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1850CDT..1784..227M 111 ~ Catalogue des nebuleuses et des amas d'etoiles. MESSIER C.
1911ApJ....33...58F 11 0 The spectra of spiral nebulae and globular star clusters. FATH E.A.
1917ApJ....45..225P 12 2 On the distribution of stars in twelve globular clusters. PEASE F.G. and SHAPLEY H.
1918ApJ....48..154S 78 81 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. VII. The distances, distribution in space, and dimensions of 69 globular clusters. SHAPLEY H.
1919ApJ....49..311S 15 11 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. XII. Remarks on the arrangement of the sidereal universe. SHAPLEY H.
1919ApJ....50...42S 40 0 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. XIII. The galactic planes in 41 globular clusters. SHAPLEY H. and SHAPLEY M.B.
1919ApJ....50..107S 106 8 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. XIV. Further remarks on the structure of the galactic system. SHAPLEY H. and SHAPLEY M.B.
1919ApJ....50..376L 43 0 Photographic effective wavelengths of nebulae and clusters. LUNDMARK K. and LINDBLAD B.
1925ApJ....61..353S 63 23 Analysis of radial velocities of globular clusters and non-galactic nebulae. STROMBERG G.
1931PYerO...6....1B 213 9 Micrometric measures of star clusters. BARNARD E.E.
1938ApJ....87..361N viz 64 T                   1 30 11 A study of the globular cluster
Messier 92.
1939PDDO....1..125S 60 6 A catalogue of 1116 variable stars in globular star clusters. SAWYER H.B.
1939ZA.....18...49H 64 T                   1 15 12 Der Aufbau des kugelformigen Sternhaufens
Messier 92.
1944BAN....10...55O 7 1 69 The periods of the 8, 9, 11 and 12 in the globular cluster M 92. OOSTERHOFF P.T.
1946ApJ...104..290M 40 115 The radial velocities of fifty globular star clusters. MAYALL N.U.
1952AJ.....57....4A 65 T                   1 4 29 The HR diagrams for the globular clusters
M 92 and M 3.
1952AJ.....57..222B 60 15 Globular clusters. I. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations in M 3 and M 92. BAUM W.A.
1953AJ.....58....4A 65 T                   1 28 55 The color-magnitude diagram of the globular cluster
M 92.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954AJ.....59..162S 11 75 The luminosity function for the globular cluster M 3. SANDAGE A.R.
1954ApJ...119..197W 65 T                   1 16 29 The mass of the globular cluster
M 92.
1955AJ.....60..197W 65 T                   1 17 19 A search for variable stars of small amplitude in M 3 and
M 92.
1955ApJS....2....1H 14 2 208 On the evolution of type II stars. HOYLE F. and SCHWARZSCHILD M.
1957AJ.....62..334V 24 4 RR Lyrae stars and galactic structure. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1959AJ.....64..441A 6 32 The absolute magnitudes, colors, and metal abundance of stars in globular clusters. ARP H.
1960ApJ...131..598S 63 252 Color-magnitude diagram for the disk globular cluster NGC 6356 compared with halo clusters. SANDAGE A. and WALLERSTEIN G.
1960MNRAS.121..232S 67 24 Photometry in the Magellanic clouds. III. The cluster NGC 1783. SANDAGE A.R. and EGGEN O.J.
1961ApJ...133..430W 41 51 The color-magnitude diagram of 47 Tuc. WILDEY R.L.
1962AJ.....67..769F 75 9 Distance to the Galactic Center from globular clusters. FERNIE J.D.
1962ApJ...136..748E 41 7 2040 Evidence from the motions of old stars that the galaxy collapsed. EGGEN O.J., LYNDEN-BELL D. and SANDAGE A.R.
1964IBVS...43....1K 66 T                   1 6 2 The elements of six RR Lyrae stars in
M 92.
1965IBVS..104....1K 67 T                   1 11 3 RR Lyrae variables in
M 92.
1966AJ.....71..276K 3 9 208 The structure of star clusters. IV. Photoelectric surface photometry in nine globular clusters. KING I.R.
1966ApJ...143..313S 67 T                   1 311 177 Three-color photometry of the bright stars in the globular cluster
M 92.
1966ApJ...143..809S 17 90 The horizontal-branch stars of the globular cluster NGC 6397. SEARLE L. and RODGERS A.W.
1966ApJ...144..978F 3 8 151 On the nature of the horizontal branch. I. FAULKNER J.
1966ApJ...144..995F 11 1 68 The evolution of population II stars. FAULKNER J. and IBEN I.Jr
1966MNRAS.134...59G 23 122 Colour-magnitude diagrams for nine globular-like clusters in the Magellanic Cloud. GASCOIGNE S.C.B.
1966IzPul.181...93K viz 231 5 An investifation of globular cluster M 13. KADLA Z.I.
1967BAN....19..275V 26 59 A discussion of the Ursa Minor dwarf galaxy based on plates obtained by Walter Baade. VAN AGT S.L.T.J.
1968AJ.....73..456K 52 148 The structure of star clusters. V. Star counts in 54 globular clusters. KING I.R., HEDMANN E., HODGE S.M., et al.
1968ApJ...153..101I 4 3 76 On the age and initial helium abandance of extreme population II stars. IBEN I.Jr and FAULKNER J.
1968ApJ...154..475H 27 139 A two-dimensional classification for galactic globular clusters. HARTWICK F.D.A.
1969ApJ...157..515S 67 T                   1 36 196 The reddening, age difference, and He abundance in the globular clusters M 3, M 13, M 15 and
M 92.
1969ApJ...158..225E 138 42 Narrow-and broad-band photometry of red stars. IV. Population separation in giant stars. EGGEN O.J.
1970ApJ...159..443N 67 T                   1 19 88 The blue horizontal branch stars of M 15,
M 92, M 13, M 3.
1970ApJ...159..605I 4 4 106 Metal-poor stars. I. Evolution from the main sequence to the giant branch. IBEN I.Jr and ROOD R.T.
1970ApJ...160..345W 26 41 On the incidence of Cepheids in globular clusters. WALLERSTEIN G.
1970ApJ...161..587I 9 5 288 Metal-poor stars. III. On the evolution of horizontal-branch stars. IBEN I.Jr and ROOD R.T.
1970ApJ...161..789N 7 27 The blue horizontal-branch stars of M 4. NEWELL E.B.
1970ApJ...162..841S 68 T                   1 108 720 Main-sequence photometry, color-magnitude diagrams, and ages for the globular clusters M 3, M 13, M 15 and
M 92.
1970ApJS...19..343W 34 18 A bibliography of color-magnitude diagrams for globular clusters. WHITE R.E.
1970MNRAS.149..179B 67 T                   1 9 10 Interpretation of the colour diagram of
M 92.
1971A&A....14..111S 42 24 Asymptotic giant and red giant branch stars in globular clusters. STROM S.E. and STROM K.M.
1971ApJ...164..469D 5 28 Advanced evolution of population II stars. II. The horizontal branch. DEMARQUE P. and MENGEL J.G.
1971ApJ...169..311V 12 3 231 On the masses, luminosities, and compositions of horizontal-branch stars. VAN ALBADA T.S. and BAKER N.
1971PASP...83..697I 2 8 108 Globular-cluster stars: results of theoretical evolution and pulsation studies compared with the observations. IBEN I.Jr
1972A&A....18..390Z 104 147 A search for UV-bright stars in 27 globular clusters. ZINN R.J., NEWELL E.B. and GIBSON J.B.
1972AJ.....77..354K 8 13 A search for neutral hydrogen high-velocity clouds in the directions of six globular clusters. KERR F.J. and KNAPP R.
1972MNRAS.156..207M 28 38 The globular cluster NGC 4833. MENZIES J.
1972ATsir.709....7K 67 T                   1 1 0 The interesting variable star in the surrounding of the globular cluster
M 92 (NGC 6341).
1972SvA....15..601K 67 T                   1 2 2 Distribution of red giants in the globular cluster
M 92.
1973A&A....25..409Z 67 T                   1 12 25 The unusual red giants in M 5, M 10 and
M 92.
1973AJ.....78..180R 24 133 Intrinsic colors of globular clusters in the UBV system. RACINE R.
1973ApJ...182..183Z 67 T                   1 28 69 The G-band anomaly of the asymptiotic-branch stars in
M 92.
1973ApJ...183..711S 1 72 460 The redshift-distance relation. V. Galaxy colors as functions of galactic latitude and redshift: observed colors compared with predicted distributions for various world models. SANDAGE A.
1973ApJ...184..211B 67 T                   1 23 28 The interpretation of the two-colour and colour-magnitude diagrams of M 15 and
M 92.
1973ApJ...184..815R 12 5 376 Metal-poor stars. V. Horizontal-branch morphology. ROOD R.T.
1973ApJ...186..725O 33 103 Measures of the physical properties of globular cluster giants. OSBORN W.
1973ApJS...26...37N 237 138 The evolutionary status of the blue halo stars. NEWELL E.B.
1973PASP...85..355H 3 11 The effects of a variation in the CNO abundances on the position of initial horizontal-branch models. HARTWICK F.D.A. and VANDENBERG D.A.
1973PDDO....3....6S viz 141 352 A third catalogue of variable stars in globular clusters comprising 2119 entries. SAWYER HOGG H.
1973SvA....16..540M 67 T                   1 14 ~ Globular cluster
M 92.
1974A&A....36..139C 5 6 On the nature of the 10 micron source in M 15. CALOI V. and PANAGIA N.
1974A&AS...13...55A 22 18 The globular cluster NGC 2298. ALCAINO G.
1974AJ.....79...31H 94 98 The integrated colors of globular clusters. HARRIS W.E. and VAN DEN BERGH S.
1974AJ.....79.1370C 68 T                   1 167 61 UBVR photometry of stars in the globular clusters
M 92, M 13 and 47 Tucanae.
1974ApJ...187..425P 122 6 4427 Formation of galaxies and clusters of galaxies by self-similar gravitational condensation. PRESS W.H. and SCHECHTER P.
1974ApJ...192L.161H 1 7 49 The unusual horizontal branch of NGC 2808. HARRIS W.E.
1974ApJ...193..593Z 38 63 Advanced evolution in globular clusters. I. The ultraviolet-bright stars in eight globular clusters. ZINN R.
1974ApJ...193..607B 9 34 UBVr colors for population II giants. BOHM-VITENSE E. and SZKODY P.
1974MNRAS.168..345W 5 24 A color-magnitude diagram of NGC 6752. WESSELINK A.J.
1975A&A....39..413F 3 6 117 On mass loss by stellar wind in population II red giants. FUSI PECCI F. and RENZINI A.
1975A&A....42..109W 110 115 The galactic halo: globular clusters. WOLTJER L.
1975AJ.....80...17B 45 167 Globular cluster colors and the cosecant law. BURSTEIN D. and McDONALD L.H.
1975AJ.....80..427P 99 458 The structure of stars. VI. Observed radii and structural parameters in globular clusters. PETERSON C.J. and KING I.R.
1975ApJ...200L..63C 1 9 58 Metal abundance of Draco and eight galactic globular clusters. CANTERNA R.
1975PASP...87..559B 12 37 On the color indices of giants and subgiants in globular clusters. BUTLER D.
1975LicOB.664....1B 44 0 Globular cluster colors and the cosecant law. BURSTEIN D. and McDONALD L.H.
1975SvA....18..742K 68 T                   1 1 1 Ultraviolet excess of stars in the globular cluster
M 92.
1975IAUS...69...99K 3 3 46 The structure of round stellar systems: observation and theory. KING I.R.
1976A&A....48..461C 8 8 The giant populations in globular clusters. CASTELLANI V.
1976AJ.....81..817K 59 60 Six-color photometry of globular clusters: another look at determinations of reddening and metal abundance. KRON G.E. and GUETTER H.H.
1976AJ.....81..975C 68 T                   1 221 54 Membership and internal motions in the globular cluster
M 92.
1976ApJ...203...97H 67 36 Metal-rich globular clusters in the galaxy. III. The "X-ray" globular clusters NGC 6441. HESSER J.E. and HARTWICK F.D.A.
1976ApJ...209L..25G 1 8 45 The age and chemical composition of the LMC cluster NGC 2209. GASCOIGNE S.C.B., NORRIS J., BESSELL M.S., et al.
1976ApJ...210..120B 14 45 Metal abundances of RR Lyrae variables in selected galactic star fields. I. Baade's window. BUTLER D., CARBON D. and KRAFT R.P.
1976MNRAS.176..633F 3 30 505 Effects of massive central black holes on dense stellar systems. FRANK J. and REES M.J.
1976S&T....51..363H 43 0 Deep-sky wonders. HOUSTON W.S.
1976SvA....20...49K 5 8 Axial ratio and position angle of major axis for five globular clusters. KADLA Z.I., RICHTER N., STRUGATSKAYA A.A., et al.
1977A&A....61..427C 3 3 54 CNO burning and the location of zero age horizontal branch stars. CASTELLANI V. and TORNAMBE A.
1977A&AS...29....9A 53 24 The meta-poor globular cluster NGC 4590. ALCAINO G.
1977AJ.....82..798H 62 83 Integrated colors of globular clusters in the Galaxy, Fornax, and M 31. HARRIS H.C. and CANTERNA R.
1977ApJ...214...21K 39 81 The Sculptor dwarf galaxy. Photoelectric sequence and a preliminary colour-magnitude diagram. KUNKEL W.E. and DEMERS S.
1977ApJ...214..502D 1 13 75 The theoretical red edge of the RR Lyrae gap. II. Dependence of the red edge on luminosity and composition, and observational consequences. DEUPREE R.G.
1977ApJ...215...62S 1 8 67 Faint photometry in M 15: the intrinsic width of the main sequence, the luminosity function, and the density gradient of faint field stars. SANDAGE A. and KATEM B.
1977ApJS...33..471H 143 247 Cyanogen strengths and ultraviolet excesses of evolved stars in 17 globular clusters from DDO photometry. HESSER J.E., HARTWICK F.D.A. and McCLURE R.D.
1977PASP...89..491A 132 42 Basic data for galactic globular clusters. ALCAINO G.
1978ApJ...219L.119C 18 72 The chemical abundances of extreme population II systems. CANTERNA R. and SCHOMMER R.A.
1978ApJ...220..453C 2 4 42 Spectra of giant stars in distant satellites of the galaxy. COWLEY A.P., HARTWICK F.D.A. and SARGENT W.L.W.
1978ApJ...221..512H 1 34 177 Radial velocities for outlying satellites and their implications for the mass of the galaxy. HARTWICK F.D.A. and SARGENT W.L.W.
1978ApJ...222..165C 70 T                   1 27 297 Infrared photometry, bolometric magnitudes, and effective temperatures for giants in M 3, M 13,
M 92 and M 67.
1978ApJ...223..487C 7 7 259 Abundances in globular cluster red giants. I. M 3 and M 13. COHEN J.G.
1978ApJ...223..707S 6 12 373 The color-absolute magnitude relation for E and S0 galaxies. II. New colors magnitudes and types for 405 galaxies. SANDAGE A. and VISVANATHAN N.
1978ApJ...223..824A 2 14 199 Calibration of metallicity effects on the integrated colors of globular clusters and early-type galaxies. AARONSON M., COHEN J.G. and MOULD J.
1978ApJ...224..412P 15 34 Observations of CO in globular cluster stars. PILACHOWSKI C.A.
1978ApJ...225..148B 85 229 Studies of RR Lyrae variables stars in the unusual globular cluster omega Centuri. I. Spectroscopic observations. BUTLER D., DICKENS R.J. and EPPS E.
1978ApJ...225..357S 18 19 1737 Compositions of halo clusters and the formation of the galactic halo. SEARLE L. and ZINN R.
1978ApJ...225..804R 19 12 Radio sources in globular cluster fields. ROOD R.T., TURNER K.C. and GOLDSTEIN S.J.
1978MNRAS.182p..61G 68 T                   1 39 ~ Radial velocities of stars in the field of the globular cluster M 10, M 12, M 71 and
M 92.
1978MNRAS.184p..55M 24 ~ Further evidence of mass loss from globular cluster stars. MALLIA E.A. and PAGEL B.E.J.
1979ApJ...227..499F 29 82 Infrared colors, CO band strengths, and physical parameters for giants in M 71. FROGEL J.A., PERSSON S.E. and COHEN J.G.
1979ApJ...229..604B 70 T                   1 9 101 Carbon abundances in red giant stars in the globular clusters
M 92 and NGC 6397.
1979ApJ...231L..19H 78 75 On the abundance gradient in the galactic halo. HARRIS W.E. and CANTERNA R.
1979ApJ...232..428D 23 64 Carbon and nitrogen abundances in red giant stars in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae. DICKENS R.J., BELL R.A. and GUSTAFSSON B.
1979MNRAS.186..875H 6 4 136 A pratical method to improve luminosity calibrations from trigonometric parallaxes. HANSON R.B.
1980A&A....88..354G 18 6 Radio observations of globular clusters and Galactic Bulge X-ray sources. GOPAL-KRISHNA and STEPPE H.
1980AJ.....85..408S 68 T                   1 62 61 Calcium abundances in giant stars of the globular clusters M 3, M 13, M 15 and
M 92.
1980AJ.....85..415K 4 14 The giant stars of the Draco Dwarf galaxy. I. Photometry exploration spectroscopy. KINMAN T.D. and KRAFT R.P.
1980AJ.....85..680A 14 44 The main sequence of the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 6397. ALCAINO G. and LILLER W.
1980AJ.....85.1330A 34 46 The main sequence of the metal-poor globular cluster M 30 (NGC 7099). ALCAINO G. and LILLER W.
1980AJ.....85.1592A 13 38 The main sequence of the globular cluster NGC 288. ALCAINO G. and LILLER W.
1980ApJ...241..602Z 85 206 The globular cluster system of the Galaxy. II. The spatial and metallicity distributions, the second parameter phenomenon, and the formation of the cluster system. ZINN R.
1980ApJ...241..981C 2 13 156 Abundances in globular cluster red giants. III. M 71, M 67, and NGC 2420. COHEN J.G.
1980ApJS...42..481C 2 8 87 The ages and distances of eight globular clusters. CARNEY B.W.
1980IAUS...85...81H 114 39 The galactic distance scale: globular clusters. HARRIS W.E.
1980IAUS...85..281D 22 68 Ages and abundances of globular clusters and the oldest open clusters. DEMARQUE P.
1980IAUS...85..385C 9 26 Chemical properties of individual globular clusters. COHEN J.G.
1980IAUS...85..465P 5 0 Fundamental temperatures and surface gravities for HB stars in the field and in globular clusters. PHILIP A.G.D.
1980IUE80......415H 54 ~ Highly-evolved stars. HEAP S.R.
1981A&A...103..386C 12 12 Far ultraviolet investigation of three nuclei of globular clusters. CALOI V., CASSATELLA A., CASTELLANI V., et al.
1981AJ.....86.1480A 15 27 The main sequence of the globular cluster NGC 3201. ALCAINO G. and LILLER W.
1981ApJ...246..136M 9 28 Strengths of spectral features of giant stars in outlying halo clusters. McCLURE R.D. and HESSER J.E.
1981ApJ...248L..31P 12 31 Circumstellar winds in globular cluster giants. PETERSON R.C.
1981ApJ...248..177N 59 129 The cyanogen distribution of M 4 and the possible connection between horizontal branch morphology and chemical inhomogeneity. NORRIS J.
1981ApJS...45..259W 90 142 A catalog of radial velocities in galactic globular clusters. WEBBINK R.F.
1981CSCAS.C......0R 132 23 Catalogue of star clusters and associations. Suppl. 1 to the 2nd edition. RUPRECHT J., BALAZS B. and WHITE R.E.
1982A&A...113...39B 88 30 Search for (globular) clusters in M 31. III. Structural properties: X-ray sources and comparison with galactic globulars. BATTISTINI P., BONOLI F., BUONANNO R., et al.
1982AJ.....87.1679H viz 819 115 A kinematic and abundance survey at the galactic poles. HARTKOPF W.I. and YOSS K.M.
1982AJ.....87.1739P 12 26 A new search technique for M and C stars. PALMER L.G. and WING R.F.
1982ApJ...252..553S 1 56 481 The Oosterhoff period groups and the age of globular clusters. III. The age of the globular cluster system. SANDAGE A.
1982ApJ...252..574S 2 6 75 The Oosterhoff period groups and the age of globular clusters. IV. Field RR Lyrae stars: age of the galactic disck. SANDAGE A.
1982ApJ...255..122B 9 29 A comment on the metal abundance of the globular cluster M 71. BELL R.A. and GUSTAFSSON B.
1982ApJ...261..576S 49 57 Metal abundances of RR Lyrae stars in globular clusters. SMITH H.A. and PERKINS G.J.
1982ApJ...262..145L 116 32 X-ray illumination of globular cluster puzzles. LIGHTMAN A.P. and GRINDLAY J.E.
1982ApJ...263..187P 1 9 53 Abundances of the elements in six stars in the globular cluster M 22. PILACHOWSKI C., WALLERSTEIN G., LEEP E.M., et al.
1982ApJS...49..207C 69 T                   1 76 225 Carbon and nitrogen abundances in giant stars of the metal-poor globular cluster
M 92.
1982MNRAS.198..173F 76 123 The form of the galactic globular cluster system and the distance to the galactic centre. FRENK C.S. and WHITE S.D.M.
1982MNRAS.199..565F 108 156 An ellipticity-age relation for globular clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud - I. Measurements. FRENK C.S. and FALL S.M.
1982ATsir1219....4N 69 T                   1 2 0 Two stars with an UV excess in the region of the globular cluster
M 92.
1982IUE3r......525C 16 ~ Optical and ultraviolet observations of the X-ray globular cluster Bo 158 on M31. CACCIARI C., CASSATELLA A., BIANCHI L., et al.
1983A&A...125..359G 24 74 Ellipticity variations within some globular clusters of the galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds. GEYER E.H., HOPP U. and NELLES B.
1983A&A...126..372C 3 3 Stellar evolution of globular cluster giants in which the external layers are CNO-enriched. CHIEFFI A. and D'ANTONA F.
1983A&A...128...94B 3 15 284 Helium abundance in globular clusters: the R-method. BUZZONI A., FUSI PECCI F., BUONANNO R., et al.
1983A&A...128..190C 27 10 The galactic globular cluster system: the metallicity ranking and the second parameter problem. CAPUTO F.
1983A&AS...53....1B 69 T                   1 245 35 Positions, magnitudes, and colors for stars in the globular cluster
M 92.
1983AJ.....88..338I 61 155 Globular cluster orbits and the galactic mass distribution. INNANEN K.A., HARRIS W.E. and WEBBINK R.F.
1983AJ.....88.1146S 69 T                   1 47 37 On the intrinsic width and luminosity function of the
M 92 main sequence.
1983AJ.....88.1159S 69 T                   1 24 45 On the age of
M 92 and M 15.
1983AJ.....88.1330A 118 28 The main sequence of the globular cluster M 22. ALCAINO G. and LILLER W.
1983ApJ...264..206J 23 85 The ages and compositions of old clusters. JANES K. and DEMARQUE P.
1983ApJ...266...82S 1 6 40 Faint star studies in the Magellanic Clouds. I. RICHFLD photographic photometry in NGC 2257. STRYKER L.L.
1983ApJ...266..144T 28 120 Carbon and nitrogen abundances in giant stars of the metal-poor globular cluster M15. TREFZGER C.F., CARBON D.F., LANGER G.E., et al.
1983ApJ...272..627B 6 17 Some constraints n the color-magnitude diagram of giants in the galactic spheroid. BAHCALL J.N., SONEIRA R.M., MORTON D.C., et al.
1983ApJ...275..773F 1 33 248 Globular cluster giant branches and the metallicity scale. FROGEL J.A., COHEN J.G. and PERSSON S.E.
1983ApJS...51...29V 5 16 412 Star clusters and stellar evolution. I. Improved synthetic color-magnitude diagrams for the oldest clusters. VANDENBERG D.A.
1983MNRAS.202.1025G 68 3 1021 New light on faint stars - III. Galactic structure towards the South Pole and the Galactic thick disc. GILMORE G. and REID N.
1983MNRAS.204..249B 19 49 The abundance scale of the galactic globular clusters. BELL R.A. and GUSTAFSSON B.
1983PASP...95..256H 181 49 Radial velocities of stars in M 12 (NGC 6218) and M 56 (NGC 6779) and UV-bright stars in globular clusters. HARRIS H.C., NEMEC J.M. and HESSER J.E.
1983ATsir1293....1R 11 0 The brightness distribution in globular clusters. RASTORGUEV A.S., MIRONOV A.V. and NAUMOVA E.V.
1983AZh....60...44Z 101 1 Integrated photometry of globular clusters in the Vilnius system. ZDANAVICIUS K.V.
1983AN....304..305N 55 6 On eccentricities of globular cluster galactocentric orbits. NINKOVIC S.
1983Ap&SS..91...99B 91 113 DDO integrated photometry of globular clusters and initial chemical evolution of the galaxy. BICA E.L.D. and PASTORIZA M.G.
1983BICDS..24...65W 1011 0 Errata in magnitudes of stars in AGK3. WILLSTROP R.V.
1983LicOB.933....1T 2 0 Carbon and nitrogen abundances in giant stars of the metal-poor globular cluster M 15. TREFZGER C.F., CARBON D.F., LANGER G.E., et al.
1983MmSAI..54....7H 7 9 Some observational aspects of early enrichment in the galactic halo. HESSER J.E.
1983MmSAI..54..129D 1 1 Waht should zero metal red giants look like ? D'ANTONA F., KURUCZ R., MAZZITELLI I., et al.
1983MmSAI..54..153C 18 0 Helium versus metals in galactic globular clusters. CAPUTO F.
1983MmSAI..54..173D 2 7 77 CNO self-pollution in globular clusters; a model and its possible observational tests. D'ANTONA F., GRATTON R. and CHIEFFI A.
1983MmSAI..54..199V 102 13 The radii of globular clusters. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1983MmSAI..54..419C 35 1 Far ultraviolet observations of population II. CALOI V. and CASTELLANI V.
1983MmSAI..54..789C 22 1 Ultraviolet properties of galactic globular clusters. CALOI V., CASTELLANI V. and GALLUCCIO D.
1983MmSAI..54..837C 7 0 IUE observations of Magellanic cloud clusters. COHEN J.G., RICH R.M. and PERSSON S.E.
1983Natur.305..506K 28 11 Main-sequence binaries, contact binaries, and blue stragglers in globular clusters. KROLIK J.H.
1983PZ.....21..827K 70 T                   1 1 7 Variable stars in the globular cluster
M 92.
1983PASAu...5..214R 3 0 Spectroscopic studies of the stellar population in Baade's window. RUELAS-MAYORGA R.A. and HYLAND A.R.
1983RMxAA...8...29B 21 8 Spectral evolution of galaxies. II. An atlas of IUE spectra of late type stars and nearby early type stellar systems. BRUZUAL G.A.
1984A&A...132...11G 91 30 H-alpha emission in old giants. GRATTON R.G., PILACHOWSKI C.A. and SNEDEN C.
1984A&A...132..361V 76 6 The formation of close-binary systems in globular clusters. VAN DER WOERD H. and VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
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