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1984PASP...96..447C 5 11 The S 201 far-ultraviolet imaging survey: a summary of results and implications for future surveys. CARRUTHERS G.R. and PAGE T.
1985MNRAS.212..325M 5 15 A deep optical survey of a small region in Aquarius - II. Stellar spectroscopy. MORTON D.C., KRUG P.A. and TRITTON K.P.
1986A&AS...64...53R 9 24 Stellar populations in the Milky Way - Comparison of a synthetic model with star counts in nine fields. ROBIN A. and CREZE M.
1986ARA&A..24..577B 4 17 313 Star counts and galactic structure. BAHCALL J.N.
1987A&A...180...94B 10 6 243 The mass density in our galaxy. BIENAYME O., ROBIN A.C. and CREZE M.
1991MNRAS.250..780B 10 18 A model of the Galaxy in the ultraviolet. BROSCH N.
1992IBVS.3723....1H 4 6 A new variable in Aquarius. HUTTON R.G.
1992IBVS.3785....1S 71 T                   2 4 GSC 5198.00659, the new variable in Aquarius is a W UMA system. SCHIRMER J.
1994AJ....107..582C 1 9 67 Powerful model for the point source sky: far-ultraviolet and enhanced midinfrared performance. COHEN M.
2008AJ....135..348S viz 38           X         1 406 193 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey-II supernova survey: search algorithm and follow-up observations. SAKO M., BASSETT B., BECKER A., et al.
2007JRASC.101...35N 4 0 A Tale of Three Asteroids. NASON G.
2011ApJ...726L..19A viz 42           X         1 16 109 WASP-30b: a 61 MJup brown dwarf transiting a V = 12, F8 star. ANDERSON D.R., COLLIER CAMERON A., HELLIER C., et al.
2008JBAA..118..231B 15 0 Sky notes, 2008 august & september. BONE N.M.
2010JBAA..120..317M 5 0 NGC 7293 - the Helix nebula. MOORE S.L.
2011ARA&A..49..155P 40           X         1 21 79 Dark matter searches with astroparticle data. PORTER T.A., JOHNSON R.P. and GRAHAM P.W.
2012ApJ...755...35W 39           X         1 19 18 Tracing the origin of the Aquarius stream. I. WYLIE-DE BOER E., FREEMAN K., WILLIAMS M., et al.
2012A&A...544A..31V viz 117           X C       2 1117 8 The star catalogues of Ptolemaios and Ulugh Beg. Machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern Hipparcos catalogue. VERBUNT F. and VAN GENT R.H.
2012RAA....12..260S 39           X         1 34 1 Could bright gam-ray burst optical transients have been recorded historically ? STROM R.G., ZHAO F.-Y. and ZHANG C.-M.
2013AJ....146..154M 26     A               1 13 65 The solar neighborhood. XXX. Fomalhaut C. MAMAJEK E.E., BARTLETT J.L., SEIFAHRT A., et al.
2014ATel.6578....1V 119 T         X         2 3 ~ New cataclysmic variable in
Aquarius discovered by MASTER.
2016A&ARv..24....2M 41           X         1 76 ~ The extragalactic gamma-ray sky in the Fermi era. MASSARO F., THOMPSON D.J. and FERRARA E.C.
2017ApJ...839...52T viz 82           X         2 3 1 Accurate orbital solution for the new and metal-poor eclipsing binary Tycho 5227-1023-1. TRAVEN G., MUNARI U., DALLAPORTA S., et al.
2018ApJ...853...54S 42           X         1 29 5 The second nucleus of NGC 7727: direct evidence for the formation and evolution of an ultracompact dwarf galaxy. SCHWEIZER F., SEITZER P., WHITMORE B.C., et al.
2017MNRAS.472.1060D 42           X         1 64 64 The predicted luminous satellite populations around SMC- and LMC-mass galaxies - a missing satellite problem around the LMC? DOOLEY G.A., PETER A.H.G., CARLIN J.L., et al.
2018A&A...615A..64L 1573     A S   X C       36 6 6 Reignited star formation in dwarf galaxies that were quenched during reionization. LEDINAUSKAS E. and ZUBOVAS K.
2018ApJ...863..115V 43           X         1 7 10 On the origin of early solar system radioactivities: problems with the asymptotic giant branch and massive star scenarios. VESCOVI D., BUSSO M., PALMERINI S., et al.
2018MNRAS.479.3842K 42           X         1 78 10 Study of galaxies in the Eridanus void. Sample and oxygen abundances. KNIAZEV A.Y., EGOROVA E.S. and PUSTILNIK S.A.
2018ApJ...868...55M viz 42           X         1 170 116 The large-scale structure of the halo of the Andromeda galaxy. II. Hierarchical structure in the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey. McCONNACHIE A.W., IBATA R., MARTIN N., et al.
2019A&A...623A.129F viz 43           X         1 289 15 Gaia DR 2 and VLT/FLAMES search for new satellites of the LMC. FRITZ T.K., CARRERA R., BATTAGLIA G., et al.
2019MNRAS.487.5799R 767           X C F     16 35 59 Abundance matching with the mean star formation rate: there is no missing satellites problem in the Milky Way above M200 ∼ 109 M. READ J.I. and ERKAL D.
2019MNRAS.488.2917E 43           X         1 19 ~ Chandra observation of a cold front in Abell 2554. ERDIM M.K. and HUDAVERDI M.
2019ApJ...883..171H 43           X         1 54 5 On the absence of dark matter in dwarf galaxies surrounding the Milky Way. HAMMER F., YANG Y., WANG J., et al.
2019MNRAS.490.2183M 17       D               2 75 34 Search for RR Lyrae stars in DES ultrafaint systems: Grus I, Kim 2, Phoenix II, and Grus II. MARTINEZ-VAZQUEZ C.E., VIVAS A.K., GUREVICH M., et al.
2020A&A...634A..10H viz 1941     A     X C       44 62 ~ Kinematic and metallicity properties of the
Aquarius dwarf galaxy from FORS2 MXU spectroscopy.
2020A&A...643A..54S 87               F     2 22 17 Constraining the primordial magnetic field with dwarf galaxy simulations. SANATI M., REVAZ Y., SCHOBER J., et al.
2021A&A...650A.173S viz 18       D               3 120 7 Evolution of the atomic component in protostellar outflows. SPERLING T., EISLOFFEL J., FISCHER C., et al.

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