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1995AJ....110.2479L 1 17 132 Linear polarization imaging with very long baseline interferometry at high frequencies. LEPPANEN K.J. and ZENSUS J.A.
1998ApJ...504..702L 47 45 Submilliarcsecond polarimetric imaging of blazer jets at 43 GHz. LISTER M.L., MARSCHER A.P. and GEAR W.K.
2001ApJS..133..297W 1 10 54 Kinematics of the parsec-scale relativistic jet in quasar 3C 279: 1991-1997. WEHRLE A.E., PINER B.G., UNWIN S.C., et al.
2004AJ....127.3115J 15 38 Change in speed and direction of the jet near the core in the quasar 3C 279. JORSTAD S.G., MARSCHER A.P., LISTER M.L., et al.
2005AstL...31..713Z 11 9 On the content of cold electrons in blazar and microquasar jets. ZHELEZNYAKOV V.V. and KORYAGIN S.A.
2011RAA....11...43Q 13 9 A possible precession period for superluminal ejection in QSO 3C 279. QIAN S.-J.
2012RAA....12...46Q 39           X         1 9 7 Model-fitting of the kinematics of superluminal components in blazar 3C 279. QIAN S.-J.
2013AJ....145...12B 936     A D     X C       24 6 7 The accelerating jet of 3C 279. BLOOM S.D., FROMM C.M. and ROS E.
2015A&A...578A..86R 1231           X C       30 8 4 Structure of the nucleus of 1928+738. ROLAND J., BRITZEN S., KUN E., et al.
2019A&A...621A..11Q 84             C       1 25 3 Possible evidence of a supermassive black hole binary with two radio jets in blazar 3C279. QIAN S.J., BRITZEN S., KRICHBAUM T.P., et al.

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