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2014ATel.6700....1W 40           X         1 22 2 OGLE-IV Transient Search report 14 November 2014. WYRZYKOWSKI L., KOSTRZEWA-RUTKOWSKA Z., UDALSKI A., et al.
2014ATel.6706....1D 40           X         1 4 1 PESSTO spectroscopic classification of optical transients. DIMITRIADIS G., SMITH M., FIRTH R., et al.
2017A&A...602A..93K viz 4305 T K A D S   X C       101 19 3
OGLE-2014-SN-131: A long-rising Type Ibn supernova from a massive progenitor.
2018MNRAS.473..148P 43           X         1 32 ~ The first optical spectra of Wolf-Rayet stars in M101 revealed with Gemini/GMOS. PLEDGER J.L., SHARA M.M., WILDE M., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.2344V 43           X         1 19 2 The highly luminous Type Ibn supernova ASASSN-14ms. VALLELY P.J., PRIETO J.L., STANEK K.Z., et al.
2019ApJ...881...87G viz 131           X C       2 20 ~ SN 2016iet: the pulsational or pair instability explosion of a low-metallicity massive CO core embedded in a dense hydrogen-poor circumstellar medium. GOMEZ S., BERGER E., NICHOLL M., et al.
2019MNRAS.488.3772F 44           X         1 41 ~ Signatures of circumstellar interaction in the unusual transient AT 2018cow. FOX O.D. and SMITH N.
2020MNRAS.492.2208C 45           X         1 39 ~ LSQ13ddu: a rapidly evolving stripped-envelope supernova with early circumstellar interaction signatures. CLARK P., MAGUIRE K., INSERRA C., et al.
2020MNRAS.491.6000S 179           X         4 37 ~ Origins of Type Ibn SNe 2006jc/2015G in interacting binaries and implications for pre-SN eruptions. SUN N.-C., MAUND J.R., HIRAI R., et al.
2020ApJ...900...83W 45           X         1 15 ~ Exploring the energy sources powering the light curve of the Type Ibn supernova PS15dpn and the mass-loss history of the SN progenitor. WANG S.-Q. and LI L.
2021A&A...651A..81B viz 47           X         1 25 ~ Type Ic supernovae from the (intermediate) Palomar Transient Factory. BARBARINO C., SOLLERMAN J., TADDIA F., et al.
2021A&A...652A.136K viz 327           X C       6 18 ~ SN 2020bqj: A Type Ibn supernova with a long-lasting peak plateau. KOOL E.C., KARAMEHMETOGLU E., SOLLERMAN J., et al.

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