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1999A&A...344L..53B 1 8 31 GRANAT/SIGMA observation of the early afterglow from GRB 920723 in soft gamma-rays. BURENIN R.A., VIKHLININ A.A., GILFANOV M.R., et al.
1999A&A...344L..67H 96 T   A   O           5 35 Star-forming regions near
GRB 990123.
1999A&A...347...92S 20 37 SCUBA sub-millimeter observations of gamma-ray bursters. I. GRB 970508, 971214, 980326, 980329, 980519, 980703, 981220, 981226. SMITH I.A., TILANUS R.P.J., VAN PARADIJS J., et al.
1999A&A...348L...1C 7 7 162 GRB 990510: linearly polarized radiation from a fireball. COVINO S., LAZZATI D., GHISELLINI G., et al.
1999A&A...348L...5I 1 9 38 ESO deep observations of the optical afterglow of GRB 990510. ISRAEL G.L., MARCONI G., COVINO S., et al.
1999A&A...349..259D 2 12 76 Galactic γ-ray bursters - an alternative source of cosmic rays at all energies. DAR A. and PLAGA R.
1999A&A...350..334R 9 3 84 On the pair electromagnetic pulse of a black hole with electromagnetic structure. RUFFINI R., SALMONSON J.D., WILSON J.R., et al.
1999A&A...350..457E 22 32 Gamma ray bursts versus OB associations: do they trigger star formation? EFREMOV Y.N., EHLEROVA S. and PALOUS J.
1999A&AS..138..421A 8 4 The peak flux distribution of bright gamma-ray bursts measured with ULYSSES. ATTEIA J.-L., BOEER M. and HURLEY K.
1999A&AS..138..507F 15 30 On the nature of GRB-SGRs blazing jets. FARGION D.
1999A&AS..138..583C 1 6 34 The Burst Observer and Optical Transient Exploring System (BOOTES). CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., SOLDAN J., BERNAS M., et al.
1999A&AS..138..589B 3 1 9 Catching the light curve of flaring GRBs: The opportunity offered by scanning telescopes. BESKIN G.M., PLOKHOTNICHENKO V., BARTOLINI C., et al.
1999ApJ...516L..57I 2 4 24 The prompt X-ray emission of gamma-ray burst 980519. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., HEISE J., VAN PARADIJS J., et al.
1999ApJ...517L.105H 3 7 73 The rapidly fading optical afterglow of GRB 980519. HALPERN J.P., KEMP J., PIRAN T., et al.
1999ApJ...517L.109S 184 T                   1 337 GRB 990123: the optical flash and the fireball model. SARI R. and PIRAN T.
1999ApJ...517L.117R 5 7 Bigger bursts from merging neutron stars. ROBERTSON S.L.
1999ApJ...518L...1B 74 T                   9 80 The host galaxy of GRB 990123. BLOOM J.S., ODEWAHN S.C., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
1999ApJ...518L..73F 86 T                   1 42 GRB 990123: evidence that the gamma rays come from a central engine. FENIMORE E.E., RAMIREZ-RUIZ E. and WU B.
1999ApJ...519L..13F 79 T                   10 215 Hubble space telescope and Palomar imaging of GRB 990123: implications for the nature of gamma-ray bursts and their hosts. FRUCHTER A.S., THORSETT S.E., METZGER M.R., et al.
1999ApJ...519L..17S 62 5 932 Jets in gamma-ray bursts. SARI R., PIRAN T. and HALPERN J.P.
1999ApJ...519L..21L 81 T                   1 27 GRB 990123: the case for saturated comptonization. LIANG E.P., CRIDER A., BOETTCHER M., et al.
1999ApJ...519L..25W 6 14 LOTIS search for early-time optical afterglows: GRB 971227. WILLIAMS G.G., PARK H.S., ABLES E., et al.
1999ApJ...519L.105X 9 2 Cosmological constraints on the host halos of gamma-ray bursts. XU W. and FANG L.-Z.
1999ApJ...519L.155D 79 T                   5 106 The afterglow of GRB 990123 and a dense medium. DAI Z.G. and LU T.
1999ApJ...520L..29C 17 6 310 Gamma-ray burst environments and progenitors. CHEVALIER R.A. and LI Z.-Y.
1999ApJ...520...54H 3 11 115 The faint-galaxy hosts of gamma-ray bursts. HOGG D.W. and FRUCHTER A.S.
1999ApJ...520..641S 30 5 454 Predictions for the very early afterglow and the optical flash. SARI R. and PIRAN T.
1999ApJ...522L..39S 9 8 228 BVRI observations of the optical afterglow of GRB 990510. STANEK K.Z., GARNAVICH P.M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1999ApJ...522L..97K 76 T                   11 135 Discovery of a radio flare from GRB 990123. KULKARNI S.R., FRAIL D.A., SARI R., et al.
1999ApJ...522L.101N 2 6 36 Off-axis emission from the beamed afterglow of gamma-ray bursts and a possible interpretation of the slowly declining X-ray afterglow of GRB 980425. NAKAMURA T.
1999ApJ...523L..33W 7 6 127 Detection of polarization in the afterglow of GRB 990510 with the ESO very large telescope. WIJERS R.A.M.J., VREESWIJK P.M., GALAMA T.J., et al.
1999ApJ...523L.113K 15 3 137 Gamma-ray burst energetics. KUMAR P.
1999ApJ...523L.121H 16 6 295 Optical and radio observations of the afterglow from GRB 990510: evidence for a jet. HARRISON F.A., BLOOM J.S., FRAIL D.A., et al.
1999ApJ...523..187W 4 4 48 Constraints on off-axis X-ray emission from beamed gamma-ray bursts. WOODS E. and LOEB A.
1999ApJ...524L..43S 18 4 216 Linear polarization and proper motion in the afterglow of beamed gamma-ray bursts. SARI R.
1999ApJ...524L..47G 4 5 61 Evidence for an early high-energy afterglow observed with BATSE from GRB 980923. GIBLIN T.W., VAN PARADIJS J., KOUVELIOTOU C., et al.
1999ApJ...524...82B 75 T                   13 128 Observations of GRB 990123 by the Compton gamma ray observatory. BRIGGS M.S., BAND D.L., KIPPEN R.M., et al.
1999ApJ...524...92H 11 2 A ROSAT deep survey of four small gamma-ray burst error boxes. HURLEY K., LI P., BOER M., et al.
1999ApJ...524L.103S 11 26 Discovery of the optical transient of GRB 990308. SCHAEFER B.E., SNYDER J.A., HERNANDEZ J., et al.
1999ApJ...524..753F 9 20 Statistical analysis of spectral line candidates in gamma-ray burst GRB 870303. FREEMAN P.E., GRAZIANI C., LAMB D.Q., et al.
1999ApJ...524..772F 8 8 Resonant cyclotron radiation transfer model fits to spectra from gamma-ray burst GRB 870303. FREEMAN P.E., LAMB D.Q., WANG J.C.L., et al.
1999ApJ...525L..29G 12 2 75 Strongly polarized optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts. GRUZINOV A.
1999ApJ...525..737R 41 6 739 The dynamics and light curves of beamed gamma-ray burst afterglows. RHOADS J.E.
1999ApJ...526..683S 29 18 Localizations of 13 gamma-ray bursts by the all-sky monitor on the Rossi X-ray timing explorer. SMITH D.A., LEVINE A.M., BRADT H.V., et al.
1999ApJ...526..697M 63 4 756 Generation of magnetic fields in the relativistic shock of gamma-ray burst sources. MEDVEDEV M.V. and LOEB A.
1999ApJ...527L..35H 2 4 24 A shotgun model for gamma-ray bursts. HEINZ S. and BEGELMAN M.C.
1999MNRAS.305L..45B 73 T                   1 5 Will GRB 990123 perform an encore ? BLANDFORD R.D. and HELFAND D.J.
1999MNRAS.306L..39M 161 T                   1 268 GRB 990123: reverse and internal shock flashes and late afterglow behaviour. MESZAROS P. and REES M.J.
1999MNRAS.307L..41T 1 5 18 Pair creation by very high-energy photons in gamma-ray bursts: a unified picture for the energetics of GRBs. TOTANI T.
1999MNRAS.309L...7G 14 4 169 Polarization light curves and positions angle variation of beamed gamma-ray bursts. GHISELLINI G. and LAZZATI D.
1999MNRAS.309L..13L 18 1 54 Constraints on the bulk Lorentz factor in the internal shock scenario for gamma-ray bursts. LAZZATI D., GHISELLINI G. and CELOTTI A.
1999MNRAS.309..629B 2 5 30 Distribution of compact object mergers around galaxies. BULIK T., BELCZYNSKI K. and ZBIJEWSKI W.
1999PASP..111.1475S 54 57 Search techniques for distant galaxies. (Invited review). STERN D. and SPINRAD H.
1999ARA&A..37..409M 18 15 811 Sources of relativistic jets in the Galaxy. MIRABEL I.F. and RODRIGUEZ L.F.
1999AN....320..269H 6 0 Solved and unsolved mysteries in cosmic gamma-ray bursts. HURLEY K.
1999BASI...27....3S 75 T                   1 11 Optical follow up of the GRB 990123 source from UPSO, Nainital. SAGAR R., PANDEY A.K., MOHAN V., et al.
1999BASI...27..405N 72 T                   21 2 BVRI CCD photometric standards in the field of GRB 990123. NILAKSHI, YADAV R.K.S., MOHAN V., et al.
1999BASI...27..627S 72 T                   1 1 Constraints on the photon mass and charge and test of equivalence principle from GRB 990123. SIVARAM C.
1999IAUC.7094Q...1O 72 T                   2 ~ GRB 990123. ODEWAHN S.C., BLOOM J.S. and KULKARNI S.R.
1999IAUC.7095Q...1F 72 T                   1 ~ GRB 990123. FEROCI M., PIRO L., FRONTERA F., et al.
1999IAUC.7096Q...1L 72 T                   1 ~ GRB 990123. LACHAUME R., GUYON O., OFEK E., et al.
1999IAUC.7098R...1O 72 T                   1 ~ GRB 990123. OFFUTT W. and SKIFF B.A.
1999IAUC.7099Q...1H 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123. HEISE J., DELIBERO C., DANIELE M.R., et al.
1999IAUC.7100Q...1A 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123. AKERLOF C.W., McKAY T.A., ZHU J., et al.
1999Natur.398..389K 98 T                   6 474 The afterglow, redshift and extreme energetics of the gamma-ray burst of
23 January 1999.
1999Natur.398..394G 75 T                   14 153 The effect of magnetic fields on gamma-ray bursts inferred from multi-wavelength observations of the burst of
23 January 1999.
1999Natur.398..400A 99 2 597 Observation of contemporaneous optical radiation from a gamma-ray burst. AKERLOF C., BALSANO R., BARTHELMY S., et al.
1999Natur.401..453B 19 8 465 The unusual afterglow of the gamma-ray burst of 26 March 1998 as evidence for a supernova connection. BLOOM J.S., KULKARNI S.R., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
1999Sci...283.2069C 82 T                   4 126 Decay of the GRB 990123 optical afterglow: implications for the fireball model. CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., ZAPATERO-OSORIO M.R., CAON N., et al.
1999Sci...283.2073H 74 T                   6 48 Polarimetric constraints on the optical afterglow emission from GRB 990123. HJORTH J., BJORNSSON G., ANDERSEN M.I., et al.
1999Sci...283.2075A 78 T                   3 54 Spectroscopic limits on the distance and energy release of GRB 990123. ANDERSEN M.I., CASTRO-TIRADO A., HJORTH J., et al.
1999Sci...286..693V 1 5 20 From gamma-ray bursts to supernovae. VAN PARADIJS J.
1999S&T....97e..54M 1 0 Gamma-ray burst hunters catch a whopper. MacROBERT A.M.
1999A&G....40e..10G 15 1 Gamma-ray burst afterglows. GALAMA T.
1999GCN...199....1P 77 T                   1 16
GRB990123, BeppoSAX WFC detection and NFI planned follow-up.
1999GCN...200....1F 73 T                   1 4
GRB 990123, radio observations.
1999GCN...201....1O 76 T                   1 12 GRB 990123: bright new source, possible optical transient. ODEWAHN S.C., BLOOM J.S. and KULKARNI S.R.
1999GCN...202....1P 73 T                   1 3
GRB990123, refined SAX-WFC position
1999GCN...203....1P 74 T                   1 7
GRB990123, BeppoSAX-NFI X-ray afterglow detection.
1999GCN...204....1Z 74 T                   1 7 GRB990123 optical observation. ZHU J. and ZHANG H.T.
1999GCN...205....1A 79 T                   1 21
GRB990123, early optical counterpart detection.
1999GCN...206....1B 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123 optical follow-up. BLOOM J.S., GAL R.R., LUBIN L.M., et al.
1999GCN...207....1G 74 T                   1 6 GRB 990123 r-band photometry. GAL R.R., ODEWAHN S.C., BLOOM J.S., et al.
1999GCN...208....1B 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123: optical decay slope. BLOOM J.S., KULKARNI S.R., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
1999GCN...209....1S 73 T                   1 3
GRB990123, optical observation.
1999GCN...210....1O 73 T                   1 3 GRB990123 optical observations. OFEK E. and LEIBOWITZ E.M.
1999GCN...211....1F 74 T                   1 8
GRB 990123, new radio source.
1999GCN...212....1G 73 T                   1 4 GRB 990123 radio observations. GALAMA T.J., VREESWIJK P., ROL E., et al.
1999GCN...213....1G 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123: pre-burst detection of an apparent host galaxy. GAL R.R., DJORGOVSKI S.G., ODEWAHN S.C., et al.
1999GCN...214....1F 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123 optical observations. FALCO E., PETRY C., IMPEY C., et al.
1999GCN...215....1G 73 T                   1 4
GRB990123, optical observation.
1999GCN...216....1D 73 T                   1 3 GRB 990123: possible gravitationally lensed burst? DJORGOVSKI S.G., KULKARNI S.R., BLOOM J.S., et al.
1999GCN...217....1Z 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123 optical follow-up. ZHU J., CHEN J.S. and ZHANG H.T.
1999GCN...218....1B 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123: new optical observations, decay measure. BLOOM J.S., KULKARNI S.R., DJORGOVSKI S.G., et al.
1999GCN...219....1H 82 T                   1 30 GRB 990123 spectroscopic redshifts. HJORTH J., ANDERSEN M.I., CAIROS L.M., et al.
1999GCN...220....1M 72 T                   1 1 GRB990123 optical observations. MAURY A., BOER M. and CHATY S.
1999GCN...221....1T 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123 : multiple and distorted images of the host galaxy? TURNER E.L.
1999GCN...222....1H 72 T                   1 1 GRB990123 IPN annulus. HURLEY K. and FEROCI M.
1999GCN...223....1F 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123 Keck spectrum update. FRUCHTER A.
1999GCN...224....1K 78 T                   1 20 GRB 990123: BATSE observations. KIPPEN R.M.
1999GCN...225....1F 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123: addendum to GCN 223. FRUCHTER A.S.
1999GCN...226....1Z 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123 optical follow-up. ZHU J., CHEN J.S. and ZHANG H.T.
1999GCN...227....1S 73 T                   1 3 "GRB 990123: new BV observations". SAGAR R., PANDEY A.K., YADAV R.K.S., et al.
1999GCN...228....1M 72 T                   1 2
GRB990123, ASCA X-ray observation of afterglow.
1999GCN...229....1A 72 T                   1 0 GRB990123: NIR observation. ANTONELLI L.A., DI PAOLA A. and GANDOLFI G.
1999GCN...230....1C 73 T                   1 3 GRB 990123: strong MeV CGRO-COMPTEL detection now posted on WWW. CONNORS A., KIPPEN R.M., BARTHELMY S., et al.
1999GCN...231....1M 72 T                   1 1
GRB990123, OSSE observations.
MATZ S.M., SHARE G.H., MURPHY R., et al.
1999GCN...232....1A 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123: near-infrared observations. ANTONELLI L.A., DI PAOLA A., SPEZIALI R., et al.
1999GCN...233....1M 74 T                   1 6
GRB990123, optical BVRI observations.
1999GCN...234....1R 72 T                   2 0 Search for potential images of GRB 990123. RUTLEDGE R.
1999GCN...235....1H 72 T                   2 0 Search for potential images of GRB 990123. HURLEY K. and KOUVELIOTOU C.
1999GCN...236....1M 72 T                   1 1 On the lensing interpretation of GRB 990123. MAO S.
1999GCN...237....1C 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123: correction to GCN 230 - C.A. Young added to author list. CONNORS A., KIPPEN R.M., YOUNG C.A., et al.
1999GCN...238....1N 72 T                   1 0
GRB990123, preliminary lens search results.
1999GCN...239....1K 72 T                   1 2 GRB 990123: continued radio observations. KULKARNI S.R. and FRAIL D.A.
1999GCN...240....1B 72 T                   1 2 GRB 990123: detection of the IR transient, and the light curve fits. BLOOM J.S., KORESKO C., KULKARNI S.R., et al.
1999GCN...241....1S 72 T                   5 1
GRB990123, probability of gravitational lensing.
1999GCN...242....1Y 73 T                   1 5 GRB990123 optical observations. YADIGAROGLU I.A., HALPERN J.P., UGLESICH R., et al.
1999GCN...243....1D 72 T                   1 1 GRB 990123: new constraints on possible foreground galaxies. DJORGOVSKI S.G., KULKARNI S.R., BLOOM J.S., et al.
1999GCN...244....1P 72 T                   1 0
GRB990123, 15-GHz limits.
1999GCN...245....1B 72 T                   1 2
GRB990123, upcoming HST service observations.
1999GCN...246....1F 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123: publicly available reduced HST images. FRUCHTER A.
1999GCN...247....1S 74 T                   1 6
GRB990123, is the "radio flare" due to an inhomogeneous medium?
SHI X. and GYUK G.
1999GCN...248....1H 72 T                   1 0
GRB990123, optical observation.
1999GCN...249....1H 73 T                   1 5 GRB 990123 NOT spectrum update. HJORTH J., ANDERSEN M.I., PEDERSEN H., et al.
1999GCN...250....1H 3 0 GRB981220, field photometry. HENDEN A.A.
1999GCN...251....1D 74 T                   1 6 GRB 990123: updated Keck spectroscopy results. DJORGOVSKI S.G.
1999GCN...252....1N 72 T                   1 0 GRB 990123: BVRI standards in the field. NILAKSHI, YADAV R.K.S., MOHAN V., et al.
1999GCN...253....1V 73 T                   1 3
GRB19990123 observations.
1999GCN...254....1B 73 T                   1 3 For immediate posting to GCN - HST data GRB 990123 available. BECKWITH S.
1999GCN...255....1F 73 T                   1 4 GRB 990123: reduced HST images. FRUCHTER A., SAHU K., FERGUSON H., et al.
1999GCN...256....1D 73 T                   1 3 GRB 990123: discovery of the probable host galaxy. DJORGOVSKI S.G., KULKARNI S.R., BLOOM J.S., et al.
1999GCN...257....1H 73 T                   1 5
GRB990123, optical observation.
1999GCN...260....1V 72 T                   1 2 GRB990123 observations. VEILLET C.
1999GCN...261....1O 72 T                   1 1 GRB990123: caltech STIS photometry and images. ODEWAHN S.C., BLOOM J.S., DJORGOVSKI S., et al.
1999GCN...268....1H 72 T                   1 0
GRB 990123, field photometry.
1999GCN...307....1H 72 T                   1 1
GRB 990123, optical monitoring.
HENDEN A., STONE R., VRBA F., et al.
1999GCN...317....1A 4 10 GRB 990510: BeppoSAX/GRBM observations. AMATI L., FRONTERA F., COSTA E., et al.
1999GCN...323....1B 1 2 7 GRB 990510: broad band break. BLOOM J.S., KULKARNI S.R., DJORGOVSKI S., et al.
1999GCN...346....1D 74 T                   2 15 Late afterglows of GRBs 990510, 990123. DAR A.
1999GCN...354....1F 72 T                   1 2 Late-time HST/STIS observation of GRB 990123. FRUCHTER A., THORSETT S. and PIAN E.
2000A&A...353L..18A 8 6 Are bright gamma-ray bursts a fair sample? ATTEIA J.-L.
2000A&A...353..998G 34 30 Search for GRB X-ray afterglows in the ROSAT all-sky survey. GREINER J., HARTMANN D.H., VOGES W., et al.
2000A&A...354..473M 1 13 48 Near-infrared detection and optical follow-up of the GRB 990705 afterglow. MASETTI N., PALAZZI E., PIAN E., et al.
2000A&A...355L..43H 1 10 48 Rapid fading of optical afterglows as evidence for beaming in gamma-ray bursts. HUANG Y.F., DAI Z.G. and LU T.
2000A&A...355..454D 7 20 BeppoSAX spectrum of GRB 971214: evidence of a substantial energy output during afterglow. DAL FIUME D., AMATI L., ANTONELLI L.A., et al.
2000A&A...355..479B 4 1 13 Distribution of black hole binaries around galaxies. BELCZYNSKI K., BULIK T. and ZBIJEWSKI W.
2000A&A...358..409P 8 23 The jet-disk symbiosis model for gamma ray bursts: cosmic ray and neutrino background contribution. PUGLIESE G., FALCKE H., WANG Y.P., et al.
2000A&A...359L..23M 2 9 70 Unusually rapid variability of the GRB000301C optical afterglow. MASETTI N., BARTOLINI C., BERNABEI S., et al.
2000A&A...359..413M 74 T                   1 4 Comments on ``Polarimetric constraints on the optical afterglow emission from GRB 990123'' by Hjorth et al. MITRA A.
2000A&A...359..514D 14 5 High-energy γ-ray emission from gamma-ray bursts. DE PAOLIS F., INGROSSO G. and ORLANDO D.
2000A&A...360L..13W 2 3 25 The influence of inverse Compton scattering on GRB afterglows: one possible way to flatten and steepen the light curves. WEI D.M. and LU T.
2000A&A...360..171R 30 2 184 Merging neutron stars: asymmetric systems. ROSSWOG S., DAVIES M.B., THIELEMANN F.-K., et al.
2000A&A...361L..21B 9 21 Evidences for two Gamma-Ray Burst afterglow emission regimes. BOEER M. and GENDRE B.
2000A&A...364L..54A 4 11 137 VLT identification of the optical afterglow of the gamma-ray burst GRB 000131 at z=4.50. ANDERSEN M.I., HJORTH J., PEDERSEN H., et al.
2000A&A...364..467H 98 T   A   O           3 34 The broken light curves of gamma-ray bursts
GRB 990123 and GRB 990510.
2000A&AS..142..443T 2 2 TeV gamma-ray emission from gamma-ray bursts and ultra high energy cosmic rays. TOTANI T.
2000ApJ...528..254V 10 19 The optical afterglow light curve of GRB 980519. VRBA F.J., HENDEN A.A., CANZIAN B., et al.
2000ApJ...529L..17L 5 4 64 Compton-dragged gamma-ray bursts associated with supernovae. LAZZATI D., GHISELLINI G., CELOTTI A., et al.
2000ApJ...529..146E 27 1 81 A compact fireball model of gamma-ray bursts. EICHLER D. and LEVINSON A.
2000ApJ...529..151M 37 1 113 On beaming effects in afterglow light curves. MODERSKI R., SIKORA M. and BULIK T.
2000ApJ...529..635B 1 8 26 A new approach to statistics of cosmological gamma-ray bursts. BOETTCHER M. and DERMER C.D.
2000ApJ...530L..69B 6 6 123 Conversion of neutron stars to strange stars as the central engine of gamma-ray bursts. BOMBACI I. and DATTA B.
2000ApJ...531L.119A 47 2 286 Relativistic jets from collapsars. ALOY M.A., MULLER E., IBANEZ J.M., et al.
2000ApJ...532L..25A 2 7 47 Prompt optical observations of gamma-ray bursts. AKERLOF C., BALSANO R., BARTHELMY S., et al.
2000ApJ...532..273D 3 4 38 Gamma-ray bursts in molecular clouds: H2 absorption and fluorescence. DRAINE B.T.
2000ApJ...532..286K 24 2 146 Some observational consequences of gamma-ray burst shock models. KUMAR P. and PIRAN T.
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