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1988ApJ...332..313H 32 98 Molecules, grains, and shocks : a comparison of CO, H I, and IRAS data. HEILES C., REACH W.T. and KOO B.-C.
1994ApJ...429..672R 1 31 127 Atomic and molecular gas in interstellar Cirrus Clouds. REACH W.T., KOO B.-C. and HEILES C.
1994ApJ...430..601S 3 4 61 Soft X-ray and H I surveys of the low NH region in Ursa Major. SNOWDEN S.L., HASINGER G., JAHODA K., et al.
1996ApJ...464..836B 15 21 The distance to an X-ray shadowing molecular cloud in Ursa Major. BENJAMIN R.A., VENN K.A., HILTGEN D.D., et al.
1996ApJS..106..447M 121 77 A catalog of molecular gas at high galactic latitudes. MAGNANI L., HARTMANN D. and SPECK B.G.
1998ApJ...507..507R 152 83 Infrared excess and molecular clouds: a comparison of new surveys of far-infrared and H I 21 centimeter emission at high galactic latitudes. REACH W.T., WALL W.F. and ODEGARD N.
2004A&A...418..131K viz 913 29 Far-infrared loops in the 2nd Galactic Quadrant. KISS C., MOOR A. and TOTH L.V.
2023ApJ...948...31S 120       D     X         3 8 ~ A Search for OH 18 cm Emission from Intermediate-velocity Gas at High Galactic Latitudes. SMITH A.J. and ROSHI D.A.

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