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1974MNRAS.168..491H 1 6 69 Observations of M 82 at 5 GHz with the 5-Lm radio telescope. HARGRAVE P.J.
1975ApJ...200..430K 1 11 101 High-resolution, multifrequency radio observations of M 82. KRONBERG P.P. and WILKINSON P.N.
1981ApJ...246..751K 8 2 85 The continuum radio structure of the nucleus of M 82. KRONBERG P.P., BIERMANN P. and SCHWAB F.R.
1984MNRAS.211..593W 3 10 A VLBI map at 1661 MHz of the brightest radio source in M 82. WILKINSON P.N. and DE BRUYN A.G.
1984MNRAS.211..783U 29 45 Young supernovae in the starburst galaxy M 82. UNGER S.W., PEDLAR A., AXON D.J., et al.
1985ApJ...291..693K 1 33 329 The nucleus of M 82 at radio and X-ray bands : discovery of a new radio population of supernova candidates. KRONBERG P.P., BIERMANN P. and SCHWAB F.R.
1985Sci...227...28K 1 12 69 Discovery of new variable radio sources in the nucleus of the nearby galaxy M 82. KRONBERG P.P. and SRAMEK R.A.
1987ApJ...323..505B 24 58 VLBI observations of 23 hot spots in the starburst galaxy M 82. BARTEL N., RATNER M.I., ROGERS A.E.E., et al.
1989BAAS...21.1161G 2 1 Infrared (FeII) spectra of M 82 supernova remnants and HII regions. GREENHOUSE M.A., WOODWARD C.E., THRONSON H.A., et al.
1990MNRAS.242..529W 17 41 Shell-like structure in 41.9+58, a powerful supernova remnant in M 82. WILKINSON P.N. and DE BRUYN A.G.
1990Gemin..30...16S 2 1 An H-alpha emission line polarization map of the galaxy M 82. SCARROTT M., EATON N. and AXON D.
1991ApJ...383..164G 28 66 Near-infrared [Fe II] emission of M 82 supernova remnants: implications for tracing the supernova content of galaxies. GREENHOUSE M.A., WOODWARD C.E., THRONSON H.A.Jr, et al.
1992ApJ...401L..75P 1 5 39 12 and 20 micron imaging of the starburst galaxy NGC 253. PINA R.K., JONES B., PUETTER R.C., et al.
1992MNRAS.259..293F 1 7 29 NGC 1808: active galactic nucleus or starburst ? FORBES D.A., BOISSON C. and WARD M.J.
1992A&ARv...4..161R 31 61 High resolution radio recombination line observations. ROELFSEMA P.R. and GOSS W.M.
1993Ap&SS.205...99C 11 0 Radio emission in active galaxies : the starburst scenario. COLINA L. and PEREZ-OLEA D.
1994A&A...282..724R 6 2 52 The magnetic field in the halo of M 82. Polarized radio emission at mbda lambda 6.2 and 3.6 cm. REUTER H.-P., KLEIN U., LESCH H., et al.
1994ApJ...424..114H 56 91 Compact radio sources in the starburst galaxy M 82 and the sigma-D relation for supernova remnants. HUANG Z.P., THUAN T.X., CHEVALIER R.A., et al.
1994MNRAS.266..455M 1 26 185 The structure of young supernova remnants in M 82. MUXLOW T.W.B., PEDLAR A., WILKINSON P.N., et al.
1995ApJ...444..312C 5 4 86 Hydrodynamic instabilities in supernova remnants: early radiative cooling. CHEVALIER R.A. and BLONDIN J.M.
1995MNRAS.276..723L 34 16 Forbidden Fe+ emission from supernova remnants in M 33. LUMSDEN S.L. and PUXLEY P.J.
1995Ap&SS.233..281P 3 2 Supernova remnants in the starburst galaxy M 82. PEDLAR A. and MUXLOW T.W.B.
1996ApJ...472..257B 3 6 71 Axisymmetric circumstellar interaction in supernovae. BLONDIN J.M., LUNDQVIST P. and CHEVALIER R.A.
1997A&A...320..378S 2 17 105 ROSAT observations of the galactic wind in M 82. STRICKLAND D.K., PONMAN T.J. and STEVENS I.R.
1997ApJ...476..105G 20 32 Infrared Fabry-Perot imaging of M82 [Fe II] emission. II. Tracing extragalactic supernova remnants. GREENHOUSE M.A., SATYAPAL S., WOODWARD C.E., et al.
1997ApJ...487L.131S 13 25 OH satellite line masers and an AGN candidate in M82. SEAQUIST E.R., FRAYER D.T. and FRAIL D.A.
1997MNRAS.291..517W 24 61 Low-frequency observations of supernova remnants in M 82. WILLS K.A., PEDLAR A., MUXLOW T.W.B., et al.
1997PASJ...49..619T 2 7 62 Wide-band X-ray spectra and images of the starburst galaxy M 82. TSURU T., AWAKI H. and KOYAMA K.
1998A&A...339..737N 1 8 42 13CO at the centre of M82. NEININGER N., GUELIN M., KLEIN U., et al.
1998MNRAS.298..347W 36 33 Neutral hydrogen absorption against supernova remnants in M82. WILLS K.A., PEDLAR A. and MUXLOW T.W.B.
1999A&A...345L..23W 8 2 51 Evidence for an expanding molecular superbubble in M82. WEISS A., WALTER F., NEININGER N., et al.
1999ApJ...510..669S 17 24 The luminous starburst ring in NGC 7771: sequential star formation?. SMITH D.A., HERTER T., HAYNES M.P., et al.
1999ApJ...511..335K 2 6 37 An evaluation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in supernova remnant formation. KANE J., DRAKE R.P. and REMINGTON B.A.
1999MNRAS.305..680W 10 14 A possible active galactic nucleus in M 82 ? WILLS K.A., PEDLAR A., MUXLOW T.W.B., et al.
1999MNRAS.307..761P 1 12 42 VLBI observations of supernova remnants in Messier 82. PEDLAR A., MUXLOW T.W.B., GARRETT M.A., et al.
1999MNRAS.308L..23S 16 10 X-ray-luminous radio supernovae in the centre of M 82 ? STEVENS I.R., STRICKLAND D.K. and WILLS K.A.
1999MNRAS.309..395W 1 7 37 Chimneys in the starburst galaxy M82. WILLS K.A., REDMAN M.P., MUXLOW T.W.B., et al.
1999NewAR..43..535P 6 0 Measurement of expansion velocity in a supernova remnant in Messier 82. PEDLAR A., MUXLOW T.W.B., GARRETT M.A., et al.
2000ApJ...535..706K 30 33 A search for flux density variations in 24 compact radio sources in M82. KRONBERG P.P., SRAMEK R.A., BIRK G.T., et al.
2000MNRAS.316...33W 1 11 42 Modelling the bar in the centre of the starburst galaxy M82. WILLS K.A., DAS M., PEDLAR A., et al.
2000Ap&SS.272..221R 5 0 A pair of chimneys in the starburst galaxy M 82. REDMAN M.P., WILLS K.A., MUXLOW T.W.B., et al.
2000Sci...290.1325G 1 33 117 Hot plasma and black hole binaries in starburst galaxy M82. GRIFFITHS R.E., PTAK A., FEIGELSON E.D., et al.
2001A&A...365..571W 11 5 169 The effect of violent star formation on the state of the molecular gas in M82. WEISS A., NEININGER N., HUETTEMEISTER S., et al.
2001ApJ...547L..25M 6 11 224 Discovery of a luminous, variable, off-center source in the nucleus of M82 with the Chandra high-resolution camera. MATSUMOTO H., TSURU T.G., KOYAMA K., et al.
2001ApJ...558L..27C 1 14 60 The nature of the compact supernova remnants in starburst galaxies. CHEVALIER R.A. and FRANSSON C.
2001ApJ...560..707S 2 8 59 Another intermediate-mass black hole in a starburst galaxy? the luminous X-ray source in NGC 3628 reappears. STRICKLAND D.K., COLBERT E.J.M., HECKMAN T.M., et al.
2001ApJ...563L..27G 2 7 55 SiO chimneys and supershells in M82. GARCIA-BURILLO S., MARTIN-PINTADO J., FUENTE A., et al.
2001MNRAS.321L..29K 14 6 252 Chandra High-Resolution Camera observations of the luminous X-ray source in the starburst galaxy M82. KAARET P., PRESTWICH A.H., ZEZAS A., et al.
2001MNRAS.322..100M 1 9 36 Global very long-baseline interferometry observations of compact radio sources in M82. McDONALD A.R., MUXLOW T.W.B., PEDLAR A., et al.
2002ApJ...581.1132B 16 23 SN 1986J VLBI: the evolution and deceleration of the complex source and a search for a pulsar nebula. BIETENHOLZ M.F., BARTEL N. and RUPEN M.P.
2002MNRAS.331..313W 21 17 Atomic hydrogen shells in the Messier 82 starburst. WILLS K.A., PEDLAR A. and MUXLOW T.W.B.
2002MNRAS.334..912M 49 64 A parsec-scale study of the 5/15-GHz spectral indices of the compact radio sources in M82. McDONALD A.R., MUXLOW T.W.B., WILLS K.A., et al.
2002MNRAS.335L..23P 9 26 A distorted radio shell in the young supernova SN 1986J. PEREZ-TORRES M.A., ALBERDI A., MARCAIDE J.M., et al.
2003ApJ...586L..61S 9 8 223 Discovery of X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations from an ultraluminous X-ray source in M 82: evidence against beaming. STROHMAYER T.E. and MUSHOTZKY R.F.
2003ApJ...591..301B 15 27 SN 1979C VLBI: 22 years of almost free expansion. BARTEL N. and BIETENHOLZ M.F.
2004ApJ...602..231C viz 15       D               1486 200 Old and young X-ray point source populations in nearby galaxies. COLBERT E.J.M., HECKMAN T.M., PTAK A.F., et al.
2004ApJ...610..201S 2 12 107 A Keck/HIRES study of kinematics of the cold interstellar medium in dwarf starburst galaxies. SCHWARTZ C.M. and MARTIN C.L.
2004ApJ...616..783R 70 36 Very large array H92α and H53α radio recombination line observations of M82. RODRIGUEZ-RICO C.A., VIALLEFOND F., ZHAO J.-H., et al.
2004ApJS..154..519S viz 246 305 The ultraluminous X-ray source population from the Chandra archive of galaxies. SWARTZ D.A., GHOSH K.K., TENNANT A.F., et al.
2005A&A...435..437U viz 162 26 The Σ-D relation for supernova remnants in nearby galaxies. UROSEVIC D., PANNUTI T.G., DURIC N., et al.
2005A&A...436..427K 49 35 A radio monitoring survey of ultra-luminous X-ray sources. KOERDING E., COLBERT E. and FALCKE H.
2005MmSAI..76..583F 4 3 MERLIN deep radio observations of supernovae remnants in M 82. FENECH D., MUXLOW T.W.B., PEDLAR A., et al.
2005MmSAI..76..586M 6 14 Is 41.95+575 in M 82 actually an SNR? MUXLOW T.W.B., PEDLAR A., BESWICK R.J., et al.
2006ApJ...636..881Y 2 2 8 Starburst models for far-infrared/submillimeter/millimeter line emission. I. An expanding supershell surrounding a massive star cluster. YAO L., BELL T.A., VITI S., et al.
2006ApJ...638..148S 1 7 14 A high-resolution map of 12CO j = 6-5 emission in the starburst galaxy M82. SEAQUIST E.R., LEE S.W. and MORIARTY-SCHIEVEN G.H.
2006ApJ...647..185L 2 23 120 VLBI images of 49 radio supernovae in Arp 220. LONSDALE C.J., DIAMOND P.J., THRALL H., et al.
2006MNRAS.365.1123M 2 11 45 A variable Quasi-Periodic Oscillation in M82 X-1. Timing and spectral analysis of XMM-Newton and RossiXTE observations. MUCCIARELLI P., CASELLA P., BELLONI T., et al.
2006MNRAS.369.1221B 1 8 26 15 years of very long baseline interferometry observations of two compact radio sources in Messier 82. BESWICK R.J., RILEY J.D., MARTI-VIDAL I., et al.
2006ApJ...652L.105O 2 5 28 A stellar-mass black hole in the ultraluminous X-ray source M82 X-1? OKAJIMA T., EBISAWA K. and KAWAGUCHI T.
2007ApJ...658..258S 5 12 139 Iron line and diffuse hard X-ray emission from the starburst galaxy M82. STRICKLAND D.K. and HECKMAN T.M.
2007RMxAA..43...33V 51 1 On the magnetic field evolution in shell-like supernova remnants. VUKOTIC B., ARBUTINA B. and UROSEVIC D.
2007MNRAS.380..596A 75               F     2 24 3 OH main line masers in the M82 starburst. ARGO M.K., PEDLAR A., BESWICK R.J., et al.
2007ApJ...668..941F 1 15 37 Origin of the X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations and identification of a transient ultraluminous X-ray source in M 82. FENG H. and KAARET P.
2007ApJ...671..349K 20 24 The ultraluminous X-ray sources near the center of M82. KONG A.K.H., YANG Y.J., HSIEH P.-Y., et al.
2007ApJ...671.1579M 1 11 26 Formaldehyde as a tracer of extragalactic molecular gas. I. Para-H2 CO emission from M 82. MUHLE S., SEAQUIST E.R. and HENKEL C.
2008A&A...492..675F 76           X         2 7 24 On the chemistry and distribution of HOC+ in M 82. More evidence for extensive PDRs. FUENTE A., GARCIA-BURILLO S., USERO A., et al.
2009AJ....137..517L 77           X         2 5 13 Submillimeter continuum properties of cold dust in the inner disk and outflows of M 82. LEEUW L.L. and ROBSON E.I.
2008MNRAS.391.1384F viz 90       D       C       2 24 38 Deep MERLIN 5GHz radio imaging of supernova remnants in the M82 starburst. FENECH D.M., MUXLOW T.W.B., BESWICK R.J., et al.
2009AJ....137.4655T 280       D     X         8 24 8 Locating the youngest H II regions in M82 with 7 mm continuum maps. TSAI C.-W., TURNER J.L., BECK S.C., et al.
2009A&A...499L..17B 39           X         1 16 32 Discovery of a bright radio transient in M82: a new radio supernova? BRUNTHALER A., MENTEN K.M., REID M.J., et al.
2009MNRAS.397.1410T 38           X         1 27 16 Radio emission from supernova remnants: implications for post-shock magnetic field amplification & the magnetic fields of galaxies. THOMPSON T.A., QUATAERT E. and MURRAY N.
2009ApJ...703..370C viz 76           X         2 389 28 A universal luminosity function for radio supernova remnants. CHOMIUK L. and WILCOTS E.M.
2009ApJ...705..766Y 455       S   X         11 7 6 Evolving starburst modeling of Far-Infrared/Submillimeter/Millimeter line emission. II. Application to M 82. YAO L.
2010A&A...509A..47M 39           X         1 7 17 The radio lightcurve of SN2008iz in M82 revealed by Urumqi observations. MARCHILI N., MARTI-VIDAL I., BRUNTHALER A., et al.
2010MNRAS.404L.109M 38           X         1 19 24 Discovery of an unusual new radio source in the star-forming galaxy M82: faint supernova, supermassive black hole or an extragalactic microquasar ? MUXLOW T.W.B., BESWICK R.J., GARRINGTON S.T., et al.
2010MNRAS.408..607F 15       D               1 45 32 Wide-field global VLBI and MERLIN combined monitoring of supernova remnants in M82. FENECH D., BESWICK R., MUXLOW T.W.B., et al.
2011MNRAS.414.1329C viz 38           X         1 13 11 The long-term variability of the X-ray sources in M82. CHIANG Y.-K. and KONG A.K.H.
2011ApJ...741...49S viz 15       D               2 169 167 A complete sample of ultraluminous X-ray source host galaxies. SWARTZ D.A., SORIA R., TENNANT A.F., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.2095M viz 15       D               1 1105 459 X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies - I. High-mass X-ray binaries. MINEO S., GILFANOV M. and SUNYAEV R.
2012A&A...540L...5H 15       D               1 129 26 Evidence of nuclear disks in starburst galaxies from their radial distribution of supernovae. HERRERO-ILLANA R., PEREZ-TORRES M.A. and ALBERDI A.
2013MNRAS.431.1107G viz 16       D               1 60 10 Flux density variations of radio sources in M82 over the last three decades. GENDRE M.A., FENECH D.M., BESWICK R.J., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.1081A 40           X         1 16 11 A new period of activity in the core of NGC 660. ARGO M.K., VAN BEMMEL I.M., CONNOLLY S.D., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.4395K 361           X         9 9 8 A possible 55-d X-ray period of the ultraluminous accreting pulsar M82 X-2. KONG A.K.H., HU C., LIN L.C., et al.
2021MNRAS.502..176C 44           X         1 24 ~ 'Ears' formation in supernova remnants: overhearing an interaction history with bipolar circumstellar structures. CHIOTELLIS A., BOUMIS P. and SPETSIERI Z.T.
2021A&A...652A..18I 44           X         1 33 ~ X-ray supernova remnants in the starburst region of M 82. IWASAWA K.
2023A&A...674A..77I 187           X C       3 20 ~ Origin of the diffuse 4-8 keV emission in M 82. IWASAWA K., NORMAN C., GILLI R., et al.

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