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MS 1054-03 at z = 0.83: direct evidence for hierarchical formation of massive galaxies.
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MS 1054-03: a massive galaxy cluster at high redshift.
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MS 1054-03.
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MS 1054-03.
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2000ApJ...541...95V 111 T K                 47 246 Hubble space telescope photometry and Keck spectroscopy of the rich cluster
MS 1054-03: morphologies, Butcher-Oemler effect, and the color-magnitude relation at z = 0.83.
2000ApJ...542...35N 111 T K                 4 22 Is
MS 1054-03 an exceptional cluster? a new investigation of ROSAT HRI X-ray data.
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MS 1054-0321.
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MS 1054-03.
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MS 1054-0321.
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