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2006IBVS.5681....1O 51 14 50 new eccentric eclipsing binaries found in the ASAS, Hipparcos and NSVS databases. OTERO S.A., WILS P., HOOGEVEEN G., et al.
2007MNRAS.378..179B viz 15       D               276 60 A new catalogue of eclipsing binary stars with eccentric orbits. BULUT I. and DEMIRCAN O.
2007OEJV...74....1B 665 107 B.R.N.O. Contributions #34 BRAT L., ZEJDA M. and SVOBODA P.
2018ApJS..235...41K viz 16       D               1 627 27 A comprehensive catalog of galactic eclipsing binary stars with eccentric orbits based on eclipse timing diagrams. KIM C.-H., KREINER J.M., ZAKRZEWSKI B., et al.
2019IBVS.6269....1K         O           1 ~ A new ephemeris and fundamental parameters for the eclipsing binary star GSC 03612-1565 = V2647 Cyg. KOZYREVA V.S., KUSAKIN A.V., BOGOMAZOV A.I., et al.
2019AstBu..74..424K         O           1 22 ~ Photometric Studies of 21 Eclipsing Binaries with Eccentric Orbits. KOZYREVA V.S., KUSAKIN A.V., KRAJCI T., et al.

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