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2019ATel13131....1S 85 T         X         1 1 ~ Keck/LRIS Spectroscopic Classification of
AT2019qiz as a Tidal Disruption Event.
2019ATel13143....1A 170 T         X         3 1 ~ X-ray non-detection of TDE Candidate
AT2019qiz using the Swift XRT.
2019ATel13146....1Z 213 T         X         4 1 ~ UV/optical brightening of the TDE candidate
AT2019qiz as detected by Swift.
ZHANG W., YU W., YAN Z., et al.
2019ATel13170....1F 128 T         X         2 2 ~ INTEGRAL observation of the nuclear transient AT2019pev and the TDE candidate
2019ATel13193....1Z 213 T         X         4 1 ~ The optical transient
AT2019qiz started a decay as seen with Swift
ZHANG W., YU W., YAN Z., et al.
2020ApJ...894L..10H 192       D     X C       4 36 ~ Examining a peak-luminosity/decline-rate relationship for tidal disruption events. HINKLE J.T., HOLOIEN T.W.-S., SHAPPEE B.J., et al.
2019ATel13310....1O 341 T         X         7 2 ~ Radio observations of the TDE
2019ATel13334....1O 255 T         X         5 1 ~ Rising radio emission from TDE
2020MNRAS.499..482N 4208 T   A     X C F     94 14 55 An outflow powers the optical rise of the nearby, fast-evolving tidal disruption event
2020ApJ...904...73R 193       D     X C       4 24 40 Measuring stellar and black hole masses of tidal disruption events. RYU T., KROLIK J. and PIRAN T.
2020ApJ...905L...5U 17       D               1 22 ~ Application of the wind-driven model to a sample of tidal disruption events. UNO K. and MAEDA K.
2021MNRAS.500.1673H 361           X         8 18 65 Discovery and follow-up of ASASSN-19dj: an X-ray and UV luminous TDE in an extreme post-starburst galaxy. HINKLE J.T., HOLOIEN T.W.-S., AUCHETTL K., et al.
2021ApJ...908L..20H 19       D               2 20 28 Tidal disruption event hosts are green and centrally concentrated: signatures of a post-merger system. HAMMERSTEIN E., GEZARI S., VAN VELZEN S., et al.
2021ApJ...908....4V 381       D     X         9 35 195 Seventeen tidal disruption events from the first half of ZTF survey observations: entering a new era of population studies. VAN VELZEN S., GEZARI S., HAMMERSTEIN E., et al.
2021MNRAS.502.3385M 44 ~ Limits on mass outflow from optical tidal disruption events. MATSUMOTO T. and PIRAN T.
2021ApJ...910...83H viz 197       D     X         5 38 17 A Swift fix for nuclear outbursts. HINKLE J.T., HOLOIEN T.W.-S., SHAPPEE B.J., et al.
2021ApJ...910..125P viz 48           X         1 13 43 ASASSN-14ko is a periodic nuclear transient in ESO 253-G003. PAYNE A.V., SHAPPEE B.J., HINKLE J.T., et al.
2021MNRAS.504..792C 359           X         8 17 29 Accretion disc cooling and narrow absorption lines in the tidal disruption event AT 2019dsg. CANNIZZARO G., WEVERS T., JONKER P.G., et al.
2021ApJ...917....9H 4821 T   A     X C       106 15 18 Discovery of a fast iron low-ionization outflow in the early evolution of the nearby tidal disruption event
AT 2019qiz.
2021A&A...653A.119N 134           X C       2 19 10 Constraining bright optical counterparts of fast radio bursts. NUNEZ C., TEJOS N., PIGNATA G., et al.
2021MNRAS.507.6196I 108       D     X         3 12 ~ Host galaxy line diagnostics for the candidate tidal disruption events XMMSL1 J111527.3+180638 and PTF09axc. INKENHAAG A., JONKER P.G., CANNIZZARO G., et al.
2022MNRAS.510.5426P 514           X C F     9 7 9 Optical line spectra of tidal disruption events from reprocessing in optically thick outflows. PARKINSON E.J., KNIGGE C., MATTHEWS J.H., et al.
2022A&A...659A..34C 188           X         4 18 24 A detailed spectroscopic study of tidal disruption events. CHARALAMPOPOULOS P., LELOUDAS G., MALESANI D.B., et al.
2022ATel15217....1Y 47           X         1 4 ~ Swift and NICER monitoring of AT2021ehb. YAO Y., PASHAM D.R., GENDREAU K.C., et al.
2022MNRAS.513.2422L 93               F     1 32 9 The prospects of finding tidal disruption events with 2.5-m Wide-Field Survey Telescope based on mock observations. LIN Z., JIANG N. and KONG X.
2022ApJ...930...12H 513           X C       10 28 23 The Curious Case of ASASSN-20hx: A Slowly Evolving, UV- and X-Ray-Luminous, Ambiguous Nuclear Transient. HINKLE J.T., HOLOIEN T.W.-S., SHAPPEE B.J., et al.
2022MNRAS.515..138P 1521 T   A     X C F     30 11 6 Spectropolarimetry of the tidal disruption event
AT 2019qiz: a quasi-spherical reprocessing layer.
PATRA K.C., LU W., BRINK T.G., et al.
2022MNRAS.515.1146R 205       D     X   F     4 33 10 The bulge masses of TDE host galaxies and their scaling with black hole mass. RAMSDEN P., LANNING D., NICHOLL M., et al.
2022MNRAS.515.5604N 112       D         F     3 38 23 Systematic light-curve modelling of TDEs: statistical differences between the spectroscopic classes. NICHOLL M., LANNING D., RAMSDEN P., et al.
2022ApJ...937....8Y 47           X         1 19 10 The Tidal Disruption Event AT2021ehb: Evidence of Relativistic Disk Reflection, and Rapid Evolution of the Disk-Corona System. YAO Y., LU W., GUOLO M., et al.
2022MNRAS.517...76O 467           X C F     8 18 8 The nuclear transient AT 2017gge: a tidal disruption event in a dusty and gas-rich environment and the awakening of a dormant SMBH. ONORI F., CANNIZZARO G., JONKER P.G., et al.
2022A&A...666A...6W 140           X         3 14 9 An elliptical accretion disk following the tidal disruption event AT 2020zso. WEVERS T., NICHOLL M., GUOLO M., et al.
2022ApJ...939L..33L 345       D     X         8 35 7 The Luminosity Function of Tidal Disruption Flares for the ZTF-I Survey. LIN Z., JIANG N., KONG X., et al.
2022NatAs...6.1452A 49           X         1 7 14 A fast-rising tidal disruption event from a candidate intermediate-mass black hole. ANGUS C.R., BALDASSARE V.F., MOCKLER B., et al.
2023ApJ...942....9H 671       D S   X         13 31 46 The Final Season Reimagined: 30 Tidal Disruption Events from the ZTF-I Survey. HAMMERSTEIN E., VAN VELZEN S., GEZARI S., et al.
2023A&A...669A.140P 50           X         1 13 5 The rise and fall of the iron-strong nuclear transient PS16dtm. PETRUSHEVSKA T., LELOUDAS G., ILIC D., et al.
2023ApJ...943L..18C 250           X C       4 16 1 Linear and Circular Polarimetry of the Optically Bright Relativistic Tidal Disruption Event AT 2022cmc. CIKOTA A., LELOUDAS G., BULLA M., et al.
2023MNRAS.519.5828M 220       D     X         5 19 ~ From X-rays to physical parameters: a comprehensive analysis of thermal tidal disruption event X-ray spectra. MUMMERY A., WEVERS T., SAXTON R., et al.
2023A&A...670A.150C 720       D     X C       14 5 3 Modeling continuum polarization levels of tidal disruption events based on the collision-induced outflow model. CHARALAMPOPOULOS P., BULLA M., BONNEROT C., et al.
2023MNRAS.520.4209M 350           X C       6 20 1 eRASSt J074426.3 + 291606: prompt accretion disc formation in a 'faint and slow' tidal disruption event. MALYALI A., LIU Z., MERLONI A., et al.
2023PASP..135c4102K 380     A S   X C       6 2 ~ Comparison of Different Tidal Disruption Event Light Curve Models with TiDE, a New Modular Open Source Code. KOVACS-STERMECZKY Z.V. and VINKO J.
2023A&A...672A.167H viz 200           X         4 33 1 Discovery of the luminous X-ray ignition eRASSt J234402.9-352640 I. Tidal disruption event or a rapid increase in accretion in an active galactic nucleus? HOMAN D., KRUMPE M., MARKOWITZ A., et al.
2023ApJ...948L..19S 150           X C       2 22 1 Scary Barbie: An Extremely Energetic, Long-duration Tidal Disruption Event Candidate without a Detected Host Galaxy at z = 0.995. SUBRAYAN B.M., MILISAVLJEVIC D., CHORNOCK R., et al.
2023Sci...380..656L 50           X         1 17 4 Optical polarization from colliding stellar streamshocks in a tidal disruption event. LIODAKIS I., KOLJONEN K.I.I., BLINOV D., et al.
2023ApJ...949..113G 20       D               1 87 2 Identifying Tidal Disruption Events with an Expansion of the FLEET Machine-learning Algorithm. GOMEZ S., VILLAR V.A., BERGER E., et al.
2023A&A...673A..95C 1720       D     X C       34 26 9 AT 2020wey and the class of faint and fast tidal disruption events. CHARALAMPOPOULOS P., PURSIAINEN M., LELOUDAS G., et al.
2023MNRAS.518.5693M 50           X         1 11 1 Probing the tidal disruption event iPTF16axa with CLOUDY and disc-wind models. MAGESHWARAN T., SHAW G. and BHATTACHARYYA S.
2023MNRAS.519.2035H 150           X         3 9 5 SCAT uncovers ATLAS's first tidal disruption event ATLAS18mlw: a faint and fast TDE in a quiescent Balmer strong Galaxy. HINKLE J.T., TUCKER M.A., SHAPPEE B.J., et al.
2023ApJ...951..134P 350           X C       6 15 5 Chandra, HST/STIS, NICER, Swift, and TESS Detail the Flare Evolution of the Repeating Nuclear Transient ASASSN -14ko. PAYNE A.V., AUCHETTL K., SHAPPEE B.J., et al.
2023ApJ...952L..35Z 450           X C       8 11 ~ AT 2023clx: The Faintest and Closest Optical Tidal Disruption Event Discovered in Nearby Star-forming Galaxy NGC 3799. ZHU J., JIANG N., WANG T., et al.

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