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1974PASP...86..813C 24 46 Infrared observations of new cometary nebulae. COHEN M.
1974PASP...86..907H 183 3 Measures of southern visual double stars. HOLDEN F.
1975ApJ...196..179C 72 T                   1 10 240 The peculiar object
HD 44179 ("The Red Rectangle").
1975ApJ...198L..65G 4 4 105 Observations of M 82 and NGC 253 at 8-13 microns. GILLETT F.C., KLEINMANN D.E., WRIGHT E.L., et al.
1975MNRAS.170..579A 122 30 Emission-line stars with infrared dust emission: implications of the galactic distribution. (Errata: Vd 1-8 = 347+1 1) ALLEN D.A. and GLASS I.S.
1975PASP...87..945H 100 5 Visual double stars measured at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. HOLDEN F.
1976AJ.....81..172M 10 30 Radio continuum measurements of compact HII regions and other sources. MATSAKIS D.N., EVANS II N.J., SATO T., et al.
1976ApJ...205L..15Z 2 11 120 CRL 2688: a post-carbon star object and probable planetary nebulae progenitor. ZUCKERMAN B., GILRA D.P., TURNER B.E., et al.
1976ApJ...205L..21L 2 7 95 CRL 2688 and CRL 618 : proto-planetary nebulae ? LO K.Y. and BECHIS K.P.
1976ApJ...206L.153L 27 42 An observational study of the AFCRL infrared sky survey. I. Limited ground-based survey and results from preliminary catalog. LOW F.J., KURTZ R.F., VRBA F.J., et al.
1976ApJ...207..790C 3 2 33 Polarization from a dust ring surrounding the peculiar Be star HD 45677. COYNE G.V. and VRBA F.J.
1976MNRAS.176..539P 1 2 14 Measurements of infrared reflectivity of astronomically interesting non-silicates. PENMAN J.M.
1976PASP...88...52H 160 4 Measures of southern visual double stars. HOLDEN F.
1976PASP...88..380H 9 19 CRL 2688 "the egg nebula" preplanetary nebula or protostellar system ? HUMPHREYS R.M., WARNER J.W. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1976PASP...88..874M 24 93 2-14 mum stellar spectrophotometry. III. AFCRL sky survey objects. MERRILL K.M. and STEIN W.A.
1976PASAu...3...47L 42 8 The AFCRL catalogue: some southern sources studies. LONGMORE A.J. and HYLAND A.R.
1976PASJ...28..175M 3 ~ Infrared polarization of CRL 2591. MAIHARA T., NOGUSHI K., OKUDA H., et al.
1977ApJ...213...66R 4 4 98 Observations of the unidentified 3-3 micrometer emission feature in nebulae. RUSSELL R.W., SOIFER B.T. and MERRILL K.M.
1977ApJ...213...79C 4 4 89 Studies of bipolar nebulae. II. Optical spectropolarimetry of CRL 2688 (The Cygnus Egg Nebula) and M 1-92. COHEN M. and KUHI L.V.
1977ApJ...215L..79K 9 35 Spectral and spatial observations of the unusual object AFGL 437. KLEINMANN S.G., SARGENT D.G., GILLETT F.C., et al.
1977ApJ...217..108A 100 114 Optical, infrared and radio studies of AFCRL sources. ALLEN D.A., HYLAND A.R., LONGMORE A.J., et al.
1977PASP...89..131G 3 2 37 An interpretation of the spectrum of the red rectangle. GREENSTEIN J.L. and OKE J.B.
1977PASP...89..335B 68 T                   1 2 5 Observations and interpretation of the infrared spectrum of
HD 44179.
1978A&A....63L..23A 1 6 30 Infra-red emission lines from molecules in grain mantles. ALLAMANDOLA L.J. and NORMAN C.A.
1978ApJ...220..159J 2 3 36 Infrared polarimetry of three bipolar nebulae. JONES T.J. and DYCK H.M.
1978ApJ...220..568R 74 T                   1 3 103 The infrared spectra of CRL 618 and
HD 44179 (CRL 915).
1978ApJ...221..151C 1 4 34 Studies of bipolar nebulae. IV. Mz 3 (=PK 331-1.1). COHEN M., FITZGERALD M.P., KUNKEL W., et al.
1978MNRAS.182..687C 2 14 170 Studies of bipolar nebulae. V. The general phenomenon. CALVET N. and COHEN M.
1978MNRAS.184..801C 5 12 Optical studies of embedded infrared sources. COHEN M. and LEWIS R.R.
1979ApJ...233..925A 1 16 104 8-13 micron spectrophotometry of planetary nebulae. AITKEN D.K., ROCHE P.F., SPENSER P.M., et al.
1979MNRAS.189p..33W 1 ~ Precessing jets in the red rectangle ? WEBSTER A.
1979Ap&SS..65..199M 9 12 The observed infrared properties of grains in space. MERRILL K.M.
1980A&A....88..145H 6 9 8-13 mu-m spectrophotometry of S 106. HEFELE H. and HOLZLE E.
1980ApJ...237L..93T 70 T                   1 3 32 High-resolution spectra of the 3.3 micrometer unidentified emission feature in NGC 7027 and
HD 44179.
1980ApJ...238..140D 6 2 69 Excitation mechanisms for the unidentified infrared emission features. DWEK E., SELLGREN K., SOIFER B.T., et al.
1980ApJ...239L.133S 102 T                   1 1 171 Discovery of optical molecular emission from the bipolar nebula surrounding
HD 44179.
1980ApJ...241L.141C 1 4 23 Detection of the 3.3 micron feature in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151. CUTRI R.M. and RUDY R.J.
1980ApJS...44..111H 1591 40 Micrometer observations of double stars and new pairs. X. HEINTZ W.D.
1980MNRAS.192..679A 1 5 41 8-13 mu-m spectra of very late type Wolf-Rayet stars. AITKEN D.K., BARLOW M.J., ROCHE P.F., et al.
1981A&A...104...57L 6 19 Polarimetric observations of S 106. LACASSE M.G., BOYLE D., LEVREAULT R., et al.
1981ApJ...245..138S 2 6 78 Spatial observations of the Orion Nebula in the unidentified 3.28 micron feature. SELLGREN K.
1981ApJ...246..161S 25 116 Ultraviolet observations of hot stars with circumstellar dust shells. SITKO M.L., SAVAGE B.D. and MEADE M.R.
1981ApJ...247.1024S 12 48 Spectral energy distributions of hot stars with circumstellar dust. SITKO M.L.
1981ApJ...249..572M 4 9 217 Models for the structure and origin of bipolar nebulae. MORRIS M.
1981MNRAS.196..635P 73 T                   1 1 27 The
Red Rectangle: its polarization and structure.
1982AJ.....87.1207T 69 T                   1 5 23 Near-infrared spectroscopy of possible precursors to planetary nebulae: the Cygnus Egg and the
Red Rectangle.
1982ApJ...257..570R 1 6 30 Near-infrared spectrophotometry of four Seyfert 1 galaxies and NGC 1275. RUDY R.J., JONES B.E., LE VAN P.D., et al.
1982MNRAS.199...93W 6 5 The strong 3.3 micron emission line in Wolf-Rayet stars. WILLIAMS P.M.
1982PASP...94...97R 69 T                   1 1 4 High-spectral resolution observations of the 7-7 um feature in
HD 44179.
1983ApJ...265..848S 75 T                   1 1 33 Molecular emission bands in the ultraviolet spectrum of the Red Rectangle star
HD 44179.
1983MNRAS.202..767R 89 144 Radiative transfer in dust clouds- III. Circumstellar dust shells around late M giants and supergiants. ROWAN-ROBINSON M. and HARRIS S.
1983MNRAS.205p..53M 69 T                   1 1 ~ Speckle observations of the central binary star in the
Red Rectangle.
1983PASP...95..489G 69 T                   1 2 3 High-sensitivity observations of
HD 44179 : the Red Rectangle.
1983Natur.303..218W 2 10 118 Interstellar ice grains in the Taurus molecular clouds. WHITTET D.C.B., BODE M.F., LONGMORE A.J., et al.
1983PASAu...5..219W 69 T                   1 1 1 Na D and Ca K emission associated with
HD 44179 (The Red Rectangle).
1983RMxAA...8..147T 104 35 A search for molecular outflows associated with peculiar nebulosities and regions of star formation. TORRELLES J.M., RODRIGUEZ L.F., CANTO J., et al.
1983IAUS..103...45C 11 14 Recent work on bipolar nebulae. COHEN M.
1983IAUS..103..105B 18 72 Observations of dust in planetary nebulae. BARLOW M.J.
1984A&A...137L...5L 154 2 1545 Identification of the "unidentified" IR emission features of interstellar dust ? LEGER A. and PUGET J.L.
1984ApJ...278..186Y 12 3 192 Bipolar reflection nebulae : Monte Carlo simulations. YUSEF-ZADEH F., MORRIS M. and WHITE R.L.
1984ApJ...287..801D 2 11 116 Near-infrared speckle interferometry of evolved stars and bipolar nebulae. DYCK H.M., ZUCKERMAN B., LEINERT C., et al.
1984MNRAS.208..751A 29 43 A study of the unidentified dust emission features near 10 mmuD AITKEN D.K. and ROCHE P.F.
1984ARA&A..22..507M 21 5 528 Observations of SS 433. MARGON B.
1984BAAS...16..484P 69 T                   1 1 0 Infrared speckle interferometric observations of the '
Red Rectangle'.
1984S&W....23....4G 3 0 Das mysteriose "Rote Rechteck". GREDEL R.
1985ApJ...292..500G 3 6 114 Spectroscopy of the 3 micron emission features. GEBALLE T.R., LACY J.H., PERSSON S.E., et al.
1985ApJ...293..530D 72 T                   1 1 17 Spatially resolved infrared observations of the
Red Rectangle.
1985ApJ...295..183J 48 20 The detection of rotationally excited OH emission toward the probable young planetary nebula Vy 2-2. JEWELL P.R., SCHENEWERK M.S. and SNYDER L.E.
1985ApJ...299L..93C 2 7 102 A new emission feature in IRAS spectra and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon spectrum. COHEN M., TIELENS A.G.G.M. and ALLAMANDOLA L.J.
1985MNRAS.215..259D 84 T                   1 1 78 Evidence for hydrogenated amorphous carbon in the
Red Rectangle.
1985ARA&A..23...59M 37 35 High angular resolution measurements of stellar properties. McALISTER H.A.
1985PAZh...11..112B 119 10 Digital speckle interferometry of 72 binary stars. BALEGA I.I. and BALEGA Y.Y.
1985SAAOC...9...55K 14       D               53 83 Optical and infrared photometry of southern early-type shell stars and pre-main-sequence variables. KILKENNY D., WHITTET D.C.B., DAVIES J.K., et al.
1986A&A...159..328D 1 5 37 Nature of very small grains: PAH molecules or silicates ? DESERT F.X., BOULANGER F., LEGER A., et al.
1986A&A...170...91D 74 T                   1 4 93 The
Red Rectangle: a possible case of visible luminescence from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
1986A&AS...65..607O 5418 387 IRAS catalogues and atlases. Atlas of Low-Resolution Spectra. OLNON F.M., RAIMOND E. (The IRAS Science Team)
1986ApJ...305..817H 8 3 99 A physical model for the 2175 A interstellar extinction feature. HECHT J.H.
1986ApJ...311..345Z 163 204 Dust grains and gas in the circumstellar envelopes around luminous red giant stars. ZUCKERMAN B. and DYCK H.M.
1986BAAS...18Q1030W 1 0 PAHs in the red rectangle. WDOWIAK T.J.
1986Icar...65..152V 100 4 A search for the tritium hyperfine line from nearby stars. VALDES F. and FREITAS R.A.Jr
1987A&A...180..191P 13 40 La nature des nebuleuses planetaires bipolaires. PASCOLI G.
1987A&A...186..271B 15 1 61 An analysis of the emission features of the IRAS low-resolution spectra of carbon stars. BARON Y., JOURDAIN DE MUIZON M., PAPOULAR R., et al.
1987ApJ...316L..21R 1 3 16 IRAS 18059-3211: optically known as "Gomez's Hamburger". RUIZ M.T., BLANCO V., MAZA J., et al.
1987Ap&SS.134...73P 5 3 Importance des champs magnetiques dans les protonebuleuses planetaires. PASCOLI G.
1987BAAS...19..761B 70 T                   1 1 3 Chromium oxide in the
Red Rectangle.
1987BAAS...19Q.952S 2 1 New emission features in the 11-13 mu-m region and their relationship to the structure of PAHs. SANDFORD S.A., WITTEBORN F.C., BREGMAN J.D., et al.
1987IAUS..122...39C 22 4 Bipolar flows and jets from stars of different spectral types: observations. COHEN M.
1987PN86.......203D 3 ~ Infrared characteristics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the interpretation of IR astronomical spectra. D'HENDECOURT L.B. and LEGER A.
1988A&A...196L...5B 1 10 78 Carbon monoxide in proto-planetary nebulae. BACHILLER R., GOMEZ-GONZALEZ J., BUJARRABAL V., et al.
1988A&A...196..252S 5 10 Search for polarization of the 3.3 and 11.3 mu-m interstellar emission features. SELLGREN K., ROUAN D. and LEGER A.
1988A&A...202..203L 66 16 IRAS pointed observations of planetary nebulae. LEENE A. and POTTASCH S.R.
1988A&A...204..242B 31 83 Proto-planetary nebulae : the case of CRL 618. BUJARRABAL V., GOMEZ-GONZALEZ J., BACHILLER R., et al.
1988ApJ...326..157N 3 4 51 High-resolution spectroscopy of the 3 micron emission features in NGC 7027 and IRAS 21282+5050. NAGATA T., TOKUNAGA A.T., SELLGREN K., et al.
1988ApJ...328..709T 37   K                 3 24 High spectral resolution observations of
HD 44179 at 3.2-3.7 microns.
1988MNRAS.230p...1D 4 ~ Luminescence from interstellar carbons: evidence for diamond-like dust from extended red and near-infrared emission. DULEY W.W. and WILLIAMS D.A.
1988ApL....26..239M 4 ~ The size and composition of interstellar grains. MATHIS J.S.
1988Ap&SS.150..387D 3 1 12 Sharp emission lines from diamond dust in the Red Rectangle ? DULEY W.W.
1988BAAS...20.1052D 3 1 High resolution 8-13 micron imaging of pre-planetary nebulae AFGL 618 and HD 44179. DEUTSCH L.K., HORA J.L., FAZIO G.G., et al.
1988BAAS...20.1053C 2 0 Two-dimensional infrared diffraction-limited imaging of circumstellar envelopes. CHRISTOU J.C., RIDGWAY S.T., BECKERS J.M., et al.
1989A&A...221..110L 85 T                   1 1 63 Near-infrared speckle observations of the
Red Rectangle.
1989ApJ...336..838W 106 T K                 1 3 12 Laboratory experiments on carbonaceous material as a source for the
Red Rectangle visual emissions.
WDOWIAK T.J., DONN B., NUTH J.A., et al.
1989ApJ...340L..29G 2 6 53 Unusual features of the 1-4 micron spectrum of HR 4049. GEBALLE T.R., NOLL K.S., WHITTET D.C.B., et al.
1989ApJ...341..246C 1 33 169 The infrared emission bands. III. Southern IRAS sources. COHEN M., TIELENS A.G.G.M., BREGMAN J., et al.
1989ApJ...341..270W 5 4 83 New emission features in the 11-13 micron region and their relationship to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. WITTEBORN F.C., SANDFORD S.A., BREGMAN J.D., et al.
1989ApJ...341..278G 48   K                 3 159 Spatial variations of the 3 micron emission features within UV-excited nebulae : photochemical evolution of interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. GEBALLE T.R., TIELENS A.G.G.M., ALLAMANDOLA L.J., et al.
1989ApJ...341..359J 64 131 Dust-enshrouded asymptotic giant branch stars in the solar neighborhood. JURA M. and KLEINMANN S.G.
1989ApJ...343..208B 1 2 14 Direct photodissociation of CH bonds in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: implications for the infrared emission bands. BUCH V.
1989ApJ...344..791B 11 3 137 The infrared emission bands. II. A spatial and spectral study of the Orion bar. BREGMAN J.D., ALLAMANDOLA L.J., TIELENS A.G.G.M., et al.
1989ApJS...71..733A 43 7 1206 Interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the infrared emission bands, the excitation/emission mechanism and the astrophysical implications. ALLAMANDOLA L.J., TIELENS A.G.G.M. and BARKER J.R.
1989MNRAS.236..247G 40 48 The identification of bright OH/IR stars and their mimics. GAYLARD M.J., WEST M.E., WHITELOCK P.A., et al.
1989PASP..101.1166L 4 3 50 IRSHELL : a mid-infrared cryogenic echelle spectrograph. LACY J.H., ACHTERMANN J.M., BRUCE D.E., et al.
1989ARA&A..27..161P 33 5 677 A new component of the interstellar matter : small grains and large aromatic molecules. PUGET J.L. and LEGER A.
1989BAAS...21Z1112C 4 ~ High spatial resolution imaging of circumstellar envelopes in the near infrared. CHRISTOU J.C. and RIDGWAY S.T.
1990A&A...236..531H 10 10 Seeing diagnosis for calibration in speckle interferometry. HAAS M.
1990A&AS...83..337J 310 57 A survey of infrared features in HII regions, planetary nebulae and proto-planetary nebulae from the IRAS-LRS data base. JOURDAIN DE MUIZON M., COX P. and LEQUEUX J.
1990ApJ...349..120S 1 9 67 The 3.3 micron feature, H2, and ionized gas in the Orion bar. SELLGREN K., TOKUNAGA A.T. and NAKADA Y.
1990ApJ...351L..49D 2 3 27 Simple linear polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules and the infrared emission features: mothballs in the Orion ridge ? DULEY W.W. and JONES A.P.
1990ApJ...353..543S 1 6 35 Quenched carbonaceous composite. III. Comparison to the 3.29 micron interstellar emission feature. SAKATA A., WADA S. and TOKUNAGA A.T.
1990ApJ...355..182W 1 25 116 Spectroscopy of extended red emission in reflection nebulae. WITT A.N. and BOROSON T.A.
1990ApJ...360..577S 2 5 57 The anomalous 3.43 and 3.53 micron emission features toward HD 97048 and Elias 1: C-C vibrational modes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. SCHUTTE W.A., TIELENS A.G.G.M., ALLAMANDOLA L.J., et al.
1990MNRAS.245..193B 3 7 Possible assignment of the 11.3 mu-m UIR feature to emission from carbonaceous microparticles with internal hydrogens. BALM S.P. and KROTO H.W.
1990MNRAS.245..759H 1 1 7 The binary A 2925 in the red rectangle. HEINTZ W.D.
1990MNRAS.247..647D 3 2 28 HAC IS ERE (Hydrogenated amorphous carbon interstellar extended red emission). DULEY W.W. and WILLIAMS D.A.
1990BICDS..38..175K 661 7 Close binaries observed polarimetrically. KOCH R.H.
1990BCFHT..22....7T 3 0 A new mode for CIRCUS : diffraction limited imaging in K and L TESSIER E.
1990MmSAI..61...41B 31 0 The unidentified infrared bands and space observations with ISO. BLANCO A., BORGHESI A., OROFINO V., et al.
1991A&A...242..247B 9 27 CO observations of southern protoplanetary nebulae with optical counterparts. BUJARRABAL V. and BACHILLER R.
1991A&A...245..499A 28 61 The post-AGB evolution of low-mass stars. ALCOLEA J. and BUJARRABAL V.
1991A&A...248..555W 48 70 1.3 mm continuum emission from circumstellar envelopes. WALMSLEY C.M., CHINI R., KREYSA E., et al.
1991ApJ...372..281B 18 17 The mid-infrared spectrum of the carbon star HD 38218 and its possible relation to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. BUSS R.H.Jr, TIELENS A.G.G.M. and SNOW T.P.
1991ApJ...377..187L 1 6 46 Large molecule production by mass-losing carbon stars: the primary source of interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons? LATTER W.B.
1991ApJ...380..452T 1 21 120 High-resolution spectra of the 3.29 micron interstellar emission feature: a summary. TOKUNAGA A.T., SELLGREN K., SMITH R.G., et al.
1991ApJ...383..698S 108 T K                 1 3 44 X Marks the spot: distribution and excitation of unidentified molecules in the
Red Rectangle.
1991MNRAS.252..282R 2 7 59 The structure of the narrow emission bands near 10 mu.m. ROCHE P.F., AITKEN D.K. and SMITH C.H.
1991JAF....39...16P 7 0 Methodes de haute resolution angulaire mono-pupille en infrarouge. PERRIER C.
1991Natur.352..412W 3 3 41 Comparison of a calculated spectrum of C60H60 with the unidentified astronomical infrared emission features. WEBSTER A.
1991Natur.353..393F 78 T                   1 1 32
Red Rectangle emission.
1991IAUS..145..341B 1 15 65 Chemical compositions of post-AGB stars. BOND H.E.
1992A&A...254..133L 202 80 A complete survey of OH/IR objects from the IRAS LRS sources within a domain of the color diagram. LE SQUEREN A.M., SIVAGNANAM P., DENNEFELD M., et al.
1992A&A...256L..15W 74 T                   4 65 High-resolution spectroscopy of the central star of the
Red-Rectangle nebula.
1992A&A...257..701B 53 105 The molecular emission of young preplanetary nebulae. BUJARRABAL V., ALCOLEA J. and PLANESAS P.
1992A&A...259L..39M 4 4 72 The origin of the extremely metal-poor post-AGB stars. MATHIS J.S. and LAMERS H.J.G.L.M.
1992A&A...259..241Z 155 31 A quantitative study of the 7.7 and 11.3 mu-m emission bands based on IRAS/LRS spectra. ZAVAGNO A., COX P. and BALUTEAU J.-P.
1992A&A...259..696L 8 5 Three-beam chopping : an efficient infrared observing technique. LANDAU R., GRASDALEN G. and SLOAN G.C.
1992A&A...261L..25B 72 T                   3 30 Identification of CH+ emission in the Red Rectangle. BALM S.P. and JURA M.
1992A&A...262L..37W 6 7 177 A scenario for the selective depletion of stellar atmospheres. WATERS L.B.F.M., TRAMS N.R. and WAELKENS C.
1992A&A...263..275K 4 3 56 Circumstellar and interstellar fullerenes and their analogues. KROTO H.W. and JURA M.
1992A&AS...93..121N viz 514 132 A survey of circumstellar CO emission from a sample of IRAS point sources. NYMAN L.-A., BOOTH R.S., CARLSTROM U., et al.
1992A&AS...93..151F viz 515 106 Near-infrared photometry of a sample of IRAS Point Sources. FOUQUE P., LE BERTRE T., EPCHTEIN N., et al.
1992A&AS...96..625O 470 198 SAO stars with infrared excess in the IRAS Point Source Catalog. OUDMAIJER R.D., VAN DER VEEN W.E.C.J., WATERS L.B.F.M., et al.
1992ApJ...384L..25G 106 T K                 4 5 Spatial structure in the 10 micron spectrum of
HD 44179 (The Red Rectangle).
1992ApJ...393L..83S 3 3 42 Quenched carbonaceous composite: fluorescence spectrum compared to the extended red emission observed in reflection nebulae. SAKATA A., WADA S., NARISAWA T., et al.
1992ApJS...81..795G 1543 77 An Einstein Observatory SAO-based catalog of B-type stars. GRILLO F., SCIORTINO S., MICELA G., et al.
1992ApJS...83..351H viz 1178 6 Observations of double stars and new pairs. XV. HEINTZ W.D.
1992MNRAS.255p..11S 70 T                   1 ~ Evidence for a link between the more prominent optical emission bands in the Red Rectangle and some of the diffuse interstellar absorption bands. SCARROTT S.M., WATKIN S., MILES J.R., et al.
1992MNRAS.257..463W 1 3 15 Unsaturated fulleranes and the minor features of the unidentified infrared emission near 3 microm. WEBSTER A.
1992BAAS...24.1279B 1 ~ The 7.7 mu.m UIR feature reconsidered : the case fo SiO emission. BENNETT P.D.
1992BAAS...24.1302S 1 ~ Spatially resolved 10 mu.m spectra of circumstellar material around evolved stars. SLOAN G.C.
1992Natur.356..500V 4 4 77 Evidence from zinc abundances for dust fractiionation in chemically peculiar stars. VAN WINCKEL H., MATHIS J.S. and WAELKENS C.
1993A&A...267..515O viz 249 117 Characterization and proportion of very cold C-rich circumstellar envelopes. OMONT A., LOUP C., FORVEILLE T., et al.
1993A&A...269..231V 31 32 The mass loss history of high latitude supergiants. VAN DER VEEN W.E.C.J., TRAMS N.R. and WATERS L.B.F.M.
1993A&A...279L..45S 4 5 Search for the 1.67 mu.m PAH emission band : more upper limits. SIEBENMORGEN R. and PELETIER R.F.
1993A&AS...99..291L viz 454 464 CO and HCN observations of circumstellar envelopes. A catalogue - mass loss rates and distributions. LOUP C., FORVEILLE T., OMONT A., et al.
1993AJ....105.1860C viz 177 64 A model of the 2-35 microm. point source infrared sky. COHEN M.
1993ApJ...409..412S 108 T K                 2 22 Spatially resolved spectra of the unidentified infrared features around
HD 44179 (The
Red Rectangle).
1993ApJ...411..794B 108 T K                 3 31 3.3 and 11.3 micron images of
HD 44179 : evidence for an optically thick polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon disk.
BREGMAN J.D., RANK D., TEMI P., et al.
1993ApJ...415..397S 17 4 286 Theoretical modeling of the infrared fluorescence from interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. SCHUTTE W.A., TIELENS A.G.G.M. and ALLAMANDOLA L.J.
1993ApJS...86..517Y 508 82 Circumstellar shells resolved in the IRAS survey data. I. Data processing procedure, results, and confidence tests. YOUNG K., PHILLIPS T.G. and KNAPP G.R.
1993MNRAS.262L..59W 71 T                   3 5 On the nebular absorption and re-emission of the ultraviolet flux from HD 44179. WEBSTER A.
1993MNRAS.263L..27R 2 ~ Optical emission bands in the spectrum of the R CrB star V854 Cen at minimum. RAO N.K. and LAMBERT D.L.
1993BAAS...25..903S 6 ~ A search for variable extinction in hot stars with circumstellar dust. SITKO M.L., et al.
1993PASJ...45...65N 232 21 Infrared spectra and circumstellar emission of IRAS sources with ten-micron silicate absorption. NOGUCHI K., QIAN Z., WANG G., et al.
1993IAUS..155..163B 21 14 Dust in planetary nebulae and in post-AGB objects. BARLOW M.J.
1994A&A...281..923J 6 5 134 Infrared spectroscopy of gas-phase PAH molecules. I. Role of the physical environment. JOBLIN C., D'HENDECOURT L., LEGER A., et al.
1994A&A...285..551V 21 52 A study of dust shells around high latitude supergiants. VAN DER VEEN W.E.C.J., WATERS L.B.F.M., TRAMS N.R., et al.
1994ApJ...434L..15G 1 7 31 Detection of the overtone of the 3.3 micron emission feature in IRAS 21282+5050. GEBALLE T.R., JOBLIN C., D'HENDECOURT L.B., et al.
1994ApJ...437..678W 2 2 16 Homologous series of diffuse interstellar bands. WATSON J.K.G.
1994AGAb...10..152W 71 T                   1 0 The central object in the Red Rectangle (HD 44179) - a triple star. WEGHORN H.
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