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2006A&A...455..773V viz 108223 628 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2006ApJ...642..673P viz 52   K   D               135 210 Chandra and Spitzer unveil heavily obscured quasars in the Chandra/SWIRE survey. POLLETTA M.D.C., WILKES B.J., SIANA B., et al.
2006ApJ...653..101W 1 29 78 Active galactic nucleus and starburst classification from Spitzer mid-infrared spectra for high-redshift SWIRE sources. WEEDMAN D., POLLETTA M., LONSDALE C.J., et al.
2007A&A...467...73T viz         O           139 29 Obscured and unobscured AGN populations in a hard-X-ray selected sample of the XMDS survey. TAJER M., POLLETTA M., CHIAPPETTI L., et al.
2007A&A...470...21R 113           X C       2 36 35 Unveiling the oldest and most massive galaxies at very high redshift. RODIGHIERO G., CIMATTI A., FRANCESCHINI A., et al.
2008ApJ...675..960P 1 31 120 Obscuration in extremely luminous quasars. POLLETTA M., WEEDMAN D., HOENIG S., et al.
2008A&A...480L..41P 15       D               1 8 1 Black hole growth and stellar assembly at high-z. POLLETTA M.
2008MNRAS.385L.125E 152             C F     2 7 6 The Compton-thick quasar at the heart of the high-redshift giant radio galaxy 6C0905+39. ERLUND M.C., FABIAN A.C., BLUNDELL K.M., et al.
2008MNRAS.386..697R viz 46           X         1 10 172 Photometric redshifts in the SWIRE Survey. ROWAN-ROBINSON M., BABBEDGE T., OLIVER S., et al.
2008ApJS..179....1T viz 15       D               1792 55 The OPTX project. I. The flux and redshift catalogs for the CLANS, CLASXS, and CDF-N fields. TROUILLE L., BARGER A.J., COWIE L.L., et al.
2008ApJ...687..835A 95       D     X         3 13 124 Reliable identification of Compton-thick quasars at z ~ 2: Spitzer mid-infrared spectroscopy of HDF-oMD49. ALEXANDER D.M., CHARY R.-R., POPE A., et al.
2008A&A...492...81P         O           17 19 Obscured and powerful AGN and starburst activities at z∼3.5. POLLETTA M., OMONT A., BERTA S., et al.
2009MNRAS.394..375N viz 38           X         1 53 18 Photometric redshift accuracy in AKARI deep surveys. NEGRELLO M., SERJEANT S., PEARSON C., et al.
2009A&A...498...67L 92       D       C       2 57 34 Revealing X-ray obscured quasars in SWIRE sources with extreme mid-IR/optical flux ratios. LANZUISI G., PICONCELLI E., FIORE F., et al.
2009MNRAS.397.1326R 38           X         1 31 16 AGN dust tori: the x-ray-infrared connection. ROWAN-ROBINSON M., VALTCHANOV I. and NANDRA K.
2009ApJS..185..433W viz 15       D               1 780 10 The SWIRE/Chandra survey: the X-ray sources. WILKES B.J., KILGARD R., KIM D.-W., et al.
2010MNRAS.401...15A 38           X         1 6 2 MAMBO observations at 240GHz of optically obscured Spitzer sources: source clumps and radio activity at high redshift. ANDREANI P., MAGLIOCCHETTI M. and DE ZOTTI G.
2010ApJ...714.1305S viz 15       D               1 1586 34 The Deep SWIRE Field. IV. First properties of the sub-mJy galaxy population: redshift distribution, AGN activity, and star formation. STRAZZULLO V., PANNELLA M., OWEN F.N., et al.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 15       D               1 168912 597 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2010MNRAS.409...66B 32 10 The deep SPIRE HerMES survey: spectral energy distributions and their astrophysical indications at high redshift. BRISBIN D., HARWIT M., ALTIERI B., et al.
2011A&A...526A..46G 39           X         1 23 15 X-ray observations of sub-mm LABOCA galaxies in the eCDFS. GEORGANTOPOULOS I., ROVILOS E. and COMASTRI A.
2011MNRAS.414..500H viz 15       D               1 743 64 An atlas of mid-infrared spectra of star-forming and active galaxies. HERNAN-CABALLERO A. and HATZIMINAOGLOU E.
2012PASJ...64...70H 40           X         1 7 27 Star formation and AGN activity in galaxies classified using the 1.6m bump and PAH features at z = 0.4-2. HANAMI H., ISHIGAKI T., FUJISHIRO N., et al.
2012PASJ...64...71N 39           X         1 7 1 Cryogenic 36-45GHz InP low-noise amplifier MMIC's with improved noise temperature by eliminating parasitic parallel-plate modes. NAKANO H., SHIMIZU T., OHNO T., et al.
2017MNRAS.471.4239H 41           X         1 11 2 An extinction-free AGN selection by 18-band SED fitting in mid-infrared in the AKARI NEP deep field. HUANG T.-C., GOTO T., HASHIMOTO T., et al.

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