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1985A&AS...60..183L viz 517 67 A study of visual double stars with early type primaries. IV. Astrophysical data. LINDROOS K.P.
1999A&A...350L..51A 7 4 88 HST/NICMOS2 observations of the HD 141569A circumstellar disk. AUGEREAU J.-C., LAGRANGE A.-M., MOUILLET D., et al.
1999ApJ...525L..53W 5 9 159 The circumstellar disk of HD 141569 imaged with NICMOS. WEINBERGER A.J., BECKLIN E.E., SCHNEIDER G., et al.
2000ApJ...544..937W 1 19 73 Stellar companions and the age of HD 141569 and its circumstellar disk. WEINBERGER A.J., RICH R.M., BECKLIN E.E., et al.
2002AAS...201.2501C 3 0 ACS coronagraphic observations of the HD141569 circumstellar disk. CLAMPIN M., KRIST J.E., GOLIMOWSKI D.A., et al.
2003AJ....126..385C 6 6 119 Hubble Space Telescope ACS coronagraphic imaging of the circumstellar disk around HD 141569A. CLAMPIN M., KRIST J.E., ARDILA D.R., et al.
2003ApJ...585..494B 1 5 25 Ground-based near-infrared imaging of the HD 141569 circumstellar disk. BOCCALETTI A., AUGEREAU J.-C., MARCHIS F., et al.
2003ApJ...594..987L 2 6 39 Modeling the infrared emission from the HD 141569A disk. LI A. and LUNINE J.I.
2003S&T...105d..36J 13 0 Planets in production : making new worlds. JAYAWARDHANA R.
2003NewA....8..401D         O           5 4 On the nature of the proposed blob in the inner preplanetary disk of the Herbig Ae/Be star HD141569: evidence for a giant vortex? DE LA FUENTE MARCOS C. and DE LA FUENTE MARCOS R.
2004A&A...414.1153A 2         O           7 45 Structuring the HD 141569A circumstellar dust disk. Impact of eccentric bound stellar companions. AUGEREAU J.-C. and PAPALOIZOU J.C.B.
2004A&A...419..301M 3         O           6 58 Study of the properties and spectral energy distributions of the Herbig AeBe stars HD 34282 and HD 141569. MERIN B., MONTESINOS B., EIROA C., et al.
2005A&A...440..921M 6 10 FUSE observations of molecular hydrogen on the line of sight towards HD 141569A. MARTIN-ZAIEDI C., DELEUIL M., SIMON T., et al.
2005AJ....129.2481Q 2 7 35 Driving spiral arms in the circumstellar disks of HD 100546 and HD 141569A. QUILLEN A.C., VARNIERE P., MINCHEV I., et al.
2005ApJ...627..986A 6 2 26 A dynamical simulation of the debris disk around HD 141569A. ARDILA D.R., LUBOW S.H., GOLIMOWSKI D.A., et al.
2005ApJ...629..865G 6 8 Search for H+3in HD 141569A. GOTO M., GEBALLE T.R., McCALL B.J., et al.
2006A&A...457..223S 42 65 On the origin of the X-ray emission from Herbig Ae/Be stars. STELZER B., MICELA G., HAMAGUCHI K., et al.
2006ApJ...640.1078Q 1 6 17 The warped circumstellar disk of HD 100546. QUILLEN A.C.
2007ApJ...665.1391G 75           X         2 32 41 The disk and environment of a young Vega analog: HD 169142. GRADY C.A., SCHNEIDER G., HAMAGUCHI K., et al.
2007A&A...476..829H 39           X         1 6 13 Effects of photophoresis on the evolution of transitional circumstellar disks. HERRMANN F. and KRIVOV A.V.
2008A&A...480..735F viz 76           X         2 290 59 On the kinematic evolution of young local associations and the Scorpius-Centaurus complex. FERNANDEZ D., FIGUERAS F. and TORRA J.
2008MNRAS.389..925T viz 15       D               1 1506 69 Comparative statistics and origin of triple and quadruple stars. TOKOVININ A.
2009A&A...493..661R 268           X         7 5 13 Investigating the flyby scenario for the HD 141569 system. RECHE R., BEUST H. and AUGEREAU J.-C.
2012ApJS..201...11K viz 156           X   F     3 101 20 Mid-infrared spectral variability atlas of young stellar objects. KOSPAL A., ABRAHAM P., ACOSTA-PULIDO J.A., et al.
2012ApJ...756...27L viz 16       D               1 4349 32 Classification of X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalog. LIN D., WEBB N.A. and BARRET D.
2015MNRAS.450.4446B 85           X         2 4 22 The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: asymmetries in the HD 141569 disc. BILLER B.A., LIU M.C., RICE K., et al.
2016ApJ...818L..23K 44           X         1 5 18 Discovery of an inner disk component around HD 141569 A. KONISHI M., GRADY C.A., SCHNEIDER G., et al.
2018MNRAS.474.4500W 1463     A D     X C       35 14 4 ALMA and VLA observations of the HD 141569 system. WHITE J.A., BOLEY A.C., MacGREGOR M.A., et al.

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