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2003A&A...411L.493A 39   K                 5 44 Probing the atmosphere of a solar-like star by galactic microlensing at high magnification. ABE F., BENNETT D.P., BOND I.A., et al.
2003AcA....53..291U 10 17 560 The optical gravitational lensing experiment. Real time data analysis systems in the OGLE-III survey. UDALSKI A.
2005A&A...439..645R 75 T                   4 17 Determination of stellar shape in microlensing event
MOA 2002-BLG-33.
2005A&A...440..647C viz 1 5 24 New grids of stellar models including tidal-evolution constants up to carbon burning. II. From 0.8 to 125 M: the Small Magellanic Cloud (Z=0.002-0.004). CLARET A.
2005MNRAS.361..300D 6 5 Lens binarity versus limb darkening in close-impact galactic microlensing events. DOMINIK M.
2006A&A...453..769C viz 2 5 29 New grids of stellar models including tidal-evolution constants up to carbon burning. III. From 0.8 to 125 M: the Large Magellanic Cloud (Z = 0.007-0.01). CLARET A.
2006A&A...455..315T 9 6 Resolving stellar atmospheres. I. The Hα line and comparisons to microlensing observations. THURL C., SACKETT P.D. and HAUSCHILDT P.H.
2006ApJ...645..271H 6 1 Determination of stellar ellipticities in future microlensing surveys. HAN C. and CHANG H.-Y.
2006MNRAS.365..792R 9 4 Interferometric visibility and closure phase of microlensing events with finite source size. RATTENBURY N.J. and MAO S.
2006A&A...460..277C         O           14 18 OGLE 2004-BLG-254: a K3 III Galactic bulge giant spatially resolved by a single microlens. CASSAN A., BEAULIEU J.-P., FOUQUE P., et al.
2008ApJ...689...53H 75             C       1 12 17 A characteristic planetary feature in double-peaked, high-magnification microlensing events. HAN C. and GAUDI B.S.
2009ApJ...690.1772P 40           X         1 16 80 Extended-source effect and chromaticity in two-point-mass microlensing. PEJCHA O.R. and HEYROVSKY D.
2010A&A...518A..51F 38           X         1 20 14 OGLE 2008-BLG-290: an accurate measurement of the limb darkening of a galactic bulge K giant spatially resolved by microlensing. FOUQUE P., HEYROVSKY D., DONG S., et al.
2011A&A...525A..15Z 38           X         1 16 27 Limb-darkening measurements for a cool red giant in microlensing event OGLE 2004-BLG-482. ZUB M., CASSAN A., HEYROVSKY D., et al.
2012ApJ...751...37C 116       S   X         2 12 2 A planetary lensing feature in caustic-crossing high-magnification microlensing events. CHUNG S.-J., HWANG K.-H., RYU Y.-H., et al.

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