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1959PASP...71..342J 3 2 H-alpha emission between the Magellanic Clouds. JOHNSON H.M.
1971ApJ...163L..99B 69 T                   1 13 174 The
Gum Nebula: fossil Stromgren sphere of the Vela X supernova.
1972MNRAS.160p..23T 67 T                   1 4 ~ High-velocity gas near the
Gum nebula.
1974MNRAS.169..307B 67 T                   1 3 11 The interstellar medium in the direction of the
Gum nebula.
1975A&A....40...27K 68 T                   1 13 ~ Measurements of neutral-hydrogen absorption in the spectra of five pulsars and parameters of the
Gum nebula.
1976MNRAS.175p..19H 68 T                   1 8 ~ Cometary globules and the structure of the
Gum Nebula.
1976MNRAS.177p..69S 68 T                   1 10 ~ Four more cometary globules in the
Gum Nebula.
1977ApJ...212L..25S 71 T                   1 5 79 Evidence of star formation triggered by expansion of the
Gum nebula.
1978A&A....63..237D 71 T                   1 4 62 The Herbig-Haro objetcs in the
Gum Nebula.
1978ApJ...220.1051E 4 9 187 Star formation in shock-compressed layers. ELMGREEN B.G. and ELMEGREEN D.M.
1980ApJ...242...74S 3 16 266 Rotation measures and the galactic magnetic field. SIMARD-NORMANDIN M. and KRONBERG P.P.
1983A&A...117..183R 1 29 252 Star formation in Bok globules and low-mass clouds. REIPURTH B.
1983A&A...121...19C 72 T                   1 3 47 The
Gum nebula: new photometric and spectrophotometric results.
1983MNRAS.203..215B 2 4 44 Cometary Globule 1. BRAND P.W.J.L., HAWARDEN T.G., LONGMORE A.J., et al.
1983ComAp..10....1B 69 T                   1 7 14 The origin of the
GUM nebula.
1983RMxAA...7..237R 5 0 Evolution and star forming properties of Bok globules. REIPURTH B.
1984A&A...136..373V 1 7 40 Effects of interstellar magnetic bubbles and of galactic tides on galactic magnetic fields. VALLEE J.P.
1984BAAS...16..998G 69 T                   1 3 0 Star formation in dark clouds associated with the
Gum Nebula.
1984Mercu..13...50R 5 0 Bok globules. REIPURTH B.
1985ApL....24..165B 5 14 An observational trend for large (100-300 pc) interstellar magnetic (1-10 mu.gauss) bubbles. BROTEN N.W., MacLEOD J.M. and VALLEE J.P.
1986ApJ...302..352G 105 T K                 1 6 34 Objects associated with low-mass star formation in the
Gum nebula.
1987A&A...171..101P 70 T                   1 20 26 T Tauri stars and dust clouds in a region of the
Gum nebula.
1987Msngr..50...11S 70 T                   1 5 7 Internal dynamics of the
Gum nebula.
1988A&A...195..269S 9 15 Cometary globules in the Gum nebula. I. Infrared and optical properties of CG 22. SAHU M., POTTASCH S.R., SAHU K.C., et al.
1988Msngr..51...24L 6 6 Monitoring OH/IR stars at the 1-m telescope. LE BERTRE T.
1989A&A...226..215B 143 10 Stellar wind velocities and luminosities of O stars. BERNABEU G., MAGAZZU A. and STALIO R.
1989A&AS...78..105F 623 15 Estimation of stellar intrinsic colours, distances and colour excesses based on the Stroemgren and H-beta photometry of 804 B, A, and F stars in 10 Selected Areas. FRANCO G.A.P.
1989ApJ...342..908G 2 12 104 SN 1961V : an extragalactic eta Carinae analog ? GOODRICH R.W., STRINGFELLOW G.S., PENROD G.D., et al.
1989PASP..101..573G 70 T                   1 16 37 Young stars of low mass in the
Gum nebula.
1989BAAS...21..763C 70 T                   1 4 ~ Molecular absorption lines toward a high density/low redenned peculiar UV extinction sight line in the
Gum Nebula region.
1989Msngr..57....8H 15 2 Cometary globules. HENKEL C.
1990A&A...227..499F 23 58 The interstellar medium in the solar vicinity: analysis of the distribution of colour excesses E(b-y) towards 10 selected areas. FRANCO G.A.P.
1990A&A...239...57V 7 27 Extension to cosmic scales of the magnetic field versus gas density relationship. VALLEE J.P.
1990AJ....100..156R 15 5 The stellar distribution at (l,b) = (268,0) in Vela. II. Interstellar extinction and field-star space densities. REED B.C. and SLAWSON R.W.
1990ApJ...354..529B 22 3 271 The photoevaporation of interstellar clouds. II. Equilibrium cometary clouds. BERTOLDI F. and McKEE C.F.
1990ApJ...362..551C 106 T K                 1 7 46 Molecules toward HD 62542: a high-density, peculiar extinction sight line in the
Gum nebula complex.
1990Natur.347..452B 7 15 A family of cometary globules around an infrared source near the Rosette nebula. BLOCK D.L.
1991A&A...246..511R 1 21 99 The jet and energy source of HH 46/47. REIPURTH B. and HEATHCOTE S.
1991A&A...246..535R 43 65 Herbig-Haro jets and molecular outflows in L1617. REIPURTH B. and OLBERG M.
1991PASP..103...79G 70 T                   1 5 9 A new Herbig-Haro object in the
Gum Nebula and its associated star.
1992A&A...254..198B 62 1 248 On the decay of the magnetic fields of single radio pulsars. BHATTACHARYA D., WIJERS R.A.M.J., HARTMAN J.W., et al.
1992A&A...259..265S 70 T                   16 8 Cometary globules in the Gum nebula. II. Low mass star formation in cometary globule 22. SAHU M. and SAHU K.C.
1992A&AS...96..505D 70 T                   22 25 A study of the neutral hydrogen in direction to the Gum nebula. DUBNER G., GIACANI E., CAPPA DE NICOLAU C., et al.
1992ApJ...385..561L 107 T K                 2 13 Discovery of X-ray emission associated with the Gum nebula. LEAHY D.A., NOUSEK J. and GARMIRE G.
1992ApJ...391..276P 7 8 Detection of a local high-velocity aborption-line system toward HD 93721. PENPRASE B.E. and BLADES J.C.
1992ApJ...393L..75D 1 5 34 A speckle hologram of the interstellar plasma. DESAI K.M., GWINN C.R., REYNOLDS J., et al.
1992ApJ...393..193W 1 10 51 Ultraviolet, optical and infrared observations of the high-latitude molecular cloud toward HD 210121. WELTY D.E. and FOWLER J.R.
1992ApJ...396..124E 106 T K                 27 12 Highly ionized gas in the Gum nebula and elsewhere: a comparison of IUE and COPERNICUS satellite results. EDGAR R.J. and SAVAGE B.D.
1992MNRAS.257..485S 70 T                   18 10 Star formation in dark globules in the Gum Nebula. SCARROTT S.M., DRAPER P.W., ROLPH C.D., et al.
1992AuJPh..45..411M 25 0 Star formation in the galaxy. McGREGOR P.J.
1992JApA...13..217S 70 T                   49 25 Kinematics of the Cometary Globules in the Gum Nebula. SRIDHARAN T.K.
1993A&A...267..439R           X         34 12 Star formation in Bok globules and low-mass clouds. V. H-alpha emission stars near SA 101, CG 13 and CG 22. REIPURTH B. and PETTERSSON B.
1993A&A...278...81R 105 378 Visual binaries among pre-main sequence stars. REIPURTH B. and ZINNECKER H.
1993A&A...280..231S 73 T                   2 17 Kinematics of the ionized gas in Puppis-Vela including the Gum nebula. SRINIVASAN SAHU M. and SAHU K.C.
1993ApJ...411..674T 20 15 1240 Pulsar distances and the galactic distribution of free electrons. TAYLOR J.H. and CORDES J.M.
1993ApJ...419..670V 9 25 Interstellar magnetic bubbles. VALLEE J.P.
1993MNRAS.262..812B 71 T                   57 15 Enhanced star formation in the cometary globules of the Gum nebula. BHATT H.C.
1993Afz....36..195V 4 1 Interstellar absorption in the galactic plane. VARDANYAN R.A., AMBARYAN V.V. and POGOSYAN A.V.
1993S&T....86f..38L 14 0 A portrait of our galaxy. LOMBERG J.
1994A&A...287..601P 17 21 The warm and the cold neutral phase in the local interstellar medium at |b|≥10deg and at low velocities. POEPPEL W.G.L., MARRONETTI P. and BENAGLIA P.
1994A&A...288..759H 15 3 191 The magnetic field in the disk of our Galaxy. HAN J.L. and QIAO G.J.
1994A&A...289..559L 10 8 320 Cometary globules I. Formation, evolution and morphology. LEFLOCH B. and LAZAREFF B.
1994AJ....108.2273G 15 3 Aging jets from low-mass stars. GRAHAM J.A. and CHEN W.P.
1994ApJ...422L..91E 2 8 70 Near-infrared observations of the HH 46/47 system. EISLOEFFEL J., DAVIS C.J., RAY T.P., et al.
1994ApJ...425..738M 15 38 Fabry-Perot observations and new models of the HH 47A and HH 47D bow shocks. MORSE J.A., HARTIGAN P., HEATHCOTE S., et al.
1994ApJ...427..232F 1 14 62 Composition of interstellar clouds in the disk and halo. II. Gamma-2 Velorum. FITZPATRICK E.L. and SPITZER L.Jr
1994ApJ...427..274D 60 196 An IUE survey of interstellar H I Ly-alpha absorption. II. Interpretations. DIPLAS A. and SAVAGE B.D.
1994ApJ...437..209B 2 2 19 ROSAT PSPC observation of the northeast region of the Vela supernova remnant. I. Evidence of thermal structure on a scale of 5'. BOCCHINO F., MAGGIO A. and SCIORTINO S.
1994ApJS...92..163S 104 123 A catalog of bright-rimmed clouds with IRAS Point Sources: candidates for star formation by radiation-driven implosion. II. The southern hemisphere. SUGITANI K. and OGURA K.
1994ApJS...92..433O 36   K                 10 51 Implications of Al(26) emission at 1.8MeV from the Vela region. OBERLACK U., DIEHL R., MONTMERLE T., et al.
1994PASP..106.1018S 71 T                   2 0 A study of the cometary globules in the Gum nebula. (Dissertation summary). SRIDHARAN T.K.
1994Ap&SS.220..243V 9 5 Observed interstellar magnetized supershells and stellar-wind theories. VALLEE J.P.
1994Msngr..76...48S 12 4 Interstellar NaI absorption towards stars in the region of the IRAS Vela shell. SRINIVASAN SAHU M. and BLAAUW A.
1994Natur.369..127L 100 2 800 High birth velocities of radio pulsars. LYNE A.G. and LORIMER D.R.
1994BaltA...3...85G 105 3 Interstellar cloud morphologies and their origins. GAHM G.F.
1995A&A...293..493G 107 T K                 11 13 Molecular gas in cometary globules: CG4 and CG6 in the Gum Nebula. GONZALEZ-ALFONSO E., CERNICHARO J. and RADFORD S.J.E.
1995A&A...298..818B 5 18 Low-mass star formation in CG1: a diffraction limited search for pre-main sequence stars next to NXPup. BRANDNER W., BOUVIER J., GREBEL E.K., et al.
1995ApJ...444..861S 24 33 The dust disk around the Vega-excess star SAO 26804. SKINNER C.J., SYLVESTER R.J., GRAHAM J.R., et al.
1995ApJ...453..715H 67 124 Bipolar jets from extremely young stars observed in molecular hydrogen emission. HODAPP K.-W. and LADD E.F.
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1995Ap&SS.224..571S 171 2 Searches for bright-rimmed clouds with IRAS point sources. SUGITANI K. and OGURA K.
1995MNSSA..54...72. 127 0 The nomenclature of deep-sky objects.
1995SSRv...72..499F 97 189 Characteristics of nearby interstellar matter. FRISCH P.C.
1996A&A...308..433V 19 25 Magnetic field reversals in the Milky Way- "cherchez le champ magnetique". VALLEE J.P.
1996A&A...315..445S 7 11 Simultaneous optical speckle masking and NIR adaptive optics imaging of the 126mas Herbig Ae/Be binary star NX Puppis. SCHOELLER M., BRANDNER W., LEHMANN T., et al.
1996ApJ...460..729D 37   K                 7 31 OSSE detection of gamma rays from the vela synchrotron nebula. DE JAGER O.C., HARDING A.K. and STRICKMAN M.S.
1996ApJ...468L..81T 3 7 64 Measurements of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background radiation at 0.5deg scales near the stars HR 5127 and phi Herculis. TANAKA S.T., CLAPP A.C., DEVLIN M.J., et al.
1996ApJ...469..209C 36   K                 15 9 The western rim of the Vela shell. CHURCHWELL E., WINNBERG A., CARDELLI J., et al.
1996MNRAS.279..661J 71 T                   28 16 HI line measurements of pulsars towards the Gum nebula and the Carina arm. JOHNSTON S., KORIBALSKI B., WEISBERG J.M., et al.
1996MNRAS.279.1191S 23 10 Magnetic fields in cometary globules - I. CG 22. SRIDHARAN T.K., BHATT H.C. and RAJAGOPAL J.
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1996RMxAA..32...75M 18 8 The spatial intensity distribution of the UV light in HH objects. Revisited. MORO-MARTIN A., NORIEGA-CRESPO A., BOHM K.-H., et al.
1997A&AS..123...31R 107 T K                 8 16 Cold neutral gas associated with the
Gum nebula.
1997MNRAS.290..276W 7 2 The Vela pulsar 'jet': a companion-punctured bubble of fallback material. WIJERS R.A.M.J. and SIGURDSSON S.
1997Ast....25a..90J 30 0 Exploring southern nebulae. JAKIEL R.
1997MmSAI..68.1029W 72 T                   3 0 Star formation in the Gum nebula - cometary globules 31. WOLK S.J. and WALTER F.M.
1997Msngr..88...20R 18 1 Herbig-Haro jets and their role in star formation. REIPURTH B.
1997NewA....2..245V 2         O           7 57 The Hipparcos distance determination of the Wolf-Rayet system gamma 2 Velorum (WC8+O) and its ramifications. VAN DER HUCHT K.A., SCHRIJVER H., STENHOLM B., et al.
1998A&A...336..329N 72 T                   29 12 The Cometary Globules CG30/31/38 in the Gum nebula. A radio line spectroscopic investigation. NIELSEN A.S., OLBERG M., KNUDE J., et al.
1998ApJ...498..689H 73 T                   17 67 Whence the Local Bubble,
Gum, Orion? GSH 238+00+09, a nearby major superbubble toward galactic longitude 238°.
1998ApJ...507..241P 117 74 Origin and evolution of the Cepheus bubble. PATEL N.A., GOLDSMITH P.F., HEYER M.H., et al.
1998ApJ...508..291V 4 7 94 Numerical simulations of triggered star formation. I. Collapse of dense molecular cloud cores. VANHALA H.A.T. and CAMERON A.G.W.
1998MNRAS.298..797T 4 6 82 Superbubbles in magnetized interstellar media: blowout or confinement? TOMISAKA K.
1998MNRAS.300..511B 34 9 A search for hidden white dwarfs in the ROSAT EUV survey - II. Discovery of a distant DA+F6/7V binary system in a direction of low-density neutral hydrogen. BURLEIGH M.R., BARSTOW M.A. and HOLBERG J.B.
1998MNRAS.300..577D 1 4 15 Improving pulsar distances by modelling interstellar scattering. DESHPANDE A.A. and RAMACHANDRAN R.
1998JApA...19...79R 10 5 Molecular gas associated with the IRAS-Vela shell. RAJAGOPAL J. and SRINIVASAN G.
1998NewA....4...33I         O           12 ~ The large scale structure of the Galactic magnetic field. INDRANI C. and DESHPANDE A.A.
1998PASA...15....5M 8 4 Scientific background to the UKST Halpha survey. MASHEDER M.R.W., PHILLIPPS S. and PARKER Q.A.
1998PASA...15...50D 4 0 Bright prospects: comparing the Halpha survey with large-scale radio continuum emission. DUNCAN A.R. and HAYNES R.F.
1999A&A...350L..43S 18 17 HH 46/47: Also a parsec scale flow. STANKE T., McCAUGHREAN M.J. and ZINNECKER H.
1999A&A...350..985K 8 13 Distance and absorption of the tails in the CG 30/CG 31/CG 38 complex. An application of a (V-I)0 - MV main sequence relation derived from the Hipparcos and Tycho catalogues. KNUDE J., JONCH-SORENSEN H. and NIELSEN A.S.
1999A&A...352L..73Z 22 23 A search for young solar system analogues with the VLT. ZINNECKER H., KRABBE A., McCAUGHREAN M.J., et al.
1999A&A...352..308W 1 14 56 EUV mapping of the local interstellar medium: the Local Chimney revealed? WELSH B.Y., SFEIR D.M., SIRK M.M., et al.
1999ApJ...512..901H 12 31 Hubble space telescope faint object spectrograph optical and ultraviolet spectroscopy of the bow shock HH 47A. HARTIGAN P., MORSE J.A., TUMLINSON J., et al.
1999ApJ...514L.103C 1 3 15 The progenitor of the new COMPTEL/ROSAT supernova remnant in Vela. CHEN W. and GEHRELS N.
1999MNRAS.308...40B 15 8 Magnetic fields in cometary globules - II. CG 30-31 complex. BHATT H.C.
1999PASP..111..385T 221 6 Astrophysics in 1998. (Invited review). TRIMBLE V. and ASCHWANDEN M.
1999PASP..111..465S 20 11 Emission-line properties of the Large Magellanic Cloud bubble N70. SKELTON B.P., WALLER W.H., GELDERMAN R.F., et al.
1999PASJ...51..751F 20 38 Discovery of the Carina flare with NANTEN. Evidence for a supershell that triggered the formation of stars and massive molecular clouds. FUKUI Y., ONISHI T., ABE R., et al.
1999PASJ...51..765Y 72 T                   15 24 Distribution and kinematics of the molecular clouds in the Gum Nebula. YAMAGUCHI N., MIZUNO N., MORIGUCHI Y., et al.
1999PASJ...51..775Y 67 42 A study of dense molecular gas and star formation toward the Vela molecular ridge with NANTEN. YAMAGUCHI N., MIZUNO N., SAITO H., et al.
1999PASJ...51..791Y viz 66 53 Molecular clouds and star formation in the southern HII regions. YAMAGUCHI R., SAITO H., MIZUNO N., et al.
1999ARep...43..436P 44 5 Clouds of turbulent interstellar plasma in the spiral arms of the Galaxy. PYNZAR' A.V. and SHISHOV V.I.
2000A&A...358.1077N 16 8 Stroemgren uvby-β photometry towards the region of the Cometary Globules CG30/31/38. NIELSEN A.S., JONCH-SORENSEN H. and KNUDE J.
2000A&AS..142...35A 6 4 80 A high sensitivity HI survey of the sky at δ≤-25°. ARNAL E.M., BAJAJA E., LARRARTE J.J., et al.
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2000ApJ...545..277S 2 11 72 Spatial variability in the ratio of interstellar atomic deuterium to hydrogen. II. Observations toward γ2 Velorum and ζ Puppis by the interstellar medium absorption profile spectrograph. SONNEBORN G., TRIPP T.M., FERLET R., et al.
2000ApJS..126..399C 81 33 Spectroscopy and time variability of absorption lines in the direction of the Vela supernova remnant. CHA A.N. and SEMBACH K.R.
2000ApJS..127..497S 2 2 16 Testing astrophysical radiation hydrodynamics codes with hypervelocity jet experiments on the Nova laser. STONE J.M., TURNER N., ESTABROOK K., et al.
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2000MNRAS.315..241W 112 T K                 1 9 Hydrogen recombination lines from the
Gum nebula.
2000Ap&SS.272..127D 18 3 Studies of the ISM in the Vela Supernova Remnant. DANKS A.C.
2000PABei..18..216W 21 0 Progress in observational studies with high spatial resolution on Herbig-Haro objects. WANG H.C.
2000AAS...197.1002K 72 T                   7 0 Low mass star formation around CG30/31/38 complex and RCW33 in the Gum nebula. KIM J.S., WALTER F.M. and WOLK S.J.
2001A&A...369..174G 3 4 On the velocity of the Vela pulsar. GVARAMADZE V.
2001A&A...370..586M 109 T K                 29 15 Scatter broadening of pulsars in the direction of the
Gum nebula.
2001A&A...372..636A 1 6 19 The radio spectral index of the Vela supernova remnant. ALVAREZ H., APARICI J., MAY J., et al.
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Gum nebula region.
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