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1987AJ.....94...23B 53 1 213 Discovery of a huge low-surface-brightness galaxy: a protodisk galaxy at low redshift ? BOTHUN G.D., IMPEY C.D., MALIN D.F., et al.
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1989ApJ...341...89I 106 T K                 1 18 134
Malin 1 : a quiescent disk galaxy.
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2000A&A...358..494B 110 T K                 4 13 Deep search for CO emission in the Low Surface Brightness galaxy
Malin 1.
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2004ApJ...615L.109O 74 T                   10 14 Properties of molecular gas in massive low surface brightness galaxies, including new 12CO observations of three
Malin 1 ``Cousins''.
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2007AJ....133.1085B 40   K                 6 26 A normal stellar disk in the galaxy
Malin 1.
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2006PASA...23..165M 787     A D     X C       21 3 11
Malin 1: a deeper look.
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Malin 1 galaxy giant disk. A panchromatic view from the NGVS and GUViCS surveys.
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