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1925ApJ....62..409H 26 132 NGC 6822, a remote stellar system. HUBBLE E.P.
1969ApJS...18...73H 1338 114 H II regions in twenty nearby galaxies. HODGE P.W.
1982PASP...94..444K 68 30 A catalog of diffuse nebulae and emission-line stars in NGC 6822. KILLEN R.M. and DUFOUR R.J.
1988PASP..100..917H 148 43 The HII regions of NGC 6822. I. An atlas of 157 HII regions. HODGE P., KENNICUTT R.C.Jr and LEE M.G.
1989PASP..101...32H 136 63 The HII regions of NGC 6822. II. The luminosity function and size distribution. HODGE P. and LEE M.G.
1991ApJ...371..142G 7 25 Far-infrared properties of NGC 6822. GALLAGHER III J.S., HUNTER D.A., GILLETT F.C., et al.
1992AJ....104.1374W 427 42 The stellar populations of NGC 6822. WILSON C.D.
1994ApJS...92..119C 46 8 The H II regions of NGC 6822. III. A photometric atlas. COLLIER J. and HODGE P.
1995PASP..107..361C 143 5 The HII regions of NGC 6822. IV. A multivariate and bivariate analysis. COLLIER J., HODGE P. and KENNICUTT R.C.
1996A&A...308..723I 50 27 Dust and molecules in the Local Group galaxy NGC 6822. I. Dust, star formation and the origin of infrared emission. ISRAEL F.P., BONTEKOE T.R. and KESTER D.J.M.
1996AJ....112..991M 53 42 The star formation histories of Sculptor group dwarf galaxies. I. Current star formation rates and oxygen abundances. MILLER B.W.
1996AJ....112.1928G 1 28 128 The Local Group dwarf galaxy NGC 6822. I. The stellar content. GALLART C., APARICIO A. and VILCHEZ J.M.
1998A&A...334...45H 65 42 The Z-L relationship of dwarf irregular galaxies. I. First results. HIDALGO-GAMEZ A.M. and OLOFSSON K.
2001A&A...367..388H 19 16 The chemical abundances in a sample of dwarf irregular galaxies. I. Small scale variations within NGC 6822? HIDALGO-GAMEZ A.M., OLOFSSON K. and MASEGOSA J.
2001A&A...374..412P 32 94 Oxygen abundances in dwarf irregular galaxies and the metallicity-luminosity relationship. PILYUGIN L.S.
2001AJ....121.2020B viz 367 24 The massive star content of NGC 6822: ground-based and Hubble space telescope photometry. BIANCHI L., SCUDERI S., MASSEY P., et al.
2001ApJ...547..765V 1 23 102 First stellar abundances in NGC 6822 from VLT-UVES and Keck-HIRES spectroscopy. VENN K.A., LENNON D.J., KAUFER A., et al.
2001ApJ...553..121H 26 63 The interstellar medium of star-forming irregular galaxies: the view with ISO. HUNTER D.A., KAUFMAN M., HOLLENBACH D.J., et al.
2002ApJ...581.1002N 1 3 9 Infrared space observatory short wavelength spectrometer observations of H II regions in NGC 6822 and I Zwicky 36: sulfur abundances and temperature fluctuations. NOLLENBERG J.G., SKILLMAN E.D., GARNETT D.R., et al.
2003A&A...397...87I 74 T                   23 17 Dust and molecules in the Local Group galaxy NGC 6822. III. The first-ranked HII region complex
Hubble V.
ISRAEL F.P., BAAS F., RUDY R.J., et al.
2003A&A...399...63H 63 10 The metallicity-luminosity relationship of dwarf irregular galaxies. II. A new approach. HIDALGO-GAMEZ A.M., SANCHEZ-SALCEDO F.J. and OLOFSSON K.
2003PASP..115..928K 2 126 958 SINGS: the SIRTF nearby galaxies survey. KENNICUTT R.C.Jr, ARMUS L., BENDO G., et al.
2003ARA&A..41...15M 1 37 207 Massive stars in the Local Group : implications for stellar evolution and star formation. MASSEY P.
2005ApJ...634.1056P 1 20 62 Chemical composition of two H II regions in NGC 6822 based on VLT spectroscopy. PEIMBERT A., PEIMBERT M. and RUIZ M.T.
2005MNRAS.361.1273L 112 T K                 13 3 High-resolution observations of the near-infrared emission from NGC 6822
Hubble V.
LEE S., PAK S., LEE S.-G., et al.
2005RMxAC..23..118P 74 T                   8 0 Chemical composition of the H II region
Hubble V in NGC 6822 based on VLT spectroscopy.
2006A&A...454L.111D 8 3 APEX CO(3-2) observations of NGC 6822. DE RIJCKE S., BUYLE P., CANNON J., et al.
2006AJ....132..378B viz 10 11 The recent star formation in NGC 6822 from Hubble Space Telescope imaging. BIANCHI L. and EFREMOVA B.V.
2006ApJ...640..270S 100 17 The cosmological significance of high-velocity cloud Complex H. SIMON J.D., BLITZ L., COLE A.A., et al.
2006ApJ...642..813L 38 49 The spatial homogeneity of nebular and stellar oxygen abundances in the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822. LEE H., SKILLMAN E.D. and VENN K.A.
2006ApJ...644..924C 1 9 21 Chemical and photometric evolution of the Local Group galaxy NGC 6822 in a cosmological context. CARIGI L., COLIN P. and PEIMBERT M.
2006ApJ...652.1170C 35 34 The nature of infrared emission in the Local Group dwarf galaxy NGC 6822 as revealed by Spitzer. CANNON J.M., WALTER F., ARMUS L., et al.
2007ApJ...656..168L viz 1 32 78 The localized chemical pollution in NGC 5253 revisited: results from deep echelle spectrophotometry. LOPEZ-SANCHEZ A.R., ESTEBAN C., GARCIA-ROJAS J., et al.
2007ApJ...656..186B 2 18 75 The oxygen abundance in the inner H II regions of M 101: implications for the calibration of strong-line metallicity indicators. BRESOLIN F.
2007AJ....133.1874H 12 1 Diffuse ionized gas inside the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822. HIDALGO-GAMEZ A.M. and PEIMBERT A.
2007AJ....134..721H 505       D     X C       13 23 9 Mid-infrared characteristics of star-forming complexes in irregular galaxies. HUNTER D.A. and KAUFMAN M.
2007A&A...471..193S         O           27 37 Enrichment of the interstellar medium by metal-rich droplets and the abundance bias in H II regions. STASINSKA G., TENORIO-TAGLE G., RODRIGUEZ M., et al.
2007ApJ...669..959R viz 113           X C       2 89 92 Warm molecular hydrogen in the Spitzer SINGS galaxy sample. ROUSSEL H., HELOU G., HOLLENBACH D.J., et al.
2007MNRAS.381.1719V 15       D               3 218 15 The S2N2 metallicity calibrator and the abundance gradient of M33. VIIRONEN K., DELGADO-INGLADA G., MAMPASO A., et al.
2007ApJ...670..457G 15       D               1 45 76 On the abundance discrepancy problem in H II regions. GARCIA-ROJAS J. and ESTEBAN C.
2009A&A...505.1027H 282       D     X         8 33 20 Chemical behavior of the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822. Its PN and HII region abundances. HERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ L., PENA M., CARIGI L., et al.
2010A&A...512A..68G 707       D S   X C       17 28 35 The molecular interstellar medium of the Local group dwarf NGC 6822. The molecular ISM of NGC 6822. GRATIER P., BRAINE J., RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ N.J., et al.
2010A&A...518L..55G 309           X C       7 7 40 Herschel photometric observations of the nearby low metallicity irregular galaxy NGC 6822. GALAMETZ M., MADDEN S.C., GALLIANO F., et al.
2011ApJ...730...88E viz 132       D     X C       3 83 15 The recent star formation in NGC 6822: an ultraviolet study. EFREMOVA B.V., BIANCHI L., THILKER D.A., et al.
2010ARA&A..48..547F 115           X         3 57 111 Molecular clouds in nearby galaxies. FUKUI Y. and KAWAMURA A.
2011A&A...529A.149G viz 1253       D     X         33 40 36 VLT spectroscopy of low-metallicity emission-line galaxies: abundance patterns and abundance discrepancies. GUSEVA N.G., IZOTOV Y.I., STASINSKA G., et al.
2011RMxAC..40..187C 348           X C       8 3 0 A study of the ionized gas in giant HII regions in NGC 6822. CASTANEDA H.O. and CAICEDO-ORTIZ H.E.
2012AJ....143...74B viz 39           X         1 15 24 A treasury study of star-forming regions in the Local Group. I. HST photometry of young populations in six dwarf galaxies. BIANCHI L., EFREMOVA B., HODGE P., et al.
2012ApJ...756L..14P 16       D               1 30 27 Recalibration of pagel's method for H II regions considering the thermal structure, the ionization structure, and the depletion of O into dust grains. PENA-GUERRERO M.A., PEIMBERT A. and PEIMBERT M.
2012MNRAS.426.2630L 18       D               1 22 103 Eliminating error in the chemical abundance scale for extragalactic HII regions. LOPEZ-SANCHEZ A.R., DOPITA M.A., KEWLEY L.J., et al.
2014MNRAS.443..624E 1152     A D     X C F     28 31 42 Carbon and oxygen abundances from recombination lines in low-metallicity star-forming galaxies. Implications for chemical evolution. ESTEBAN C., GARCIA-ROJAS J., CARIGI L., et al.
2014MNRAS.445.4287T 44           X         1 13 128 New PARSEC evolutionary tracks of massive stars at low metallicity: testing canonical stellar evolution in nearby star-forming dwarf galaxies. TANG J., BRESSAN A., ROSENFIELD P., et al.
2016MNRAS.456.4407D viz 219       D     X         6 166 6 Sulphur abundance determinations in star-forming regions - I. Ionization correction factor. DORS O.L., PEREZ-MONTERO E., HAGELE G.F., et al.
2016ApJ...830...18T 301       D     X         8 96 8 Lighting the dark molecular gas: H2 as a direct tracer. TOGI A. and SMITH J.D.T.
2017ApJ...835..278S viz 99       D     X         3 175 17 Physical properties of molecular clouds at 2 pc resolution in the low-metallicity dwarf galaxy NGC 6822 and the Milky Way. SCHRUBA A., LEROY A.K., KRUIJSSEN J.M.D., et al.
2017A&A...597A..44B 247           X C       5 28 7 Dense gas in low-metallicity galaxies. BRAINE J., SHIMAJIRI Y., ANDRE P., et al.
2017MNRAS.467.3759T 82             C       1 44 12 Carbon and oxygen in H II regions of the Magellanic Clouds: abundance discrepancy and chemical evolution. TORIBIO SAN CIPRIANO L., DOMINGUEZ-GUZMAN G., ESTEBAN C., et al.
2019MNRAS.490..832J 230       D     X         6 18 ~ The young stellar population of the metal-poor galaxy NGC 6822. JONES O.C., SHARP M.J., REITER M., et al.
2020ApJ...892...91H viz 261           X         6 21 ~ Dusty stellar birth and death in the metal-poor galaxy NGC 6822. HIRSCHAUER A.S., GRAY L., MEIXNER M., et al.

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