. HNATYK B.I., LUKASH V.N. and NOVOSYADLYJ B.S.
1995AJ....109.1937C 1 5 26 The Abell cluster inertial frame. COLLESS M.
1995AJ....109.2470M 31 80 The massive star content, reddening, and distance of the nearby irregular galaxy IC 10. MASSEY P. and ARMANDROFF T.E.
1995AJ....110.1129L 71 T                   29 35 Stellar populations of the dwarf galaxy LGS 3 in the Local Group. LEE M.G.
1995AJ....110.1664F 71 T                   69 84 The young globular clusters of the Milky Way and the
Local Group galaxies: playing with great circles.
1995ApJ...439..652L 3 13 154 The motion of the Magellanic Clouds, origin of the Magellanic Stream, and the mass of the Milky Way. LIN D.N.C., JONES B.F. and KLEMOLA A.R.
1995ApJ...442...82C 15 10 A technique for determining the extragalactic distance scale. CHIBA M. and YOSHI Y.
1995ApJ...443L...1D 7 1 22 The least-action method, cold dark matter, and omega. DUNN A.M. and LAFLAMME R.
1995ApJ...444..507S 15 1 47 Can standard cosmological models explain the observed Abell cluster bulk flow? STRAUSS M.A., CEN R., OSTRIKER J.P., et al.
1995ApJ...445L..91R 73 T                   14 98 Determining the motion of the Local group using type Ia supernovae light curve shapes. RIESS A.G., PRESS W.H. and KIRSHNER R.P.
1995ApJ...446L..75M 20 42 The optical counterpart to the extremely luminous X-ray source near Holmberg IX: a possible supershell in a tidal tail. MILLER B.W.
1995ApJ...446..457S 2 14 88 The optical redshift survey: sample selection and the galaxy distribution. SANTIAGO B.X., STRAUSS M.A., LAHAV O., et al.
1995ApJ...446..616V 1 14 59 GR 8: CO-TO-H2 conversion factor at extremely low metallicity. VERTER F. and HODGE P.
1995ApJ...448L..97W 74 T                   29 303 The metallicity dependence of the CO-to-H2 conversion factor from observations of
Local Group galaxies.
1995ApJ...451..176H 71 T                   168 62 H II regions in four galaxies in and near the Local Group. HODGE P. and MILLER B.W.
1995MNRAS.272..859L 1 1 Velocity fields in non-Gaussian cold dark matter models. LUCCHIN F., MATARRESE S., MESSINA A., et al.
1995PASP..107..561E 71 T                   11 6 IC 1613 X-1: a galaxy cluster at z about 0.2 behind a Local Group dwarf galaxy. ESKRIDGE P.B.
1995AGAb...11....9G 5 0 Sculptor, Fornax, and the origin of dwarf spheroidal galaxies. GREBEL E.K. and ROBERTS W.J.
1995ComAp..18...81F 1 2 11 Global or local anisotropy in galaxy orientation? FLIN P.
1996A&A...305...33K 72 T                   75 43 The Local Group in comparison with other nearby groups of galaxies. KARACHENTSEV I.
1996A&A...308..723I 72 T                   50 27 Dust and molecules in the Local Group galaxy NGC 6822. I. Dust, star formation and the origin of infrared emission. ISRAEL F.P., BONTEKOE T.R. and KESTER D.J.M.
1996A&A...310..353G viz 95 33 Redshift periodicity in the Local Supercluster. GUTHRIE B.N.G. and NAPIER W.M.
1996AJ....112..972D 1 22 72 Globular cluster systems in dwarf elliptical galaxies. II. The Virgo cluster. DURRELL P.R., HARRIS W.E., GEISLER D., et al.
1996AJ....112.1928G 73 T                   28 144 The Local Group dwarf galaxy NGC 6822. I. The stellar content. GALLART C., APARICIO A. and VILCHEZ J.M.
1996AJ....112.1950G 94 T                   2 133 The Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822. II. The old and intermediate age star formation history. GALLART C., APARICIO A., BERTELLI G., et al.
1996ApJ...461L..33S 81 T                   1 27 The X-ray halo of the
local group and its implications for microwave and soft X-ray backgrounds.
1996ApJ...461..176C 39 14 Washington photometry of low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Fornax cluster: constraints on their stellar populations. CELLONE S.A. and FORTE J.C.
1996ApJ...462..576D 4 10 123 Using tidal tails to probe dark matter halos. DUBINSKI J., MIHOS J.C. and HERNQUIST L.
1996ApJ...463...60B 51 70 A new I-band Tully-Fisher relation for the Fornax Cluster: implication for the Fornax distance and Local Supercluster velocity field. BUREAU M., MOULD J.R. and STAVELEY-SMITH L.
1996ApJ...464L..99G 1 7 30 A test of the Lauer-Postman bulk flow. GIOVANELLI R., HAYNES M.P., WEGNER G., et al.
1996ApJ...467L...1L 12 32 Distant ring galaxies as evidence for a steeply increasing galaxy interaction rate with redshift. LAVERY R.J., SEITZER P., SUNTZEFF N.B., et al.
1996ApJ...469L..93K 1 16 67 Tidal disruption and tails from the Carina dwarf spheroidal galaxy. KUHN J.R., SMITH H.A. and HAWLEY S.L.
1996ApJ...469L..97A 74 T                   7 42 Model color-magnitude diagrams for Hubble Space Telescope observations of Local Group dwarf galaxies. APARICIO A., GALLART C., CHIOSI C., et al.
1996ApJ...470L..77P 72 T                   15 15 Could a Local Group X-ray halo affect the X-ray and microwave backgrounds? PILDIS R.A. and McGAUGH S.S.
1996ApJ...471L...5C viz 156 166 Redshift clustering in the Hubble Deep Field. COHEN J.G., COWIE L.L., HOGG D.W., et al.
1996ApJ...473...42P 18 7 The primeval mass fluctuation spectrum and the distribution of the nearby galaxies. PEEBLES P.J.E.
1996MNRAS.283L..21B 73 T                   2 11 COBE constraints on a Local Group X-ray halo. BANDAY A.J. and GORSKI K.M.
1996ARA&A..34..419P 83 T                   9 318 Gravitational microlensing in the Local Group. PACZYNSKI B.
1996AN....317..175T 72 T                   2 4 The irregular galaxy Cassiopeia 1 - a new member of the Local group. TIKHONOV N.
1996AN....317..197S 73 2 Nearby galaxies. IV. The global Hubble parameter and the dispersion of the Hubble relation. SCHMIDT K.-H. and KARACHENTSEV I.D.
1996NewA....1..245W         O           9 13 Under the shadow of the Magellanic Bridge: a measurement of the extragalactic background at ∼ 0.7 keV. WANG Q.D. and YE T.S.
1997A&A...317...65I 74 T                   5 30 Dust and molecules in the Local Group galaxy NGC 6822. II. CO and molecular hydrogen. ISRAEL F.P.
1997A&A...322...86Z 72 T                   3 4 The orientation of warps in the Local Group. ZURITA A. and BATTANER E.
1997AJ....114..147M 40 60 Stellar populations of the dwarf irregular galaxy WLM. MINNITI D. and ZIJLSTRA A.A.
1997AJ....114..680A 3 6 71 The stellar content and the star formation history of the local group dwarf galaxy LGS 3. APARICIO A., GALLART C. and BERTELLI G.
1997AJ....114..996W 72 T                   15 30 A new galaxy in the Local Group: the Antlia dwarf galaxy. WHITING A.B., IRWIN M.J. and HAU G.K.T.
1997AJ....114.1313C 223 139 Discovery of numerous dwarf galaxies in the two nearest groups of galaxies. COTE S., FREEMAN K.C., CARIGNAN C., et al.
1997AJ....114.1447A 72 T                   19 43 The nature of the Antlia galaxy: a new dwarf irregular in the outskirts of the Local Group. APARICIO A., DALCANTON J.J., GALLART C., et al.
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