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2016ApJ...818...46M 676     A     X C       16 13 134 Zodiacal Exoplanets In Time (ZEIT). I. A Neptune-sized planet orbiting an M4.5 dwarf in the Hyades star cluster. MANN A.W., GAIDOS E., MACE G.N., et al.
2016AJ....151..112D 204           X C       4 14 44 New Pleiades eclipsing binaries and a Hyades transiting system identified by K2. DAVID T.J., CONROY K.E., HILLENBRAND L.A., et al.
2016AJ....152...61M 90           X         2 13 137 Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT). III. A short-period planet orbiting a pre-main-sequence star in the Upper Scorpius OB association. MANN A.W., NEWTON E.R., RIZZUTO A.C., et al.
2016ApJS..226....7C viz 40           X         1 400 165 197 candidates and 104 validated planets in K2's first five fields. CROSSFIELD I.J.M., CIARDI D.R., PETIGURA E.A., et al.
2016AJ....152..223O 105     A     X         3 22 37 K2 discovers a busy bee: an unusual transiting Neptune found in the Beehive cluster. OBERMEIER C., HENNING T., SCHLIEDER J.E., et al.
2017AJ....153...64M 207           X C       4 28 117 Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT). IV. Seven transiting planets in the Praesepe cluster. MANN A.W., GAIDOS E., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2017AJ....153..177P 42           X         1 21 27 A low-mass exoplanet candidate detected by K2 transiting the Praesepe M dwarf JS 183. PEPPER J., GILLEN E., PARVIAINEN H., et al.
2017AJ....153..256R 16       D               1 24 23 A multi-planet system transiting the V = 9 rapidly rotating F-star HD 106315. RODRIGUEZ J.E., ZHOU G., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2017AJ....153..267M 41           X         1 42 16 The gold standard: accurate stellar and planetary parameters for eight Kepler M dwarf systems enabled by parallaxes. MANN A.W., DUPUY T., MUIRHEAD P.S., et al.
2017MNRAS.470.4337C 18       D               1 27 59 Stability of multiplanetary systems in star clusters. CAI M.X., KOUWENHOVEN M.B.N., PORTEGIES ZWART S.F., et al.
2017AJ....154..224R viz 41           X         1 3476 62 Zodiacal Exoplanets In Time (ZEIT). V. A uniform search for transiting planets in young clusters observed by K2. RIZZUTO A.C., MANN A.W., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2018AJ....155....4M 86           X         2 16 75 Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT). VI. A three-planet system in the Hyades cluster including an Earth-sized planet. MANN A.W., VANDERBURG A., RIZZUTO A.C., et al.
2018AJ....155...10C 208           X C       4 30 60 K2-136: a binary system in the Hyades Cluster hosting a Neptune-sized planet. CIARDI D.R., CROSSFIELD I.J.M., FEINSTEIN A.D., et al.
2018AJ....155..173C viz 16       D               1 62 17 K2-231 b: a sub-Neptune exoplanet transiting a solar twin in Ruprecht 147. CURTIS J.L., VANDERBURG A., TORRES G., et al.
2018MNRAS.478.1193K 42           X         1 29 40 The XUV environments of exoplanets from Jupiter-size to super-Earth. KING G.W., WHEATLEY P.J., SALZ M., et al.
2018AJ....156...46V 41           X         1 18 12 Zodiacal Exoplanets In Time (ZEIT). VII. A temperate candidate super-earth in the Hyades cluster. VANDERBURG A., MANN A.W., RIZZUTO A., et al.
2018AJ....156..302D 41           X         1 117 10 Discovery of a transiting adolescent sub-Neptune exoplanet with K2. DAVID T.J., MAMAJEK E.E., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2019A&A...624A.110F 42           X         1 64 34 Survival rates of planets in open clusters: the Pleiades, Hyades, and Praesepe clusters. FUJII M.S. and HORI Y.
2019AJ....157..242E viz 17       D               1 371 71 An updated study of potential targets for Ariel. EDWARDS B., MUGNAI L., TINETTI G., et al.
2019MNRAS.488..633V 17       D               1 148 ~ Can we detect aurora in exoplanets orbiting M dwarfs? VIDOTTO A.A., FEENEY N. and GROH J.H.
2019MNRAS.488.3067H 84               F     1 21 4 WASP-166b: a bloated super-Neptune transiting a V = 9 star. HELLIER C., ANDERSON D.R., TRIAUD A.H.M.J., et al.
2019AJ....158..143H 92             C       1 13 108 Wotan: comprehensive time-series detrending in Python. HIPPKE M., DAVID T.J., MULDERS G.D., et al.
2019MNRAS.489.4311C 18       D               1 43 49 On the survivability of planets in young massive clusters and its implication of planet orbital architectures in globular clusters. CAI M.X., PORTEGIES ZWART S., KOUWENHOVEN M.B.N., et al.
2020AJ....159...32T 1388 T   A     X C       31 3 ~ Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT). IX. A flat transmission spectrum and a highly eccentric orbit for the young Neptune
K2-25b as revealed by Spitzer.
THAO P.C., MANN A.W., JOHNSON M.C., et al.
2019ApJ...887..261M viz 17       D               1 329 29 Exomoons in the habitable zones of M dwarfs. MARTINEZ-RODRIGUEZ H., CABALLERO J.A., CIFUENTES C., et al.
2020AJ....159...83K viz 1473     A     X C       34 6 ~ The young planetary system K2-25: constraints on companions and starspots. KAIN I.J., NEWTON E.R., DITTMANN J.A., et al.
2020AJ....159..100S viz 44           X         1 44 45 A sub-Neptune-sized planet transiting the M2.5 dwarf G 9-40: validation with the Habitable-zone Planet Finder. STEFANSSON G., CANAS C., WISNIEWSKI J., et al.
2020AJ....159..239G viz 272       D     X         7 1408 ~ Updated parameters and a new transmission spectrum of HD 97658b. GUO X., CROSSFIELD I.J.M., DRAGOMIR D., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.4924N viz 43           X         1 130 34 A PSF-based Approach to TESS High quality data Of Stellar clusters (PATHOS) - II. Search for exoplanets in open clusters of the Southern ecliptic hemisphere and their frequency. NARDIELLO D., PIOTTO G., DELEUIL M., et al.
2020AJ....160..126G 17       D               1 45 ~ TYCHO: realistically simulating exoplanets within stellar clusters. I. Improving the Monte Carlo approach. GLASER J.P., McMILLAN S.L.W., GELLER A.M., et al.
2020MNRAS.498L.119G 613 T     D     X C       13 6 ~ Zodiacal exoplanets in time - XI. The orbit and radiation environment of the young M dwarf-hosted planet
2020A&A...641A.170S viz 298           X C       6 796 ~ Occurrence rate of exoplanets orbiting ultracool dwarfs as probed by K2. SESTOVIC M. and DEMORY B.-O.
2020AJ....160..179M 44           X         1 44 65 TESS hunt for young and maturing exoplanets (THYME). III. A two-planet system in the 400 Myr Ursa Major group. MANN A.W., JOHNSON M.C., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2020AJ....160..192S viz 4880 T   A S   X C       112 13 28 The Habitable Zone Planet Finder reveals a high mass and low obliquity for the young Neptune
2021AJ....161..119R viz 45           X         1 20 22 The TESS-Keck survey. IV. A retrograde, polar orbit for the ultra-low-density, hot super-Neptune WASP-107b. RUBENZAHL R.A., DAI F., HOWARD A.W., et al.
2020RAA....20...99Z 170           X         4 136 50 Atmospheric regimes and trends on exoplanets and brown dwarfs. ZHANG X.
2021AJ....161..181Z 88             C       1 18 31 No escaping helium from 55 Cnc e. ZHANG M., KNUTSON H.A., WANG L., et al.
2021A&A...648A.127B 17       D               1 98 23 Evidence for disequilibrium chemistry from vertical mixing in hot Jupiter atmospheres. A comprehensive survey of transiting close-in gas giant exoplanets with warm-Spitzer/IRAC. BAXTER C., DESERT J.-M., TSAI S.-M., et al.
2021A&A...650A..66B viz 87           X   F     1 45 28 Constraints on the mass and on the atmospheric composition and evolution of the low-density young planet DS Tucanae A b. BENATTI S., DAMASSO M., BORSA F., et al.
2021MNRAS.505.3767N 17       D               1 134 15 A PSF-based Approach to TESS High quality data Of Stellar clusters (PATHOS) - IV. Candidate exoplanets around stars in open clusters: frequency and age-planetary radius distribution. NARDIELLO D., DELEUIL M., MANTOVAN G., et al.
2021AJ....162...82K viz 44           X         1 23 17 Nondetection of helium in the upper atmospheres of TRAPPIST-1b, e, and f. KRISHNAMURTHY V., HIRANO T., STEFANSSON G., et al.
2021AJ....162..116R 1681 T   A     X         38 9 9 A Lyα transit left undetected: the environment and atmospheric behavior of
2021MNRAS.506.2999S 44           X         1 2 ~ The distribution of mutual inclinations arising from the stellar quadrupole moment. SCHULTZ K., SPALDING C. and BATYGIN K.
2021ApJ...920..124O 87           X         2 16 15 Grain growth in escaping atmospheres: implications for the radius inflation of super-puffs. OHNO K. and TANAKA Y.A.
2021A&A...656A.124K viz 44           X         1 32 18 TOI-1201 b: A mini-Neptune transiting a bright and moderately young M dwarf. KOSSAKOWSKI D., KEMMER J., BLUHM P., et al.
2022AJ....163...67Z viz 46           X         1 16 29 Escaping helium from TOI 560.01, a young mini-Neptune. ZHANG M., KNUTSON H.A., WANG L., et al.
2022AJ....163..156M viz 46           X         1 29 33 TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). VI. An 11 Myr Giant Planet Transiting a Very-low-mass Star in Lower Centaurus Crux. MANN A.W., WOOD M.L., SCHMIDT S.P., et al.
2022ApJS..258...40K viz 18       D               1 180 21 ExoClock Project. II. A Large-scale Integrated Study with 180 Updated Exoplanet Ephemerides. KOKORI A., TSIARAS A., EDWARDS B., et al.
2022AJ....163..286B 90             C       1 18 3 TOI-1696 and TOI-2136: Constraining the Masses of Two Mini-Neptunes with the Habitable-Zone Planet Finder. BEARD C., ROBERTSON P., KANODIA S., et al.
2022AJ....163..289Z 45           X         1 63 7 A Mini-Neptune from TESS and CHEOPS Around the 120 Myr Old AB Dor Member HIP 94235. ZHOU G., WIRTH C.P., HUANG C.X., et al.
2022AJ....163..298M 179           X C       3 19 7 TOI-1696: A Nearby M4 Dwarf with a 3 R Planet in the Neptunian Desert. MORI M., LIVINGSTON J.H., DE LEON J., et al.
2022A&A...663A.122C 108       D         F     2 16 14 Irradiation-driven escape of primordial planetary atmospheres. II. Evaporation efficiency of sub-Neptunes through hot Jupiters. CALDIROLI A., HAARDT F., GALLO E., et al.
2022AJ....164..110F viz 45           X         1 10 9 AU Microscopii in the Far-UV: Observations in Quiescence, during Flares, and Implications for AU Mic b and c. FEINSTEIN A.D., FRANCE K., YOUNGBLOOD A., et al.
2022AJ....164..115N viz 18       D               1 67 9 TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME). VII. Membership, Rotation, and Lithium in the Young Cluster Group-X and a New Young Exoplanet. NEWTON E.R., RAMPALLI R., KRAUS A.L., et al.
2022A&A...664A.163N viz 18       D               1 148 11 The GAPS Programme at TNG. XXXVII. A precise density measurement of the young ultra-short period planet TOI-1807 b,. NARDIELLO D., MALAVOLTA L., DESIDERA S., et al.
2022ApJ...935..104M 45           X         1 24 9 Galactic Kinematics and Observed Flare Rates of a Volume-complete Sample of Mid-to-late M Dwarfs: Constraints on the History of the Stellar Radiation Environment of Planets Orbiting Low-mass Stars. MEDINA A.A., WINTERS J.G., IRWIN J.M., et al.
2022PASP..134h2001A viz 18       D               1 366 39 Stellar Obliquities in Exoplanetary Systems. ALBRECHT S.H., DAWSON R.I. and WINN J.N.
2022A&A...665A..91A 90               F     1 42 1 GJ 3090 b: one of the most favourable mini-Neptune for atmospheric characterisation. ALMENARA J.M., BONFILS X., OTEGI J.F., et al.
2022AJ....164..209M 242       D     X C       5 71 1 Color Dependence of the Transit Detectability of Young Active M Dwarfs. MIYAKAWA K., HIRANO T., SATO B., et al.
2022A&A...667A...1S viz 45           X         1 36 4 The HD 93963 A transiting system: A 1.04 d super-Earth and a 3.65 d sub-Neptune discovered by TESS and CHEOPS. SERRANO L.M., GANDOLFI D., HOYER S., et al.
2023MNRAS.518.4357O 653           X C       13 20 15 The fundamentals of Lyman α exoplanet transits. OWEN J.E., MURRAY-CLAY R.A., SCHREYER E., et al.
2023AJ....165...23T 93           X         2 11 2 Hazy with a Chance of Star Spots: Constraining the Atmosphere of Young Planet K2-33b. THAO P.C., MANN A.W., GAO P., et al.
2023ApJ...944L..41F 47           X         1 19 2 NEID Reveals That the Young Warm Neptune TOI-2076 b Has a Low Obliquity. FRAZIER R.C., STEFANSSON G., MAHADEVAN S., et al.
2023ApJS..265....4K viz 19       D               1 454 2 ExoClock Project. III. 450 New Exoplanet Ephemerides from Ground and Space Observations. KOKORI A., TSIARAS A., EDWARDS B., et al.
2023A&A...671A.163M 93           X         2 20 1 Dynamical masses of two young transiting sub-Neptunes orbiting HD 63433. MALLORQUIN M., BEJAR V.J.S., LODIEU N., et al.
2023AJ....165..200S 205       D     X         5 58 ~ Planetary Parameters, XUV Environments, and Mass-loss Rates for Nearby Gaseous Planets with X-Ray-detected Host Stars. SPINELLI R., GALLO E., HAARDT F., et al.
2023A&A...672A..77G 47           X         1 10 ~ Heating and ionization by non-thermal electrons in the upper atmospheres of water-rich exoplanets. GARCIA MUNOZ A.
2023A&A...673A...4B 93           X         2 20 ~ The young mini-Neptune HD 207496b that is either a naked core or on the verge of becoming one. BARROS S.C.C., DEMANGEON O.D.S., ARMSTRONG D.J., et al.
2023AJ....165..235M 187           X C       3 28 1 Hyades Member K2-136c: The Smallest Planet in an Open Cluster with a Precisely Measured Mass. MAYO A.W., DRESSING C.D., VANDERBURG A., et al.
2023A&A...674A.120A 19       D               1 189 1 DREAM II. The spin-orbit angle distribution of close-in exoplanets under the lens of tides. ATTIA O., BOURRIER V., DELISLE J.-B., et al.
2023A&A...676A.130G 19       D               1 70 ~ DREAM III. A helium survey in exoplanets on the edge of the hot Neptune desert with GIANO-B at TNG. GUILLUY G., BOURRIER V., JAZIRI Y., et al.
2023AJ....166...77R 140           X         3 13 ~ The Variable Detection of Atmospheric Escape around the Young, Hot Neptune AU Mic b. ROCKCLIFFE K.E., NEWTON E.R., YOUNGBLOOD A., et al.
2021RNAAS...5..238G 44           X         1 7 ~ Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT). XIV. He I Transit Spectroscopy of the 650 Myr Hyades Planet K2-136c. GAIDOS E., HIRANO T., OMIYA M., et al.
2023AJ....166..137R 19       D               1 81 ~ A Comparison of the Composition of Planets in Single-planet and Multiplanet Systems Orbiting M dwarfs. RODRIGUEZ MARTINEZ R., MARTIN D.V., GAUDI B.S., et al.
2023A&A...677A.164A 47           X         1 19 ~ Homogeneous search for helium in the atmosphere of 11 gas giant exoplanets with SPIRou. ALLART R., LEMEE-JOLIECOEUR P.-B., JAZIRI A.Y., et al.
2023A&A...680A..76M 93           X         2 51 ~ TOI-1801 b: A temperate mini-Neptune around a young M0.5 dwarf. MALLORQUIN M., GOFFO E., PALLE E., et al.

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