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1973A&AS....8..505W 8 4 201 Studies of four regions for use as standards in 21-cm observations. WILLIAMS D.R.W.
2005AJ....129.1968L 1 10 34 The Spitzer Space Telescope first look survey: neutral hydrogen emission. LOCKMAN F.J. and CONDON J.J.
2007MNRAS.375L..41B 8 10 The absence of HI in the Bootes dwarf spheroidal galaxy. BAILIN J. and FORD A.
2007ApJ...656..928P 1 12 38 The Ophiuchus superbubble: a gigantic eruption from the inner disk of the Milky way. PIDOPRYHORA Y., LOCKMAN F.J. and SHIELDS J.C.
2009ApJS..181..398M 9 14 264 GASS: the Parkes Galactic All-Sky Survey. I. Survey description, goals, and initial data release. McCLURE-GRIFFITHS N.M., PISANO D.J., CALABRETTA M.R., et al.
2011A&A...536A..81B 693           X C       17 7 37 Accurate galactic 21-cm H I measurements with the NRAO Green Bank telescope. BOOTHROYD A.I., BLAGRAVE K., LOCKMAN F.J., et al.
2015MNRAS.449..220M           X     *   1 6 11 Discovery of a shell of neutral atomic hydrogen surrounding the carbon star IRC+10216. MATTHEWS L.D., GERARD E. and LE BERTRE T.
2017ApJ...834..155M 41           X         1 13 ~ Tracing dense and diffuse neutral hydrogen in the halo of the Milky Way. MOSS V.A., LOCKMAN F.J. and McCLURE-GRIFFITHS N.M.

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