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2003A&A...397..575P viz 6208 39 The Liverpool-Edinburgh high proper motion survey. POKORNY R.S., JONES H.R.A. and HAMBLY N.C.
2011AJ....142..138L viz 15       D               1 8897 232 An all-sky catalog of bright M dwarfs. LEPINE S. and GAIDOS E.
2013AJ....146..134K viz 16       D               1 419755 301 The radial velocity experiment (RAVE): fourth data release. KORDOPATIS G., GILMORE G., STEINMETZ M., et al.
2013MNRAS.435.2161F viz 16       D               1 8411 18 A catalogue of bright (K < 9) M dwarfs. FRITH J., PINFIELD D.J., JONES H.R.A., et al.
2015AJ....149....5W viz 16       D               1 1773 104 The solar neighborhood. XXXV. Distances to 1404 M dwarf systems within 25 pc in the southern sky. WINTERS J.G., HAMBLY N.C., JAO W.-C., et al.
2017AJ....153...75K viz 16       D               1 451444 394 The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): fifth data release. KUNDER A., KORDOPATIS G., STEINMETZ M., et al.
2018AJ....155..176F viz 16       D               2 1583 5 URAT south parallax results. FINCH C.T., ZACHARIAS N. and JAO W.-C.
2019ApJ...874L...8K viz 17       D               1 1816 6 TESS Habitable Zone star Catalog. KALTENEGGER L., PEPPER J., STASSUN K., et al.
2019ApJ...883L..40K 84               F     1 44 ~ The habitability of GJ 357d: possible climate and observability. KALTENEGGER L., MADDEN J., LIN Z., et al.
2019ApJ...884..160V 169           X         4 16 45 Flaring activity of Proxima Centauri from TESS observations: quasiperiodic oscillations during flare decay and inferences on the habitability of Proxima b. VIDA K., OLAH K., KOVARI Z., et al.
2019AJ....158..243P viz 17       D               1 160 18 A search for multiplanet systems with TESS using a Bayesian N-body retrieval and machine learning. PEARSON K.A.
2019ApJ...887..261M viz 17       D               3 329 29 Exomoons in the habitable zones of M dwarfs. MARTINEZ-RODRIGUEZ H., CABALLERO J.A., CIFUENTES C., et al.
2019NatAs...3.1099G 1933 T   A D     X C       45 8 84 A super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the nearby and quiet M dwarf
2020MNRAS.495..962C 809 T K A D     X C       18 5 ~ Properties of sub-Neptune atmospheres:
TOI-270 system.
2020AJ....160....3C viz 44           X         1 35 58 A pair of TESS planets spanning the radius valley around the nearby mid-M dwarf LTT 3780. CLOUTIER R., EASTMAN J.D., RODRIGUEZ J.E., et al.
2020A&A...638A..16T 86           X         2 16 18 The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Dynamical characterization of the multiple planet system GJ 1148 and prospects of habitable exomoons around GJ 1148 b. TRIFONOV T., LEE M.H., KURSTER M., et al.
2020AJ....160...83S viz 17       D               1 451371 83 The sixth Data Release of the Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE). II. Stellar atmospheric parameters, chemical abundances, and distances. STEINMETZ M., GUIGLION G., McMILLAN P.J., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.1726M viz 102       D     X         3 337 26 A search for transiting planets around FGKM dwarfs and subgiants in the TESS full frame images of the Southern ecliptic hemisphere. MONTALTO M., BORSATO L., GRANATA V., et al.
2020A&A...641A..23P 43           X         1 24 23 GJ 273: on the formation, dynamical evolution, and habitability of a planetary system hosted by an M dwarf at 3.75 parsec. POZUELOS F.J., SUAREZ J.C., DE ELIA G.C., et al.
2020AJ....160..259S viz 85               F     1 23 11 A mini-Neptune and a radius valley planet orbiting the nearby M2 dwarf TOI-1266 in its Venus zone: validation with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder. STEFANSSON G., KOPPARAPU R., LIN A., et al.
2021AJ....161...13W 44           X         1 13 11 TOI 122b and TOI 237b: two small warm planets orbiting inactive M dwarfs found by TESS. WAALKES W.C., BERTA-THOMPSON Z.K., COLLINS K.A., et al.
2021AJ....161...77W 44           X         1 11 ~ Departure from the exact location of mean motion resonances induced by the gas disk in systems observed by Kepler. WANG S., LIN D.N.C., ZHENG X., et al.
2021AJ....161..247F 670       D     X C       15 35 12 NEMESIS: Exoplanet transit Survey of nearby M-dwarfs in TESS FFIs. I. FELIZ D.L., PLAVCHAN P., BIANCO S.N., et al.
2021A&A...649A...6G viz 17       D               1 89188 168 Gaia Early Data Release 3. The Gaia Catalogue of Nearby Stars. GAIA COLLABORATION, SMART R.L., SARRO L.M., et al.
2021MNRAS.504.5788R 17       D               1 105 14 Characterization of 92 southern TESS candidate planet hosts and a new photometric [Fe/H] relation for cool dwarfs. RAINS A.D., ZERJAL M., IRELAND M.J., et al.
2021ApJS..254...39G viz 87             C       1 2256 165 The TESS Objects of Interest Catalog from the TESS Prime Mission. GUERRERO N.M., SEAGER S., HUANG C.X., et al.
2021AJ....162..167F viz 261           X         6 19 7 TOI-1749: an M dwarf with a trio of planets including a near-resonant pair. FUKUI A., KORTH J., LIVINGSTON J.H., et al.
2021MNRAS.507.2154V 2003 T K A D S   X C F     43 40 53 Masses and compositions of three small planets orbiting the nearby M dwarf
L231-32 (
TOI-270) and the M dwarf radius valley.
2021AJ....162..174C viz 17       D               1 37 19 A more precise mass for GJ 1214 b and the frequency of multiplanet systems around mid-M dwarfs. CLOUTIER R., CHARBONNEAU D., DEMING D., et al.
2021ApJ...923..144P 44           X         1 10 9 Detecting biosignatures in the atmospheres of gas dwarf planets with the James Webb Space Telescope. PHILLIPS C.L., WANG J., KENDREW S., et al.
2022MNRAS.509.4817G 108       D         F     3 25 17 PROSE: a PYTHON framework for modular astronomical images processing. GARCIA L.J., TIMMERMANS M., POZUELOS F.J., et al.
2022MNRAS.510.4134P 18       D               1 32 2 The terrestrial planet formation around M dwarfs: insitu, inward migration, or reversed migration. PAN M., WANG S. and JI J.
2022MNRAS.510.5464K 1120 T   A D     X   F     24 15 5 Transit timings variations in the three-planet system:
2022A&A...658A..31N 45           X         1 46 16 The PLATO field selection process. I. Identification and content of the long-pointing fields. NASCIMBENI V., PIOTTO G., BORNER A., et al.
2022AJ....163..151S 108       D       C       4 67 6 The LHS 1678 System: Two Earth-sized Transiting Planets and an Astrometric Companion Orbiting an M Dwarf Near the Convective Boundary at 20 pc. SILVERSTEIN M.L., SCHLIEDER J.E., BARCLAY T., et al.
2022AJ....164...96C viz 45           X         1 38 13 TOI-1452 b: SPIRou and TESS Reveal a Super-Earth in a Temperate Orbit Transiting an M4 Dwarf. CADIEUX C., DOYON R., PLOTNYKOV M., et al.
2022A&A...665A.120C 90           X         2 59 12 A detailed analysis of the Gl 486 planetary system. CABALLERO J.A., GONZALEZ-ALVAREZ E., BRADY M., et al.
2022Sci...377.1211L viz 91           X         2 35 50 Density, not radius, separates rocky and water-rich small planets orbiting M dwarf stars. LUQUE R. and PALLE E.
2022A&A...666A.155C viz 45           X         1 16 3 TOI-1468: A system of two transiting planets, a super-Earth and a mini-Neptune, on opposite sides of the radius valley. CHATURVEDI P., BLUHM P., NAGEL E., et al.
2023MNRAS.519.6028R 868     A S   X C       17 86 7 Exoplanet atmosphere evolution: emulation with neural networks. ROGERS J.G., MUNOZ C.J., OWEN J.E., et al.
2023ApJ...944L..35G 187           X         4 13 2 A Second Earth-sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of the M Dwarf, TOI-700. GILBERT E.A., VANDERBURG A., RODRIGUEZ J.E., et al.
2023AJ....165...84M 653           X C       13 19 1 Hubble Space Telescope Transmission Spectroscopy for the Temperate Sub-Neptune TOI-270 d: A Possible Hydrogen-rich Atmosphere Containing Water Vapor. MIKAL-EVANS T., MADHUSUDHAN N., DITTMANN J., et al.
2023AJ....165...93T 47           X         1 7 ~ TESS Discovery of Twin Planets near 2:1 Resonance around Early M Dwarf TOI 4342. TEY E., HUANG C.X., KUNIMOTO M., et al.
2023MNRAS.522.3201S 93               F     1 8 ~ Distinguishing a planetary transit from false positives: a Transformer-based classification for planetary transit signals. SALINAS H., PICHARA K., BRAHM R., et al.
2023A&A...674A.137L 19       D               1 122 ~ Quantitative correlation of refractory elemental abundances between rocky exoplanets and their host stars. LIU Z. and NI D.
2023MNRAS.523.3090T viz 233           X C F     3 23 3 TESS and CHEOPS discover two warm sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf HD 15906. TUSON A., QUELOZ D., OSBORN H.P., et al.
2023AJ....166...94M 19       D               2 105 ~ exoMMR: A New Python Package to Confirm and Characterize Mean Motion Resonances. MacDONALD M.G., POLANIA VIVAS M.S., D'ANGIOLILLO S., et al.
2023ApJS..269...31E 19       D               1 140 ~ Exploring the Ability of Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 G141 to Uncover Trends in Populations of Exoplanet Atmospheres through a Homogeneous Transmission Survey of 70 Gaseous Planets. EDWARDS B., CHANGEAT Q., TSIARAS A., et al.
2023ApJ...958L..21L 93               F     1 24 ~ Tidal Dissipation Regimes among the Short-period Exoplanets. LOUDEN E.M., LAUGHLIN G.P. and MILLHOLLAND S.C.
2023A&A...679A..33D 47           X         1 19 ~ A compact multi-planet system transiting HIP 29442 (TOI-469) discovered by TESS and ESPRESSO Radial velocities lead to the detection of transits with low signal-to-noise ratio. DAMASSO M., RODRIGUES J., CASTRO-GONZALEZ A., et al.
2023ApJ...959...64H 93           X         2 24 ~ Characterizing the Near-infrared Spectra of Flares from TRAPPIST-1 during JWST Transit Spectroscopy Observations. HOWARD W.S., KOWALSKI A.F., FLAGG L., et al.
2024A&A...682A..66B viz 50           X         1 67 ~ Characterising TOI-732 b and c: New insights into the M-dwarf radius and density valley. BONFANTI A., BRADY M., WILSON T.G., et al.
2024A&A...683L...2H 480     A     X C       9 9 ~ Possible Hycean conditions in the sub-Neptune
TOI-270 d.

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