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1900ApJ....12..254C 7 20 A list of nine stars whose velocities in the line of sight are variable. CAMPBELL W.W. and WRIGHT W.H.
1927PASP...39..261M 63 T                   1 4 0 Recent radial velocity observations of beta Orionis, 1 Herculis,
delta Scuti, 111 Herculis.
1935LicOB..17..175F 65 T                   1 1 13 A photometric study of
delta Scuti.
1937LicOB..18...77F 65 T                   1 1 10 The multiple variability of
delta Scuti.
1938ApJ....87..133S 64 T                   1 1 5 The secondary variation of
delta Scuti.
1939AN....268..165G 406 8 Benennung von veranderlichen Sternen. GUTHNICK P. and SCHNELLER H.
1952AJ.....57..227W 68 24 A search for stars of the beta Canis Majoris type. WALKER M.F.
1952ApJ...116..106W 9 18 A photoelectric study of 16 Lacertae. WALKER M.F.
1952BAN....11..385V 240 204 On the structure of the Hyades cluster. VAN BUEREN H.G.
1953PASP...65..252S 65 T                   1 1 6 Variable line widths in the spectrum of
delta Scuti.
1953PASP...65..254W 65 T                   1 5 0 Color variability of
delta Scuti.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15125 750 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954ApJ...119..346P 67 T                   1 1 16 The radial velocity of
delta Scuti.
1955AJ.....60..179S 6 24 Low-luminosity intrinsic variables with periods less than 0.2 day. SMITH H.J.
1955ApJ...121..653S 217 160 The spectra and rotational velocities of the bright stars of Draper types A3-G0. SLETTEBAK A.
1955ApJ...121..690F 17 27 The cluster-type variable VZ Cancri. FITCH W.
1955BAN....12..223W 5 26 The pulsations of AI Velorum, SX Phoenicis and RR Lyrae. WALRAVEN T.
1956AJ.....61..324S 17 1 Reports of observatories SHANE C.D.
1956PASP...68..238E 1 4 41 Rho Puppis: a new short-period variable star. EGGEN O.J.
1956BAN....13...51M 19 1 Radial velocities of omicron Persei and zeta Persei. MULLER A.B., WALRAVEN T. and WOLTJER L.
1956BAN....13...58W 12 6 The relation between radial-velocity range and light-range for RR Lyrae stars. WOLTJER L.
1956BAN....13...62W 15 13 A note on the light-curves and absolute magnitudes of some short-period RR Lyrae stars. WOLTJER L.
1957AJ.....62R..14E 7 7 Pop. I. short-period variable stars in the Herzsprung gap. EGGEN O.J.
1957AJ.....62...45E 262 33 Distribution of the nearer bright stars in the color-luminosity array. EGGEN O.
1957ApJ...125..692S 6 10 The radial velocity of delta Delphini. STRUVE O., SAHADE J. and ZEBERGS V.
1957ApJ...126..291B 13 13 Radial velocity variations in four short-period variable stars. BONSACK W.K.
1959ApJ...130.1023F 7 ~ On period ratios of the delta Scuti type variables. FITCH W.S.
1959MNRAS.119..134K 20 10 A note on the RR Lyrae variables. KINMAN T.D.
1959SvA.....3..676K 21 3 On the dependance between the amplitude of variation in radial velocities for pulsating variable stars. KUROCHKIN N.E.
1960ApJ...132..430F 67 T                   1 1 10 Rediscussion of
delta Scuti.
1960MNSSA..19...56C 23 4 New bright variable stars. COUSINS A.W.J.
1961PASP...73..269M 6 6 Note on the delta Scuti variables. McNAMARA D.H.
1961BAN....15..326P 66 T                   1 5 0 On the absence of
delta Scuti type variables in omega Centauri.
1962PASP...74..420M 3 2 Spectroscopic observations of VZ Cancri. McNAMARA D.H. and ROGERS M.C.
1962JO.....45..117B 171 12 Catalogue d'etoiles doubles ayant une composante variable. BAIZE P.
1963AJ.....68S.298W 4 0 Photometry of del Del. WEHLAU W.H. and LEUNG K.-C.
1963ApJ...138..487C 10 44 On second helium ionizaztion as a cause of pulsational instability in stars. COX J.P.
1963MmSAI..34..431B 11 12 The ultrashort period variable SZ Lyncis. BROGLIA P.
1963MNSSA..22...65C 15 25 Variable stars observed during the Cape bright star programme. COUSINS A.W.J. and WARREN P.R.
1963SvA.....7..806S 19 ~ Investigation of the polarization of radiation of variable stars. I. SHAKHOVSKOI N.M.
1964AJ.....69..649L 10 0 Allegheny, Observatory Report. LINNELL A.P.
1964ApJ...139..843W 1 5 48 The multiple periodicity of delta Delphini. WEHLAU W. and LEUNG K.-C.
1966ApJ...146..392D 77 31 Lithium observations in the Pleiades and in F stars in the field. DANZIGER I.J. and CONTI P.S.
1966BAN....18..387O 25 31 Discussion of photoeletric five-colour observations of different types of pulsating variables. OOSTERHOFF P.T. and WALRAVEN T.
1966GeoOM..21....0C 13       D               678 93 Investigation of the magnetic and related stars through narrow-band photometry. CAMERON R.C.
1966JO.....49..387L 284 2 Resultats des observations faites a Tananarive avec l'astrolabe A. Danjon. LEFEBVRE M. and GUINOT B.
1967AJ.....72..797F 9 3 Multiple periodicities of the delta Scuti stars. FULLERTON W.
1967AJ.....72S.797F 10 3 Multiple periodicities of the delta Scuti stars. FULLERTON W.
1967AJ.....72.1084W 33 1 Lick Observatory report. WHITFORD A.E.
1967ApJ...149...47K 67 T                   1 3 15 A spectrophotometric study of
delta Scuti and delta Delphini.
1967ApJ...149...55D 81 90 Spectrophotometry of new short-period variable stars. DANZIGER I.J. and DICKENS R.J.
1967PASP...79...78H 3 6 Photoelectric observations of 4 Canum Venaticorum. HUMPHREYS R.M.
1967PASP...79..175D 67 T                   1 6 7 On the relative phases of light and radial velocity variations in
delta Scuti.
1967PASP...79..330C 3 4 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of HD 107904 (4 CVn). CRAMPTON D. and FERNIE J.D.
1968PASP...80..417B 5 3 Photoelectric observations of DS Andromedae and RZ Pyxidis. BREGER M.
1969A&A.....3...94R 9 22 Quantitative Analyse des delta Scuti-Veranderlichen delta Delphini. REIMERS D.
1969ApJS...18..167B 25 52 An investigation of short-period variable stars. I. The delta Scuti stars. BESSELL M.S.
1969ApJS...19...79B 260 81 Short-period variability of B, A and F stars. III. A survey of del Sct variable stars. BREGER M.
1969ApJS...19...99B 18 38 Short-period variability of B, A and F stars IV. Variability in the lower Hertzsprung gap. BREGER M.
1969Ap&SS...3...77N 3 11 Variability of the metallic-line star 28 Andromedae. NISHIMURA S.
1970AJ.....75..643L 61 32 An interpretation of delta Scti stars. LEUNG K.-C.
1970ApJ...160.1129B 24 16 Effective temperatures, gravities and the mass determination of A and F stars. BREGER M. and KUHI L.V.
1970ApJ...162..597B 55 112 Metallic-line A stars and pulsation. BREGER M.
1970PASP...82...99E 111 13 Chemical homogeneity and absolute magnitudes of members of the Hyades and Wolf 630 groups. EGGEN O.J.
1970PASP...82..274E 35 45 Ultrashort-period variables and the masses of blue stragglers in the old disk population. EGGEN O.J.
1970VA.....12..367E 451 74 Stellar kinematics and evolution. EGGEN O.J.
1971A&A....11...79H 34 10 Short period variable stars V. Delta Scuti-type stars in the Geneva system. HAUCK B.
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1971ApJ...170..345W 13 38 The variations in beta Cephei stars. WATSON R.D.
1971MNRAS.153....1D 7 14 An abundance analysis of delta Scuti variable 20 CVn. DICKENS R.J., FRENCH V.A., OWST P.W., et al.
1971MNRAS.153..287D 67 T                   1 44 30 Effective temperatures and gravities for A and F-type stars in the
delta Scuti region.
1971PASP...83..103G 2 6 The radial velocity variation of epsilon Cephei. GRAY D.F.
1971PASP...83..741E 13       D               138 37 Luminosities and motions of the F-type stars. I. Luminosity and metal abundance indices for disk population stars. EGGEN O.J.
1971IBVS..596....1T 1 2 18 The eclipsing binary AB Cassiopeiae as a delta Scuti star. TEMPESTI P.
1972A&A....16...38V 55 27 Short period variable stars. IV.: Periods of delta Scuti stars. VALTIER J.-C.
1972A&A....17..367P 68 136 Pulsation of models in the lower part of the cepheid instability strip and properties of AI Velorum and delta Scuti variables. PETERSEN J.O. and JORGENSEN H.E.
1972A&A....20..437M 1 6 56 Variable stars of small amplitude 1: supergiants and OB stars. MAEDER A. and RUFENER F.
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1972MNRAS.159..165S 13       D               408 28 Four-colour and H beta photometry of some bright southern stars. STOKES N.R.
1972PASP...84..443B 6 12 Is HR 5491 really a pulsating Am star ? BREGER M., MAITZEN H.M. and COWLEY A.P.
1973A&A....23..221B 80 129 Delta Scuti stars. BAGLIN A., BREGER M., CHEVALIER C., et al.
1973A&AS....9..149V 2 2 Five-colour observations of the short-period pulsating star delta Del. VAN GENDEREN A.M.
1973ApJ...184..201C 2 3 50 Nonpulsating stars and the populations I and II instability strips. COX A.N., KING D.S. and TABOR J.E.
1973ApJS...25..487J 120 61 Intermediate-band photometry of RR Lyrae stars. II. Colors of RR Lyrae and ultra-short-period variables. JONES D.H.P.
1973PASP...85..410M 7 23 UBV photometry of 1 Monocerotis. MILLIS R.L.
1973PASP...85..608T 68 T                   1 4 4 Monochromator color indices of
delta Scuti and rho Puppis.
1973PASJ...25..111I 2 6 An abundance analysis of the delta Scuti variable delta Delphini. ISHIKAWA M.
1974A&A....34...89B 6 25 Y Cam: an eclipsing system with a delta Scuti primary. BROGLIA P. and MARIN F.
1974AJ.....79..626L 2 1 The radial velocity of delta Delphini. LEUNG K.-C.
1974PASP...86...70C 156 26 MK spectral types for some bright F stars. COWLEY A. and FRAQUELLI D.
1974AN....295..159N 1 1 Eine einfache Methode zur Bestimmung und Berucksichtigung der Zahlverluste bei Photonenzahlern. NIKOLOW A.S. and SCHOENEICH W.
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1976ApJ...210..163B 7 30 Relationship between radial velocity and light variations in HR 7331 and other delta Scuti stars. BREGER M., HUTCHINS J. and KUHI L.V.
1976ApJS...32....7B viz 640 223 Catalog of spectrophotometric scans of stars. BREGER M.
1976ATsir.916....7T 12 0 Information on the photoelectric observations of variable stars deposited at Odessa Astronomical Observatory. TSESSEVICH V.P. and MAKARENKO E.N.
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1977A&A....56..235H 420 11 Absolute luminosity calibration of Stroemgren's "late group". HECK A.
1977A&AS...27..443G viz 14       D               2694 172 Photoelectric Hbeta photometry for bright O to G0 type stars south of declinaison +10. GRONBECH B. and OLSEN E.H.
1977MNRAS.179..209T 68 T                   1 7 10 Temperature and radius variations in
delta Sct, rho Pup and X Cae.
1977MNRAS.181..647P 9 16 The application of maximum entropy spectral analysis to the study of short-period variable stars. PERCY J.R.
1977AcA....27...95D 4 7 149 Oscillations of giants and supergiants. DZIEMBOWSKI W.
1977IBVS.1319....1K 25 0 Data on the variable star studies in the USSR during 1972-1975. KUKARKIN B.V.
1977IBVS.1339....1A 1 1 Possible relation between the pulsation constant and the period in delta Scuti variables. ANTONELLO E., FRACASSINI M. and PASINETTI L.E.
1978A&A....62..205P 1 10 50 Masses and radii of multimode Cepheid variables based upon observed periods. PETERSEN J.O.
1978A&AS...31..159B 1140 11 Catalogue general des etoiles observees a l'astrolabe (1957-1975), corrections individuelles aux positions du FK4. BILLAUD G., GUALLINO G. and VIGOUROUX G.
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1979AJ.....84..383L 104 51 Reddening and blanketing of RR Lyrae stars. LUB J.
1979ApJS...41..413E 137 47 The classification of intrinsic variables. VIII. Ultrashort period Cepheids. EGGEN O.J.
1979PASP...91....5B 68 T                   1 128 346
Delta Scuti and related stars.
1979BICDS..16...53J 5 2 Lists of stellar groups. JASCHEK M.
1979IBVS.1548....1T 68 T                   1 4 Some peculiarities of the pulsating star
delta Scuti.
1979IBVS.1645....1N 7 1 Possible heterogeneity of the del Sct complex. NIKOLOVA P., MONCHEV G. and NIKOLOV A.
1980ApJ...238..667C 72 T                   1 2 30 Pulsational mode-typing in line profile variables. II. Rho Puppis and
delta Scuti.
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1981MNRAS.194..125B 70 T                   3 17 The oscillation modes of
delta Scuti.
1981PZ.....21..465K 60 3 On the classification of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1982ApJS...50..221E 14       D               235 97 The Hyades main sequence. EGGEN O.J.
1982PASP...94..845B 4 15 HR 6434 and the factors limiting pulsational amplitudes of del Sct stars. BREGER M.
1982Ap&SS..86..139G 1 0 A study of the variability of the del Sct-stars. GUERRERO G. and MANTEGAZZA L.
1982BICDS..23...53H 441 0 Variable stars in the General Catalogue of trigonometric parallaxes. HOFFLEIT D.
1982ChA&A...6...97J 4 5 On the change of period of DY Pegasi. JIANG S.-Y. and ZHAO N.-S.
1982IBVS.2145....1M 69 T                   2 2 Refinement of the fundamental frequency of pulsation of
delta Scuti.
1982IBVS.2238....1C 69 T                   2 1 Refinement of the frequencies of pulsation of
delta Scuti.
1982IBVS.2246....1B 151 32 IAU archives of unpublished observations of variable stars. BREGER M.
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1983Ap&SS..91...43H 179 19 Revised list of pulsating stars with ultra-short periods. HALPRIN L. and MOON T.T.
1984A&AS...56..351S 323 1 Coordonnees equatoriales precises de composantes connues ou nouvelles d'une nouvelle serie de quelque 200 systemes doubles et multiples. SOULIE G.
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1985AJ.....90.1260E 274 29 Cepheids and nonvariable supergiants. EGGEN O.J.
1985ApJ...295..171W 4 4 Observation of a possible optical burst of the double star beta Camelopardalis. WDOWIAK T.J. and CLIFTON K.S.
1985ApJS...59...95A viz 1001 46 Visual multiples. VIII. 1000 MK types. ABT H.A.
1985AbaOB..59...83B 1592 43 Catalogue of the energy distribution data in spectra of stars in the uniform spectrophotometric system. BURNASHEV V.I.
1985AcA....35....5D 9 1 38 Nonlinear mode coupling in oscillating stars. II - Limiting amplitude effect of the parametric resonance in main sequence stars. DZIEMBOWSKI W.A. and KROLIKOWSKA M.
1985Ap&SS.117..137T 88 25 Radial pulsation modes as a possible cause for the heterogeneity of the delta Scuti stars. TSVETKOV T.G.
1985Ap&SS.117..227T 158 9 Population I pulsating stars. TSVETKOV T.G.
1985BAAS...17..903B 70 T                   1 0 The modal characteristics of
delta Scuti.
1985IzKry..73...82L 5 0 Atmospheres of the delta Scuti pulsating variables. III. An analysis of the 28 And and spectrum. LYUBIMKOV L.S. and RACHKOVSKAYA T.M.
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1986IzKry..75..149R 70 T                   1 1 Atmospheres of the delta Scuti pulsating variables. V. The analysis of
delta Sct (HR — 7020) spectrum.
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1986MNSSA..45...42W 13 0 University of Cape Town department of astronomy. WARNER B.
1987A&A...185..349M 4 5 Expected number of new variable stars by TYCHO photometry with HIPPARCOS. MAUDER H. and HOG E.
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1987BAAS...19..707W 7 0 Nonradial oscillations in delta Scuti stars. WALKER G.A., YANG S. and FAHLMAN G.G.
1987BAAS...19Z1053M 70 T                   1 ~ Preliminary results of a world wide photo-electric campaign on
delta Scuti.
1987IzKry..76....3R 6 3 Atmospheres of the delta Scuti pulsating variables. VI. The analysis of HD 127986 spectrum. RACHKOVSKAYA T.M.
1987IzKry..76...10K 209 2 The oscillation period of delta Scuti stars close to 160 minutes. KOTOV V.A.
1987PASAu...7....2C 6 1 Global oscillations in late-type stars. CRAM L.E.
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1988Aster.104...17A 6 0 R Scuti en 1987. ALOY J.
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Delta Scuti.
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delta Scuti.
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delta Scuti.
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