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1975ApJ...200L..71B 1 19 141 High resolution maps of the Galactic Center at 2.2 and 10 microns. BECKLIN E.E. and NEUGEBAUER G.
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1989ApJ...346..728J 64 97 Infrared polarimetry and the interstellar magnetic field. JONES T.J.
1990AJ.....99..838L 9 8 Chemical enrichment by tidally disrupted stars near a black hole in the galactic center. LUMINET J.-P. and BARBUY B.
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1991AJ....101.1324D 26 39 High resolution infrared imaging of the Galactic Center. DEPOY D.L. and SHARP N.A.
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1991ApJ...371L..59Y 3 5 60 A windswept cometary tail on the Galactic Center supergiant IRS 7. YUSEF-ZADEH F. and MORRIS M.
1991ApJ...380..419A 13 48 Polarimetric imaging of the Galactic Center at 12.4 microns : the detailed magnetic field structure in the northern arm and east-west bar. AITKEN D.K., GEZARI D., SMITH C.H., et al.
1991ApJ...382L..19K 2 25 252 A cluster of He I emission-line stars in the Galactic Center. KRABBE A., GENZEL R., DRAPATZ S., et al.
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1991BAAS...23..959O 3 0 Colliding winds at the galactic center. OZERNOY L. and USOV V.
1991Gemin..34....1C 7 3 FAST on the WHT. CLEGG R., WARD M., BLIETZ M., et al.
1991Natur.354...46Z 4 12 High-resolution VLA images of the Galactic Centre at 2-cm wavelength with large dynamic range. ZHAO J.-H., GOSS W.M., LO K.Y., et al.
1991NewSc1796...24C 3 0 Star cluster puts the wind up supergiant. CROSWELL K.
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1992ApJ...385L..41Y 2 5 54 The bow shock structure of IRS 7: wind-wind collision near the Galactic Center. YUSEF-ZADEH F. and MELIA F.
1992ApJ...387L..25M 16 3 199 An accreting black hole model for Sagittarius A. MELIA F.
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1992ApJ...398..512D 1 3 13 Detection of Fe II emission in the Galactic Center. DEPOY D.L.
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1992C&E...269...48G 3 0 Centre galactique, la grande traque. GUERIN F.
1992Natur.355..495H 3 1 Will the real Galactic Centre please stand up ? HO P.T.P.
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1993A&A...277L...1A 2 2 18 VLBA image of Sgr A at lambda = 1.35 cm. ALBERDI A., LARA L., MARCAIDE J.M., et al.
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1993ApJ...405..584Y 108 T K                 6 36 Evidence for the interaction of the
IRS 16 wind with the ionized and molecular gas at the Galactic Center.
1993ApJ...407L..77E 8 3 103 Near-infrared 0"15 resolution imaging of the Galactic Center. ECKART A., GENZEL R., HOFMANN R., et al.
1993ApJ...408..496M 6 10 273 Massive star formation near the Galactic Center and the fate of the stellar remnants. MORRIS M.
1993ApJ...410L..27Y 37   K                 4 19 Highly blueshifted HI gas toward the Galactic Center. YUSEF-ZADEH F., LASENBY A. and MARSHALL J.
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1994ApJ...434L..59R 7 4 89 Small-scale structure and position of Sagittarius A* from VLBI at 3 millimeter wavelength. ROGERS A.E.E., DOELEMAN S., WRIGHT M.C.H., et al.
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1994PASP..106...77C 3 3 27 High-resolution imaging with a tip-tilt Cassegrain secondary. CLOSE L.M. and McCARTHY D.W.
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1994IAUS..159..351O 5 1 The nucleus of our home galaxy : a remnant of an active or a starburst galaxy ? OZERNOY L.M.
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2003ApJ...593..352P 79 T                   4 62 The origin of
IRS 16: dynamically driven in-spiral of a dense star cluster to the Galactic Center.
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Galactic Nuclear Star Cluster.

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