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2018ApJ...863L..28M 1817 T     D S   X C       41 22 66 The
Sausage Globular Clusters.
2019ApJ...874L..35M 996       D     X C       23 3 ~ Origin of the excess of high-energy retrograde stars in the Galactic halo. MATSUNO T., AOKI W. and SUDA T.
2019MNRAS.485.1029P 494     A     X         12 23 ~ Extra-tidal structures around the
Gaia Sausage candidate globular cluster NGC 6779 (M56).
2019MNRAS.485.3296W 85           X         2 9 ~ The gravitational force field of the Galaxy measured from the kinematics of RR Lyrae in Gaia. WEGG C., GERHARD O. and BIETH M.
2019ApJ...876..124C 43           X         1 9 ~ HALO7D. I. The line-of-sight velocities of distant main-sequence stars in the Milky Way halo. CUNNINGHAM E.C., DEASON A.J., ROCKOSI C.M., et al.
2019A&A...625A...5K 128           X         3 541 ~ Characterization and history of the Helmi streams with Gaia DR2. KOPPELMAN H.H., HELMI A., MASSARI D., et al.
2019MNRAS.487L..47V 2792 T K A     X C F     63 1 ~ The Fall of a Giant. Chemical evolution of
Enceladus, alias the
Gaia Sausage.
2019ApJ...879..120C 128           X         3 10 ~ HALO7D II: the halo velocity ellipsoid and velocity anisotropy with distant main-sequence stars. CUNNINGHAM E.C., DEASON A.J., SANDERSON R.E., et al.
2019MNRAS.488.1235M 2537     A     X C       59 48 ~ Evidence for two early accretion events that built the Milky Way stellar halo. MYEONG G.C., VASILIEV E., IORIO G., et al.
2019ApJ...882...98P 639           X C       14 39 ~ Formation imprints in the kinematics of the Milky Way globular cluster system. PIATTI A.E.
2019ApJ...883L...5B 255 T         X         5 2 ~ A Gaia-enceladus analog in the EAGLE simulation: insights into the early evolution of the Milky Way. BIGNONE L.A., HELMI A. and TISSERA P.B.
2019ApJ...883...27N 213           X         5 2 ~ Under the FIRElight: stellar tracers of the local dark matter velocity distribution in the Milky Way. NECIB L., LISANTI M., GARRISON-KIMMEL S., et al.
2019ApJ...883L..31C 85             C       1 4 ~ Radial dependence of the proto-globular cluster contribution to the Milky Way formation. CHUNG C., PASQUATO M., LEE S.-Y., et al.
2018Natur.563...85H 11 16 189 The merger that led to the formation of the Milky Way’s inner stellar halo and thick disk. HELMI A., BABUSIAUX C., KOPPELMAN H.H., et al.
2019A&A...630L...4M 451     A     X C       10 164 ~ Origin of the system of globular clusters in the Milky Way. MASSARI D., KOPPELMAN H.H. and HELMI A.
2019A&A...630A.104A viz 43           X         1 190 ~ Carbon, oxygen, and iron abundances in disk and halo stars. Implications of 3D non-LTE spectral line formation. AMARSI A.M., NISSEN P.E. and SKULADOTTIR A.
2019ApJ...884...67W 494     A     X         12 5 ~ Constraints on the Galactic inner halo assembly history from the age gradient of blue horizontal-branch stars. WHITTEN D.D., BEERS T.C., PLACCO V.M., et al.
2019ApJ...885..102L 85           X         2 3 ~ Chemical cartography. II. The assembly history of the galactic stellar halo traced by carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. LEE Y.S., BEERS T.C. and KIM Y.K.
2019ApJ...885..139G 85           X         2 29 ~ Fluorine abundances in the galactic disk. GUERCO R., CUNHA K., SMITH V.V., et al.
2019A&A...631L...9K 919     A     X         22 5 ~ Multiple retrograde substructures in the Galactic halo: A shattered view of Galactic history. KOPPELMAN H.H., HELMI A., MASSARI D., et al.
2019MNRAS.489.4962K 43           X         1 7 ~ The GALAH survey and Gaia DR2: Linking ridges, arches, and vertical waves in the kinematics of the Milky Way. KHANNA S., SHARMA S., TEPPER-GARCIA T., et al.
2019NatAs...3..932G 468           X C       10 2 ~ Uncovering the birth of the Milky Way through accurate stellar ages with Gaia. GALLART C., BERNARD E.J., BROOK C.B., et al.
2019ApJ...886...76D 834     A S   X C       18 14 ~ The Virgo Overdensity explained. DONLON T., NEWBERG H.J., WEISS J., et al.
2019ApJ...887...22C 43           X         1 7 ~ Evidence for the third stellar population in the Milky Way's disk. CAROLLO D., CHIBA M., ISHIGAKI M., et al.
2019A&A...632A...4D 85           X         2 5 ~ The Milky Way has no in-situ halo other than the heated thick disc. Composition of the stellar halo and age-dating the last significant merger with Gaia DR2 and APOGEE. DI MATTEO P., HAYWOOD M., LEHNERT M.D., et al.
2019A&A...632A..55K viz 707     A S   X C       15 55 ~ An outer shade of Pal: Abundance analysis of the outer halo globular cluster Palomar 13. KOCH A. and COTE P.
2019ApJ...887..237C 579     A     X C       13 13 ~ Resolving the metallicity distribution of the stellar halo with the H3 Survey. CONROY C., NAIDU R.P., ZARITSKY D., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.1641M 44           X         1 52 ~ Homogeneous analysis of globular clusters from the APOGEE survey with the BACCHUS code - II. The Southern clusters and overview. MESZAROS S., MASSERON T., GARCIA-HERNANDEZ D.A., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.2161Z 2377     A     X C       54 75 ~ Local RR Lyrae stars: native and alien. ZINN R., CHEN X., LAYDEN A.C., et al.
2020AJ....159...46K viz 44           X         1 438 ~ Elemental abundances in M31: the kinematics and chemical evolution of dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies. KIRBY E.N., GILBERT K.M., ESCALA I., et al.
2020MNRAS.491L..40K 87           X         2 4 ~ An ancient double degenerate merger in the Milky Way halo. KAWKA A., VENNES S. and FERRARIO L.
2020MNRAS.491..515M 218           X         5 46 ~ Multiple populations in globular clusters and their parent galaxies. MILONE A.P., MARINO A.F., DA COSTA G.S., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.1531C 44           X         1 6 ~ On the mass assembly history of the Local Group. CARLESI E., HOFFMAN Y., GOTTLOBER S., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.2043L 44           X         1 1 ~ The GALAH survey: temporal chemical enrichment of the galactic disc. LIN J., ASPLUND M., TING Y.-S., et al.
2020ApJ...889..119T 44           X         1 6 ~ R-process enrichment in the Galactic halo characterized by nucleosynthesis variation in the ejecta of coalescing neutron star binaries. TSUJIMOTO T., NISHIMURA N. and KYUTOKU K.
2020ApJ...890..110G 192       D     X         5 18 ~ Applying Noether's theorem to matter in the Milky Way: evidence for external perturbations and non-steady-state effects from Gaia Data Release 2. GARDNER S., HINKEL A. and YANNY B.
2020ApJ...890..136M 44           X         1 18 ~ Two ultra-faint Milky Way stellar systems discovered in early data from the DECam Local Volume Exploration survey. MAU S., CERNY W., PACE A.B., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.3241V 331     A     X C       7 21 ~ The Pristine survey - IX. CFHT ESPaDOnS spectroscopic analysis of 115 bright metal-poor candidate stars. VENN K.A., KIELTY C.L., SESTITO F., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.3408P viz 853     A     X C       19 327 ~ Evidence for Galactic disc RR Lyrae stars in the solar neighbourhood. PRUDIL Z., DEKANY I., GREBEL E.K., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.3631M 1680     A     X C       38 4 ~ Weighing the stellar constituents of the galactic halo with APOGEE red giant stars. MACKERETH J.T. and BOVY J.
2020MNRAS.492.3816A 392           X         9 3 ~ The tale of the tail - disentangling the high transverse velocity stars in Gaia DR2. AMARANTE J.A.S., SMITH M.C. and BOECHE C.
2020MNRAS.493.2688B 44           X         1 11 ~ Lifting the dust veil from the globular cluster Palomar 2. BONATTO C. and CHIES-SANTOS A.L.
2020ApJ...891...39Y viz 3613     A D S   X C       82 30 ~ Dynamical relics of the ancient galactic halo. YUAN Z., MYEONG G.C., BEERS T.C., et al.
2020ApJ...891L..30A 679     A     X C       15 1 ~ The splash without a merger. AMARANTE J.A.S., BERALDO E SILVA L., DEBATTISTA V.P., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.3061Y 87           X         2 1 ~ Gravitational potential from small-scale clustering in action space: application to Gaia Data Release 2. YANG T., BORUAH S.S. and AFSHORDI N.
2020MNRAS.493.3363H 1436           X C       32 48 ~ The chemical compositions of accreted and in situ galactic globular clusters according to SDSS/APOGEE. HORTA D., SCHIAVON R.P., MACKERETH J.T., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.3422R 174           X         4 1 ~ The mass fraction of halo stars contributed by the disruption of globular clusters in the E-MOSAICS simulations. REINA-CAMPOS M., HUGHES M.E., KRUIJSSEN J.M.D., et al.
2020A&A...635A..58S 44           X         1 3 ~ Galactic archaeology with asteroseismic ages. II. Confirmation of a delayed gas infall using Bayesian analysis based on MCMC methods. SPITONI E., VERMA K., SILVA AGUIRRE V., et al.
2020A&A...635A..93P 87           X         2 30 ~ Pal 13: its moderately extended low-density halo and its accretion history. PIATTI A.E. and FERNANDEZ-TRINCADO J.G.
2020A&A...635A.125Y 627       D     X C       14 149 ~ The origin of globular cluster FSR 1758. YEH F.-C., CARRARO G., KORCHAGIN V.I., et al.
2020ApJ...892...20A 44           X         1 8 ~ A deep view into the nucleus of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy with MUSE. II. Kinematic characterization of the stellar populations. ALFARO-CUELLO M., KACHAROV N., NEUMAYER N., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.5195D viz 87           X         2 8 ~ Ages and kinematics of chemically selected, accreted Milky Way halo stars. DAS P., HAWKINS K. and JOFRE P.
2020ApJ...893...48N 87           X         2 43 ~ Milky Way satellite census. II. Galaxy-halo connection constraints including the impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud. NADLER E.O., WECHSLER R.H., BECHTOL K., et al.
2020ApJ...894...34D viz 174           X         4 2 ~ The metallicity gradient and complex formation history of the outermost halo of the Milky Way. DIETZ S.E., YOON J., BEERS T.C., et al.
2020A&A...636A..75O 174           X         4 3 ~ Cataloging accreted stars within Gaia DR2 using deep learning. OSTDIEK B., NECIB L., COHEN T., et al.
2020A&A...636A.106M 44           X         1 8 ~ Simulations of satellite tidal debris in the Milky Way halo. MAZZARINI M., JUST A., MACCIO A.V., et al.
2020A&A...636A.115D 1071     A     X         25 94 ~ Reviving old controversies: is the early Galaxy flat or round?. Investigations into the early phases of the Milky Way's formation through stellar kinematics and chemical abundances. DI MATTEO P., SPITE M., HAYWOOD M., et al.
2020NatAs...4..382C 853     A     X C       19 2 ~ Age dating of an early Milky Way merger via asteroseismology of the naked-eye star ν Indi. CHAPLIN W.J., SERENELLI A.M., MIGLIO A., et al.
2020MNRAS.493..847F 1193       D     X C       27 104 ~ Reverse engineering the Milky Way. FORBES D.A.
2020ApJ...895...15R 44           X         1 7 ~ A kinematic view of NGC 1261: structural parameters, internal dispersion, absolute proper motion, and Blue Straggler stars. RASO S., LIBRALATO M., BELLINI A., et al.
2020AJ....159..254J viz 157     A     X         4 465 ~ The most metal-poor stars in Omega Centauri (NGC 5139). JOHNSON C.I., DUPREE A.K., MATEO M., et al.
2020A&A...637A..98H viz 461     A     X C       10 66 ~ Purveyors of fine halos. II. Chemodynamical association of halo stars with Milky Way globular clusters. HANKE M., KOCH A., PRUDIL Z., et al.
2020ApJ...896...14H 261           X         6 2 ~ Insights into the formation and evolution history of the Galactic disk system. HAN D.R., LEE Y.S., KIM Y.K., et al.
2020MNRAS.495...29E 10255     A S   X C       234 2 ~ Cosmological insights into the assembly of the radial and compact stellar halo of the Milky Way. ELIAS L.M., SALES L.V., HELMI A., et al.
2020MNRAS.495..743B 87           X         2 4 ~ The little things matter: relating the abundance of ultrafaint satellites to the hosts' assembly history. BOSE S., DEASON A.J., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.2645B 3334     A     X C       76 1 ~ Explaining the chemical trajectories of accreted and in-situ halo stars of the Milky Way. BROOK C.B., KAWATA D., GIBSON B.K., et al.
2020MNRAS.496...80V 87           X         2 1 ~ Stellar migrations and metal flows - Chemical evolution of the thin disc of a simulated Milky Way analogous galaxy. VINCENZO F. and KOBAYASHI C.
2020MNRAS.496..638H 44           X         1 2 ~ The globular cluster system of the Auriga simulations. HALBESMA T.L.R., GRAND R.J.J., GOMEZ F.A., et al.
2020ApJ...897...39A 914           X C       20 2 ~ A blueprint for the Milky Way's stellar populations: the power of large photometric and astrometric surveys. AN D. and BEERS T.C.
2020AJ....160...43A 87           X         2 6 ~ The stellar velocity distribution function in the Milky Way galaxy. ANGUIANO B., MAJEWSKI S.R., HAYES C.R., et al.
2020NatAs...4..590P 44           X         1 3 ~ Evidence of a dynamically evolving Galactic warp. POGGIO E., DRIMMEL R., ANDRAE R., et al.
2020A&A...638A.122C viz 174           X         4 88 ~ High-speed stars: Galactic hitchhikers. CAFFAU E., MONACO L., BONIFACIO P., et al.
2020A&A...638A.154K 87           X         2 9 ~ The HR 1614 moving group is not a dissolving cluster. KUSHNIRUK I., BENSBY T., FELTZING S., et al.
2020ApJ...898....4C 87           X         2 7 ~ Quantifying the stellar Halo's response to the LMC's infall with spherical harmonics. CUNNINGHAM E.C., GARAVITO-CAMARGO N., DEASON A.J., et al.
2020ApJ...898L..37Y 958     A D     X C       22 18 ~ A low-mass stellar-debris stream associated with a globular cluster pair in the halo. YUAN Z., CHANG J., BEERS T.C., et al.
2020MNRAS.496.2902M 1985 T K A S   X C       43 63 ~ Lithium and beryllium in the
Gaia-Enceladus galaxy.
2020MNRAS.496.3929D 44           X         1 4 ~ The edge of the Galaxy. DEASON A.J., FATTAHI A., FRENK C.S., et al.
2020ApJ...899..110T 2072     A S   X C       46 10 ~ Differential rotation of the halo traced by K-giant stars. TIAN H., LIU C., WANG Y., et al.
2020ApJ...901...48N 11796     A D S   X C       270 22 ~ Evidence from the H3 Survey that the stellar halo is entirely comprised of substructure. NAIDU R.P., CONROY C., BONACA A., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.1710P 374     A     X         9 3 ~ Chemical evolution of the Milky Way: constraints on the formation of the thick and thin discs. PALLA M., MATTEUCCI F., SPITONI E., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.2472K 2307     A D     X C       53 81 ~ Kraken reveals itself - the merger history of the Milky Way reconstructed with the E-MOSAICS simulations. KRUIJSSEN J.M.D., PFEFFER J.L., CHEVANCE M., et al.
2020AJ....160..181J viz 44           X         1 74 ~ The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey (s5): chemical Abundances of seven stellar streams. JI A.P., LI T.S., HANSEN T.T., et al.
2020ApJ...901L..29A 87           X         2 15 ~ On the origin of a rotating metal-poor stellar population in the Milky Way nuclear cluster. ARCA SEDDA M., GUALANDRIS A., DO T., et al.
2020ApJ...902L..28C 44           X         1 6 ~ Toward a direct measure of the galactic acceleration. CHAKRABARTI S., WRIGHT J., CHANG P., et al.
2020ApJ...902...51E viz 305           X         7 16 ~ Elemental abundances in M31: properties of the inner stellar halo. ESCALA I., KIRBY E.N., GILBERT K.M., et al.
2020MNRAS.499..804G 305           X C F     5 163 ~ The effects of dwarf galaxies on the orbital evolution of galactic globular clusters. GARROW T., WEBB J.J. and BOVY J.
2020ApJ...902..119D 2681     A S   X         61 14 ~ The Milky Way's shell structure reveals the time of a radial collision. DONLON T., NEWBERG H.J., SANDERSON R., et al.
2020A&A...642L..18K 1071     A     X C       24 1 ~ The messy merger of a large satellite and a Milky Way-like galaxy. KOPPELMAN H.H., BOS R.O.Y. and HELMI A.
2020AJ....160..241K 44           X         1 42 ~ Spectroscopic analysis of the bulge globular cluster ESO 456-SC38. KUNDER A.M. and BUTLER E.
2020ApJ...903...25N 2176     A D S   X C       49 7 ~ Chasing accreted structures within Gaia DR2 using deep learning. NECIB L., OSTDIEK B., LISANTI M., et al.
2020ApJ...903...88M viz 44           X         1 6 ~ Cosmological insights into the early accretion of r-process-enhanced stars. I. A comprehensive chemodynamical analysis of LAMOST J1109+0754. MARDINI M.K., PLACCO V.M., MEIRON Y., et al.
2020ApJ...903..131Y 609           X C       13 4 ~ Existence of the metal-rich stellar halo and high-velocity thick disk in the Galaxy. YAN Y., DU C., LI H., et al.
2020MNRAS.499.4863P 1027     A     X C F     22 10 ~ Predicting accreted satellite galaxy masses and accretion redshifts based on globular cluster orbits in the E-MOSAICS simulations. PFEFFER J.L., TRUJILLO-GOMEZ S., KRUIJSSEN J.M.D., et al.
2020A&A...643L...4F 200     A     X C       4 62 ~ Aluminium-enriched metal-poor stars buried in the inner Galaxy. FERNANDEZ-TRINCADO J.G., BEERS T.C., MINNITI D., et al.
2020A&A...643A..15P viz 348           X         8 12 ~ The elusive tidal tails of the Milky Way globular cluster NGC 7099. PIATTI A.E., CARBALLO-BELLO J.A., MORA M.D., et al.
2020A&A...643A..77P 17       D               17 30 ~ Different sodium enhancements among multiple populations of Milky Way globular clusters. PIATTI A.E.
2020A&A...643A.145F 87           X         2 17 ~ The enigmatic globular cluster UKS 1 obscured by the bulge: H-band discovery of nitrogen-enhanced stars. FERNANDEZ-TRINCADO J.G., MINNITI D., BEERS T.C., et al.
2021MNRAS.500..889A 90           X         2 39 ~ The S2 stream: the shreds of a primitive dwarf galaxy. AGUADO D.S., MYEONG G.C., BELOKUROV V., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.1385H 72     A     X         2 4 ~ Evidence from APOGEE for the presence of a major building block of the halo buried in the inner Galaxy. HORTA D., SCHIAVON R.P., MACKERETH J.T., et al.
2020ApJ...905...20R viz 218           X C       4 52 ~ Metal-poor stars observed with the Southern African Large Telescope. RASMUSSEN K.C., ZEPEDA J., BEERS T.C., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.2514P 90     A D     X         3 19 ~ The accreted nuclear clusters of the Milky Way. PFEFFER J., LARDO C., BASTIAN N., et al.
2020ApJ...905..100C 44           X         1 15 ~ Is NGC 5824 the core of the progenitor of the Cetus Stream? CHANG J., YUAN Z., XUE X.-X., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.3750S 45           X         1 1 ~ Exploring the origin of low-metallicity stars in Milky-Way-like galaxies with the NIHAO-UHD simulations. SESTITO F., BUCK T., STARKENBURG E., et al.
2020A&A...644A..83F viz 244     A     X C       5 60 ~ Jurassic: A chemically anomalous structure in the Galactic halo. FERNANDEZ-TRINCADO J.G., BEERS T.C. and MINNITI D.
2020A&A...644A..95B viz 87           X         2 1036 ~ Separation between RR Lyrae and type II Cepheids and their importance for a distance determination: the case of omega Cen. BRAGA V.F., BONO G., FIORENTINO G., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.4578M 90           X         2 21 ~ Simulations of globular clusters within their parent galaxies: multiple stellar populations and internal kinematics. McKENZIE M. and BEKKI K.
2021MNRAS.500.4768H 45           X         1 58 ~ Linking globular cluster formation at low and high redshift through the age-metallicity relation in E-MOSAICS. HORTA D., HUGHES M.E., PFEFFER J.L., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.4827N 45           X         1 20 ~ Assessing uncertainties in the predicted very high energy flux of globular clusters in the Cherenkov Telescope Array era. NDIYAVALA-DAVIDS H., VENTER C., KOPP A., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.5214W 45           X         1 4 ~ The stochastic enrichment of Population II stars. WELSH L., COOKE R. and FUMAGALLI M.
2021MNRAS.501..179M 90           X         2 28 ~ Probing the nature of dark matter with accreted globular cluster streams. MALHAN K., VALLURI M. and FREESE K.
2021ApJ...906...96A viz 45           X         1 22 ~ Ultrafaint dwarfs in a Milky Way context: introducing the mint condition DC Justice League simulations. APPLEBAUM E., BROOKS A.M., CHRISTENSEN C.R., et al.
2021ApJ...907L..16R 2356     A     X C       52 4 ~ Icarus: a flat and fast prograde stellar stream in the Milky Way disk. RE FIORENTIN P., SPAGNA A., LATTANZI M.G., et al.
2021ApJ...907...10L viz 4121     A D S   X C       91 31 ~ Dynamically tagged groups of very metal-poor halo stars from the HK and Hamburg/ESO surveys. LIMBERG G., ROSSI S., BEERS T.C., et al.
2021A&A...645A..69K viz 475     A     X C       10 15 ~ The reduced proper motion selected halo: Methods and description of the catalogue. KOPPELMAN H.H. and HELMI A.
2021A&A...645A..85M viz 224           X         5 10 ~ Age dissection of the Milky Way discs: Red giants in the Kepler field. MIGLIO A., CHIAPPINI C., MACKERETH J.T., et al.
2021A&A...645A.116K viz 90           X         2 9 ~ The search for extratidal star candidates around Galactic globular clusters NGC 2808, NGC 6266, and NGC 6397 with Gaia DR2 astrometry. KUNDU R., NAVARRETE C., FERNANDEZ-TRINCADO J.G., et al.
2021ApJ...907..101A 1613     A D     X C       36 10 ~ A blueprint for the Milky Way's stellar populations. II. Improved isochrone calibration in the SDSS and Pan-STARRS photometric systems. AN D. and BEERS T.C.
2021ApJ...908L...8A 538 T   A D S   X         11 24 ~ Elevated r-process enrichment in Gaia
Sausage and Sequoia.
2021ApJ...908...79G viz 421       D     X C       9 46 ~ The r-process Alliance: chemodynamically tagged groups of halo r-process-enhanced stars reveal a shared chemical-evolution history. GUDIN D., SHANK D., BEERS T.C., et al.
2021MNRAS.501.3558G 45           X         1 3 ~ Baryonic effects on the detectability of annihilation radiation from dark matter subhaloes around the Milky Way. GRAND R.J.J. and WHITE S.D.M.
2021A&A...646A..70S 923     A S   X C       19 17 ~ Inhomogeneity in the early Galactic chemical enrichment exposed by beryllium abundances in extremely metal-poor stars. SMILJANIC R., ZYCH M.G. and PASQUINI L.
2021MNRAS.502...32J viz 45           X         1 81 ~ Using heritability of stellar chemistry to reveal the history of the Milky Way. JACKSON H., JOFRE P., YAXLEY K., et al.
2020RAA....20..130D 218           X         5 3 ~ Milky Way globular cluster dynamics: are they preferentially co-rotating? DAS S. and ROY N.
2021MNRAS.502.1753T 251     A     X         6 97 ~ The Gaia DR2 halo white dwarf population: the luminosity function, mass distribution, and its star formation history. TORRES S., REBASSA-MANSERGAS A., CAMISASSA M.E., et al.
2021MNRAS.502.2251G 72     A     X         2 2 ~ The formation history of the Milky Way disc with high-resolution cosmological simulations. GIAMMARIA M., SPAGNA A., LATTANZI M.G., et al.
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on the Density Shape of the Galactic Stellar Halo Revealed by Halo K Giants from the LAMOST Survey.
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Using Its Stars and Globular Clusters.
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Gaia-Sausage/Enceladus in the Form of a Pair of Halo Stellar Overdensities.
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