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2012ApJ...755...42V 5 7 70 The PTF Orion project: a possible planet transiting a T-Tauri star. VAN EYKEN J.C., CIARDI D.R., VON BRAUN K., et al.
2013ApJ...774...53B 2 8 47 Measurement of spin-orbit misalignment and nodal precession for the planet around pre-main-sequence star PTFO 8-8695 from gravity darkening. BARNES J.W., VAN EYKEN J.C., JACKSON B.K., et al.
2014MNRAS.440.3392B 16       D               1 23 9 A window on exoplanet dynamical histories: Rossiter-McLaughlin observations of WASP-13b and WASP-32b. BROTHWELL R.D., WATSON C.A., HEBRARD G., et al.
2015ApJ...809...42C viz 346     A     X         9 12 16 Follow-up observations of PTFO 8-8695: a 3 Myr old T-Tauri star hosting a Jupiter-mass planetary candidate. CIARDI D.R., VAN EYKEN J.C., BARNES J.W., et al.
2015ApJ...812...48Y 163 T         X         3 8 19 Tests of the planetary hypothesis for
PTFO 8-8695b.
YU L., WINN J.N., GILLON M., et al.
2016A&A...585A...5B viz 41           X         1 339 83 Age consistency between exoplanet hosts and field stars. BONFANTI A., ORTOLANI S. and NASCIMBENI V.
2016MNRAS.457.3769H 125 T         X         2 2 6 A reappraisal of parameters for the putative planet
PTFO 8-8695b and its potentially precessing parent star.
2016AJ....152...61M 51           X         1 13 137 Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT). III. A short-period planet orbiting a pre-main-sequence star in the Upper Scorpius OB association. MANN A.W., NEWTON E.R., RIZZUTO A.C., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.2834R 756 T   A     X C       17 8 11 YETI observations of the young transiting planet candidate
CVSO 30 b.
2016A&A...593A..75S 893           X C       21 117 12 Direct Imaging discovery of a second planet candidate around the possibly transiting planet host CVSO 30. SCHMIDT T.O.B., NEUHAUSER R., BRICENO C., et al.
2017PASJ...69L...2O 165           X         4 7 4 Multi-color simultaneous photometry of the T-Tauri star with planetary candidate, CVSO 30. ONITSUKA M., FUKUI A., NARITA N., et al.
2018ApJ...852L..24L 251           X         6 7 1 Evidence that the planetary candidate CVSO30c is a background star from optical, seeing-limited data. LEE C.-H. and CHIANG P.-S.
2018ApJ...862...19Z 17       D               1 9 2 Size and strength of self-excited dynamos in Jupiter-like extrasolar planets. ZAGHOO M. and COLLINS G.W.
2018AJ....156...63U 42           X         1 12 11 Subaru/HiCIAO HKs imaging of LKHa 330: multi-band detection of the gap and spiral-like structures. UYAMA T., HASHIMOTO J., MUTO T., et al.
2018MNRAS.480L..28C 17       D               1 15 6 Gravitational waves from ultra-short period exoplanets. CUNHA J.V., SILVA F.E. and LIMA J.A.S.
2019A&A...629A...5C 919     A     X C       21 13 ~ X-ray emission in the enigmatic CVSO 30 system. CZESLA S., SCHNEIDER P.C., SALZ M., et al.
2020A&A...633A..28P 44           X         1 15 ~ MuSCAT2 multicolour validation of TESS candidates: an ultra-short-period substellar object around an M dwarf. PARVIAINEN H., PALLE E., ZAPATERO-OSORIO M.R., et al.
2020AJ....160...33R 94           X         2 8 62 TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). II. A 17 Myr old transiting hot Jupiter in the Sco-Cen association. RIZZUTO A.C., NEWTON E.R., MANN A.W., et al.
2020AJ....160...86B 148       D     X         4 26 ~ PTFO 8-8695: two stars, two signals, no planet. BOUMA L.G., WINN J.N., RICKER G.R., et al.
2019AcA....69..227S 85           X         2 205 ~ Mount Suhora high cadence photometric survey of T Tauri-type stars. SIWAK M., DROZDZ M., GUT K., et al.
2020PASJ...72...23T 305 T   A D S   X         6 13 ~ Evidence for planetary hypothesis for
PTFO 8-8695 b with five-year optical/infrared monitoring observations.
2022AJ....163..144G 93             C       1 24 16 Complex Modulation of Rapidly Rotating Young M Dwarfs: Adding Pieces to the Puzzle. GUNTHER M.N., BERARDO D.A., DUCROT E., et al.

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