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1961PASP...73..159H 33           X         1 22 24 Seven new planetary nebulae. HENIZE K.G.
1966ZA.....64..110S 4 6 Versuche zu einer Flachenpolarimetrie der Milchstrasse. SCHMIDT T. and LEINERT C.
1967ApJ...147..391B 67 T                   1 4 19 Ballon observation of the X-ray sources in the
Cygnus region in the energy range 20-130 keV.
1967ApJ...148L.119G 70 T                   1 8 148 A X-ray survey of the
Cygnus region.
1968ApJ...151L...1C 67 T                   1 4 11 Observation of the
Cygnus region with a Balloon-Borne X-ray detector.
1968ApJ...151L.125H 68 T                   1 4 29 Detection of gamma radiation from the
Cygnus region.
1969IBVS..384....1K 15 31 HBV 475: a new peculiar emission object in Cygnus. KOHOUTEK L.
1969Natur.222...67E 1 7 70 New OH radio emission sources in Cygnus. ELLDER J., RONNANG B. and WINNBERG A.
1970A&A.....4..234F 117 1 703 The intrinsic colours of stars and two-colour reddening lines. FITZGERALD M.P.
1970AJ.....75..910M 7 16 A neutral-hydrogen survey of the Cygnus X region. McCUTCHEON W.H. and SHUTER W.L.H.
1976PASP...88..917C 25 2 251 Interstellar reddening relations in the UBV, ubvy, and Geneva systems. CRAWFORD D.L. and MANDWEWALA N.
1984Sci...224...14N 10 39 Early results from the Infrared Astronomical Satellite. NEUGEBAUER G., BEICHMAN C.A., SOIFER B.T., et al.
1985A&A...142...55D 1 2 12 The galactic plane : a source of 1000 GeV gamma rays. DOWTHWAITE J.C., HARRISON A.B., KIRKMAN I.W., et al.
1985A&A...148..439H 5 6 The Cygnus X region. XVI. The ionized gas behind the dark cloud between the North America and Pelican nebulae. HESKE A. and WENDKER H.J.
1985Ap&SS.108..237B 38 79 Structure and origin of the Cygnus superbubble. BOCHKAREV N.G. and SITNIK T.G.
1985BAAS...17..598C 2 1 The bright 6-Nov-77 fast transient : constraints on a quiescent counterpart. CONNORS A. and TAKALA L.
1986A&A...155..380C 21 2 168 Principal heating sources of dust in the galactic disk. COX P., KRUGEL E. and MEZGER P.G.
1986ATsir1470....5S 70 T                   1 2 0 The star nu Cyg as a regional spectrophotometric standard in
Cygnus region.
1986Ast....14j..17W 1 0 The new improved Palomar sky survey. WILSON T.
1986BAAS...18..978M 5 1 Gamma-ray imaging observations of the Crab and Cygnus regions. McCONNELL M.L.
1986IBVS.2933....1W 3 1 A possible nova in Cygnus. WAKUDA M. and HURUHATA M.
1986Sci...232..185B 11 5 Interstellar molecular clouds. BALLY J.
1987ApJ...320L.145N 7 15 A new cometary nebula in Cygnus. NECKEL Th. and STAUDE H.J.
1988A&A...196..211R 1 10 67 Spectral index variations of the galactic radio continuum emission: evidence for a galactic wind. REICH P. and REICH W.
1988ApJ...327..203C 5 12 Search for linear polarization in gamma-ray sources: possible evidence for the Vela pulsar. CARAVEO P.A., BIGNAMI G.F., MITROFANOV I., et al.
1988AnTok..22...59M 129 1 A search for cool carbon stars. III. Cygnus region. MAEHARA H. and SOYANO T.
1988BAAS...20..731F 3 0 VLBI angular broadening measurements in the Cygnus region. FEY A.L., SPANGLER S.R. and MUTEL R.L.
1988EJPh....9..162C 11 0 Gamma-ray astronomy. CLEAR J.
1988IBVS.3191....1T 3 0 Photographic UBV photometry of H-alpha emission in the gamma Cygni region. TSVETKOVA K.P. and TSVETKOV M.K.
1989A&A...210...52C 10 26 Cygnus X-3 at high energies : a critical analysis of observational results. CHARDIN G. and GERBIER G.
1989ApJ...337..730F 70 T                   1 10 37 VLBI angular broadening measurements in the
Cygnus region.
1989ApJ...345L..47O 6 7 Five unusual compact CO sources in the Cygnus X region. ODENWALD S.F. and SCHWARTZ P.R.
1989ApJ...345..257W 80 128 A millimeter-wave spectral-line and continuum survey of cold IRAS sources. WILKING B.A., MUNDY L.G., BLACKWELL J.H., et al.
1989ApJ...345..372N 16 7 458 The disk-halo interaction: superbubbles and the structure of the interstellar medium. NORMAN C.A. and IKEUCHI S.
1989Ast....17k..33P 15 0 Unveiling the hidden Milky Way. PALMER S.
1989BAAS...21.1122A 2 0 CH and CH+ observations along the lines of sight to reddened stars. ALLEN M.M. and SNOW T.P.
1989BAAS...21.1126F 9 0 VLA and VLBI angular broadening measurements in the galactic plane. FEY A.L., SPANGLER S.R. and CORDES J.M.
1989ISKZ...31...54A 48 0 K-H-,R (O.63) photometry of carbon stars in a region in Cygnus. ALKSNIS A. and LARIONOV V.M.
1990AJ....100..156R 15 5 The stellar distribution at (l,b) = (268,0) in Vela. II. Interstellar extinction and field-star space densities. REED B.C. and SLAWSON R.W.
1990ApJ...361..116S 9 12 A comparison of H-alpha intensity and radio wave scattering on eight low-latitude lines of sight. SPANGLER S.R. and REYNOLDS R.J.
1990ApJ...363..515L 70 T                   1 17 36 Faraday rotation measure variations in the
Cygnus region and the spectrum of interstellar plasma turbulence.
1990IzKry..82...50M 9 1 Some peculiarities of Seyfert galaxy NGC 7469 structure. METIK L.P. and PRONIK I.I.
1990S&W....29..648G 2 0 Unsere Milchstrasse. Ein Portrait in allen Wellenlangen. GOTTWALD M.
1991AJ....102..975Y 706 12 Kinematics of Sandage-Fouts stars in three cardinal directions. YOSS K., BELL D.J. and DETWEILER H.L.
1991ApJ...375..202M 2 4 33 Search for diffuse cosmic gamma rays above 200 TeV. MATTHEWS J., CIAMPA D., GREEN K.D., et al.
1991ApJ...381..439H 5 11 A search for the 2.223 MeV neutron capture gamma-ray line from the directions of Cygnus and the Galactic Center. HARRIS M.J. and SHARE G.H.
1991MNRAS.250..780B 10 18 A model of the Galaxy in the ultraviolet. BROSCH N.
1991ATsir1551...36R 1 0 The astrometric standard region in the Cyg constellation : catalog of 2197 stars. RELKE E.V.
1991S&T....81..488K 5 1 The gamma ray observatory. KNIFFEN D.A.
1992ApJ...397..537S 3 4 50 An infrared supershell surrounding the Cygnus OB1 association. SAKEN J.M., SHULL J.M., GARMANY C.D., et al.
1992IAUC.5664....1B 8 1 X-ray activity in Cygnus and Aquila. BRANDT S., CASTRO-TIRADO A.J. and LUND N.
1992KFNT....8b..56K 1 ~ Making of an astrometric standard in the region of Cygnus. KISLYUK V.S. and RELKE E.V.
1993ApJ...403..690B 1 17 113 Can we observe accreting, isolated neutron stars ? BLAES O. and MADAU P.
1993ApJ...405..706O 100 58 An IRAS survey of star-forming regions toward Cygnus. ODENWALD S.F. and SCHWARTZ P.R.
1993IBVS.3855....1D 83 11 New variable stars in Cygnus, Lyra and Vulpecula. DAHLMARK L.
1993JBAA..103...84M 14 0 Visual recording of deep-sky objects. MacDONALD L.T.
1994A&A...286..203G 5 2 46 The large scale distribution of PAHs in the Galaxy. GIARD M., LAMARRE J.M., PAJOT F., et al.
1994A&AS..104..557T viz 161 30 uvby β photometry of Orion population stars and related objects associated with six star forming regions. TERRANEGRA L., CHAVARRIA-K C., DIAZ S., et al.
1994AJ....107..582C 1 9 67 Powerful model for the point source sky: far-ultraviolet and enhanced midinfrared performance. COHEN M.
1994AJ....108..629F 8 5 A kinematically derived interstellar extinction in the galactic midplane of the greater solar neighborhood. FRESNEAU A.
1994ApJ...425L..85A 10 1 43 COBE diffuse infrared background experiment observations of galactic reddening and stellar populations. ARENDT R.G., BERRIMAN G.B., BOGGESS N., et al.
1995ApJ...442...10G 3 3 27 Dual-frequency mapping with the Tenerife cosmic microwave background experiments. GUTIERREZ DE LA CRUZ C.M., DAVIES R.D., REBOLO R., et al.
1995ApJ...443..209A 15 14 653 Electron density power spectrum in the local interstellar medium. ARMSTRONG J.W., RICKETT B.J. and SPANGLER S.R.
1995PASP..107..691I 94 0 Evaluation of a 512x512-element platinum silicide Schottky-Barrier infrared image sensor and pilot observations of the Cygnus X region. ITO M., KASABA Y., UENO M., et al.
1995AGAb...11..203D 2 0 Deep wide field H-alpha-imaging with moderate instrumentation. DEININGER H., HASE F. and REDDMANN T.
1996A&A...315..237D 72 T                   33 21 1.8 MeV line emission from the Cygnus region. DEL RIO E., VON BALLMOOS P., BENNETT K., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.311O 2 5 42 The COMPTEL 1.809MeV all-sky image. OBERLACK U., BENNETT K., BLOEMEN H., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.331G 1 4 13 Radial velocity map and line profiles of 26Al emission from Galactic rotation. GEHRELS N. and CHEN W.
1996A&AS..120C.335K 1 2 11 Modelling the 1.8MeV sky: Tests for spiral structure. KNOEDLSEDER J., PRANTZOS N., BENNETT K., et al.
1996ApJ...466..282D 1 15 56 Molecular clouds in Cygnus. II. Statistical studies of star-forming regions. DOBASHI K., BERNARD J. and FUKUI Y.
1996Ap.....39..115M 59 4 New H-alpha objects in dark nebulae. II. MELIKIAN N.D., KARAPETIAN A.A., HAKHVERDIAN L.G., et al.
1996MmSAI..67..303D 4 0 26Al nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy. DIEHL R.
1996BaltA...5...83S 81 33 The Stroemvil system: and effective combination of two medium-band photometric systems. STRAIZYS V., CRAWFORD D.L. and PHILIP A.G.D.
1997A&A...318..111M viz 168 61 The ROSAT galactic plane survey: analysis of a low latitude sample area in Cygnus. MOTCH C., GUILLOUT P., HABERL F., et al.
1997AGAb...13..156S 2 0 The Milky Way in the UV. SCHMIDTOBREICK L., SCHLOSSER W., KOCZET P., et al.
1998A&A...330..711T 27 46 Ice CO-cktails in molecular cloud cores. TEIXEIRA T.C., EMERSON J.P. and PALUMBO M.E.
1998AJ....115.2483P 8 14 G74.5+0.9: A new bipolar source in Cygnus. PINEAULT S.
1998ApJ...493..715S 5 14 212 Progress on establishing the spatial distribution of material responsible for the 1 /4 keV soft X-ray diffuse background local and halo components. SNOWDEN S.L., EGGER R., FINKBEINER D.P., et al.
1998MNRAS.300..577D 1 4 15 Improving pulsar distances by modelling interstellar scattering. DESHPANDE A.A. and RAMACHANDRAN R.
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1998PhT....51b..26G 22 5 The new gamma-ray astronomy. GEHRELS N. and PAUL J.
1999A&A...345..813K 8 2 49 Image reconstruction of COMPTEL 1.8MeV 26Al line data. KNOEDLSEDER J., DIXON D., BENNETT K., et al.
1999AJ....118.2394G 15 24 A large H I shell surrounding the Wolf-Rayet star HD 191765. GERVAIS S. and ST-LOUIS N.
1999ApJ...522..349C 21 41 The sizes of 1720 MHz OH masers: VLBA and MERLIN observations of the supernova remnants W44 and W28. CLAUSSEN M.J., GOSS W.M., FRAIL D.A., et al.
1999MNRAS.309..750D 9 25 Cosmic microwave background observations with the Jodrell Bank-IAC interferometer at 33GHz. DICKER S.R., MELHUISH S.J., DAVIES R.D., et al.
1999ExA.....9..119B 45 6 Ultraviolet sky surveys. Instuments, findings, and prospects. BROSCH N.
1999IBVS.4821....1T 2 0 HD 205798: a new low-amplitude variable star in Cygnus. TORRES G., LATHAM D.W., STEFANIK R.P., et al.
1999APh....10..303H 36 2 219 The anisotropy of cosmic ray arrival directions around 1018 eV. HAYASHIDA N., NAGANO M., NISHIKAWA D., et al.
1999RMxAC...8...67P 6 0 Discovery of a new bipolar H II region in Cygnus. PINEAULT S.
2000AJ....119.2801L viz 683 50 The first galactic plane survey at 8.35 and 14.35 GHz. LANGSTON G., MINTER A., D'ADDARIO L., et al.
2000ApJ...535..231R 2 2 17 Hydrogen recombination lines near 327 MHz. I. Distribution of low-density ionized gas in the galactic disk. ROSHI D.A. and ANANTHARAMAIAH K.R.
2000ApJ...536..357M 19 42 Dense molecular clouds in the Galactic Center region. II. Statistical properties of the Galactic Center molecular clouds. MIYAZAKI A. and TSUBOI M.
2000ApJ...543..928M 4 5 71 A high-sensitivity measurement of the MeV gamma-ray spectrum of Cygnus X-1. McCONNELL M.L., RYAN J.M., COLLMAR W., et al.
2000AGAb...16R..45P 1 ~ OB associations as sources of galactic radioactivity. PLUESCHKE S., KRETSCHMER K., DIEHL R., et al.
2001A&A...371..675U 64 66 The Cygnus superbubble revisited. UYANIKER B., FUERST E., REICH W., et al.
2001ApJ...562..400M 23 66 Magnetic fields in star-forming molecular clouds. II. The depolarization effect in the OMC-3 filament of Orion A. MATTHEWS B.C., WILSON C.D. and FIEGE J.D.
2001ApJS..133..395D 74 T                   7 26 Anisotropic interstellar scattering toward the Cygnus region. DESAI K.M. and FEY A.L.
2001ApJS..136..137L 1 5 23 The Bell laboratories 13CO survey: longitude-velocity maps. LEE Y., STARK A.A., KIM H.-G., et al.
2001MNRAS.326.1161M viz 414 8 A ROSAT medium-sensitivity Galactic plane survey at 180 deg < l <280 deg. MORLEY J.E., BRIGGS K.R., PYE J.P., et al.
2001AGAb...18R.174P 1 ~ Al emission from massive stars in Cygnus. PLUESCHKE S., CERVINO M., DIEHL R., et al.
2001Ap.....44..216M 27 8 New H-alpha stars, HHL objects, and a cometary nebula. MELIKIAN N.D. and KARAPETIAN A.A.
2001Ap.....44..352H 73 T                   5 0 Brightness variation and proper motions of three objects in the Cygnus region. HARUTYUNIAN H.A. and MELIKIAN N.D.
2001Ap&SS.276..239R 7 2 LEGRI operations. Detectors and detectors stability. REGLERO V., BALLESTEROS F., BLAY P., et al.
2001SSRv...99..197D 16 1 Gamma-ray lines from CR source regions. DIEHL R.
2001SSRv...99..281P 2 4 28 Propagation, confinement models, and large-scale dynamical effects of galactic cosmic rays. PTUSKIN V.S.
2001AstL...27..233G 5 6 H I distribution in the region of the supernova remnant G78.2+2.1. GOSACHINSKIJ I.V.
2002A&A...382..291M 10 6 A new candidate supernova remnant in Cygnus. MAVROMATAKIS F. and STROM R.G.
2002A&A...392..869L 37   K                 71 46 Characteristics of new star cluster candidates in the
Cygnus area.
2002A&A...395..803A 171 42 A search for TeV gamma-ray emission from SNRs, pulsars and unidentified GeV sources in the Galactic plane in the longitude range between -2° and 85°. AHARONIAN F.A., AKHPERJANIAN A.G., BEILICKE M., et al.
2002A&A...396..533P 25 7 A new Wolf-Rayet star in Cygnus. PASQUALI A., COMERON F., GREDEL R., et al.
2002MNRAS.331..483B 1 5 17 Production of neutrons, neutrinos and gamma-rays by a very fast pulsar in the Galactic Centre region. BEDNAREK W.
2002PASP..114..260D 2 0 Astronomy with radioactivities. III. (Conference highlights). DIEHL R., HARTMANN D., HOPPE P., et al.
2002AGAb...19Q.100D 5 0 Nucleosynthesis constraints from gamma-ray line observations. DIEHL R., GEORGII R., IYUDIN A., et al.
2002BASI...30...73M 23 1 EGRET gamma-ray sources: observations and physics. MUKHERJEE R.
2002PSci..300...46G 8 0 L'essor de l'astronomie gamma. GRENIER I.
2002AstL...28..223L 9 19 Searches for the shell swept up by the stellar wind from Cyg OB2. LOZINSKAYA T.A., PRAVDIKOVA V.V. and FINOGUENOV A.V.
2002BaltA..11...75Z viz 312 11 Photometry and classification of stars along the Camelopardalis and Perseus border. ZDANAVICIUS J. and ZDANAVICIUS K.
2002NewAR..46..541C 1 1 Radioactive isotopes in star forming regions. CERVINO M., DIEHL R., KRETSCHMER K., et al.
2002NewAR..46..547D 11 18 26Al production in the Vela and Orion regions. DIEHL R.
2002NewAR..46..597S 8 0 SPI cosmic radioactivity measurements in perspective. SCHOENFELDER V.
2003A&A...397..693D 45 52 Near-IR echelle spectroscopy of Class I protostars: Mapping forbidden emission-line (FEL) regions in [FeII]. DAVIS C.J., WHELAN E., RAY T.P., et al.
2003A&A...399.1073K 3 6 67 Dust properties of the dark cloud IC 5146. Submillimeter and NIR imaging. KRAMER C., RICHER J., MOOKERJEA B., et al.
2003A&A...411...83B 13 36 Discovery of new Milky Way star cluster candidates in the 2MASS Point Source Catalog. II. Physical properties of the star cluster CC01. BORISSOVA J., PESSEV P., IVANOV V.D., et al.
2003A&A...411L.369D 74 T                   1 9 3 IBIS performances during the Galactic Plane Scan. I. The
Cygnus region.
2003A&A...411L.377B 75 T                   1 4 16 SPI/INTEGRAL observation of the
Cygnus region.
2003AJ....125.3208J 6 9 Grain alignment and the magnetic field geometry in the filamentary dark cloud GF 9. JONES T.J.
2003ApJ...585..785U 36 50 Radio polarization from the galactic plane in Cygnus. UYANIKER B., LANDECKER T.L., GRAY A.D., et al.
2003ApJ...588..331B 6 7 127 Interferometric detection of linear polarization from Sagittarius A* at 230 GHz. BOWER G.C., WRIGHT M.C.H., FALCKE H., et al.
2003ApJS..148....1B 55 25 4149 First-year Wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe (WMAP)(1) observations: preliminary maps and basic results. BENNETT C.L., HALPERN M., HINSHAW G., et al.
2003MNRAS.345..847B 11 32 Gamma-rays and cosmic rays from a pulsar in Cygnus OB2. BEDNAREK W.
2003ANS...324b..76K 74 T                   1 ~ Radioactive 26Al in the
Cygnus region.
2003ANS...324a.145B 6 ~ Propagation of charged particles from the Galactic Center. BEDNAREK W., GILLER M. and ZIELINSKA M.
2003BaltA..12..301C viz 145 16 Interstellar extinction in the direction of the Barnard 1 dark cloud in Perseus. CERNIS K. and STRAIZYS V.
2003BaltA..12..353E 189 4 Spectral classification of faint carbon stars. EGLITIS I., EGLITE M. and BALKLAVS A.
2003BaltA..12..471P 8 2 Setting up of the Stroemvil system. Standards and standard regions. PHILIP A.G.D., BOYLE R.P., STRAIZYS V., et al.
2003BaltA..12..616A 1 0 Near-infrared colors of carbon stars in Cygnus. ALKSNIS A. and ALKSNE Z.
2004A&A...424..571B 34 1 102 First detection of polarization of the submillimetre diffuse galactic dust emission by Archeops. BENOIT A., ADE P., AMBLARD A., et al.
2004AJ....128.2577F 1 15 66 Sloan Digital Sky Survey imaging of low galactic latitude fields: technical summary and data release. FINKBEINER D.P., PADMANABHAN N., SCHLEGEL D.J., et al.
2004ApJ...601L..75T 4 5 62 High-energy gamma rays from stellar associations. TORRES D.F., DOMINGO-SANTAMARIA E. and ROMERO G.E.
2004ApJ...604L..29B 5 2 30 The last gamma-ray burst in our galaxy? on the observed cosmic-ray excess at particle energy 1018 eV. BIERMANN P.L., MEDINA TANCO G.A., ENGEL R., et al.
2004ApJ...604..758C 6 7 127 Rotation of jets from young stars: new clues from the Hubble Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph. COFFEY D., BACCIOTTI F., WOITAS J., et al.
2004ApJ...610..402V 7 17 Separated at birth: the origin of the pulsars B2020+28 and B2021+51 in the Cygnus superbubble. VLEMMINGS W.H.T., CORDES J.M. and CHATTERJEE S.
2004ApJ...611L..29H 11 6 The galactic 26Al problem and the close binary type Ib/c supernova solution. HIGDON J.C., LINGENFELTER R.E. and ROTHSCHILD R.E.
2004ApJ...613.1023L 68 6 On the enhanced interstellar scattering toward B1849+005. LAZIO T.J.W.
2004ApJS..154..396Y 14 3 126 A ``Starless'' core that isn't: detection of a source in the L1014 dense core with the Spitzer Space Telescope. YOUNG C.H., JORGENSEN J.K., SHIRLEY Y.L., et al.
2004MNRAS.354..827S 8 4 Radio sources at low Galactic latitudes. SAIKIA D.J., THOMASSON P., ROY S., et al.
2004PASP..116.1072D 1 10 36 PSST: the Planet Search Survey Telescope. DUNHAM E.W., MANDUSHEV G.I., TAYLOR B.W., et al.
2004NewAR..48....7V 5 1 17 26Al yields from rotating Wolf-Rayet star models. VUISSOZ C., MEYNET G., KNOEDLSEDER J., et al.
2004NewAR..48...81D 14 12 26Al in galaxy regions : massive-star interactions with the ISM. DIEHL R., CERVINO M., HARTMANN D.H., et al.
2005A&A...429..613P 6 3 40 New estimates of the contribution of Wolf-Rayet stellar winds to the Galactic 26Al. PALACIOS A., MEYNET G., VUISSOZ C., et al.
2005A&A...436..313F 1 3 8 High-energy pulse profile of the transient X-ray pulsar SAX J2103.5+4545. FALANGA M., DI SALVO T., BURDERI L., et al.
2005A&A...441..261C 11 11 INTEGRAL observations of the Be/X-ray binary EXO 2030+375 during outburst. CAMERO ARRANZ A., WILSON C.A., CONNELL P., et al.
2005A&A...441..513K 2 51 217 The all-sky distribution of 511 keV electron-positron annihilation emission. KNOEDLSEDER J., JEAN P., LONJOU V., et al.
2005A&A...443..477I 12 7 Global Galactic distribution of the 1.275 MeV γ-ray line emission. IYUDIN A.F., BENNETT K., LICHTI G.G., et al.
2005ApJ...621..296T 4 5 47 INTEGRAL SPI limits on electron-positron annihilation radiation from the Galactic plane. TEEGARDEN B.J., WATANABE K., JEAN P., et al.
2005ApJ...625..167S 24 25 FUSE measurements of far-ultraviolet extinction. I. Galactic sight lines. SOFIA U.J., WOLFF M.J., RACHFORD B., et al.
2005ApJ...630L..41R 1 4 15 Deuterium abundance in the interstellar gas of the Galactic Anticenter from the 327 MHz line. ROGERS A.E.E., DUDEVOIR K.A., CARTER J.C., et al.
2005PASJ...57S...1D viz 5394 215 Atlas and catalog of dark clouds based on Digitized Sky Survey I. DOBASHI K., UEHARA H., KANDORI R., et al.
2006A&A...447..499V 14 19 Slow and fast components in the X-ray light curves of gamma-ray bursts. VETERE L., MASSARO E., COSTA E., et al.
2006A&A...447..769P 6 6 Calibration of the PRONAOS/SPM submillimeter photometer. PAJOT F., STEPNIK B., LAMARRE J.-M., et al.
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2006ApJ...637..283B 31 29 Interaction between the supernova remnant HB 21 and molecular clouds. BYUN D.-Y., KOO B.-C., TATEMATSU K., et al.
2006ApJ...639..227S viz 6 11 143 A catalog of Midcourse Space Experiment infrared dark cloud candidates. SIMON R., JACKSON J.M., RATHBORNE J.M., et al.
2006ApJ...643..238B viz 39 31 Deeper Chandra follow-up of Cygnus TeV source perpetuates mystery. BUTT Y.M., DRAKE J., BENAGLIA P., et al.
2006ApJ...646..965T 120 28 A comprehensive search for gamma-ray lines in the first year of data from the INTEGRAL spectrometer. TEEGARDEN B.J. and WATANABE K.
2006ApJ...649L..21B 20 12 On the nature of the hard X-ray source IGR J2018+4043. BYKOV A.M., KRASSILCHTCHIKOV A.M., UVAROV Y.A., et al.
2006Natur.439...45D 155 1 310 Radioactive 26Al from massive stars in the Galaxy. DIEHL R., HALLOIN H., KRETSCHMER K., et al.
1956MNRAS.116..443D 1 2 22 The relation between interstellar gas, dust and the emission from neutral hydrogen at 21 cm. DAVIES R.D.
2006ApJ...650..945P viz 21 16 Comparison of magnetic field structures on different scales in and around the filamentary dark cloud GF 9. POIDEVIN F. and BASTIEN P.
2006NewAR..50..530W 7 3 Scientific highlights from INTEGRAL. WINKLER C.
2006NewAR..50..534D 6 1 12 Measuring 26Al and 60Fe in the Galaxy. DIEHL R.
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2006PASP..118.1533T 13 15 The long-term behavior of the semiregular M supergiant variable BC Cygni. TURNER D.G., ROHANIZADEGAN M., BERDNIKOV L.N., et al.
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