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1931AN....242..129H 327 53 316 neue Veranderliche. HOFFMEISTER C.
1933AN....249..253G 256 3 Benennung von veranderlichen Sternen. GUTHNICK P. and PRAGER R.
1947VeSon...1...43A 319 7 Die veraenderlichen Sterne der nordlichen Milchstrasse. Teil IV. AHNERT P., HOFFMEISTER C., ROHLFS E., et al.
1950AZh....27...41P 82 6 Uber die Massen von Bedeckungsveranderlichen mit bekannter Radialgeschwindigkeit nur des Hauptsterns. PARENAGO P.P.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15125 750 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1956ApJS....2..271M 2294 4 Stellar spectra in Milky Way regions. V. A region in Monoceros. McCUSKEY S.W.
1962PASP...74..129P 23 26 Notes on the spectra of eclipsing binaries. POPPER D.M.
1968AAHam...7..381W 71 1 Beobachtungen von 71 bekannten Veraenderlichen in der Umgebung des Kapteynschen Eichfeldes SA 98 (Monoceros). WACHMANN A.A.
1970ApJS...19..387A 3102 173 Catalog of individual radial velocities, 0h-12h, measured by astronomers of the Mount Wilson Observatory. ABT H.A.
1971AJ.....76..544L 217 450 Spectroscopic binaries with circular orbits. LUCY L.B. and SWEENEY M.A.
1976IBVS.1150....1A 9 4 Revised elements of eclipsing Stars. AHNERT P.
1976IBVS.1217....1T 68 T                   1 1 1 Remark on the period of
AU Monocerotis.
1976MitVS...7..155A 68 T                   1 1 0 Revidierte Elemente des Bedeckungsterns
AU Mon.
1977A&A....55..295L 3 5 Au Monocerotis: A possible rapid cyclic variation of its period. LORENZI L.
1977AJ.....82..216P 74 73 U, B, V photometric program on eclipsing binaries at Palomar and Kitt Peak. POPPER D.M. and DUMONT P.J.
1977IBVS.1348....1C 68 T                   1 2 4 A variable light curve in
AU Monocerotis.
1978PDAO...15..121B 974 273 Seventh catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. BATTEN A.H., FLETCHER J.M. and MANN P.J.
1979A&AS...36...25Y 307 4 Ein Vergleich der Bahnneigungen der raumlich Eng benachbarten spektroskopischen Doppelsternsysteme. YAVUZ I.
1980A&A....85..342L 70 T                   1 1 14 Mathematical analysis of some photometric peculiarities of
AU Monocerotis.
1980A&AS...40..271L 68 T                   1 5 9 Photoelectric observations of the variable star
AU Monocerotis.
1980AcA....30..501B viz 1051 191 A catalogue of parameters for eclipsing binaries. BRANCEWICZ H.K. and DWORAK T.Z.
1980IAUS...88..251P 17 80 IUE observations of long period eclipsing binaries: A study of accretion onto non-degenerate stars. PLAVEC M.J.
1981RMxAA...6..207S 69 T                   1 1 0 Ground-based and IUE spectral observations of
AU Monocerotis.
1982MNRAS.199..131G 70 T                   1 1 5
AU Mon: a semidetached binary system.
1982PASP...94..113S 69 T                   1 7 19 Ground based and IUE spectral observations of
AU Monocerotis.
1982PASP...94..945P 15 24 Spectroscopic material for RS CVN and Algol binaries. POPPER D.M.
1982AcA....32..431L 70 T                   1 1 6 Search for the elements of
AU Monocerotis.
1982IBVS.2162....1L 69 T                   1 1 0 Importance of UBV observations of
AU Mon during January-February 1983.
1982IUE82......534P 8 ~ Observations of mass accretion in binary stars. POLIDAN R.S. and PETERS G.J.
1982IUE82......538D 10 ~ Model fitting of the Algol binaries. DOBIAS J.J. and PLAVEC M.J.
1982IUE82......575P 9 ~ Mass loss at discrete velocities in Be stars : evidence for a non-radiatively driven wind. PETERS G.J.
1983A&A...125..388G 80 0 Mass transfer in close binary systems : original and remnant masses. GIURICIN G., MARDIROSSIAN F. and MEZZETTI M.
1983A&AS...51...77L 3 0 Normalized photoelectric observations for a three-dimensional representation of the light changes of RS Canum Venaticorum. LORENZI L., LATTANZI A. and SICILIANO F.
1983A&AS...54...55O 14       D               2494 447 Four-colour uvby and Hbeta photometry of A5 to G0 stars brighter than 8.3. OLSEN E.H.
1983A&AS...54..211G 987 25 Statistics of categorized eclipsing binary systems. Lightcurve shapes, periods, and spectral types. GIURICIN G., MARDIROSSIAN F. and MEZZETTI M.
1983ApJS...52...35G 103 95 General properties of Algol binaries. GIURICIN G., MARDIROSSIAN F. and MEZZETTI M.
1983ApJS...52..429W 301 49 A uvby, beta photometric survey of southern hemisphere eclipsing binary stars. WOLF W.G. and KERN J.T.
1983BAAS...15..915P 5 0 The high temperature accretion region in Algol binaries. PETERS G.J. and POLIDAN R.S.
1984A&A...131..152G 108 58 Synchronization in eclipsing binary stars. GIURICIN G., MARDIROSSIAN F. and MEZZETTI M.
1984ApJ...283..745P 3 4 65 Evidence for a high-temperature accretion region in Algol-type binary systems. PETERS G.J. and POLIDAN R.S.
1984BICDS..27...91B viz 415 34 A catalogue of classical (evolved) Algol-type binary candidate stars. BUDDING E.
1984IUE84......387P 5 0 Ultraviolet observations of circumstellar matter in algol type binary sytems. PETERS G.J. and POLIDAN R.S.
1985PASP...97..584B 60 15 Absolute parameters of stars in semidetached eclipsing binary systems. BUDDING E.
1985PASP...97..896C 2 0 Observations of Hubble's variable nebula. CHRISTY J.W. and McCARTHY D.W.Jr
1985IBVS.2704....1L 70 T                   1 1 5 Confirmation of the regular intrinsic variability of
AU Monocerotis.
1985IBVS.2706....1O 11 0 Comparison stars for some eclipsing binaries. OLSON E.C.
1985SAAOC...9...55K 53 80 Optical and infrared photometry of southern early-type shell stars and pre-main-sequence variables. KILKENNY D., WHITTET D.C.B., DAVIES J.K., et al.
1987BAAS...19..713P 70 T                   1 1 1 Circumstellar matter in the
AU Monocerotis system.
1988AJ.....96.1439O 5 14 Photometry of long-period Algol binaries. IV. KU Cygni and its thick, dusty accretion disk. OLSON E.C.
1989ApJS...71..595P 13 50 Radial velocities in 12 Algol binaries. POPPER D.M.
1989AcASn..30..135T 91 3 Statistical study of the rotation of Algols. TAN H.-S.
1989Afz....30..655E 70 T                   1 1 0 The atomic data of pseudo-resonance lines of Al II and Si II. Interpretation of UV spectra of
AU Mon.
1990AJ....100.1981V 37 45 Rotation statistics of Algol-type binaries and results on RY Geminorum, RW Monocerotis, and RW Tauri. VAN HAMME W. and WILSON R.E.
1990AcA....40..283C 18 1 The system of RS Sagittarii. CERRUTI M.A. and DE LAURENTI M.A.
1991A&AS...87..481M viz 457 78 Long-term photometry of variables at ESO. I. The first data catalogue (1982-1986). MANFROID J., STERKEN C., BRUCH A., et al.
1991BAAS...23..879P 8 1 Observations of CNO processing in massive interacting binary systems. POLIDAN R.S. and WADE R.A.
1991BAAS...23..902P 70 T                   1 1 2 Variations in the gas stream, disk and photosphere in
AU Monocerotis throughout its long-term light cycle.
1992A&AS...92..841K viz 14       D               546 21 Uvby-beta observations of 528 type B stars with V between the 8th and 9thmagnitude. KNUDE J.
1992KFNT....8d...3P 12 ~ Diagnostics of circumstellar gas in Algol-type binaries. PUSTYL'NIK I.B.
1993ApJS...86..255R 1 9 65 Circumstellar material in Algol: a study of the Balmer line profiles. RICHARDS M.T.
1995A&AS..114..269D viz 14       D               1 20881 127 Vitesses radiales. Catalogue WEB: Wilson Evans Batten. Radial velocities: The Wilson-Evans-Batten catalogue. DUFLOT M., FIGON P. and MEYSSONNIER N.
1995BaltA...4...64P 8 6 On accretion component of the flare activity in Algol. PUSTYLNIK I.
1997A&A...323L..49P viz 14       D               1 118218 2266 The Hipparcos Catalogue. PERRYMAN M.A.C., LINDEGREN L., KOVALEVSKY J., et al.
1997PASP..109.1237S 73 T                   1 3 The interacting eclipsing binary AU Monocerotis revisited. SAHADE J., FERRER O., GARCIA L.G., et al.
1997BASI...25..301S 16 0 My experiences as an astronomer and a survey of binary star research carried out at CASA. SARMA M.B.K.
1997IBVS.4442....1L 5 0 GSC 1657.1754: a new deeply eclipsing binary system in Delphinus. LLOYD C., JAMES N.D., BERTHOLD T., et al.
1998A&AS..128..441V 109 T K                 1 4
AU Monocerotis-improved elements.
1998A&AS..129..431H viz 14       D               38782 440 uvbyβ photoelectric photometric catalogue. HAUCK B. and MERMILLIOD M.
1998ApJ...500L..17P 7 16 ORFEUS-SPAS II observations of Algol-type interacting binaries. PETERS G.J. and POLIDAN R.S.
1999AJ....117..587P viz 131 45 Apsidal motion in double stars. I. Catalog. PETROVA A.V. and ORLOV V.V.
1999ApJ...512..345K 7 14 Analysis of the Si IV ultraviolet spectra of U sagittae. KEMPNER J.C. and RICHARDS M.T.
1999ApJS..123..537R 36   K                 23 68 Morphologies of Hα accretion regions in Algol binaries. RICHARDS M.T. and ALBRIGHT G.E.
1999IBVS.4676....1S 155 5 Identifications for Wachmann's variables in SA 98. SKIFF B.A.
2001AJ....121.2723V 48 23 Survey of Hα mass transfer structures in classical Algol-type binaries. VESPER D., HONEYCUTT K. and HUNT T.
2001ApJ...562..998S 34 13 Ultraviolet spectrophotometry of variable early-type Be and B stars derived from high-resolution IUE data. SMITH M.A.
2001BaltA..10..589A viz 2040 9 Stars with the largest Hipparcos photometric amplitudes. ADELMAN S.J.
2002BAVSR..51..124B 107 0 Einige interessante Bedeckungsveraenderliche. BUSCH H.
2003ApJ...594..496D 8 20 From the heart of the ghoul: C and N abundances in the Corona of Algol B. DRAKE J.J.
2004A&A...417..263B viz 2248 87 Catalogue of Algol type binary stars. BUDDING E., ERDEM A., CICEK C., et al.
2004A&A...424..727P viz 15       D               3572 256 SB9: The ninth catalogue of spectroscopic binary orbits. POURBAIX D., TOKOVININ A.A., BATTEN A.H., et al.
2006A&A...446..785M viz 6363 100 A catalogue of eclipsing variables. MALKOV O.Y., OBLAK E., SNEGIREVA E.A., et al.
2006MNRAS.371..303S 3 ~ Theoretical study of partial frequency redistribution function in irradiated, moving atmospheres of close binary components. SRINIVASA RAO M.
2006AstL...32..759G viz 15       D               35549 115 Pulkovo compilation of radial velocities for 35495 stars in a common system. GONTCHAROV G.A.
2007ApJ...656.1075M 4 3 26 Revealing the nature of Algol disks through optical and UV spectroscopy, synthetic spectra, and tomography of TT Hydrae. MILLER B., BUDAJ J., RICHARDS M., et al.
2007MNRAS.378..179B viz 15       D               276 34 A new catalogue of eclipsing binary stars with eccentric orbits. BULUT I. and DEMIRCAN O.
2007A&A...474..653V viz 15       D               1 117962 2595 Validation of the new Hipparcos reduction. VAN LEEUWEN F.
2007MmSAI..78..624P 16 4 CoRoT and asteroseismology. Preparatory work and simultaneous ground-based monitoring. PORETTI E., RAINER M., UYTTERHOEVEN K., et al.
2008AJ....136.1736G 758     A D S   X C       19 31 22 Rotational velocities of the components of 23 binaries. GLAZUNOVA L.V., YUSHCHENKO A.V., TSYMBAL V.V., et al.
2008BAVSM.192....1M 34 0 35 Visual Minimum Times of 34 Eclipsing Binaries. MEYER R.
2009RMxAC..35..166M 23     A               1 9 7 Unveiling the phenomenon of double periodic variables. MENNICKENT R.E. and KOLACZKOWSKI Z.
2009A&A...508.1375M 41         O X         1 5 39 HD 174884: a strongly eccentric, short-period early-type binary system discovered by CoRoT. MACERONI C., MONTALBAN J., MICHEL E., et al.
2010MNRAS.401..418D 2381 T K A D S   X C F     59 16 26 CoRoT photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy of the interacting eclipsing binary

AU Monocerotis
2010MNRAS.405.1930L viz 15       D               1 281 75 The most plausible explanation of the cyclic period changes in close binaries: the case of the RS CVn-type binary WW Dra. LIAO W.-P. and QIAN S.-B.
2010MNRAS.405.1947M 115           X         3 10 15 A study of the interacting binary V393Scorpii. MENNICKENT R.E., KOLACZKOWSKI Z., GRACZYK D., et al.
2010MNRAS.406.1071D 15       D               1 37 32 Spin angular momentum evolution of the long-period Algols. DERVISOGLU A., TOUT C.A. and IBANOGLU C.
2010AcA....60..179P viz 128 32 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The OGLE-III catalog of variable stars. X. Enigmatic class of double periodic variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud. POLESKI R., SOSZYNSKI I., UDALSKI A., et al.
2010MNRAS.409..329D 1030 T K A     X C       25 1 16 Accretion disc in the eclipsing binary
AU Mon.
2011NewA...16...68M 116           X C       2 11 5 Ten CoRoT eclipsing binaries: Photometric solutions. MACIEL S.C., OSORIO Y.F.M. and DE MEDEIROS J.R.
2011A&A...528A.147P viz 78           X         2 13 26 Monitoring a high-amplitude δ Scuti star for 152 days: discovery of 12 additional modes and modulation effects in the light curve of CoRoT 101155310. PORETTI E., RAINER M., WEISS W.W., et al.
2011MNRAS.414.2602D viz 2563 86 Random forest automated supervised classification of Hipparcos periodic variable stars. DUBATH P., RIMOLDINI L., SUVEGES M., et al.
2011MNRAS.415.2238G 39           X         1 8 4 TX UMa: new orbit, spin rotation and chemical composition of components. GLAZUNOVA L.V., MKRTICHIAN D.E. and ROSTOPCHIN S.I.
2011A&A...528A.146S 78           X         2 4 8 UX Monocerotis as a W Serpentis binary SUDAR D., HARMANEC P., LEHMANN H., et al.
2012AJ....143...28F viz 16       D               1 1543 2 High ionization species in the nearby interstellar medium from an exhaustive analysis of the IUE INES database. FREIRE FERRERO R., MORALES DURAN C., HALBWACHS J.-L., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.1472I 234     A D     X         7 47 11 Carbon deficiencies in the primaries of some classical algols. IBANOGLU C., DERVISOGLU A., CAKIRLI O., et al.
2012MNRAS.421..862M 211       D     X C       5 17 22 The evolution stage and massive disc of the interacting binary V 393 Scorpii. MENNICKENT R.E., DJURASEVIC G., KOLACZKOWSKI Z., et al.
2012A&A...546A..61D viz 16       D               1 87995 34 Radial velocities for the HIPPARCOS-Gaia Hundred-Thousand-Proper-Motion project. DE BRUIJNE J.H.J. and EILERS A.-C.
2012ApJ...760..134A 1973 T K A     X C       49 9 9 Modeling the accretion structure of
AU Mon.
2012MNRAS.427..343M viz 16       D               1 95591 129 Fundamental parameters and infrared excesses of Hipparcos stars. McDONALD I., ZIJLSTRA A.A. and BOYER M.L.
2013A&A...552A..63B 39           X         1 6 6 Fundamental stellar and accretion disc parameters of the eclipsing binary DQ Velorum. BARRIA D., MENNICKENT R.E., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., et al.
2013AN....334..860A viz 16       D               1 7236 19 Eclipsing variables: Catalogue and classification. AVVAKUMOVA E.A., MALKOV O.Yu. and KNIAZEV A.Yu.
2014A&A...567A.140B 278           X         7 8 5 Exploring the long-term variability and evolutionary stage of the interacting binary DQ Velorum. BARRIA D., MENNICKENT R.E., GRACZYK D., et al.
2014PASP..126..821M 1334 T   A S   X C       31 5 5 On the evolutionary stage of the interacting binary
AU Mon.
2013ChA&A..37...41Z 16       D               1 123 ~ A Binary evolution model with non-synchronous rotations. ZHANG R.-Y. and LI Y.
2014A&A...570A...8P 80               F     1 14 38 KIC 10526294: a slowly rotating B star with rotationally split, quasi-equally spaced gravity modes. PAPICS P.I., MORAVVEJI E., AERTS C., et al.
2014ApJ...795..160R 1009       D     X C       25 21 8 Images of gravitational and magnetic phenomena derived from two-dimensional back-projection Doppler tomography of interacting binary stars. RICHARDS M.T., COCKING A.S., FISHER J.G., et al.
2015A&A...573A.107H 136       D     X         4 27 4 Properties and nature of Be stars. 30. Reliable physical properties of a semi-detached B9.5e+G8III binary BR CMi = HD 61273 compared to those of other well studied semi-detached emission-line binaries. HARMANEC P., KOUBSKY P., NEMRAVOVA J.A., et al.
1993yCat.3135....0C viz 14       D               1 252868 16 VizieR Online Data Catalog: Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension, published in Ann. Harvard Obs. 91-100 (1918-1925) CANNON A.J. and PICKERING E.C.
2015A&A...575A..64N 40         O X         1 20 3 Efficiency of ETV diagrams as diagnostic tools for long-term period variations. II. Non-conservative mass transfer, and gravitational radiation. NANOURIS N., KALIMERIS A., ANTONOPOULOU E., et al.
2015MNRAS.448.1137M viz 40           X         1 16 9 Fundamental parameters of the close interacting binary HD 170582 and its luminous accretion disc. MENNICKENT R.E., DJURASEVIC G., CABEZAS M., et al.
2015A&A...577A..55D 16       D               1 34 16 Non-conservative evolution in Algols: where is the matter? DESCHAMPS R., BRAUN K., JORISSEN A., et al.
2015A&A...580A..23P viz 16       D               2 60822 40 A new catalogue of Stroemgren-Crawford uvbyβ photometry. PAUNZEN E.
1999MSS...C05....0H viz 14       D               1 31077 ~ Michigan catalogue of two-dimensional spectral types for the HD Stars, Vol. 5 HOUK N. and SWIFT C.
2016MNRAS.455.1728M 382       D     X         10 259 9 Interacting binaries W Serpentids and double periodic variables. MENNICKENT R.E., OTERO S. and KOLACZKOWSKI Z.
2016A&A...587A..30M 16       D               3 76 4 Search for systemic mass loss in Algols with bow shocks. MAYER A., DESCHAMPS R. and JORISSEN A.
2016A&A...592A.151V 569           X C       13 7 3 Accretion disks in Algols: Progenitors and evolution. VAN RENSBERGEN W. and DE GREVE J.P.
2016MNRAS.461.1674M 261       D     X   F     6 5 5 Doppler tomography of the Double periodic variable HD 170582 at low and high stage. MENNICKENT R.E., ZHARIKOV S., CABEZAS M., et al.
2016A&A...596A..49B viz 16       D               1 1818 2 A database of synthetic photometry in the GALEX ultraviolet bands for the stellar sources observed with the International Ultraviolet Explorer. BEITIA-ANTERO L. and GOMEZ DE CASTRO A.I.
2017A&A...598A..74P 83             C       1 19 25 Signatures of internal rotation discovered in the Kepler data of five slowly pulsating B stars. PAPICS P.I., TKACHENKO A., VAN REETH T., et al.
2017A&A...600A..33M 41           X         1 23 3 Physical properties of seven binary and higher-order multiple OB systems. MAYER P., HARMANEC P., CHINI R., et al.
2017A&A...602A.109S 247           X         6 28 8 A dynamo mechanism as the potential origin of the long cycle in double periodic variables. SCHLEICHER D.R.G. and MENNICKENT R.E.
2017MNRAS.471.2882W 82             C       1 44 9 Beyond the Kepler/K2 bright limit: variability in the seven brightest members of the Pleiades. WHITE T.R., POPE B.J.S., ANTOCI V., et al.
2018A&A...609A.108S viz 42           X         1 94 3 Stellar parameters of Be stars observed with X-shooter. SHOKRY A., RIVINIUS T., MEHNER A., et al.
2018ApJ...868...30P viz 84           X         2 8 ~ The dynamical mass and evolutionary status of the Type II Cepheid in the eclipsing binary system OGLE-LMC-T2CEP-211 with a double-ring disk. PILECKI B., DERVISOGLU A., GIEREN W., et al.
2019A&A...623A..72K viz 17       D               1 117248 ~ Stellar and substellar companions of nearby stars from Gaia DR2. Binarity from proper motion anomaly. KERVELLA P., ARENOU F., MIGNARD F., et al.
2019ApJ...875...13H 43           X         1 10 ~ A New look into putative duplicity and pulsations of the be star β CMi. HARMANEC P., SVANDA M., KORCAKOVA D., et al.
2019A&A...629A.105K 68     A     X         2 12 ~ Properties and nature of Be stars. 31. The binary nature, light variability, physical elements, and emission-line changes of HD 81357. KOUBSKY P., HARMANEC P., BROZ M., et al.
2019MNRAS.490.3158C viz 17       D               1 465832 ~ A catalogue of stellar diameters and fluxes for mid-infrared interferometry. CRUZALEBES P., PETROV R.G., ROBBE-DUBOIS S., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.5489M viz 17       D               2 125 ~ Semidetached double-lined eclipsing binaries: Stellar parameters and rare classes. MALKOV O.Y.
2020A&A...642A.183V 17       D               2 44 ~ Magnetic braking at work in binaries. VAN RENSBERGEN W. and DE GREVE J.P.
2020A&A...644A.121L 44           X         1 12 ~ Spectroscopic long-term monitoring of RZ Cas. I. Basic stellar and system parameters. LEHMANN H., DERVISOGLU A., MKRTICHIAN D.E., et al.
2021AJ....161...67W 90           X         2 3 ~ HD 63021: chromospheric activity and mass transfer in a close binary. WHELAN D.G., CHOJNOWSKI S.D., LABADIE-BARTZ J., et al.
2021ApJS..254...42B viz 18       D               1 115368 ~ The Hipparcos-Gaia Catalog of Accelerations: Gaia EDR3 edition. BRANDT T.D.
2021AJ....162...66R viz 18       D               1 12 ~ Stellar and accretion disk parameters of the close binary HD 50526. ROSALES J.A., MENNICKENT R.E., DJURASEVIC G., et al.
2021ApJ...922...30R 45           X         1 38 ~ New Galactic β Lyrae-type binaries showing superorbital photometric cycles. ROJAS GARCIA G., MENNICKENT R., IWANEK P., et al.
2022MNRAS.511..488W 19       D               1 137 ~ Evolutionary inference and statistical constraints on Algols including SD2-type near contact binaries. WANG Z.H., ZHU L.Y. and YUE Y.F.
2022MNRAS.512..917L 47           X         1 6 ~ Updated modelling and refined absolute parameters of the oscillating eclipsing binary AS Eri. LAMPENS P., MKRTICHIAN D., LEHMANN H., et al.
2022A&A...664A.103A 868 T   A     X C       17 2 ~ Revisiting the high-mass transfer close binary star system

AU Monocerotis
2023A&A...670A..94R viz 50           X         1 12 ~ V4142 Sgr: Double periodic variable with an accretor surrounded by the accretion disk's atmosphere. ROSALES J.A., MENNICKENT R.E., DJURASEVIC G., et al.

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