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1990ApJ...363...21C 108 T K                 1 18 252
4C 41.17: a radio galaxy at a redshift of 3.8.
1990MNRAS.247..166R 6 5 128 Merging-driven evolution of high-redshift galaxies in a universe with omega 0 = 1 ROCCA-VOLMERANGE B. and GUIDERDONI B.
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1993BAAS...25..927G 71 T                   1 ~ Near infrared observations of the highest redshift radio galaxy,
4C 41.17, with the W.M. Keck Telescope.
GRAHAM J.R., et al.
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a radio galaxy at redshift z = 3.8.
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4C 41.17 at z=3.8: a massive clump in a forming galaxy?
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4C 41.17.
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4C 41.17.
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