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2004AJ....128.1872W 2 4 35 V1647 Orionis (IRAS 05436-0007) in outburst: the first three months. WALTER F.M., STRINGFELLOW G.S., SHERRY W.H., et al.
2004ApJ...606L.119R 112 T K                 20 62 IRAS 05436-0007 and the emergence of
McNeil's nebula.
2004ApJ...606L.123B 75 T                   16 62
MCNeil's nebula in Orion: the outburst history.
2004ApJ...609L..29V 13 37 Near-infrared spectroscopy of MCNeil's nebula object. VACCA W.D., CUSHING M.C. and SIMON T.
2004ApJ...610L..45A 20 30 Mid-infrared and submillimeter observations of the illuminating source of MCNeil's variable nebula. ANDREWS S.M., ROTHBERG B. and SIMON T.
2004ApJ...616.1058M 1 5 27 The V1647 Orionis (IRAS 05436-0007) protostar and its environment. McGEHEE P.M., SMITH J.A., HENDEN A.A., et al.
2004BAVSR..53...74L         O           7 0 Aus der sektion kataklysmische und eruptive. LANGE T.
2004IBVS.5578....1S 7 11 VRI photometric observations of V1647 Ori (IRAS 05436-0007). SEMKOV E.H.
2004IAUC.8284....1M 2 6 47 IRAS 05436-0007. McNEIL J.W., REIPURTH B. and MEECH K.
2004IAUC.8396....3A 2 1 V1647 Orionis. ASPIN C. and REIPURTH B.
2004Natur.430..429K 75 T                   9 47 An X-ray outburst from the rapidly accreting young star that illuminates
McNeil's nebula.
2005A&A...438..159G 75 T                   12 29 Enhanced X-ray variability from V1647 Ori, the young star in outburst illuminating
McNeil's Nebula.
2005ApJ...623..291H 24 46 Discovery of extremely embedded X-ray sources in the R Coronae Australis star-forming core. HAMAGUCHI K., CORCORAN M.F., PETRE R., et al.
2005ApJ...626..245R 113 T K                 10 22 CO emission and absorption toward V1647 Orionis (
McNeil's nebula).
2005MNRAS.361..942C 3 6 47 The photometric evolution of FU Orionis objects: disc instability and wind-envelope interaction. CLARKE C., LODATO G., MELNIKOV S.Y., et al.
2005AN....326..565M 74 T                   2 2 First AU-scale observations of V1647 Ori: The outbursting young star in the
McNeil's Nebula.
2005BASI...33..370O 74 T                   2 2 Post-outburst phase of the
McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis)
OJHA D.K., GHOSH S.K., TEJ A., et al.
2005IAUC.8600....2A 2 2 V1647 Orionis and associated nebula. ASPIN C. and REIPURTH B.
2005PASJ...57L..21T 12 9 Millimeter continuum observations of McNeil's nebula object. TSUKAGOSHI T., KITAMURA Y., KAWABE R., et al.
2005PASJ...57..203O 112 T K                 12 9 V1647 Orionis (IRAS 05436-0007): a new look at
McNeil's nebula.
2006A&A...446.1021V 75 T                   16 6 Post-outburst radio observation of the region around
McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis).
2006A&A...449L..13A 13 20 First AU-scale observations of V1647 Orionis with VLTI/MIDI. ABRAHAM P., MOSONI L., HENNING T., et al.
2006AJ....132.1298A 76 T                   11 24 The 1966-1967 outburst of V1647 Orionis and the appearance of
McNeil's nebula.
2006ApJ...641..383G 76 T                   5 17 Post-outburst infrared spectra of V1647 Ori, the illuminating star of
McNeil's nebula.
2006MNRAS.368..825O 112 T K                 20 22 Post-outburst phase of
McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis).
OJHA D.K., GHOSH S.K., TEJ A., et al.
2006PASP..118..947T 210 4 Astrophysics in 2005. TRIMBLE V., ASCHWANDEN M.J. and HANSEN C.J.
2006ARA&A..44..269W 37           X         1 73 31 First fruits of the Spitzer Space Telescope: galactic and solar system studies. WERNER M., FAZIO G., RIEKE G., et al.
2006IAUC.8681....3R 2 ~ V1647 Orionis and associated nebula. REIPURTH B., RATTO G.M. and CORELLI P.
2006CoSka..36..149C 9 2 On the nature of V1647 Ori. CHOCHOL D., ERRICO L., MAGRI M., et al.
2006BASI...34..413S 24 0 Highlights from the Observatories. SAIKIA D.J.
2007AJ....133.2020A 39   K                 11 35 The 2004-2006 outburst and environment of V1647 Ori. ACOSTA-PULIDO J.A., KUN M., ABRAHAM P., et al.
2007A&A...472..199F 23     A   O           12 6 Optical and infrared properties of V1647 Orionis during the 2003-2006 outburst. I. The reflection nebula. FEDELE D., VAN DEN ANCKER M.E., PETR-GOTZENS M.G., et al.
2007A&A...472..207F 75         O X         2 28 30 Optical and infrared properties of V1647 Orionis during the 2003-2006 outburst. II. Temporal evolution of the eruptive source. FEDELE D., VAN DEN ANCKER M.E., PETR-GOTZENS M.G., et al.
2007BAVSR..56..190D 2 0 V1647 Ori = McNeils Nebel. DIEDERICH H.-G.
2007ApJ...670L..29B 60     A     X         2 8 12 Post-outburst observations of V1647 Orionis: detection of a brief warm molecular outflow. BRITTAIN S., RETTIG T.W., SIMON T., et al.
2008ApJ...673..382S 38           X         1 20 20 The rapid outbursting star GM Cep: an EXor in Tr 37? SICILIA-AGUILAR A., MERIN B., HORMUTH F., et al.
2008AJ....135..423A 568           X C       14 28 30 V1647 Orionis: one year into quiescence. ASPIN C., BECK T.L. and REIPURTH B.
2009AJ....137.2968A 61     A     X         2 30 5 V1647 Orionis: Keck/NIRSPEC 2 µm echelle observations. ASPIN C., GREENE T.P. and REIPURTH B.
2009AJ....137.3494C 38           X         1 9 6 A photometrically and morphologically variable infrared nebula in L483. CONNELLEY M.S., HODAPP K.W. and FULLER G.A.
2009ApJ...692L..67A 459 T     S   X C F     8 8 22 V1647 Orionis: reinvigorated accretion and the re-appearance of McNeil's nebula. ASPIN C., REIPURTH B., BECK T.L., et al.
2008Msngr.131...20V 606           X C       15 7 0 A multi-wavelength study of the 2003-2006 outburst of V1647 Orionis. VAN DEN ANCKER M., FEDELE D., PETR-GOTZENS M., et al.
2009AJ....138.1137A 252     A     X C       6 14 18 V1647 Orionis: optical photometric and spectroscopic monitoring through the 2003-2006 outburst. ASPIN C. and REIPURTH B.
2010ApJ...708..109B 62     A     X         2 3 8 Near-infrared spectroscopic study of V1647 Ori. BRITTAIN S.D., RETTIG T.W., SIMON T., et al.
2010A&A...510A..32M 38           X         1 66 47 Near-IR integral field spectroscopy of ionizing stars and young stellar objects on the borders of H II regions. MARTINS F., POMARES M., DEHARVENG L., et al.
2010AJ....139.1527X 115           X         3 9 10 Long-term light curve of highly variable protostellar star GM Cep. XIAO L., KROLL P. and HENDEN A.A.
2010ApJ...714L..16H 100     A     X         3 16 10 Suzaku observation of strong fluorescent iron line emission from the young stellar object V1647 Ori during its new X-ray outburst. HAMAGUCHI K., GROSSO N., KASTNER J.H., et al.
2010A&A...522A..56G 38           X         1 17 17 A few days before the end of the 2008 extreme outburst of EX Lupi: accretion shocks and a smothered stellar corona unveiled by XMM-Newton. GROSSO N., HAMAGUCHI K., KASTNER J.H., et al.
2011AJ....141...40C 139     A     X C       3 42 47 PTF10nvg: an outbursting class I protostar in the Pelican/North american nebula. COVEY K.R., HILLENBRAND L.A., MILLER A.A., et al.
2011ApJ...730...80M 41           X         1 12 69 Evidence for an FU Orionis-like outburst from a classical T Tauri star. MILLER A.A., HILLENBRAND L.A., COVEY K.R., et al.
2005CBET..223....1A 37 T       O X         2 0 V1647 Orionis and associated nebula. ASPIN C. and REIPURTH B.
2011AJ....142..135A 410     A S   X C       9 22 17 The continuing outburst of V1647 Orionis: Winter/Spring 2011 observations. ASPIN C.
2011AJ....142..141B 39           X         1 8 4 High-cadence time-series photometry of V1647 Orionis. BASTIEN F.A., STASSUN K.G. and WEINTRAUB D.A.
2011ApJ...741...83T 39           X         1 12 13 X-ray production by V1647 Ori during optical outbursts. TEETS W.K., WEINTRAUB D.A., GROSSO N., et al.
2011RMxAC..39...83R 132       D     X C       3 9 0 Commentary on the paper "The H-R Diagrams of Young Clusters and the Formation of Planetary Systems" by Poveda (1965). RODRIGUEZ L.F.
2009JBAA..119..353H 15 0 Meeting contribution: the november sky. HEWITT N.
2013A&A...552A..62M 39           X         1 9 11 Dynamics during outburst. VLTI observations of the young eruptive star V1647 Orionis during its 2003-2006 outburst. MOSONI L., SIPOS N., ABRAHAM P., et al.
2013ApJ...778..116N viz 456 T K A     X C       10 7 4 Reappearance of McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis) and its outburst environment. NINAN J.P., OJHA D.K., BHATT B.C., et al.
2014ApJ...795L..26K viz 40           X         1 13 4 New candidate eruptive young stars in Lynds 1340. KUN M., APAI D., O'LINGER-LUSCUSK J., et al.
2013RAA....13.1107V 39           X         1 4 1 Near-infrared monitoring and modeling of V1647 Ori in its ongoing 2008-2012 outburst phase. VENKATA RAMAN V., ANANDARAO B.G., JANARDHAN P., et al.
2017ApJ...840...69F 41           X         1 24 16 The Herschel Orion Protostar Survey: luminosity and envelope evolution. FISCHER W.J., MEGEATH S.T., FURLAN E., et al.
2017MNRAS.465.3039C viz 148     A     X         4 54 22 Infrared spectroscopy of eruptive variable protostars from VVV. CONTRERAS PENA C., LUCAS P.W., KURTEV R., et al.
2017AJ....154..177D 82           X         2 34 1 Interpretation of a variable reflection nebula associated with HBC 340 and HBC 341 in NGC 1333. DAHM S.E. and HILLENBRAND L.A.
2017ApJ...849...43H 41           X         1 133 10 How do stars gain their mass? A JCMT/SCUBA-2 Transient Survey of Protostars in Nearby Star-forming Regions. HERCZEG G.J., JOHNSTONE D., MAIRS S., et al.
2017A&A...607A.127S viz 41           X         1 17 2 The 2014-2017 outburst of the young star ASASSN-13db. A time-resolved picture of a very-low-mass star between EXors and FUors. SICILIA-AGUILAR A., OPRANDI A., FROEBRICH D., et al.
2018MNRAS.473..879P 318 T   A S   X         6 21 7 The ALMA early science view of FUor/EXor objects - IV. Misaligned outflows in the complex star-forming environment of V1647 Ori and
McNeil's Nebula.
2018ApJ...861..145C 59       D     X         2 101 1 A near-infrared spectroscopic survey of FU Orionis objects. CONNELLEY M.S. and REIPURTH B.
2018MNRAS.478.5091F viz 42           X         1 461 ~ A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: First results from HOYS-CAPS. FROEBRICH D., CAMPBELL-WHITE J., SCHOLZ A., et al.
2019MNRAS.484.2514C viz 85           X         2 1129 ~ Eclipsing binary search in the QUEST low-latitude catalogue and the ELLISA light-curve simulator. CUEVAS-OTAHOLA B., MATEU C., HERNANDEZ-PEREZ F., et al.
2019ApJ...872..183F 43           X         1 63 ~ Constraining the rate of protostellar accretion outbursts in the Orion molecular clouds. FISCHER W.J., SAFRON E. and MEGEATH S.T.
2020MNRAS.495.3614C 44           X         1 73 ~ The relationship between mid-infrared and sub-millimetre variability of deeply embedded protostars. CONTRERAS PENA C., JOHNSTONE D., BAEK G., et al.
2020ApJS..249...33K viz 44           X         1 47 ~ Molecular cloud cores with a high deuterium fraction: Nobeyama single-pointing survey. KIM G., TATEMATSU K., LIU T., et al.
2020AJ....160..164H 44           X         1 25 ~ The outburst of the young star Gaia19bey. HODAPP K.W., DENNEAU L., TUCKER M., et al.
2022ApJ...929..129G 112       D     X         3 28 ~ EXORCISM: A Spectroscopic Survey of Young Eruptive Variables (EXor and Candidates). GIANNINI T., GIUNTA A., GANGI M., et al.

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