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1888MmRAS..49....1D 14 90 A New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars, being the Catalogue of the late Sir John F.W. Herschel, Bart., revised, corrected, and enlarged. DREYER J.L.E.
1991AJ....102.1956B 88 T                   1 2 143 CO emission at z = 2.2867 in the galaxy
IRAS F10214+4724.
1991ApJ...381L..55S 73 T                   2 23 Near-infrared observations of the z 2.3 IRAS source FSC 10214+4724. SOIFER B.T., NEUGEBAUER G., GRAHAM J.R., et al.
1991Gemin..33....1T 71 T                   1 1 0
IRAS 10214+4724 - a galaxy in the process of formation?
1991Gemin..34...14D 71 T                   1 3 4
IRAS 10214+4724 - a highly polarized galaxy.
1991Natur.351..719R 5 13 262 A high-redshift IRAS galaxy with huge luminosity - hidden quasar or protogalaxy ? ROWAN-ROBINSON M., BROADHURST T., LAWRENCE A., et al.
1991NewSc1776...23H 1 0 More heat than light from brightest galaxy. HENBEST N.
1991NewSc1798...22H 1 0 A molecular cloud at the beginning of time. HECHT J.
1992A&A...262....8D 5 8 A search for moderate redshift CO absorption. DOUGLAS N.G., RADFORD S.J.E., ROLAND J., et al.
1992A&A...265L..29E 76 T                   1 23 IRAS 10214+4724: an elliptical galaxy in formation ? ELBAZ D., ARNAUD M., CASSE M., et al.
1992ApJ...397L..11B 108 T K                 2 22 C I emission at z = 2.286 in the protogalaxy
IRAS F10214+4724.
1992ApJ...397L..19B 123 T K                 1 69
IRAS F10214+4724: an extended CO emission source at z = 2.2867.
1992ApJ...397L..23K 112 T K                 1 24 Aperture synthesis CO (J=3-2) observations of a protogalaxy candidate
IRAS F10214+4724.
1992ApJ...397L..27S 106 T K                 5 16 Molecular gas distribution in a protogalaxy candidate
IRAS F10214+4724 : a dense compact nucleus and nondetected extra components.
1992ApJ...398L..25D 107 T K                 9 66 Submillimeter spectrum and dust mass of the primeval galaxy IRAS 10214+4724. DOWNES D., RADFORD S.J.E., GREVE A., et al.
1992ApJ...398L..29S 117 T K                 4 191 Warm molecular gas in the primeval galaxy IRAS 10214+4724. SOLOMON P.M., DOWNES D. and RADFORD S.J.E.
1992ApJ...399L..55S 72 T                   5 25 High spatial resolution continuum and H-alpha imaging of the high-redshift IRAS source FSC
1992ApJ...400...96W 1 17 102 Polarimetry and spectrophotometry of the QSO IRAS 13349+2438 and the unification of active galaxies. WILLS B.J., WILLS D., EVANS II N.J., et al.
1992MNRAS.256p..35C 71 T                   1 ~ Submillimetre observations of the z=2.286 IRAS galaxy
1992MNRAS.256p..53T 13 ~ The optical polarizations of high- and intermediate-redshift radio galaxies. TADHUNTER C.N., SCARROTT S.M., DRAPER P., et al.
1992BAAS...24..752B 71 T                   1 ~ 20 microm. observations of IRAS 10214+4724: the source identified with a z=2.3 galaxy. BECKLIN E.E. and ZUCKERMAN B.
1992BAAS...24..753V 71 T                   1 0 [CI] emission in the z = 2.286 protogalaxy IRAS F10214+4724 observed in the J = 2-1 (809 GHz) and J = 1-0 (492 GHz) transitions. VANDEN BOUT P.A. and BROWN R.L.
1992BAAS...24.1162R 71 T                   1 ~ Distribution of molecular gas in the primeval galaxy IRAS 10214+4724. RADFORD S.J.E., BROWN R.L. and VANDEN BOUT P.A.
1992Natur.355..299B 3 2 Gamma-ray power from 3C 279. BIGNAMI G.F.
1992Natur.356..318S 77 T                   4 110 Molecula gas content of the primaeval galaxy IRAS 10214+4724. SOLOMON P.M., RADFORD S.J.E. and DOWNES D.
1992NewSc1828...18M 1 1 Runaway star formation drives primeval galaxy. MITTON S.
1992PASJ...44L.241T 75 T                   1 18 Observations of CO (J=1-0) and (J=3-2) emission lines toward the very High-redshifted galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. TSUBOI M. and NAKAI N.
1993A&A...271L..21R 72 T                   4 18 Distribution of molecular gas in the primeval galaxy
IRAS F 10214+4724.
1993A&A...273L..19E 2 1 11 Water at z = 2.286 ? ENCRENAZ P.J., COMBES F., CASOLI F., et al.
1993ApJ...404L..33R 3 9 Isotropy of the cosmic background radiation at 3.4 millimeters with 10" resolution. RADFORD S.J.E.
1993ApJ...412L..21B 2 2 20 CO emission from the z = 2.14 damped Lyman-Alpha system toward 0528-250. BROWN R.L. and VANDEN BOUT P.A.
1993ApJ...414L..13D 34 128 Molecular gas mass and far-infrared emission from distant luminous galaxies. DOWNES D., SOLOMON P.M. and RADFORD S.J.E.
1993ApJ...415...82H 3 7 105 The highly polarized hidden quasar IRAS 09104+4109 : a double-lobed radio source in a rich cluster. HINES D.C. and WILLS B.J.
1993MNRAS.260...28L 73 T                   7 62 Optical, infrared, radio and polarization imaging of the high-redshift galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. LAWRENCE A., ROWAN-ROBINSON M., OLIVER S.J., et al.
1993MNRAS.261..513R 73 T                   10 110 The ultraviolet-to-radio continuum of the ultraluminous galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. ROWAN-ROBINSON M., EFSTATHIOU A., LAWRENCE A., et al.
1993MNRAS.262L..23C 71 T                   5 6 Extended H-alpha emission from IRAS F10214+4724 : starburst or active galactic nucleus ? CLEMENTS D.L., VAN DER WERF P.P., KRABBE A., et al.
1993MNRAS.263L..37T 72 T                   2 12 Stronglimits on the 20-mu-m emission from the high-redshift galaxy IRAS 10214+4724. TELESCO C.M.
1993MNRAS.264..509B 22 2 177 Submillimetre cosmology. BLAIN A.W. and LONGAIR M.S.
1993ARA&A..31..297S 16 36 Millimeter and submillimeter interferometry of astronomical sources. SARGENT A.I. and WELCH W.J.
1993BAAS...25..789E 71 T                   1 ~ The Seyfert II nature of the IRAS source
FSC 10214+4724.
1993BAAS...25..926M 71 T                   1 0 Near infrared observations of the environment of
FSC 10214+4724 with the Keck Telescope.
MATTHEWS K., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1471J 71 T                   1 ~ The luminous z=2.286 IRAS source
FSC10214+4724 contains a hidden AGN.
1993PBeiO..23...26M 13 0 The possible features of primeval galaxies. MA E.
1993PBeiO..23...90M 1 0 Faint blue counts and the dwarf galaxies in CDM model. MA E., YU Y.-Q. and CHEN S.
1993RPPh...56.1209W 23 26 Interstellar molecules. WINNEWISSER G. and HERBST E.
1993SciN..143..388P 2 0 Dawn of a telescope : Keck gets first images. PENDICK D.
1993S&W....32..439M 7 0 Der Sternentehung auf der Spur. MAUERSBERGER R. and HENKEL C.
1994A&A...287..716C 110 T K                 1 10 Further support for the presence of water in
IRAS 10214+4724.
1994A&A...288L..33C 4 5 66 Dust at high z. CHINI R. and KRUEGEL E.
1994A&A...288L..41W 11 25 A search for millimeterwave CO emission in damped Lyman-α systems. WIKLIND T. and COMBES F.
1994A&A...289...54V 3 4 45 TX 0211-122: a starburst radio galaxy at z=2.34? VAN OJIK R., ROETTGERING H.J.A., MILEY G.K., et al.
1994AJ....107..910E 74 T                   5 59 The Seyfert II nature of the IRAS source
FSC 10214+4724.
1994AJ....108.1147S 10 20 Multicolor detection of high-redshift quasars. II. Five objets with z≥4. SMITH J.D., DJORGOVSKI S., THOMPSON D., et al.
1994ApJ...420L...1S 2 8 69 Deep imaging of the field of the z = 4.9 quasar PC 1247+3406 and faint galaxy counts in the K band with the Keck telescope. SOIFER B.T., MATTHEWS K., DJORGOVSKI S., et al.
1994ApJ...420L..13M 109 T K                 7 43 Near-infrared imaging of
FSC 10214+4724 with the W.M. Keck Telescope.
1994ApJ...422...81M 1 10 41 Models for the evolution of the spectral energy distribution of elliptical galaxies from ultraviolet to far-infrared wavelengths. MAZZEI P., DE ZOTTI G. and XU C.
1994ApJ...424L..65C 7 3 71 IRAS F15307+3252 : a hyperluminous infrared galaxy at z = 0.93. CUTRI R.M., HUCHRA J.P., LOW F.J., et al.
1994ApJ...427..140F 51 1 153 Luminosity evolution and dust effects in distant galaxies: implications for the observability of the early evolutionary phases. FRANCESCHINI A., MAZZEI P., DE ZOTTI G., et al.
1994ApJ...429L..49J 114 T K                 1 21 The hidden nuclear spectrum of the luminous IRAS source
FSC 10214+4724.
1994ApJ...430L.109Y 1 10 49 VV 114: making of an ultraluminous galaxy? YUN M.S., SCOVILLE N.Z. and KNOP R.A.
1994ApJ...436L..51F 1 9 29 Fe K emission from the hidden quasar IRAS P09104+4109. FABIAN A.C., SHIOYA Y., IWASAWA K., et al.
1994MNRAS.266L...5M 74 T                   1 9 A model for the continuum energy distribution of the ultraluminous galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. MAZZEI P. and DE ZOTTI G.
1994MNRAS.266L..41L 74 T                   2 23 A ROSAT observation of the high-redshift galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. LAWRENCE A., RIGOPOULOU D., ROWAN-ROBINSON M., et al.
1994MNRAS.266..983P 1 4 22 New limits on galaxy formation at high reshift. PARKES I.M., COLLINS C.A. and JOSEPH R.D.
1994MNRAS.267.1007H 19 1 58 Astrophysical deductions from the quasi-steady-state cosmology. HOYLE F., BURBIDGE G. and NARLIKAR J.V.
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1994BAAS...26.1424G 2 ~ CO absorption and emission in the damped Lyalpha absorption line system toward PKS 0528-250. GE J., et al.
1994C&E...297...17D 2 0 Cocon de gaz pour un jeune quasar. DEFAIT J.-P.
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1994Natur.370..324J 2 ~ Dust in the distance. JOSEPH R.D.
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1994PASJ...46L.163O 4 1 Search for CO emission from the damped Lyman-alpha system toward QSO 1215+333. OHTA K., USUI T., YAMADA T., et al.
1994PASJ...46L.179T 75 T                   1 14 Strong CO (J=1-O) emission toward IRAS F10214+4724. TSUBOI M. and NAKAI N.
1994S&T....88c..20K 9 ~ Science with the Keck Telescope. KRISCIUNAS K.
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1995A&A...300...20B 3 5 A method of searching for high-redshift proto-galaxies. BRAINE J.
1995A&A...300..366C 5 1 A search for cold dust in two distant radio galaxies. CIMATTI A. and FREUDLING W.
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1995AJ....110.1573B 73 T                   2 6 Monconfirmation of extreme CO(1-0) line emission from IRAS F10214+4724. BARVAINIS R.
1995ApJ...438L...5Y 4 8 Possible detection of a CO emission line from a quasar at z = 2.88. YAMADA T., AOKI K., TOMITA A., et al.
1995ApJ...438..643K 2 2 15 The spectral energy distribution of the z = 3 quasar : HS 1946+7658. KUHN O., BECHTOLD J., CUTRI R., et al.
1995ApJ...440..515D 21 58 Discovery of a z = 2.76 dusty radio galaxy. DEY A., SPINRAD H. and DICKINSON M.
1995ApJ...442..569M 6 1 18 Infrared line emission from high-redshift galaxies. I. Calculations. MANNUCCI F. and BECKWITH S.V.W.
1995ApJ...443L..65S 109 T K                 3 24 Near-infrared and optical spectroscopy of
FSC 10214+4724.
1995ApJ...449L..29G 114 T K                 3 63 High-resolution infrared imaging of
FSC 10214+4724 : evidence for gravitational lensing.
1995ApJ...449L.109S 109 T K                 4 29 Extended molecular gas in
FSC 10214+4724.
1995ApJ...450L...1H 4 7 89 The buried QSO in IRAS F15307+3252 and the nature of hyperluminous infrared galaxies. HINES D.C., SCHMIDT G.D., SMITH P.S., et al.
1995ApJ...450L..41B 113 T K                 5 104 A gravitational lens solution for the IRAS galaxy
FSC 10214+4724.
1995ApJ...451L...9B 111 T K                 4 59 The broadband spectral energy distributions of the Cloverleaf quasar and
IRAS F10214+4724.
1995ApJ...451..484L 1 17 57 Imaging and spectroscopy of damped Ly-alpha quasi-stellar object absorption-line clouds. LOWENTHAL J.D., HOGAN C.J., GREEN R.F., et al.
1995ApJ...452L...9C 107 T K                 7 20 Spectroscopic and morphological evidence that IRAS
FSC 10214+4724 is a gravitational lens.
CLOSE L.M., HALL P.B., LIU C.T., et al.
1995ApJ...452..549H 1 34 118 The nature of the ultraviolet continuum in type 2 Seyfert galaxies. HECKMAN T., KROLIK J., MEURER G., et al.
1995ApJ...453L..65D 131 T K                 1 72 New observations and a new interpretation of CO(3-2) in
IRAS F10214+4724.
1995ApJ...453L..91W 1 6 22 The molecular medium of H1413+117: BIMA CO (3-2) and HCO+ (4-3) observations. WILNER D.J., ZHAO J.-H. and HO P.T.P.
1995ApJ...453..616S viz 347 155 Multiwavelength energy distributions and bolometric luminosities of the 12 micron galaxy sample. SPINOGLIO L., MALKAN M.A., RUSH B., et al.
1995MNRAS.273..649E 41 2 247 Dusty discs in active galactic nuclei. EFSTATHIOU A. and ROWAN-ROBINSON M.
1995MNRAS.276L..31S 73 T                   10 35 Spectroscopic evidence that the extreme properties of IRAS
F 10214+4724 are due to gravitational lensing.
1995MNRAS.277..616T 73 T                   4 20 How much of the extreme luminosity of IRAS F10214+4724 can be attributed to gravitational lensing ? TRENTHAM N.
1995BAAS...27..871B 2 ~ Molecular gas in the host galaxies of AGN. BARVAINIS R.
1995BAAS...27..886E 72 T                   1 ~ The luminous IRAS source
FSC10214+4724 is gravitationally lensed.
1995BAAS...27..886L 72 T                   1 ~ W.M. Keck telescope high resolution near-infrared imaging of
FSC 10214+4724 : evidence for gravitational lensing.
1995BAAS...27.1450G 72 T                   1 ~ The hidden, lensed QSO
FSC 10214+4724.
GOODRICH R.W., et al.
1995BASI...23..135J 13 2 Galaxy interactions, and the starburst galaxies - AGN connection. JOG C.J.
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1995PASJ...47..265I 72 T                   4 6 Near-infrared spectrophotometry of IRAS
FSC 10214+4724.
1995SSRv...74....9F 6 0 Extragalactic observations and future missions. FRANCESCHINI A., DE ZOTTI G. and MAZZEI P.
1995SSRv...74..259V 4 3 44 Cosmological variability of fundamental physical constants. VARSHALOVICH D.A. and POTEKHIN A.Y.
1996A&A...306L..41C 7 8 CO lines from giant arcs in clusters. CASOLI F., ENCRENAZ P., FORT B., et al.
1996A&A...309L..43B 6 6 No CO emission from Damped Lyman-α absorbers. BRAINE J., DOWNES D. and GUILLOTEAU S.
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1996A&A...313..417K 3 7 High-redshift B3 radio sources at 1.3mm wavelength. KLEIN U., VIGOTTI M., GREGORINI L., et al.
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1996AJ....111.1021R 76 T                   1 14 Resolution of the discrepancy in the CO(3⟶2) flux of IRAS F10214+4724. RADFORD S.J.E., DOWNES D., SOLOMON P.M., et al.
1996AJ....111.1783Y 4 10 144 A proto-galaxy candidate at z=2.7 discovered by its young stellar population. YEE H.K.C., ELLINGSON E., BECHTOLD J., et al.
1996ApJ...456L...9G 76 T                   5 61
FSC 10214+4724: a gravitationally lensed, hidden QSO.
1996ApJ...457..658E 1 12 45 A search for CO emission in high-redshift powerful radio galaxies. EVANS A.S., SANDERS D.B., MAZZARELLA J.M., et al.
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1996ApJ...461...72E 75 T                   9 93 Hubble Space Telescope observations of the luminous IRAS source
FSC 10214+4724: a gravitationally lensed infrared quasar.
1996ApJ...463L..55K 114 T K                 1 18 Near infrared imaging spectroscopy of IRAS
FSC10214+4724: evidence for a starburst region around an AGN at z=2.3.
1996ApJ...466L..67I 5 7 Near-infrared spectrophotometry of the radio galaxy 4C 40.36 at z=2.269. IWAMURO F., OYA S., TSUKAMOTO H., et al.
1996ApJ...466..114Z 11 2 68 On the effects of bursts of massive star formation during the evolution of elliptical galaxies. ZEPF S.E. and SILK J.
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