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1953JRASC..47..229S 52 22 Thirty-eight new variable stars in eleven globular clusters. SAWYER H.B.
1966ApJ...144..886S 32 185 The colour-magnitude diagram of the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6712. SANDAGE A. and SMITH L.L.
1966ApJ...144..894S 21 36 Photometry of the variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6712. SANDAGE A., SMITH L.L. and NORTON R.H.
1966ApJ...144..903R 16 13 Variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6712. ROSINO L.
1977MNRAS.178..163L 32 45 Near infrared photometry of globular clusters. III. The metal-rich clusters. LLOYD EVANS T. and MENZIES J.W.
1985ApJ...291..581F 13 12 The globular cluster NGC 6712. FROGEL J.A.
1988AJ.....96..105C 147 72 Astrometry and photometry in the globular cluster NGC 6712. CUDWORTH K.M.
2000A&A...362..953O 13 5 Colour-magnitude diagrams of the inner halo globular clusters NGC 5986 and NGC 6712. ORTOLANI S., MOMANY Y., BARBUY B., et al.
1983SAAOC...7...96L 90 10 Spectroscopic data for globular cluster giants. 1. Stars of the red giant tip. LLOYD EVANS T.
2008ApJ...689.1020Y 279       D     X C       7 19 27 Chemical abundances in giants stars of the tidally disrupted globular cluster NGC 6712 from high-resolution infrared spectroscopy. YONG D., MELENDEZ J., CUNHA K., et al.
2013A&A...555A.121D 13 6 Fluorine abundances and the puzzle of globular cluster chemical history. DE LAVERNY P. and RECIO-BLANCO A.
2018AJ....156..241H viz 16       D               1 311115 199 A first catalog of variable stars measured by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS). HEINZE A.N., TONRY J.L., DENNEAU L., et al.
2020MNRAS.493.1996D viz 187       D     X         5 57 ~ NGC 6712: the variable star population of a tidally disrupted globular cluster. DERAS D., ARELLANO FERRO A., LAZARO C., et al.
2023A&A...674A..15L 19       D               1 1720610 15 Gaia Data Release 3 The second Gaia catalogue of long-period variable candidates. LEBZELTER T., MOWLAVI N., LECOEUR-TAIBI I., et al.

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