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2004ApJ...607...90B 115 T K                 11 134
POX 52: a dwarf Seyfert 1 galaxy with an intermediate-mass black hole.
BARTH A.J., HO L.C., RUTLEDGE R.E., et al.
2004ApJ...610..722G 2 23 159 Active galactic nuclei with candidate intermediate-mass black holes. GREENE J.E. and HO L.C.
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2008ApJ...686..892T 4495 T K A   O X C       117 16 39 The host galaxy and central engine of the dwarf active galactic nucleus
POX 52.
THORNTON C.E., BARTH A.J., HO L.C., et al.
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2014ApJ...789L..13K 40           X         1 7 3 Relics of galaxy merging: observational predictions for a wandering massive black hole and accompanying star cluster in the halo of M31. KAWAGUCHI T., SAITO Y., MIKI Y., et al.
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