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1962ApJS....7....1L viz 1829 890 Catalogue of dark nebulae. LYNDS B.T.
1986A&A...160..157M 1 15 109 Radio observations of CH in three dark nebulae and the correlation of CH with optical extinction and molecular hydrogen. MATTILA K.
1986ApJ...306L.109H 2 13 111 A molecular cloud in the local, hot interstellar medium. HOBBS L.M., BLITZ L. and MAGNANI L.
1987ApJ...312L..31H 36   K                 3 22 A hard X-ray source in the nearest molecular cloud. HALPERN J.P. and PATTERSON J.
1987ApJS...63..645U 163 353 A CO survey of the dark nebulae in Perseus, Taurus and Auriga. UNGERECHTS H. and THADDEUS P.
1988AGAb....1R..27Z 70 T                   1 4 0 L 1453/
L1457 : a compact nearby cloud with very wide molecular lines.
1988BAAS...20.1031P 3 1 Sub-parsec clumping in the nearby molecular cloud MBM 12. POUND M.W., BANIA T.M. and WILSON R.W.
1988ComAp..12..287K 20 6 X-ray observations with the Ginga satellite. KOYAMA K.
1989A&AS...80..127F 251 9 Stroemgren and H-beta photometry of stars earlier than G0 in 5 areas containing high latitude molecular clouds. FRANCO G.A.P.
1989ApJ...345..346C 35   K                 6 11 The optical counterpart of the X-ray source H 0253+193 : a distant, high-luminosity RS Canum Venaticorum system. CLEMENS D.P. and LEACH R.W.
1989BAAS...21..793C 70 T                   1 2 ~ The X-ray source H 0253+193 towards
L1457 : not a T Tauri star, but adistant, high luminosity RS CVn system.
1989BAAS...21.1183H 2 0 An X-ray pulsar in the nearest molecular cloud. HALPERN J.P. and PATTERSON J.
1989IAUC.4745....0T 70 T                   1 2 ~ X-ray pulsar in the direction of
Lynds 1457.
1989PASJ...41..651T 71 T                   1 1 6 Ginga observation of X-ray emission from the dark cloud
Lynds 1457.
1990A&A...232..367B 3 8 Is the X-ray pulsar H0253+193 a neutron star spun down in a molecular cloud ? BHATT H.C.
1990A&A...238..337Z 72 T                   4 34 A complete CO map of the nearest molecular cloud,
L 1457.
1990ApJ...351..165P 3 5 72 Subparsec clumping in the nearby molecular cloud MBM 12. POUND M.W., BANIA T.M. and WILSON R.W.
1990ApJ...357..602M 11 22 A search for T Tauri stars in high-latitude molecular clouds. I. IRAS sources and CCD imaging. MAGNANI L., CAILLAULT J.-P. and ARMUS L.
1990ApJ...361..173P 105 T K                 1 12 19 On the nature of the X-ray pulsar near
Lynds 1457.
1991ApJ...377..240K 36   K                 3 12 An X-ray pulsator in the direction of molecular cloud MBM 12 (Lynds 1457). KOYAMA K., TAKANO S., TAWARA Y., et al.
1992ApJ...399..634B 4 15 On the evolution of slowly accreting neutron stars. BLAES O.M., BLANDFORD R.D., MADAU P., et al.
1992ApJ...400..665Z 6 15 The infrared counterpart of the eclipsing X-ray binary H 0253+193. ZUCKERMAN B., BECKLIN E.E., McLEAN I.S., et al.
1992MNRAS.257...57B 28 16 Polarization measurements of stars in the region of the nearby molecular cloud MBM 12. BHATT H.C. and JAIN S.K.
1992AcA....42..377B 2 1 The infrared counterpart of the X-ray source 1H 0253+193. BOISSON C., HAMEURY J.-M. and LASOTA J.P.
1992AGAb....7...44Z 70 T                   1 0 Small scale structure in
1992AGAb....7...84R 6 0 Multi-transition studies of CO in molecular clouds. ROEHRIG R., HERBERTZ R., ZIMMERMANN T., et al.
1993RPPh...56.1209W 23 26 Interstellar molecules. WINNEWISSER G. and HERBST E.
1995A&AS..113..325H viz 262 42 Distance measurements of Lynds galactic dark nebulae. HILTON J. and LAHULLA J.F.
1995ApJ...443L..49A 107 T K                 15 7 The magnetic field in Lynds 1457: multiband photopolarimetry. ANDERSSON B.-G. and WANNIER P.G.
1995ApJ...443..169M 35 45 A new method for determining the CO to H2 conversion factor for translucent clouds. MAGNANI L. and ONELLO J.S.
1996ApJ...457L..35P 9 10 Interferometric observations at 2.7 millimeters of the nearest T Tauri stars. POUND M.W.
1996MNRAS.282..699A 1 3 11 Infrared photometry of the intermediate polar XY Arietis (H0253+193). ALLAN A., HELLIER C. and RAMSEYER T.F.
1997A&A...327..755P viz 95 2 Search for H2O maser emission from high-latitude IRAS sources. PALLA F., CODELLA C., VALDETTARO R., et al.
1997ApJ...475..642M 108 T K                 6 26 The
L1457 molecular/atomic cloud complex: H I and CO maps.
1997MNRAS.291...71H 1 11 39 The size of the accretion region in intermediate polars: eclipses of XY Arietis observed with RXTE. HELLIER C.
1998A&A...329..249K 4 20 291 Clump mass spectra of molecular clouds. KRAMER C., STUTZKI J., ROEHRIG R., et al.
1998A&A...336L..53T 110 T K                 1 7 [CII]158 and [OI]63µm ISO-Observations of
1998AGAb...14...15H 5 0 ROSAT PSPC observations of T Tauri stars in MBM12. HEARTY T., NEUHAEUSER R. and STELZER B.
1999ApJ...527..285B 15 6 271 Turbulent flow-driven molecular cloud formation: a solution to the post-t Tauri problem?. BALLESTEROS-PAREDES J., HARTMANN L. and VAZQUEZ-SEMADENI E.
1999Ap&SS.261..107L 6 ~ The signatures of structured winds in T Tauri stars. LAGO M.T.V.T., GAMEIRO J.F., COSTA V.M., et al.
2000A&A...353.1044H viz 100 44 ROSAT PSPC observations of T Tauri stars in MBM 12. HEARTY T., NEUHAEUSER R., STELZER B., et al.
2000A&A...357..681H 45 55 The distance to the nearest star-forming clouds: MBM 12 and MBM 20. HEARTY T., FERNANDEZ M., ALCALA J.M., et al.
2000ApJ...536..357M 19 42 Dense molecular clouds in the Galactic Center region. II. Statistical properties of the Galactic Center molecular clouds. MIYAZAKI A. and TSUBOI M.
2001A&A...374..288S         O           31 10 Interstellar extinction in the California Nebula region. STRAIZYS V., CERNIS K. and BARTASIUTE S.
2001ApJ...550L.197J 24 26 Protoplanetary disks in the nearest star-forming cloud: mid-infrared imaging and optical spectroscopy of MBM 12 members. JAYAWARDHANA R., WOLK S.J., BARRADO Y NAVASCUES D., et al.
2001ApJ...552..601K 45 35 A submillimeter view of star formation near the H II region KR 140. KERTON C.R., MARTIN P.G., JOHNSTONE D., et al.
2001ApJ...560..287L 128 59 On the MBM 12 young association. LUHMAN K.L.
2001ApJ...561..238H 5 5 Neutral atomic carbon in intermediate-velocity clouds. HEITHAUSEN A., WEISS A., KERP J., et al.
2002A&A...383..591H 4 2 25 Gravitationally bound cores in a molecular cirrus cloud. HEITHAUSEN A., BERTOLDI F. and BENSCH F.
2002A&A...383..631D viz 15       D               3330 41 A catalogue of dust clouds in the Galaxy. DUTRA C.M. and BICA E.
2002A&A...391..693L 28 35 Comparative chemistry of diffuse clouds. IV: CH. LISZT H. and LUCAS R.
2002AJ....124.2164A viz 110 T K                 204 22 A spectroscopic and photometric survey of stars in the field of
L1457: a new distance determination.
2002ApJ...571L..51J 1 13 40 Discovery of an edge-on disk in the MBM 12 young association. JAYAWARDHANA R., LUHMAN K.L., D'ALESSIO P., et al.
2002ApJ...579..289I 9 13 Photoelectric heating and [C II] cooling of high galactic latitude translucent clouds. INGALLS J.G., REACH W.T. and BANIA T.M.
2002PASJ...54..405C 8 6 Interstellar gas mass functions: fractality and scale dependence. CASUSO E. and BECKMAN J.
2002BaltA..11..219K viz 37   K                 162 3 Photometric investigation of the MBM 12 molecular cloud area in Aries. I. Photoelectric photometry. KAZLAUSKAS A., CERNIS K., LAUGALYS V., et al.
2002BaltA..11..231S viz 37   K                 161 18 Photometric investigation of the MBM 12 molecular cloud area in Aries. II. Cloud distance. STRAIZYS V., CERNIS K., KAZLAUSKAS A., et al.
2003ApJ...586L.141I 12 16 Interferometric observations of the T Tauri stars in the MBM 12 cloud. ITOH Y., SUGITANI K., FUKUDA N., et al.
2003ApJ...593L.101H 13 13 Indications for grain growth and mass decrease in cold dust disks around classical T Tauri stars in the MBM 12 young association. HOGERHEIJDE M.R., JOHNSTONE D., MATSUYAMA I., et al.
2004A&A...418..131K viz 913 29 Far-infrared loops in the 2nd Galactic Quadrant. KISS C., MOOR A. and TOTH L.V.
2004AJ....128.1331S 4 5 An observation of the intermediate polar XY Arietis with Chandra. SALINAS A. and SCHLEGEL E.M.
2004ARA&A..42..119V 87 222 ISO spectroscopy of gas and dust : from molecular clouds to protoplanetary disks. VAN DISHOECK E.F.
2005PASJ...57S...1D viz 15       D               5394 307 Atlas and catalog of dark clouds based on Digitized Sky Survey I. DOBASHI K., UEHARA H., KANDORI R., et al.
2005BaltA..14..555S 37   K                 132 0 Photometric investigation of the MBM 12 molecular cloud area in Aries. III. CCD photometry. STRAIZYS V., ZDANAVICIUS J., ZDANAVICIUS K., et al.
2007PASJ...59S...9S 84           X         1 4 379 The X-ray telescope onboard Suzaku. SERLEMITSOS P.J., SOONG Y., CHAN K.-W., et al.
2007PASJ...59S.141S 43           X         1 6 75 Suzaku observations of the local and distant hot ISM. SMITH R.K., BAUTZ M.W., EDGAR R.J., et al.
2008A&A...477..547K 38           X         1 25 33 Clumpy photon-dominated regions in Carina. I. [CI] and mid-J CO lines in two 4'x4' fields. KRAMER C., CUBICK M., ROELLIG M., et al.
2010ApJ...721..686P 311           X C       7 14 189 The relation between gas and dust in the Taurus molecular cloud. PINEDA J.L., GOLDSMITH P.F., CHAPMAN N., et al.
2010A&A...521L..58H 953 T   A D     X C       24 13 4 A candidate protostellar object in the L 1457/MBM 12 cloud. HEITHAUSEN A. and BOETTNER C.
2011MNRAS.416.1250B 77           X         2 15 3 Multiwavelength observations of cirrus clouds in the north celestial loop: physical parameters of molecular sites. BARRIAULT L., JONCAS G. and PLUME R.
2011MNRAS.416.2341K 38           X         1 31 29 Confirmation of the VeLLO L1148-IRS: star formation at very low (column) density. KAUFFMANN J., BERTOLDI F., BOURKE T.L., et al.
2011ApJ...743..174I 39           X         1 16 34 Spitzer infrared spectrograph detection of molecular hydrogen rotational emission towards translucent clouds. INGALLS J.G., BANIA T.M., BOULANGER F., et al.
2012ApJ...746...11K 39           X         1 22 3 AzTEC 1.1 mm observations of the MBM12 molecular cloud. KIM M.J., KIM S., YOUN S., et al.
2012ApJ...760..147Q viz 39           X         1 15 25 13CO cores in the Taurus molecular cloud. QIAN L., LI D. and GOLDSMITH P.F.
2012A&A...547A..85B viz 116           X C       2 23 0 Molecular gas and stars in the translucent cloud MBM 18 (LDN 1569). BRAND J., WOUTERLOOT J.G.A. and MAGNANI L.
2014A&A...572A..20L 16       D               1 292 24 Dust properties inside molecular clouds from coreshine modeling and observations. LEFEVRE C., PAGANI L., JUVELA M., et al.
2015A&A...584A..92M viz 79         O   C       1 4726 28 Galactic cold cores. IV. Cold submillimetre sources: catalogue and statistical analysis. MONTILLAUD J., JUVELA M., RIVERA-INGRAHAM A., et al.
2017MNRAS.466..129J 41           X         1 16 5 CXOGBS J174954.5-294335: a new deeply eclipsing intermediate polar. JOHNSON C.B., TORRES M.A.P., HYNES R.I., et al.
2018A&A...612A..71J 123           X         3 45 13 Herschel and SCUBA-2 observations of dust emission in a sample of Planck cold clumps. JUVELA M., HE J., PATTLE K., et al.
2018MNRAS.476.4442N viz 41           X         1 29 4 Polarization of seven MBM clouds at high Galactic latitude. NEHA S., MAHESWAR G., SOAM A., et al.
2018MNRAS.477.4035Z 41           X         1 15 1 A long serendipitous XMM-Newton observation of the intermediate polar XY Ari1. ZENGIN CAMURDAN D., BALMAN S. and BURWITZ V.
2021ApJS..256...46S viz 17       D               1 87 7 The extinction and distance of the MBM molecular clouds at high galactic latitude. SUN M., JIANG B., ZHAO H., et al.
2021ApJ...920..103X 131           X C       2 68 2 Planck Galactic Cold Clumps at high Galactic latitude-a study with CO lines. XU F., WU Y., LIU T., et al.
2022A&A...658A.131Z 45           X         1 23 1 Chemical exploration of Galactic cold cores. ZHOU C., VASTEL C., MONTILLAUD J., et al.
2023MNRAS.524.3314A 93           X         2 34 ~ Dynamical mass of the white dwarf in XY Ari: a test for intermediate polar X-ray spectral models. ALVAREZ-HERNANDEZ A., TORRES M.A.P., RODRIGUEZ-GIL P., et al.

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