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1962MNRAS.124..147D 6 21 A survey of the anticentre region of the Galaxy at 237 Mc/S. DAVIES R.D. and HAZARD C.
1965RA......7..177M 67 T                   1 13 3 Structural detail in a region near the
1967AJ.....72.1199M 67 T                   1 3530 22 The stellar distribution in the
galactic anticenter.
1968BAN....20...33H 16 79 High-velocity hydrogen complexes at high galactic latitudes. HULSBOSCH A.N.M.
1970AJ.....75...69C 67 T                   1 38 13 An 11-cm survey of H II regions located in the direction of the
Galactic Anticenter.
1971AJ.....76.1099R 67 T                   1 64 13 A finding list of faint blue stars in the Anticenter region of the galaxy. RUBIN V.C. and LOSEE J.M.
1971PROE....7...73N 67 T                   1 3 2 Spectrophotometry of cool stars in the near infrared. II. Results for a region in the direction of the galactic anticentre. NANDY K. and SMRIGLIO F.
1973A&A....22..195H 69 T                   1 2 16 Three-colour photometry in a field in the direction of the
Galactic anticentre near M 35.
1973A&AS...12..209G 27 72 High resolution studies of high velocity clouds of neutral hydrogen. GIOVANELLI R., VERSCHUUR G.L. and CRAM T.R.
1977AJ.....82..516C 68 T                   8 4 Proper motions of faint blue stars near the
galactic anticenter. III.
1977ApJ...213..252T 71 T                   7 126 Final SAS-2 gamma-ray results on sources in the
galactic anticenter region.
1977ApJ...217..127C 68 T                   16 5 The radial velocities of early-type stars within six degrees of the
galactic anticenter direction.
1978A&A....70..589P 68 T                   2 5 A new planetary nebula of very low surface brightness near the
galactic anticenter.
1978AJ.....83..162C 68 T                   97 21 UBV photometry of faint blue stars near the
galactic anticenter.
1979A&AS...38..197M 68 T                   119 156 The rotation and structure of the galaxy beyond the solar circle. I. Photometry and spectroscopy of 276 stars in 45 HII regions and other young stellar groups toward the
galactic anticentre.
1979Natur.282..692S 68 T                   20 11 X-ray emission from gam-ray sources in the
galactic anticentre region.
1981AJ.....86..340G 69 T                   21 7 Redshifts of galaxies in the
galactic anticenter: a nearby group in Orion ?
1981RMxAA...6...83F 69 T                   287 40 A deep near infrared objective prism survey for carbon stars toward the Galactic Center and Anticenter. FUENMAYOR F.J.
1982A&A...108..148M 27 72 Comparisons of the HR diagrams of the youngest clusters n the Galaxy, the LMC and SMC - Evidence for a large MS widening. MEYLAN G. and MAEDER A.
1982AJ.....87..314K 69 T                   76 53 An RR Lyrae survey with the lick astrograph. V. A survey of three fields at intermediate latitudes towards the Galactic Anticenter. KINMAN T.D., MAHAFFEY C.T. and WIRTANEN C.A.
1982AJ.....87..353B 69 T                   27 34 Metal abundances of RR Lyrae variables in selected galactic star fields. III. The Lick astrographic fields near the Galactic Anticenter. BUTLER D., KEMPER E., KRAFT R.P., et al.
1982ApJ...263..677G 69 T                   10 44 Gamma-ray emission from the
galactic anticenter at MeV energies.
1983A&AS...52..125V 69 T                   56 10 Linear polarization observations in selected celestial zones - The anticentre region. VALLEE J.P.
1985A&A...152..393O 70 T                   1 5 2 Radio measurements in the fields of gamma-ray sources. II.
Anticenter 2CG 218-00, 2CG 135+01, 2CG 121+04 and 2CG 095+04.
1986PASP...98.1329N 70 T                   19 1 Photoelectric V and (B-V) for McCuskey stars near the galactic
1986BAAS...18..911G 70 T                   5 0 Abundances of open clusters in the
1987AnTok..21..423M 70 T                   127 2 A search for cool carbon stars. II. Anticenter region. MAEHARA H. and SOYANO T.
1988AbaOB..65....3C 70 T                   1 4 4 The catalogue of spectral and luminosity classes of 6037 stars in the direction of the galaxy
1988AbaOB..65...18C viz 70 T                   1 2 0 The catalogue of spectral and luminosity classes of 6037 stars in the direction of the galaxy anticenter. CHARGEISHVILI K.B.
1990PASP..102..654P 70 T                   15 2 Photometry of the Rubin Losee blue stars at the
1990Afz....32..173K 70 T                   24 1 A survey of the selected regions in the
galactic anticenter direction.
1993A&AS..102..649C 71 T                   2 5 Proper motion probe of the Galaxy in the
anticentre direction.
1994AJ....108..921P 71 T                   87 6 H I observations of Weinberger galaxies in the
galactic anticenter region.
1994ApJ...433..648T 71 T                   13 5 Filaments of neutral hydrogen toward the Galactic Anticenter. TAMANAHA C.M.
1995ApJ...449..527L viz 72 T                   923 19 Large-scale structures in the zone of avoidance: the Galactic Anticenter region. LU N.Y. and FREUDLING W.
1995BAAS...27.1370L 72 T                   3 ~ Turbulence in the warm ionized medium : angular broadening toward the Galactic center and anticenter. LAZIO T.J.W.
1996A&A...310..123S 72 T                   18 22 The chemical composition towards the
galactic anti-centre. II. Differential abundance analyses and distance determinations.
1996A&AS..116..483S 72 T                   11 12 The chemical composition towards the
Galactic anti-centre. I. Observations and model atmosphere analyses.
1996ApJS..104...81T 72 T                   24 11 Distance constraints to the
anticenter high-velocity clouds.
1996BAAS...28V.834L 72 T                   2 ~ Galactic anticenter CO survey : I. l=178 deg.∼185 deg., and b=3.5 deg. ∼6 deg. LEE Y.
1997ApJS..109..139T 72 T                   13 12 The
anticenter shell and the
anticenter chain.
1997AN....318..253K 72 T                   11 7 Schmidt survey in the Galactic anticentre direction. 1. Investigation of open clusters. KHARCHENKO N., ANDRUK V. and SCHILBACH E.
1998A&A...331..661K 72 T                   7 14 A multifrequency study of G182.4+4.3: a new supernova remnant in the Galactic anti-centre. KOTHES R., FUERST E. and REICH W.
1998A&A...332..681H 72 T                   10 12 The carbon abundance in main-sequence B-type stars towards the Galactic anti-centre. HIBBINS R.E., DUFTON P.L., SMARTT S.J., et al.
1998A&AS..130..359S viz 72 T                   265 2 Faint photometric BVRc CCD sequences. The North galactic Pole (b≃85°) and the Anticenter (l=133.2deg, b=-1.6deg). SPAGNA A., LATTANZI M.G., McLEAN B.J., et al.
1998ApJ...497..238L 72 T                   41 14 The radial extent and warp of the ionized Galactic Disk. II. A likelihood analysis of radio-wave scattering toward the
1998ApJS..115..225L 72 T                   24 12 The radial extent and warp of the ionized galactic disk. I. A VLBA survey of extragalactic sources toward the Anticenter. LAZIO T.J.W. and CORDES J.M.
1998AN....319..173K 72 T                   12 0 Schmidt plate survey in the Galactic Centre and anticentre direction. Luminosity and mass functions of open clusters. KHARCHENKO N., MEUSINGER H., PISKUNOV A., et al.
1999A&AS..138...31U 4 7 88 A 1.4 GHz radio continuum and polarization survey at medium Galactic latitudes. II. First section. UYANIKER B., FUERST E., REICH W., et al.
1999A&AS..138..187L 73 T                   16 7 Galactic anticenter CO survey. I. Area l=178° to 186°, b=3.5deg to 6°. LEE Y., JUNG J.-H., CHUNG H.-S., et al.
2000AAS...197.8217H 2 0 The sizes of the 1720 MHz OH masers in supernova remnant IC 443.. HOFFMAN I.M., CLAUSSEN M.J., GOSS W.M., et al.
2001Ap&SS.276..187G 73 T                   17 1 The local interstellar medium in the direction of the Galactic Anticentre. GENOVA R. and BECKMAN J.E.
2002A&A...386..576E 56 42 The blue to red supergiant ratio in young clusters at various metallicities. EGGENBERGER P., MEYNET G. and MAEDER A.
2002ApJ...572..897K 3 5 52 ASCA observations of the supernova remnant IC 443: thermal structure and detection of overionized plasma. KAWASAKI M., OZAKI M., NAGASE F., et al.
2002ApJ...575L..67D 74 T                   8 15 Absolute proper motions to b ∼ 22.5. V. Detection of Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal debris in the direction of the Galactic Anticenter. DINESCU D.I., MAJEWSKI S.R., GIRARD T.M., et al.
2002ApJ...576..232H 9 4 High-velocity edges and mini-high-velocity clouds. HOFFMAN G.L., SALPETER E.E. and POCCESCHI M.G.
2003A&A...408..961R 19 26 35 cm observations of a sample of large supernova remnants. REICH W., ZHANG X. and FUERST E.
2003ApJ...583..272H 27 26 The sizes of OH (1720 MHz) supernova remnant masers: MERLIN and very long baseline array observations of IC 443. HOFFMAN I.M., GOSS W.M., BROGAN C.L., et al.
2003ApJ...588..824Y viz 403 322 A low-latitude halo stream around the Milky Way. YANNY B., NEWBERG H.J., GREBEL E.K., et al.
2003ApJ...589..261S 1 8 33 Surprisingly little O VI emission arises in the Local Bubble. SHELTON R.L.
2003ApJ...591..380M 9 21 Detection of pulsed X-ray emission from XMM-Newton observations of PSR J0538+2817. McGOWAN K.E., KENNEA J.A., ZANE S., et al.
2003ApJ...593L..31K 1 12 60 The proper motion, age, and initial spin period of PSR J0538+2817 in S147. KRAMER M., LYNE A.G., HOBBS G., et al.
2003ApJ...594L.115R 91 T                   2 105 Tracing the
Galactic Anticenter stellar stream with 2MASS M giants.
2003ApJ...594L.119C 77 T                   9 102 Exploring halo substructure with giant stars: spectroscopy of stars in the
Galactic Anticenter stellar structure.
2003ApJ...599.1082M 8 29 751 A Two Micron All Sky Survey view of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. I. Morphology of the Sagittarius core and tidal arms. MAJEWSKI S.R., SKRUTSKIE M.F., WEINBERG M.D., et al.
2003ApJS..145..355G viz 125 11 Kinematical structure of the local interstellar medium: the galactic anticenter hemisphere. GENOVA R. and BECKMAN J.E.
2003ApJS..146..125S viz 124 156 Distribution and kinematics of O VI in the galactic halo. SAVAGE B.D., SEMBACH K.R., WAKKER B.P., et al.
2004A&A...423..199C viz 74 T                   26 46 Chemical abundances of planetary nebulae towards the
Galactic anticenter.
2004ApJ...602L..21F 75 T                   28 76 Star clusters in the
Galactic anticenter stellar structure and the origin of outer old open clusters.
2004ApJ...603L..77P 1 11 29 The gaseous trail of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. PUTMAN M.E., THOM C., GIBSON B.K., et al.
2004ApJ...605L..25K 22 14 Halo structure shown by RR Lyrae stars in the anticenter direction. KINMAN T.D., SAHA A. and PIER J.R.
2004ApJ...606..514D 22 13 Chemical abundances for a sample of southern OB stars. II. The outer disk. DAFLON S., CUNHA K. and BUTLER K.
2004ApJ...615..727C 11 7 An optical and X-ray examination of two radio supernova remnant candidates in 30 Doradus. CHU Y.-H., GRUENDL R.A., CHEN C.-H.R., et al.
2004ApJ...615..732R 1 51 116 Exploring halo substructure with giant stars: a diffuse star cloud or tidal debris around the Milky way in Triangulum-Andromeda. ROCHA-PINTO H.J., MAJEWSKI S.R., SKRUTSKIE M.F., et al.
2004MNRAS.355L..33M 4 5 45 Why the Canis Major overdensity is not due to the Warp: analysis of its radial profile and velocities. MARTIN N.F., IBATA R.A., CONN B.C., et al.
2004PASA...21..396J 1 27 59 Large scale structure in the local universe - The 2MASS galaxy catalogue. JARRETT T.
2005A&A...436..785T 11 2 44 The CMB temperature power spectrum from an improved analysis of the Archeops data. TRISTRAM M., PATANCHON G., MACIAS-PEREZ J.F., et al.
2005A&A...436..867V 1 3 8 Warp signatures of the Galactic disk as seen in mid infrared from Midcourse Space Experiment. VIG S., GHOSH S.K. and OJHA D.K.
2005A&A...436..895G 20 7 284 Star counts in the Galaxy. Simulating from very deep to very shallow photometric surveys with the TRILEGAL code. GIRARDI L., GROENEWEGEN M.A.T., HATZIMINAOGLOU E., et al.
2005A&A...440..775K viz 699 2 2796 The Leiden/Argentine/Bonn (LAB) Survey of Galactic HI. Final data release of the combined LDS and IAR surveys with improved stray-radiation corrections. KALBERLA P.M.W., BURTON W.B., HARTMANN D., et al.
2005A&A...441..407A 5 2 22 Generalised 3D-reconstruction method of a dipole anisotropy in cosmic-ray distributions. AUBLIN J. and PARIZOT E.
2005A&A...441..513K 2 51 217 The all-sky distribution of 511 keV electron-positron annihilation emission. KNOEDLSEDER J., JEAN P., LONJOU V., et al.
2005A&A...441..533C 283 48 Sulphur abundance in Galactic stars. CAFFAU E., BONIFACIO P., FARAGGIANA R., et al.
2005A&A...442..917C viz 16 17 A photometric study of the old open clusters Berkeley 73, Berkeley 75 and Berkeley 25. CARRARO G., GEISLER D., MOITINHO A., et al.
2005A&A...442..929A 14 27 Disk populations from HIPPARCOS kinematic data. Discontinuities in the local velocity distribution. ALCOBE S. and CUBARSI R.
2005A&A...444...45A 3 2 12 Simple models for the distribution of dark matter. AN J. and EVANS N.W.
2005A&A...444...51D 7 8 126 EGRET excess of diffuse galactic gamma rays as tracer of dark matter. DE BOER W., SANDER C., ZHUKOV V., et al.
2005ApJ...630L..41R 76 T                   4 15 Deuterium abundance in the interstellar gas of the
Galactic Anticenter from the 327 MHz line.
2005ApJ...634..287I 5 17 170 On the accretion origin of a vast extended stellar disk around the Andromeda galaxy. IBATA R., CHAPMAN S., FERGUSON A.M.N., et al.
2005ApJ...635..907H 37 59 X-ray processing of ChaMPlane fields: methods and initial results for selected anti-galactic center fields. HONG J., VAN DEN BERG M., SCHLEGEL E.M., et al.
2005ApJ...635..920G 1 18 44 Chandra multiwavelength plane (ChaMPlane) survey: an introduction. GRINDLAY J.E., HONG J., ZHAO P., et al.
2005MNRAS.359..966D 75 T                   7 7 Berkeley 22, an old and distant open cluster towards the
Galactic anticentre.
2005MNRAS.359.1150P 2 4 17 Simulation of a population of isolated neutron stars evolving through the emission of gravitational waves. PALOMBA C.
2005MNRAS.360..655C viz 13 10 The intermediate-age open clusters Ruprecht 4, Ruprecht 7 and Pismis 15. CARRARO G., GEISLER D., BAUME G., et al.
2005MNRAS.362..475C 2 6 31 The Isaac Newton Telescope Wide Field Camera survey of the Monoceros Ring: accretion origin or Galactic anomaly? CONN B.C., LEWIS G.F., IRWIN M.J., et al.
2005MNRAS.362..649C 13 4 The intermediate-age open clusters Ruprecht 61, Czernik 32, NGC 2225 and 2262. CARRARO G., BAUME G., VAZQUEZ R.A., et al.
2005MNRAS.362..753D 3 32 234 The INT Photometric Hα Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane (IPHAS). DREW J.E., GREIMEL R., IRWIN M.J., et al.
2005MNRAS.362.1259J 7 2 29 Interstellar extinction towards open clusters and Galactic structure. JOSHI Y.C.
2005MNRAS.363.1247P 61 12 Washington photometry of open cluster giants: two moderately metal-poor anticentre clusters. PARISI M.C., CLARIA J.J., PIATTI A.E., et al.
2005PASP..117.1173K 1 19 44 Galactic cepheids. I. Elemental abundances and their implementation for stellar and galactic evolution. KOVTYUKH V.V., WALLERSTEIN G. and ANDRIEVSKY S.M.
2005ChJAA...5..356H 19 5 Discovery of 13 new variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC 2168 (M35). HU J.-H., IP W.-H., ZHANG X.-B., et al.
2005ARep...49..405B viz 5 2 20 Compiled catalogue of spectroscopic abundances of different chemical element in stars with accurate parallaxes. I. Magnesium. BORKOVA T.V. and MARSAKOV V.A.
2006A&A...445..545P 125 122 Revisiting the population of Galactic open clusters. PISKUNOV A.E., KHARCHENKO N.V., ROESER S., et al.
2006A&A...451.1053F viz 81 50 Fundamental parameters of Be stars located in the seismology fields of COROT. FREMAT Y., NEINER C., HUBERT A.-M., et al.
2006A&A...452..163D 1 6 14 The fractal dimensions of the spatial distribution of young open clusters in the solar neighbourhood. DE LA FUENTE MARCOS R. and DE LA FUENTE MARCOS C.
2006ApJ...645L.141B 1 11 34 Polarization observations of the anomalous microwave emission in the Perseus molecular complex with the COSMOSOMAS experiment. BATTISTELLI E.S., REBOLO R., RUBINO-MARTIN J.A., et al.
2006ApJS..163..160R 75 8 Three years of ChaMPlane northern field WIYN spectroscopy. ROGEL A.B., LUGGER P.M., COHN H.N., et al.
2006MNRAS.367...79C 16 6 198 On the large-angle anomalies of the microwave sky. COPI C.J., HUTERER D., SCHWARZ D.J., et al.
2006MNRAS.367..290J 3 4 27 The design and performance of the Gaia photometric system. JORDI C., HOG E., BROWN A.G.A., et al.
2006MNRAS.368.1078C 25 9 Photometry of seven overlooked open clusters in the first and fourth Galactic quadrants. CARRARO G., JANES K.A., COSTA E., et al.
2006MNRAS.369.1411C 11 8 Methods for analysing structure in molecular clouds. CARTWRIGHT A., WHITWORTH A.P. and NUTTER D.
2006MNRAS.370..151S 25 5 CaII K interstellar observations towards early-type disc and halo stars, abundances and distances of intermediate- and high-velocity clouds. SMOKER J.V., LYNN B.B., CHRISTIAN D.J., et al.
2006MNRAS.370.1125D 6 8 97 A determination of the spectra of Galactic components observed by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. DAVIES R.D., DICKINSON C., BANDAY A.J., et al.
2006PASP..118..107P 6 10 Deep astrometric standards and galactic structure. PLATAIS I., WYSE R.F.G. and ZACHARIAS N.
2006AcA....56...51K 22 4 Eclipsing binaries in the open cluster NGC 2243. I. Photometry. KALUZNY J., KRZEMINSKI W., THOMPSON I.B., et al.
2006RMxAC..26..183P 75 T                   3 ~ The overall properties of open clusters located towards the
Galactic Anticenter direction: Washington photometry of NGC 1817 and NGC 2251.
2006ApJ...652.1230R viz 75 T                   15 10 Anomalous H2CO absorption toward the
Galactic anticenter: a blind search for dense molecular clouds.
2006ApJ...653.1210S 5 5 54 First results from the Arecibo galactic H I survey: the Disk/Halo interface region in the outer galaxy. STANIMIROVIC S., PUTMAN M., HEILES C., et al.
2007ApJ...654..487N 1 9 35 The origin and motion of PSR J0538+2817 in S147. NG C.-Y., ROMANI R.W., BRISKEN W.F., et al.
2007A&A...462..965M 3 3 The surface brightness of the Galaxy at the solar neighbourhood. MELCHIOR A.-L., COMBES F. and GOULD A.
2007AJ....133.1012V 19 8 OMC-1: a cool arching filament in a hot gaseous cavity: geometry, kinematics, magnetic vectors, and pressure balance. VALLEE J.P. and FIEGE J.D.
2007MNRAS.375.1381K viz 76             C       1 131 37 Kinematic structure in the Galactic halo at the North Galactic Pole: RR Lyrae and blue horizontal branch stars show different kinematics. KINMAN T.D., CACCIARI C., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
2007AJ....133.1519A 9 4 Comparing extinction models with a sample of elliptical galaxies, star clusters, and the extinction at the Galactic Center. AMORES E.B. and LEPINE J.R.D.
2007AJ....133.1625R 6 7 Observations of the 327 MHz deuterium hyperfine transition. ROGERS A.E.E., DUDEVOIR K.A. and BANIA T.M.
2007AJ....133.1658S viz 1 73 192 The ACS survey of Galactic globular clusters. I. Overview and clusters without previous Hubble Space Telescope photometry. SARAJEDINI A., BEDIN L.R., CHABOYER B., et al.
2007AJ....133.2274B 12 22 A Canis Major overdensity imaging survey. I. Stellar content and star-count maps: a distinctly elongated body of main-sequence stars. BUTLER D.J., MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., RIX H.-W., et al.
2007A&A...467.1313M 191           X C       4 4 23 Archeops in-flight performance, data processing, and map making. MACIAS-PEREZ J.F., LAGACHE G., MAFFEI B., et al.
2007A&A...467.1397D viz 38           X         1 869 11 Pre-main sequence stars in open clusters. I. The DAY-I catalogue. DELGADO A.J., ALFARO E.J. and YUN J.L.
2007ApJ...662..224K viz 75 63 A systematic X-ray search for clusters of galaxies behind the Milky Way. II. The second CIZA subsample. KOCEVSKI D.D., EBELING H., MULLIS C.R., et al.
2007AJ....134..367M 1 6 16 The local stellar velocity field via vector spherical harmonics. MAKAROV V.V. and MURPHY D.W.
2007ApJ...663..824R 8 7 A comparison between anomalous 6 cm H2 CO absorption and CO(1-0) emission in the L1204/S140 region. RODRIGUEZ M.I., WIKLIND T., ALLEN R.J., et al.
2007MNRAS.378..768J 193           X C F     3 4 38 Displacement of the Sun from the Galactic plane. JOSHI Y.C.
2007MNRAS.378L..24B 38           X         1 29 18 L and T dwarfs in the Hyades and Ursa Major moving groups. BANNISTER N.P. and JAMESON R.F.
2007MNRAS.378.1447F 326 T   A     X C       7 18 33 A large-scale extinction map of the
Galactic Anticentre from 2MASS.
2007MNRAS.379..159C 114           X         3 42 7 NGC 2236: a moderately metal-poor open cluster of Hyades-like age located beyond the Perseus spiral arm. CLARIA J.J., PIATTI A.E., PARISI M.C., et al.
2007ApJ...664.1190S 10 9 195 Improving stellar and planetary parameters of transiting planet systems: the case of TrES-2. SOZZETTI A., TORRES G., CHARBONNEAU D., et al.
2007A&A...471L..21S 39           X         1 6 13 WSRT Faraday tomography of the Galactic ISM at λ∼0.86 m. First results for a field at (l,b) = (181°,20°). SCHNITZELER D.H.F.M., KATGERT P. and DE BRUYN A.G.
2007AJ....134.1298C viz 38           X         1 218 52 The infrared Ca II triplet as metallicity indicator. CARRERA R., GALLART C., PANCINO E., et al.
2007AJ....134.1368C viz 76           X         2 883 49 Mass segregation in very young open clusters: a case study of NGC 2244 and NGC 6530. CHEN L., DE GRIJS R. and ZHAO J.L.
2007AJ....134.1579K viz 38           X         1 155 47 Halo star streams in the solar neighborhood. KEPLEY A.A., MORRISON H.L., HELMI A., et al.
2007ApJ...668..221N 2 15 69 The overdensity in Virgo, Sagittarius debris, and the asymmetric spheroid. NEWBERG H.J., YANNY B., COLE N., et al.
2007APh....28..303B 7 4 63 Search for the light dark matter with an X-ray spectrometer. BOYARSKY A., DEN HERDER J.-W., NERONOV A., et al.
2007A&A...474..891U viz 12 2 51 The RMS survey. 13CO observations of candidate massive YSOs in the southern Galactic plane. URQUHART J.S., BUSFIELD A.L., HOARE M.G., et al.
2007MNRAS.382..594H 152             C F     2 13 25 COSMOSOMAS observations of the cosmic microwave background and Galactic foregrounds at 11 GHz: evidence for anomalous microwave emission at high Galactic latitude. HILDEBRANDT S.R., REBOLO R., RUBINO-MARTIN J.A., et al.
2007A&A...476..217C viz 76           X         2 46 75 Old open clusters in the outer Galactic disk. CARRARO G., GEISLER D., VILLANOVA S., et al.
2007A&A...476..927G 189           X C       4 134 20 A photometric study of Be stars located in the seismology fields of COROT. GUTIERREZ-SOTO J., FABREGAT J., SUSO J., et al.
2007ApJ...671..447V 39           X         1 4 14 High galactic latitude interstellar neutral hydrogen structure and associated (WMAP) high-frequency continuum emission. VERSCHUUR G.L.
2007ApJ...671.1766R 38           X         1 10 12 Galactic Edge clouds. I. Molecular line observations and chemical modeling of Edge cloud 2. RUFFLE P.M.E., MILLAR T.J., ROBERTS H., et al.
2008ApJ...672..115L 59 19 Angular broadening of intraday variable AGNs. II. Interstellar and intergalactic scattering. LAZIO T.J.W., OJHA R., FEY A.L., et al.
2008ApJ...672..342D 153           X C       3 21 19 From star complexes to the field: open cluster families. DE LA FUENTE MARCOS R. and DE LA FUENTE MARCOS C.
2008ApJ...673..283R 114           X C       2 187 133 The structure of the local interstellar medium. IV. Dynamics, morphology, physical properties, and implications of cloud-cloud interactions. REDFIELD S. and LINSKY J.L.
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