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1975MNRAS.171..647L 94 48 Near-infrared photometry of globular clusters. IV. The metal poor cluster NGC 6656 (M 22). LLOYD EVANS T.
1977A&AS...29..383A 291 35 The metal-poor globular cluster NGC 6656. ALCAINO G.
1977ApJ...213..767E 71 43 The classification of intrinsic variables. VII. The medium-amplitude red variables. EGGEN O.J.
1977ApJS...33..471H 143 247 Cyanogen strengths and ultraviolet excesses of evolved stars in 17 globular clusters from DDO photometry. HESSER J.E., HARTWICK F.D.A. and McCLURE R.D.
1978MNRAS.184p..55M 24 ~ Further evidence of mass loss from globular cluster stars. MALLIA E.A. and PAGEL B.E.J.
1979ApJ...228..423M 71 36 TiO band strengths in metal-rich globular clusters. II. MOULD J., STUTMAN D. and McELROY D.
1982ApJ...258..143C 85 149 The age-metallicity relationship for the clusters of the Large Magellanic Cloud. COHEN J.G.
1982ApJ...263..187P 1 9 53 Abundances of the elements in six stars in the globular cluster M 22. PILACHOWSKI C., WALLERSTEIN G., LEEP E.M., et al.
1983ApJS...53..713F 152 217 Infrared photometry, bolometric luminosities and effective temperatures for giant stars in 26 globular clusters. FROGEL J.A., PERSSON S.E. and COHEN J.G.
1985A&AS...59..145C 1020 153 A catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations, 1984 edition. CAYREL DE STROBEL G., BENTOLILA C., HAUCK B., et al.
1986AJ.....92..348C 407 71 Proper motions, membership and photometry in the globular cluster M 22. CUDWORTH K.M.
1990AJ....100.1561B 1 18 103 High-resolution CCD spectra of stars in globular clusters V. Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen abundances in stars in 47 Tuc, M 4 and M 22 BROWN J.A. and WALLERSTEIN G.
1991ApJ...371L..37B 16 18 Spatial structure of the interstellar gas toward the globular cluster M 22. BATES B. and CATNEY M.G.
1991MNRAS.252..600B 20 9 The nearby interstellar material in the general direction towards M 22. BATES B., GILHEANY S. and WOOD K.D.
1992A&AS...95..273C viz 1598 172 A catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations : 1991 edition. CAYREL DE STROBEL G., HAUCK B., FRANCOIS P., et al.
1993A&AS...97..937B 29 21 High resolution Na D and H-alpha line profiles of stars in the globular clusters M 22 and omega Centauri. BATES B., KEMP S.N. and MONTGOMERY A.S.
1994ApJ...420..612P viz 132 53 Proper motions and radial velocities in the globular cluster M 22 and the cluster distance. PETERSON R.C. and CUDWORTH K.M.
1995ApJS...99..637N viz 58 9 Equivalent widths for 54 red giants in 47 Tucanae. Ome Centauri, NGC 6397, M22, and NGC 6752. NORRIS J.E., DA COSTA G.S. and TINGAY S.J.
1996AJ....112..574C 142 39 Spectroscopic binaries in globular clusters. II. A search for long-period binaries in M22. COTE P., PRYOR C., McCLURE R.D., et al.
1996MNRAS.280..835L 67 12 Mass motions in the atmospheres of red giants in the globular clusters M55 and M13. LYONS M.A., KEMP S.N., BATES B., et al.
1997A&AS..124..299C viz 3159 203 A catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations: 1996 edition. CAYREL DE STROBEL G., SOUBIRAN C., FRIEL E.D., et al.
1998AJ....115.2397E viz 994 52 Kinematics and metallicity of stars in the solar region. EGGEN O.J.
2001A&A...373..159C viz 15       D               3320 239 Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars: 2001 edition. CAYREL DE STROBEL G., SOUBIRAN C. and RALITE N.
2010A&A...515A.111S viz 15       D               2 17230 227 The PASTEL catalogue of stellar parameters. SOUBIRAN C., LE CAMPION J.-F., CAYREL DE STROBEL G., et al.
2011A&A...532A...8M 2 44 180 The two metallicity groups of the globular cluster M 22: a chemical perspective. MARINO A.F., SNEDEN C., KRAFT R.P., et al.
2012A&A...540A...3A 290       D     X C       7 17 36 CNO and F abundances in the globular cluster M 22 (NGC 6656). ALVES-BRITO A., YONG D., MELENDEZ J., et al.
2016A&A...591A.118S viz 16       D               3 31406 141 The PASTEL catalogue: 2016 version. SOUBIRAN C., LE CAMPION J.-F., BROUILLET N., et al.
2019MNRAS.490.3158C viz 17       D               1 465834 28 A catalogue of stellar diameters and fluxes for mid-infrared interferometry. CRUZALEBES P., PETROV R.G., ROBBE-DUBOIS S., et al.

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