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1892Obs....15..393M 28 3 Potsdam observations of motion in the line of sight. MAUNDER E.W.
1897ApJ.....6..424L 5 1 The stellar spectrographic work of the Emerson McMillin Observatory. LORD H.C.
1898ApJ.....8..233F 7 0 Classification of the spectra of variable stars of long period. FLEMING W.P.
1899ApJ....10..290H 62 T                   1 1 0 Results of an examination of spectrograms of
alpha Orionis obtained during the recent irregular minimum.
1900ApJ....11..163H 9 0 On the probable origin of some of the lines observed in the spectra of stars and of the chromosphere. HARTLEY W.N.
1903ApJ....18..341S 5 0 The spectrum of omicron Ceti. STEBBINS J.
1906ApJ....23..403H 1 3 Sunspot lines in the spectra of red stars. HALE G.E. and ADAMS W.S.
1908ApJ....27..301K 98 12 Radial velocities of 99 stars of the second and third spectral classes observed at Bonn. KUSTNER F.
1908PASP...20..227P 62 T                   1 1 4 The radial velocity of
alpha Orionis.
1916ApJ....44..250L 63 T                   1 2 6 On the orbits of the spectroscopic binaries
alpha Orionis and alpha Scorpii.
1918ApJ....48..261L 154 6 The radial velocities of 119 stars observed at the Cape. LUNT J.
1921ApJ....53..249M 68 T                   1 4 262 Measurement of the diameter of
alpha Orionis with the interferometer.
1921PASP...33..171P 5 6 The angular diameter of alpha Bootis by the interferometer. PEASE F.G.
1922ApJ....55...20C 29 3 New measurements of stellar radiation. COBLENTZ W.W.
1922PASP...34..346P 63 T                   1 3 3 Notes on star diameters: I. Possible variations in the diameter of
alpha Orionis.
1924ApJ....60...87A 9 4 Radiometer measurements of stellar energy spectra. ABBOT C.G.
1926ApJ....64..225A 411 23 The absolute magnitudes and parallaxes of 410 stars of type M. ADAMS W.S., JOY A.H. and HUMASON M.L.
1928MNRAS..88..660S 63 T                   1 2 14 The radial velocity variations of
alpha Orionis and alpha Scorpii.
1934ApJ....80..171O 13 33 Spectrographic studies in the red. OHMAN Y.
1936AN....259...69N 42 3 Beobachtungen von langperiodischen Variablen. NIJLAND A.A.
1945ApJ...102..309B 29 117 B Cassiopeiae as a supernova of type I. BAADE W.
1950ApJ...112..362M 128 38 Revised standards for supergiants on the system of the Yerkes spectral Atlas. MORGAN W.W. and ROMAN N.G.
1950MNRAS.110..179S 12 0 Address. SMART W.M.
1950AnAp...13..243M 8 15 Monochromatic stellar fluxes. I. Line absorption in stellar spectra. MILFORD N.
1951ApJ...113....1S 9 41 The orbit and parallax of Procyon. STRAND K.A.
1951ApJ...114..548F 6 12 A useful luminosity discriminant in the late K and early M giants. FITCH W.S. and MORGAN W.W.
1951AnAp...14...54T 58 1 Recherches sur les bandes de CH dans les spectres stellaires et solaire. TCHENG-KIEN.
1952ApJ...116..523M 12 5 Spectrograms of ten high-velocity Me variable stars. MERRILL P.W.
1952MNRAS.112...73E 11 18 Some experiments on the scintillation of stars and planets. ELLISON M.A. and SEDDON H.
1952JO.....35....1M 10 0 Observations par Rougier G. et Muller P. de quelques variables irregulieres ou a longue periode. MULLER P.
1953ApJ...117..313J 477 1747 Fundamental stellar photometry for standards of spectral type on the Revised System of the Yerkes Spectral Atlas. JOHNSON H.L. and MORGAN W.W.
1953MNRAS.113..510F 7 36 The absolute magnitude and spectrum of the class S star pi1 Gruis. FEAST M.W.
1953PASP...65...30V 20 0 The twenty brightest stars. VAN DE KAMP P.
1953PASP...65..185S 13 1 Notes on stellar spectra. STRUVE O.
1953ZA.....33..120P 45 1 Absolute Energievertielungen der Sterne, effektive Temperaturen und Masse-Leuchtkraftbeziehung. PILOWSKI K.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954AJ.....59..396B 55 10 Photoelectric colors of early M-type stars. BLANCO V.M.
1955ApJ...121..611M 26 59 A description of certain galactic nebulosities. MORGAN W.W., STROMGREN B. and JOHNSON H.M.
1955PASP...67..293P 17 22 Temperatures on the bright and dark sides of Venus. PETTIT E. and NICHOLSON S.B.
1955ZA.....36..230P 20 3 Gestorte Multipletts in Sternatmospharen. PRIESTER W.
1956ApJ...123..189A 67 T                   1 1 16 Notes on the shell lines and the radial velocity of
alpha Orionis.
1956ApJ...123..392M 5 9 Complex lines in the spectrum of RW Cephei. MERRILL P.W. and WILSON O.C.
1956ApJ...123..440S 412 76 Six-color photometry of stars. VIII. The colors of 409 stars of different spectral types. STEBBINS J. and KRON G.E.
1956ApJ...124..342S 32 64 The infrared spectral classification of M-type stars. SHARPLESS S.
1956PASP...68..405W 5 6 The chromospheric spectrum of VV Cephei in April and May 1956. WRIGHT K.O. and McKELLAR A.
1957ApJ...125..661W 184 426 H and K emission in late-type stars: dependance if line width on luminosity and related topics. WILSON O.C. and BAPPU M.K.V.
1957ApJ...126...30W 10 8 Spectroscopic results on 32 Cygni. WELLMANN P.
1957ApJ...126...99B 66 7 Photoelectric spectrophotometry. II. Monochromatic colors of O, B and A-type stars. BONSACK W.K. and STOCK J.
1957PASP...69...31B 6 27 Double lines in the spectrum of rho Cassiopeiae. BIDELMAN W.P. and McKELLAR A.
1957PASP...69..457K 4 4 On the spectral type and luminosity of VV Cep. KEENAN P.C. and WRIGHT J.A.
1958ApJ...128..572B 95 43 Multicolor photoelectric photometry of stars with composite spectra. BAHNG J.D.R.
1958ApJ...128..604H 136 27 Some theoretical aspects of H and K emission in late-type stars. HOYLE F. and WILSON O.C.
1958ApJS....3..141B 336 677 A catalog of magnetic stars. BABCOCK H.W.
1959ApJ...130..499W 12 79 Accuracy of absolute magnitudes derived from widths of H and K emission components. WILSON O.C.
1959SvA.....3..633M 14 6 The visual stellar magnitude of the Sun, the Moon, and the lux. MARTYNOV D.Y.
1960AnAp...23....1L 61 4 Recherches de photometrie stellaire dans l'infrarouge au moyen d'une cellule au sulfure de plomb. LUNEL M.
1961AJ.....66..524B 10 23 The ratio of total to selective absorption. BLANCO V.M. and LENNON C.J.
1962ApJ...135...69J 54 48 Infrared stellar photometry. JOHNSON H.L.
1962ApJ...136..844W 86 T                   1 1 144 Physical conditions in the circumstellar envelope of
alpha Orionis.
1962JO.....45..117B 174 12 Catalogue d'etoiles doubles ayant une composante variable. BAIZE P.
1962ZA.....55..166N 75 1 Lichtelektrische infrarot-Farbenindizes roter Sternen. NECKEL H.
1963AJ.....68..352W 54 13 Photographic determinations of the parallaxes of 60 stars with the Thaw refractor. WAGMAN N.E., DANIEL Z. and CRISSMAN G.B.
1963AJ.....68..644H 19 0 Lowell Observatory Report. HALL J.S.
1963ApJ...137.1306S 4 0 Comments on stellar spectra. STRUVE O.
1963ApJ...138..302J 15 10 Stellar photometry at 5 microns. JOHNSON H.L. and MITCHELL R.I.
1963PASP...75..389B 15 19 Ultraviolet Fe emission in red giants. BIDELMAN W.P. and PYPER D.M.
1964ApJ...139..435W 26 23 10 microns photometry of 25 stars from B8 to M7. WILDEY R.L. and MURRAY B.C.
1964ApJ...140..235K 154 63 The width of H-alpha as a discriminant of luminosity in the spectra of late-type stars. KRAFT R.P., PRESTON G.W. and WOLFF S.C.
1964ApJ...140..833W 2 8 123 Infrared spectra of red giant stars. WOOLF N.J., SCHWARZSCHILD M. and ROSE W.K.
1964SvA.....8..413S 9 1 The influence of bandwidth on the U,B,V parameters. STRAIZHIS V. and ZDANAVICHYUS K.
1965ApJ...141..116D 2 4 62 A search for interstellar ice absorption in the infrared spectrum of mu Cephei. DANIELSON R.E., WOOLF N.J. and GAUSTAD J.E.
1965ApJ...141..923J 100 473 Interstellar extinction in the Galaxy. JOHNSON H.L.
1965ApJ...142..182A 7 21 Mass loss and the formation of white dwarf stars. AUER L.H. and WOOLF N.J.
1965PASP...77Q.138S 5 1 Progress report on H2 and H2O abundances in cool stars. SPINRAD H.
1965BAICz..16...15C 5 9 Program of Fireball photography in Czechoslovakia. CEPLECHA Z. and RATCHL J.
1965VilOB..14....3S 25 10 The selection of spectral regions for heterochromatic photometry. IV. Two-dimensional photometric classification of red stars. STRAIZYS V. and ZDANAVICIUS K.
1966ApJ...145..953K 70 T                   1 1 18 A search for radio emission from the star
alpha Orionis.
1966ApJ...146..326L 3 1 23 The infrared brightness temperature of Uranus. LOW F.J.
1966ApJ...146..399S 9 49 Approximate abundances of the light elements from the molecular spectra of M and S stars. SPINRAD H. and VARDYA M.S.
1966ApJ...146..719L 49 3 The central depth of the lambda 6362 A auto-ionization feature of neutral calcium in stellar spectra. LILLER W.
1966MNRAS.132..485F 52 2 The 4226 A line as a spectrum-luminosity indicator in late-type stars. FERNIE J.D.
1966AnAp...29..525J 33 26 The law of interstellar extinction in Per. JOHNSON H.L. and MENDOZA V E.E.
1966ARA&A...4..193J 36 13 2851 Astonomical measurements in the infrared. JOHNSON H.L.
1966SvA....10...47M 17 6 Infrared spectra of stars (1 to 2.5 microns). MOROS W.I.
1967ApJ...147..575M 13 56 Infrared spectra of low-temperature stars. McCAMMON D., MUNCH G. and NEUGEBAUER G.
1967ApJ...147..587M 218 43 The abundance of lithium in early M-type stars. MERCHANT A.E.
1967ApJ...148L..23S 4 17 Radioemission from stellar coronae. SEAQUIST E.R.
1967ApJ...149..345J 27 46 The colors of M supergiants. JOHNSON H.L.
1967ApJS...14..307E 440 63 Narrow and broad-band photometry of red stars. I. Northern giants. EGGEN O.J.
1967PASP...79..473B 48 6 On the classification of early M giant stars by intermediate-band photometry of the 7050 A TiO bands. BOYCE P.B., OLSEN E.H. and HELT B.E.
1967SvA....11..598K 17 ~ Absolute spectral energy distribution for 18 type B5-M2 stars. KHARITONOV A.V. and KNYAZEVA L.N.
1968AJ.....73...75N 174 4 Relative and absolute photometry of 185 stars. NEFF J.S.
1968AJ.....73..688D 23 32 Photometric polarimetry of late-type stars. DYCK H.M.
1968ApJ...152..123V 85 52 The He line lambda 10830 A in late-type stars. VAUGHAN A.H.J. and ZIRIN H.
1968ApJ...152..905L 11 35 Internal motions in the Orion association. I. The subgroup Ia Ori. LESH J.R.
1968ApJ...154..677G 2 8 134 Stellar spectra from 2.8 to 14 microns. GILLETT F.C., LOW F.J. and STEIN W.A.
1968MNRAS.139..189J 54 7 Narrow band photometry of K and M stars. JONES D.H.P.
1968MNRAS.141..299L 88 32 The dissociation equilibrium of H in stellar atmospheres. LAMBERT D.L. and PAGEL B.E.J.
1968ARA&A...6...13H 22 26 Measurement of stellar diameters. HANBURY BROWN R.
1969ApJ...155L..97G 1 4 39 Detection of the 12.8 micron Ne+ emission line from the planetary nebula IC 418. GILLETT F.C. and STEIN W.A.
1969ApJ...155L.181W 8 6 292 Circumstellar infrared emission from cool stars. WOOLF N.J. and NEY E.P.
1969ApJ...155L.189K 3 3 60 A possible identification of interstellar Silicate absorption in the infrared spectrum of 119 Tauri. KNACKE R.F., GAUSTAD J.E., GILLETT F.C., et al.
1969ApJ...155..935S 88 59 Red supergiants and neutrino emission. STOTHERS R.
1969ApJ...156..389D 10 8 Chromospheres and polarisation in late-type stars. DYCK H.M. and JOHNSON H.R.
1969ApJ...156..541S 13 29 On the pulsation hypothesis for massive red supergiants. STOTHERS R.
1969ApJ...156..989L 5 3 97 On the pressure-induced opacity of molecular hydrogen in late-type stars. LINSKY J.L.
1969ApJ...158L.117T 5 14 1-4 micron spectra of four stars and alpha Tauri. THOMPSON R.I., SCHNOPPER H.W., MITCHELL R.I., et al.
1969MNRAS.143...73B 64 9 Infra-red colours of G, K and M stars. BAHNG J.
1969MNRAS.144..297W 26 140 Surface brightnesses in the UBV system with applications on Mv and dimensions of stars. WESSELINK A.J.
1970A&A.....4..268G 34 10 A search for classification criteria in spectra of K- and M-type stars in the region 5700-6800 angstroems. GAHM G.F.
1970A&AS....1..199H viz 642 16 Narrow-band photometry of late-type stars. HAGGKVIST L. and OJA T.
1970A&AS....2..181C 4 4 Les spectres d'etoiles rouges M et C entre 4000 et 9000 CM-1. II. Transitions atomiques identifiees dans 4 etoiles M. CHAUVILLE J., QUERCI F., CONNES J., et al.
1970AJ.....75..158F 24 4 Stellar and planetary spectra in the infrared from 1.35 to 4.10 microns. FORBES F.F., STONAKER W.F. and JOHNSON H.L.
1970AJ.....75..602H 691 193 The space distribution and kinematics of supergiants. HUMPHREYS R.M.
1970AJ.....75..785J viz 30 94 Infrared spectra for 32 stars. JOHNSON H.J. and MENDEZ M.E.
1970ApJ...159..973W 16 51 Infrared CN bands in M-supergiants and carbon stars. WING R.F. and SPINRAD H.
1970ApJ...160L.173G 1 2 20 The spectrum of VY Canis Majoris from 2.9 to 14 microns. GILLETT F.C., STEIN W.A. and SOLOMON P.M.
1970ApJ...160..531L 1 16 104 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of infrared stars. LOW F.J., JOHNSON H.L., KLEINMANN D.E., et al.
1970ApJ...160..545W 27 114 OH radio emission associated with infrared stars. WILSON W.J., BARRETT A.H. and MORAN J.M.
1970ApJ...160..573B 1 7 74 Cosmic sources of infrared radiation. BURBIDGE G.R. and STEIN W.A.
1970ApJ...161..163B 60 51 The ratio of Titanium to Zirconium in late-type stars. BOESGAARD A.M.
1970ApJ...161L.219G 18 24 Observations of anomalous radiation at long wavelenghts from IC class variables. GEHRZ R.D., NEY E.P. and STRECKER D.W.
1970ApJ...161..855S 65 78 Red supergiants in open clusters. SCHILD R.E.
1970ApJ...162L..73W 4 3 On the presence of silicon monoxide in stellar spectra. WING R.F. and PRICE S.D.
1970ApJ...162..217L 136 474 Photometry of high-luminosity M-type stars. LEE T.A.
1970PASP...82.1231H 5 7 Observational confirmation of a mecanism for the production of extended stellar atmospheres. HILLENDAHL R.W.
1971A&A....10..290S 31 90 Luminosities, masses and periodicities of massive red supergiants. STOTHERS R. and LEUNG K.-C.
1971AJ.....76...40J 31 4 The Wilson-Bappu technique applied to moderate-dispersion spectrograms. JENNINGS M.C. and DYCK H.M.
1971AJ.....76..431D 61 43 Intrinsic polarization in K and M giants and supergiants. DYCK H.M. and JENNINGS M.C.
1971AJ.....76..901D 66 70 Polarimetry of red and infrared stars at 1 to 4 microns. DYCK H.M., FORBES F.F. and SHAWL S.J.
1971ApJ...163L.105W 1 2 15 Detection of radio emission from Antares. WADE C.M. and HJELLMING R.M.
1971ApJ...164...83G 96 149 Observations of infrared radiation from cool stars. GILLETT F.C., MERRILL K.M. and STEIN W.A.
1971ApJ...165...57D 58 58 Visual intrinsic polarization and infrared excess of cool stars. DYCK H.M., FORREST W.J., GILLETT F.C., et al.
1971ApJ...165..285G 111 363 Mass loss from M stars. GEHRZ R.D. and WOOLF N.J.
1971ApJ...166L..49C 67 T                   1 5 24 Silicon monoxide in the infrared spectrum of
alpha Orionis.
1971ApJ...167...85H 13 7 Search for 3.5-millimeter continuum radiation from infrared stars, and related objects. HOBBS R.W. and MARIONNI P.
1971ApJ...170..551H 67 T                   1 1 2 Turbulence velocities in the atmosphere of
alpha Orionis.
1971MNRAS.155..203H 8 33 Rotationally extended stellar envelopes. III. The Be component of VV Cephei. HUTCHINGS J.B. and WRIGHT K.O.
1971PASP...83...49M 5 3 1 mu image-tube spectra of gamma Cassiopeiae and zeta Tauri. MEISEL D.D.
1971PASP...83..301W 15 7 The spectral type and infrared brightness of R Doradus. WING R.F.
1971PASP...83..834C 7 0 The color of Altair. CONDOS T. and REAVES G.
1971SvA....14..690O 4 1 Chemical composition of the atmospheres of type M supergiants. ORLOV M.Y., RODRIGUEZ M.H. and SHAVRINA A.V.
1972A&A....17..385W 449 160 Characteristics of OH emission from infrared stars. WILSON W.J. and BARRETT A.H.
1972A&A....21..239H 58 115 Long wavelength spectrometry and photometry of M, S and C-stars. HACKWELL J.A.
1972AJ.....77...29F 1 4 25 Scanner observations of cool stars from 3400 to 11000 A. FAY T. and HONEYCUTT R.K.
1972ApJ...172...89B 73 T                   1 1 41 Astronomical infrared spectroscopy with a Connes-type interferometer. III.
Alpha Orionis, 2600-3450 cm-1.
1972ApJ...173L...1G 2 11 177 Speckle interferometry: Diffraction-limited measurements of nine stars with the 200-inch telescope. GEZARI D.Y., LABEYRIE A. and STACHNIK R.V.
1972ApJ...175..693C 10 17 The measurement of polarized 10-micron radiation from cool stars with circumstellar shells. CAPPS R.W. and DYCK H.M.
1972ApJ...176..153K 2 5 74 Observations of the stellar Mg II resonance doublet at 2795 and 2802 A. KONDO Y., GIULI R.T., MODISETTE J.L., et al.
1972ApJ...177L..17S 14 50 20-micron fluxes of bright stellar standards. SIMON T., MORRISON D. and CRUIKSHANK D.P.
1972ApJ...177..427J 36 29 The consequences of grains in the atmospheres of late-type stars. I. Intrinsic polarization, infrared excesses and emission lines. JENNINGS M.C. and DYCK H.M.
1972ApJ...178..495D 23 24 Ultraviolet photometry from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory. VI. Magnesium II 2800 A emission in cool stars. DOHERTY L.R.
1972ApJ...178..715G 72 105 Infrared radiation from RV Tauri stars. I. An infrared survey of RV Tauri stars and related objects. GEHRZ R.D.
1972PASP...84..643S 13 1 Twenty-micron fluxes of bright stellar standards. SIMON T., MORRISON D. and CRUIKSHANK D.P.
1973A&A....22..361N 48 8 Feasibility of UV astronomy by Balloon-Borne observations 1 Stellar spectrophotometry. NAVACH C., LEHMANN M. and HUGUENIN D.
1973A&A....22..371N 48 5 Feasibility of UV astronomy by Balloon-Borne observations. II. Stellar gradients in the near ultraviolet. NAVACH C.
1973A&A....24...79R 30 50 A study of Ca II K2 and H alpha line widths in late type stars. REIMERS D.
1973A&A....25..371K 7 8 Infrared 10 mu emission from condensation nuclei of interstellar grains. KAMIJO F. and DE JONG T.
1973A&A....27..129F 39 28 Stellar chromospheric velocity fields and the width luminosity relations. FOSBURY R.A.E.
1973A&A....28..213C 33 2 Narrow-band photometry of H alpha for late-type stars. CAPLAN J.G.
1973AJ.....78..477S 67 1 A luminosity discriminant for red giants and supergiants. SHARPLESS S. and WAWRUKIEWICZ A.S.
1973ApJ...180...81J 4 2 52 Cooling effect of CO in stellar atmospheres. JOHNSON H.R.
1973ApJ...180..809N 30 66 Dust emission nebulae around Orion O and B stars. NEY E.P., STRECKER D.W. and GEHRZ R.D.
1973ApJ...180..831D 183 59 New H20 sources associated with infrared stars. DICKINSON D.F., BECHIS K.P. and BARRETT A.H.
1973ApJ...181L...1B 70 T                   1 3 71 Speckle interferometry: color-dependent limb darkening evidence on
alpha Orionis and omicron Ceti.
1973ApJ...181..851F 68 T                   1 3 29 Model atmospheres for
1973ApJ...183L..13S 9 20 Cygnids and Taurids-two classes of infrared objects. STRECKER D.W., NEY E.P. and MURDOCK T.L.
1973ApJ...183L.105L 1 5 48 Ground-based observations at 34 microns. LOW F.J., RIEKE G.H. and ARMSTRONG K.R.
1973ApJ...184L..85W 17 20 Observations of silicon monoxide in cool stars at 4.05 microns. WOLLMAN E.R., GEBALLE T.R., GREENBERG L.T., et al.
1973ApJ...184..127A 3 3 71 Observations of the infrared extinction of IRS 5 in W3 compared with the Galactic Center and the Becklin-Neugebauer object. AITKEN D.K. and JONES B.
1973ApJ...184..187T 1 1 10 The effect of saturation on late-star 12C/13C ratios determined from the carbon monoxide first harmonic bands. THOMPSON R.I.
1973ApJ...184..427B 161 100 The strengths of infrared CO and H2O bands in late-type stars. BALDWIN J.R., FROGEL J.A. and PERSSON S.E.
1973ApJ...186..193M 76 73 Broad-band 20-micron photometry of 76 stars. MORRISON D. and SIMON T.
1973ApJ...186..219M 71 T                   1 1 24 The effect of Fe I absorption on the Mg II emission at 2795 angstromgs in
alpha Orionis.
1973ApJ...186..573L 7 7 H2 quadrupole rotation-vibration lines in infrared spectra of cool stars. LAMBERT D.L., BROOKE A.L. and BARNES T.G.
1973MNRAS.161p...3G 1 ~ Grain escape velocities from cool stars. GILMAN R.C.
1973MNRAS.161...85C 38 52 Infra-red observations of young stars. I. Stars in young clusters. COHEN M.
1973MNRAS.165..201T 24 85 Southern infra-red standards, absolute calibration of infra-red photometry. THOMAS J.A., HYLAND A.R. and ROBINSON G.
1973MNRAS.165..363A 7 14 Some features of the infra-red spectrum of NGC 7027, an estimate of its sulphur abundance. AITKEN D.K. and JONES B.
1973PASP...85..255M 8 25 Evaluation of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as an observatory site. MORRISON D., MURPHY R.E., CRUIKSHANK D.P., et al.
1973PASP...85..289E 135 23 Luminosity and velocity distribution of high-luminosity red stars, near the Sun. I. The very young disk population. EGGEN O.J.
1973SvA....16..962O 6 0 Profiles of the photospheric and circumstellar H alpha line in the spectra of type M supergiants. ORLOV M.Y. and RODRIGUEZ M.H.
1974A&A....36..135G 1 3 Fluorescence lines excited by the Mg II resonance doublet. GREVE A.
1974AJ.....79...34K 332 16 Blue CN-absorption measurements of close binary stars. KOCH R.H.
1974AJ.....79..797S 8 42 Infrared observations of anonymous IRC sources. STRECKER D.W. and NEY E.P.
1974ApJ...187..131C 2 4 57 Four stellar-diameter measurements by a new technique: amplitude interferometry. CURRIE D.G., KNAPP S.L. and LIEWER K.M.
1974ApJ...188..545T 8 5 254 High-resolution spectra of cool stars in the 10- and 20-micron regions. TREFFERS R. and COHEN M.
1974ApJ...188..553F 22 2 Are 2-micron absorptions and 11-micron emissions of M stars related ? FAY T.D.
1974ApJ...189...89D 86 145 Infrared fluxes spectral types and temperatures for very cool stars. DYCK H.M., LOCKWOOD G.W. and CAPPS R.W.
1974ApJ...190L..29C 16 23 High resolution Fourier spectra of stars and planets. CONNES P. and MICHEL G.
1974ApJ...190..339H 16 62 Infrared stars in binary systems. HUMPHREYS R.M. and NEY E.P.
1974ApJ...190..585A 29 17 Observations of the profile of the Ca II infrared triplet line lambda 8498 in late-type stars. ANDERSON C.M.
1974ApJ...191..603S 42 175 Steps towards the Hubble constant. II. The brightest stars in late-type spiral galaxies. SANDAGE A. and TAMMANN G.A.
1974ApJ...193..621L 70 T                   1 1 19 The 12C/13C ratio in stellar atmospheres. II. CN and CO in
alpha Orionis.
1974ApJ...193..631T 6 33 The 12C/13C ratio in stellar atmospheres. III. Alpha Tauri, beta Geminorum and mu Leonis. TOMKIN J. and LAMBERT D.L.
1974MNRAS.169..331N 62 4 The obliquity of the ecliptic two millenia ago. NEWTON R.R.
1974PASP...86..233D 11 34 The spectrum of CH Cygni from 1961 to 1973. DEUTSCH A.J., LOWEN L., MORRIS S.C., et al.
1974PASP...86..276L 4 4 Aluminium oxide in stellar spectra: an infrared electronic transition. LUCK R.E. and LAMBERT D.L.
1974PASP...86..419B 5 12 Atmospheric motions in red supergiants. BROOKE A.L., LAMBERT D.L. and BARNES III T.G.
1974PASP...86..772F 23 24 Scanner observations of selected cool stars. FAY T.D., STEIN W.L. and WARREN W.H.
1974PASP...86..806B 70 T                   1 1 23 The silicon monoxide radical and the atmosphere of
alpha Ori.
1974PASP...86.1014B 9 1 An astronomical test of the dimensional stability of Kodak Estar-base photographic film. BOLTON C.T. and MARTIN C.
1974Natur.249..638G 5 5 Astronomical demonstration of an infrared upconverter. GURSKI T.R., EPPS H.W. and MARAN S.P.
1974PASJ...26..163H 10 12 Spectroscopic observation of the carbon stars Y CVn and U Hya in the 1-micron region. HIRAI M.
1974IAUS...60..377B 30 5 Radio continuum observations of stellar sources. BRAES L.L.E.
1975A&AS...22..171H 124 2 Photoelectric multiband photometry of M giants and supergiants in the blue-visual spectral region. HELT B.E. and GYLDENKERNE K.
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