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2013A&A...560A...4R viz 16       D               1 24132 291 Rotation and differential rotation of active Kepler stars. REINHOLD T., REINERS A. and BASRI G.
2014ApJS..211...24M viz 16       D               1 34022 573 Rotation periods of 34,030 Kepler main-sequence stars: the full autocorrelation sample. McQUILLAN A., MAZEH T. and AIGRAIN S.
2015ApJ...809....8B viz 16       D               1 112329 282 Terrestrial planet occurrence rates for the Kepler GK dwarf sample. BURKE C.J., CHRISTIANSEN J.L., MULLALLY F., et al.
2017ApJ...851..116M viz 16       D               1 472 73 Long-term photometric variability in Kepler full-frame images: magnetic cycles of Sun-like stars. MONTET B.T., TOVAR G. and FOREMAN-MACKEY D.
2020MNRAS.499.3481A viz 17       D               1 28505 24 Evidence for metallicity-dependent spin evolution in the Kepler field. AMARD L., ROQUETTE J. and MATT S.P.

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