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1943ApJ....97...28S 8 6 484 Nuclear emission in spiral nebulae. SEYFERT C.K.
1954ApJ...119..215B 2 12 195 In the identification of radio sources. BAADE W. and MINKOWSKI R.
1957MNRAS.117..680W 38 38 The spectra of radio stars. WHITFIELD G.R.
1958PASP...70..143M 21 24 The problem of the identification of extragalactic radio sources. MINKOWSKI R.
1959MmRAS..68...37E viz 474 194 A survey of radio sources at a frequency of 159 Mc/s. EDGE D.O., SHAKESHAFT J.R., McADAM W.B., et al.
1959MmRAS..68...61E 59 25 The positions, flux densities and angular diameters of 64 radio sources observed at a frequency of 178 Mc/s. ELSMORE B., RYLE M. and LESLIE P.R.R.
1960PASP...72..237H 109 125 Radio source measurements at 960 MC/S. HARRIS D.E. and ROBERTS J.A.
1961AJ.....66..536A 25 60 Instability phenomena in systems of galaxies. AMBARTSUMIAN V.A.
1961ApJ...133..322H 12 31 Observations of radio sources at four frequencies. HEESCHEN D.S.
1961MNRAS.122...95S 3 2 47 First results of radio star observations using the method of aperture synthesis. SCOTT P.F., RYLE M. and HEWISH A.
1961MNRAS.122..349R 2 4 62 An examination of the steady-state model in the light of some recent observations of radio sources. RYLE M. and CLARKE R.W.
1962AJ.....67..171G 59 18 Observations of sixty discrete sources at 1423 MC. GOLDSTEIN S.J.Jr
1962ApJ...135..694B 42 127 Ionized gas in spiral and irregular galaxies. BURBIDGE E.M. and BURBIDGE G.R.
1962ApJS....7..141M 172 83 Brightness distribution in discrete radio sources. III. The structure of the sources. MALTBY P. and MOFFET A.T.
1962MNRAS.125...57A 12 20 An analysis of the angular sizes of radio sources. ALLEN L.R., HANBURY BROWN R. and PALMER H.P.
1962MmRAS..68..163B viz 240 397 The revised 3C catalogue of radio sources. BENNETT A.S.
1963AJ.....68..421G 42 113 Positions of optical objects in the fields of 42 radio sources. GRIFFIN R.F.
1963MNRAS.125..261C 161 218 The radio frequency spectra of discrete radio sources. CONWAY R.G., KELLERMANN K.I. and LONG R.J.
1963MmRAS..68..163B 330 ~ The revised 3C catalogue of radio sources. BENNETT A.S.
1964AJ.....69..641M 60 62 A catalogue of linear polarization characteristics of radio sources in the wavelength range 10 to 21 cm. MORRIS D. and BERGE G.L.
1964AJ.....69..772F 42 24 Accurate right ascencions for 226 radio sources. FOMALONT E.B., MATTHEWS T.A., MORRIS D., et al.
1964ApJ...140...35M 1 53 480 A discussion of galaxies indentified with radio sources. MATTHEWS T.A., MORGAN W.W. and SCHMIDT M.
1964ApJ...140..969K 241 142 The spectra of non-thermal radio sources. KELLERMANN K.I.
1964MNRAS.128..103P 51 31 Radio sources and rich clusters of galaxies. PILKINGTON J.D.H.
1965AJ.....70..756M 244 43 A 610.5 MHz survey of the sky between declinations +40 and +44 degrees. MacLEOD J.M., SWENSON G.W.Jr, YANG K.S., et al.
1965ApJ...142.1156E 118 48 The spectra of radio sources at decametric wavelengths. ERICKSON W.C. and CRONYN W.M.
1965ApJ...142.1351B 84 T                   1 1 104 Optical evidence suggesting the occurrence of a violent outburst in
NGC 1275.
1965ApJ...142.1642D 4 10 Identification of the radio source OA184 with a supernova remnant. DICKEL J.R. and YANG K.S.
1965MNRAS.131..159C 158 26 Observations of radio sources at 612 and 1400 Mc/s. CONWAY R.G. and LONG R.J.
1965BAN....18...42D 196 26 A catalogue of discrete sources observed at 400 Mc/s. DAVIS M.M., GELATO-VOLDERS L. and WESTERHOUT G.
1965Natur.205..488B 68 T                   1 2 14 A radio investigation of NGC 1265 and
NGC 1275.
1965Natur.205..755D 74 14 Maps of the Perseus region at 600 and 1,415 megacycles per sec. DIXON R.S., MENG S.Y. and KRAUS J.D.
1965Obs....85..212V 10 3 On the optical peculiarities of radio galaxies. VORONTSOV-VELYAMINOV B.A.
1966ApJ...144..459W 328 275 Optical identification of radio sources in the 3C revised catalogue. WYNDHAM J.D.
1966ApJ...145...21C 193 62 Radio-source fringe visibilities with an interferometer of 21500-wavelength base line. CLARK B.G. and HOGG D.E.
1966ApJ...146..621K 2 8 114 On the interpretation of radio-source spectra and the evolution of radio galaxies and quasi-stellar sources. KELLERMANN K.I.
1966ApJS...13...65P viz 735 198 Positions and flux densities of radio sources. PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K., WADE C.M. and HEESCHEN D.S.
1967MNRAS.135..231C 127 94 Identifications of radio sources with bright galaxies. CASWELL J.L. and WILLS D.
1967MNRAS.135..319W 164 33 The radio spectra of sources in the fourth Cambridge catalogue. II. WILLIAMS P.J.S. and STEWART P.
1967PASAu...1....7O 3 1 A study of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151. OKE J.B. and SARGENT W.L.W.
1968AJ.....73..135G 626 126 Survey of radio sources observed in the continuum near 1420 MHz, declinations -5 to +70. GALT J.A. and KENNEDY J.E.D.
1968AJ.....73..298K 639 89 Measurements of the flux density of discrete radio sources at centimeter wawelengths. I. Observations at 2695 MHz. (11.3cm). KELLERMANN K.I., PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and TYLER W.C.
1968AJ.....73..717B 139 70 Observations of radio sources at 10.03 MHz. BRIDLE A.H. and PURTON C.R.
1968AJ.....73..890B 6 8 Similarities between Seyfert galaxies, N-type galaxies, and quasistellar objets. BURBIDGE E.M.
1968AJ.....73..953P 506 86 Measurements of the flux density and spectra of discrete sources at centimeter wavelengths. II. The observations at 5 GHz (6cm). PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and KELLERMANN K.I.
1968ApJ...152.1101A 10 51 A compact galaxy (III Zw 2) and a compact radio galaxy (3C 120) with Seyfert-type spectra. ARP H.
1968ApJS...15..203F 534 116 The east-west structure of radio sources at 1425 MHz. FOMALONT E.B.
1968MNRAS.138....1R 7 4 182 The radio emission from galaxies in the Perseus cluster. RYLE M. and WINDRAM M.D.
1968MNRAS.138..259M 84 340 Observations of the structure of radio sources in the 3C catalogue -I. MacDONALD G.H., KENDERDINE S. and NEVILLE A.C.
1968MNRAS.138..393L 146 46 Radio source structure derived from interplanetary scintillation. LITTLE L.T. and HEWISH A.
1968PASP...80...16M 67 T                   1 3 3 Relationship of the small-diameter radio and optical features in NGC 1068,
NGC 1275, and NGC 4486.
1968PASP...80..129A 43 69 Lines of galaxies from radio sources. ARP H.
1968PASP...80..273B 28 11 A phase stable interferometer of 100,000 wavelengths baseline. BASART J.P., CLARK B.G. and KRAMER J.S.
1969A&A.....1..156B 17 24 Mesures de polarisation avec le radiotelescope de Nancay. Detection de polarisation circulaire dans les quasars a 2695 MHz. BIRAUD F.
1969A&A.....1..414S 5 15 Etude des galaxies de Seyfert. III. Mecanisme d'ionisation. SOUFFRIN S.
1969AJ.....74..366R viz 210 54 Spectral flux densities of radio sources at 22.25 MHz. I. ROGER R.S., COSTAIN C.H. and LACEY J.D.
1969AJ.....74..827D 146 22 Flux densities of radio sources at a wavelength of 2.8 cm. DOHERTY L.H., MacLEOD J.M. and PURTON C.R.
1969ApJ...155L..71K 2 34 476 The spectra of opaque radio sources. KELLERMANN K.I. and PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K.
1969ApJ...156..815B 156 32 Polarization of discrete sources at 21.2-cm wavelength, and galactic depolarization. BOLOGNA J.M., McCLAIN E.F. and SLOANAKER R.M.
1969ApJ...157....1K 314 708 The spectra of radio sources in the revised 3C catalogue. KELLERMANN K.I., PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and WILLIAMS P.J.S.
1969ApJ...158L..19S 68 T                   1 1 10 Variability of the Seyfert galaxy
NGC 1275.
1969MNRAS.146..213D 40 22 Interferometric observations with a baseline of 127 kilometres-I. DONALDSON W., MILEY G.K., PALMER H.P., et al.
1969MNRAS.146..221M 1 4 43 High resolution observations of Cygnus A at 2. 7 GHz and 5 GHz. MITTON S. and RYLE M.
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1970A&A.....8...98H 18 31 The minimum observable diameter of radio sources. HARRIS D.E., ZEISSIG G.A. and LOVELACE R.V.
1970AJ.....75.1015M 143 26 Precise declinations and optical identifications of selected discrete radio source. MOSELEY G.F., BROOKS C.C. and DOUGLAS J.N.
1970ApJ...159..263M 2 6 99 Internal dust in gaseous nebulae. MATHIS J.S.
1970ApJ...162..743A 3 8 164 Spectrophotometry of eight Seyfert galaxies. ANDERSON K.S.
1970MNRAS.149..319G 2 4 70 Observations of M 87 at 5 GHz. GRAHAM I.
1970QJRAS..11..199O 38 23 Abundances of the elements in gaseous nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1971A&A....11..171W 321 35 A statistically complete sample of radio-sources at 1400 MHz. WITZEL A., VERON P. and VERON M.P.
1971AJ.....76..513F 77 106 Two-dimensional structures of 76 extragalactic radio sources at 1425 MHz. FOMALONT E.B.
1971ApJ...164L..81F 1 5 47 Discovery of an X-ray source in Perseus. FRITZ G., DAVIDSEN A., MEEKINS J.F., et al.
1971ApJ...165L..27G 28 112 An X-ray scan of the galactic plane from UHURU. GIACCONI R., KELLOGG E., GORENSTEIN P., et al.
1971ApJ...165L..43G 71 T                   1 3 80 Detection of X-rays from the Seyfert galaxies
NGC 1275 and NGC 4151 by the UHURU satellite.
1971ApJ...165..451D 6 4 A search for the redshifted line of neutral hydrogen in selected quasi-stellar sources, N galaxies, and Seyfert galaxies. DENT W.A.
1971ApJ...167L..81G 2 8 126 A strong X-ray source in the Coma cluster observed by UHURU. GURSKY H., KELLOGG E., MURRAY S., et al.
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1971ApJ...170...17B 14 39 On the absorption-line spectrum of 4C 05.34. BAHCALL J.N. and GOLDSMITH S.
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1971ApJS...23..323H 98 189 An absorption-line study of the galactic neutral hydrogen at 21 centimeters wavelength. HUGHES M.P., THOMPSON A.R. and COLVIN R.S.
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1971PASP...83..783P 29 87 Stars observed photoelectrically near quasars and related objects. PENSTON M.J., PENSTON M.V. and SANDAGE A.R.
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1972ApJ...171L..45L 1 5 35 The X-ray spectrum of NGC 5128. LAMPTON M., MARGON B., BOWYER S., et al.
1972ApJ...172..299B 30 33 High-resolution observations of compact radio sources at 13 centimeters. II. BRODERICK J.J., KELLERMANN K.I., SHAFFER D.B., et al.
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1972ApJ...176L..95R 62 341 Infrared photometry of extragalactic sources. RIEKE G.H. and LOW F.J.
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1972ApJ...178..281G 143 259 The UHURU catalog of X-ray souces. GIACCONI R., MURRAY S., GURSKY H., et al.
1972ApJ...178..309F 2 8 108 Observations of the extended X-ray sources in the Perseus and Coma clusters from UHURU. FORMAN W., KELLOGG E., GURSKY H., et al.
1972MNRAS.159..233A 157 58 Precise positions of radio sources measured at 2695 MHz. ADGIE R.L., CROWTHER J.H. and GENT H.
1972MNRAS.160..197A 21 34 Optical positions for 21 3C objects. ARGUE A.N. and KENWORTHY C.M.
1972MNRAS.160..305W 44 61 Observations of radio sources with an interferometer of 24-KM baseline -III. The angular structure at 408 and 1423 MHz of 44 relatively intense radio sources. WILKINSON P.N.
1972AZh....49..930L 9 36 Optical variability of nuclei of Seyfert galaxies. LYUTYI V.M.
1972IAUS...44..259D 6 0 Attempts to detect neutral hydrogen in compact objects. DENT W.A.
1973AJ.....78..536B 44 24 Observations of the linear polarization of radio sources. BIGNELL R.C. and SEAQUIST E.R.
1973AJ.....78..828K 500 79 Measurements of the flux density and spectra of discrete radio sources at centimeter wavelengths. IV. The observations at 10.7 GHz (2.8 cm). KELLERMANN K.I. and PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K.
1973AJ.....78.1030R 227 114 The low-frequency spectra of nonthermal radio sources. ROGER R.S., BRIDLE A.H. and COSTAIN C.H.
1973ApJ...186..801R 12 20 Extragalactic radio sources: accurate positions from very-long-baseline interferometry observations. ROGERS A.E.E., COUNSELMAN C.C., HINTEREGGER H.F., et al.
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1974ApJ...189L..59F 72 T                   1 2 57 COPERNICUS X-ray observations of
NGC 1275 and the core of the Perseus cluster.
1974ApJ...191..739S 6 8 Limit on X-ray emission from a supernova during maximum light. SPROTT G.F., BRADT H.V., CLARK G.W., et al.
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1974VeARI..26....0B 364 ~ Bibliography on the structure of galaxies. BROSCHE P., EINASTO J. and RUMMEL U.
1975A&A....42...25L 33 55 Neutral hydrogen absorption spectra. LAZAREFF B.
1975A&A....45..223M 71 T                   1 3 59 The large scale radio structure of
NGC 1275.
1975AJ.....80..271S 23 39 Time independence of the integrated Stockes parameters of compact radio sources at 5 GHz. SEIELSTAD G.A. and BERGE G.L.
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1975PASP...87..879S 75 T                   1 1 38 The spectral energy distribution of
NGC 1275.
1976A&A....49..137C 98 2 984 X-rays from hot plasma in clusters of galaxies. CAVALIERE A. and FUSCO-FEMIANO R.
1976AJ.....81.1084G 212 28 Measurements of the flux densities and spectra of discrete radio sources at centimeter wavelengths. The observations at 14.9 GHz (2 cm). GENZEL R., PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K., PREUSS E., et al.
1976ApJ...208..177L 209 1 1045 Parameter estimation in X-ray astronomy. LAMPTON M., MARGON B. and BOWYER S.
1976MNRAS.177..601C 52 38 A map of the northern sky at 10 MHz. CASWELL J.L.
1976Ap&SS..41..357S 21 19 30 Dor as the active centre of the Large Magellanic Cloud. SCHMIDT-KALER T. and FEITZINGER J.V.
1977A&A....59..433W 18 2 Precision estimation of precession and nutation from radio interferometric observations. WALTER H.G.
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1977AZh....54.1153L 9 41 Optical variability of the nuclei of Seyfert galaxies. LYUTY V.M.
1977JRASC..71...21K 34 10 Index of extragalactic radio-source catalogues. KESTEVEN M.J.L. and BRIDLE A.H.
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1978ApJS...37..235R 74 T                   1 1 33 A new mapping of the velocity field of
NGC 1275.
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1978LicOB.781....1G 21 0 lambda 7892 emission in Seyfert galaxies. GRANDI S.A.
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1978VA.....22..307V 7 12 Explosions in galaxies. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1979A&A....74L..11K 19 26 Westerbork observations of flat spectrum galaxies in the 5 GHz 'S4' survey. KAPAHI V.K.
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1981ApJ...243L...9R 78 T                   1 1 49 Nonthermal hard X-ray emission from the nucleus of
NGC 1275.
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1981ARA&A..19...41W 1 47 298 Absorption lines in the spectra of Quasi-Stellar Objects. WEYMANN R.J., CARSWELL R.F. and SMITH M.G.
1982AJ.....87.1341H 226 21 Optical surveys of H II regions in galaxies. HODGE P.W.
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1982ApJ...257..570R 70 T                   1 6 30 Near-infrared spectrophotometry of four Seyfert 1 galaxies and
NGC 1275.
RUDY R.J., JONES B.E., LE VAN P.D., et al.
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1982IAUS...97..279R 48 21 The milliarcsecond structure of radio galaxies and quasars. READHEAD A.C.S. and PEARSON T.J.
1982IUE3r......569B 69 T                   1 1 ~ Ly alpha absorption at cz=8200 km s-1 in
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