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1998ApJ...493L..17S 3 22 203 A starburst revealed-luminous radio supernovae in the nuclei of Arp 220. SMITH H.E., LONSDALE C.J., LONSDALE C.J., et al.
1999Ap&SS.266..125S 17 7 VLBI imaging of luminous infrared galaxies: starbursts and AGN. SMITH H.E., LONSDALE C.J., LONSDALE C.J., et al.
2005MNRAS.359..827R 29 29 The 18-cm light curves of the luminous radio supernova candidates in Arp 220. ROVILOS E., DIAMOND P.J., LONSDALE C.J., et al.
2006ApJ...647..185L 2 23 120 VLBI images of 49 radio supernovae in Arp 220. LONSDALE C.J., DIAMOND P.J., THRALL H., et al.
2007ApJ...659..314P 1 38 86 The radio spectra of the compact sources in Arp 220: a mixed population of supernovae and supernova remnants. PARRA R., CONWAY J.E., DIAMOND P.J., et al.
2007A&A...468L..57D 40           X         1 15 96 Black hole in the West nucleus of Arp 220. DOWNES D. and ECKART A.
2009ApJ...703..370C viz 15       D               1 389 28 A universal luminosity function for radio supernova remnants. CHOMIUK L. and WILCOTS E.M.
2011ApJ...740...95B 860       D     X C       22 29 31 Resolution of the compact radio continuum sources in Arp220. BATEJAT F., CONWAY J.E., HURLEY R., et al.
2012A&A...540L...5H 15       D               1 129 26 Evidence of nuclear disks in starburst galaxies from their radial distribution of supernovae. HERRERO-ILLANA R., PEREZ-TORRES M.A. and ALBERDI A.
2019A&A...623A.173V viz 17       D               1 112 ~ The population of SNe/SNRs in the starburst galaxy Arp 220. A self-consistent analysis of 20 years of VLBI monitoring. VARENIUS E., CONWAY J.E., BATEJAT F., et al.

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