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2009AcA....59...33P viz 15       D               1 951 41 The All Sky Automated Survey. The Catalog of Variable Stars in the Kepler field of view. PIGULSKI A., POJMANSKI G., PILECKI B., et al.
2011AJ....141...83P viz 15       D               1 1887 275 Kepler eclipsing binary stars. I. Catalog and principal characterization of 1879 eclipsing binaries in the first data release. PRSA A., BATALHA N., SLAWSON R.W., et al.
2011A&A...529A..89D viz 15       D               1 3297 62 Global stellar variability study in the field-of-view of the Kepler satellite. DEBOSSCHER J., BLOMME J., AERTS C., et al.
2011AJ....142..160S viz 15       D               1 2321 258 Kepler eclipsing binary stars. II. 2165 eclipsing binaries in the second data release. SLAWSON R.W., PRSA A., WELSH W.F., et al.
2013ApJ...774...81T 16       D               1 40 36 The anticorrelated nature of the primary and secondary eclipse timing variations for the Kepler contact binaries. TRAN K., LEVINE A., RAPPAPORT S., et al.
2014AJ....147...45C viz 16       D               1 1280 76 Kepler eclipsing binary stars. IV. Precise eclipse times for close binaries and identification of candidate three-body systems. CONROY K.E., PRSA A., STASSUN K.G., et al.
2014MNRAS.437.3473A viz 16       D               1 2613 35 A catalogue of temperatures for Kepler eclipsing binary stars. ARMSTRONG D.J., GOMEZ MAQUEO CHEW Y., FAEDI F., et al.
2014AJ....147..119C viz 16       D               1 8008 55 Contamination in the Kepler field. Identification of 685 KOIs as false positives via ephemeris matching based on Q1-Q12 data. COUGHLIN J.L., THOMPSON S.E., BRYSON S.T., et al.
2015MNRAS.448..429B viz 16       D               1 417 14 Tracking the stellar longitudes of starspots in short-period Kepler binaries. BALAJI B., CROLL B., LEVINE A.M., et al.
2016AJ....151...68K viz 16       D               1 2913 91 Kepler eclipsing binary stars. VII. The catalog of eclipsing binaries found in the entire Kepler data set. KIRK B., CONROY K., PRSA A., et al.
2016ApJS..224...12C viz 16       D               1 1110 102 Planetary candidates observed by Kepler VII. The first fully uniform catalog based on the entire 48-month data set (Q1-Q17 DR24). COUGHLIN J.L., MULLALLY F., THOMPSON S.E., et al.
2016ApJ...829...23D viz 16       D               1 4043 43 The Kepler catalog of stellar flares. DAVENPORT J.R.A.
2016A&A...594A..39F viz 16       D               1 51409 21 Activity indicators and stellar parameters of the Kepler targets. An application of the ROTFIT pipeline to LAMOST-Kepler stellar spectra. FRASCA A., MOLENDA-ZAKOWICZ J., DE CAT P., et al.
2016AJ....152..158T viz 16       D               1 4387 18 Detection of potential transit signals in 17 quarters of Kepler data: results of the final Kepler mission transiting planet search (DR25). TWICKEN J.D., JENKINS J.M., SEADER S.E., et al.
2017ApJ...840....1M 2618 T K A S   X C       61 19 12 Prediction of a red nova outburst in
KIC 9832227.
2017ApJ...850...59P 42           X         1 8 8 Pre-explosion spiral mass loss of a binary star merger. PEJCHA O., METZGER B.D., TYLES J.G., et al.
2018A&A...609A.120F 84           X         2 82 3 Search for gamma-ray emission from Galactic novae with the Fermi -LAT. FRANCKOWIAK A., JEAN P., WOOD M., et al.
2018AJ....155..172S 84           X         2 3 ~ Possible presence of a third body in the Kepler K2 variable EPIC 202073314. SRIRAM K., MALU S., CHOI C.S., et al.
2017AcA....67..115P 66     A     X         2 150 4 Searching for Potential Mergers among 22∼500 Eclipsing Binary Stars in the OGLE-III Galactic Bulge Fields. PIETRUKOWICZ P., SOSZYNSKI I., UDALSKI A., et al.
2018A&A...615A.120P 945 T K A S   X C       20 4 ~ Infrared spectroscopy of the merger candidate
KIC 9832227.
2018ApJ...864L..32S 694 T K A     X C       15 9 ~
KIC 9832227: using Vulcan data to negate the 2022 red nova merger prediction.
SOCIA Q.J., WELSH W.F., SHORT D.R., et al.
2018AJ....156..241H viz 17       D               1 311114 7 A first catalog of variable stars measured by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS). HEINZE A.N., TONRY J.L., DENNEAU L., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.3683K 42           X         1 2 ~ Numerical simulations of mass transfer in binaries with bipolytropic components. KADAM K., MOTL P.M., MARCELLO D.C., et al.
2019A&A...630A..75P viz 85           X         2 53 ~ Luminous red novae: Stellar mergers or giant eruptions? PASTORELLO A., MASON E., TAUBENBERGER S., et al.
2019ApJS..244...43Z viz 17       D               1 1327 ~ Unbiased distribution of binary parameters from LAMOST and Kepler observations. ZHANG J., QIAN S.-B., WU Y., et al.
2019A&A...631A.126K viz 962 T K A     X C       21 30 ~ The hierarchical triple nature of the former red nova precursor candidate
KIC 9832227.
2020ApJ...893..106M 305           X C       6 2 ~ Runaway coalescence of pre-common-envelope stellar binaries. MacLEOD M. and LOEB A.
2021MNRAS.502.2879G 421       D S   X C       8 48 ~ CoBiToM project - I. Contact binaries towards merging. GAZEAS K.D., LOUKAIDOU G.A., NIARCHOS P.G., et al.
2021ApJS..254...10L viz 18       D               1 689 ~ Statistics of 700 individually studied W UMa stars. LATKOVIC O., CEKI A. and LAZAREVIC S.
2020PASJ...72..103L 17       D               1 320 ~ Distribution of physical parameters for 380 contact binaries in the Kepler field. LI X.-Z., LIU L. and ZHU L.-Y.
2021PASJ...73.1470S 45           X         1 59 ~ BM UMa: A middle shallow contact binary at pre-transition stage of evolution from W-type to A-type. SAROTSAKULCHAI T., SOONTHORNTHUM B., POSHYACHINDA S., et al.
2022AJ....163..157H viz 47           X         1 55 ~ Period Changes of 14,127 Contact Eclipsing Binaries in the Galactic Bulge. HONG K., WOO LEE J., PARK J.-H., et al.
2022ApJS..262...10K 19       D               1 278 ~ Characteristics of Kepler Eclipsing Binaries Displaying a Significant O'Connell Effect. KNOTE M.F., CABALLERO-NIEVES S.M., GOKHALE V., et al.
2022ApJS..262...12K 19       D               1 791 ~ A Bayesian Analysis of Physical Parameters for 783 Kepler Close Binaries: Extreme-mass-ratio Systems and a New Mass Ratio versus Period Lower Limit. KOBULNICKY H.A., MOLNAR L.A., COOK E.M., et al.

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