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2020ApJS..246....2A - Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser., 246, 2-2 (2020/January-0)

GalWeight application: a publicly available catalog of dynamical parameters of 1800 galaxy clusters from SDSS-DR13, (GalWCat19).


Abstract (from CDS):

Utilizing the SDSS-DR13 spectroscopic data set, we create a new publicly available catalog of 1800 galaxy clusters (GalWeight cluster catalog, GalWCat19) and a corresponding catalog of 34,471 identified member galaxies. The clusters are identified from overdensities in redshift phase space. The GalWeight technique introduced by Abdullah et al. is then applied to identify cluster members. The completeness of the cluster catalog (GalWCat19) and the procedure followed to determine cluster mass are tested on the Bolshoi N-body simulations. The 1800 GalWCat19 clusters range in redshift between 0.01 and 0.2 and have masses in the range of (0.4-14) x 1014 h–1 M. The cluster catalog provides a large number of cluster parameters, including sky position, redshift, membership, velocity dispersion, and mass at overdensities Δ = 500, 200, 100, and 5.5. The 34,471 member galaxies are identified within the radius at which the density is 200 times the critical density of the universe. The galaxy catalog provides the coordinates of each galaxy and the ID of the cluster that the galaxy belongs to. The cluster velocity dispersion scales with mass as log(σ200) = log(946±52kms–1) + (0.349 ± 0.142)log[h(z)M200/1015M], with a scatter of δlogσ = 0.06 ± 0.04. The catalogs are publicly available at https://mohamed-elhashash-94.webself.net/galwcat/.

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Journal keyword(s): Observational cosmology - Galaxy clusters - Galaxy dynamics - Catalogs

VizieR on-line data: <Available at CDS (J/ApJS/246/2): galwcls.dat galwgal.dat>

Nomenclature: galwcls.dat: [AWK2020] NNNN (Nos 1-1800).

Simbad objects: 36250

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