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2011GCN.11823....1C 86 T                   1 16 GRB 110328A: Swift detection of a burst. CUMMINGS J.R., BARTHELMY S.D., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2011GCN.11824....1B 80 T                   1 4 GRB 110328A: a second trigger, probably a hard X-ray transient (Swift J164449.3+573451). BARTHELMY S.D., BAUMGARTNER W.H., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2011GCN.11825....1L 78 T                   1 1 GRB / X-ray transient 110328A: Gemini optical observations. LEVAN A.J. and TANVIR N.R.
2011GCN.11826....1O 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A: enhanced Swift-XRT position. OSBORNE J.P., BEARDMORE A.P., EVANS P.A., et al.
2011GCN.11827....1C 81 T                   1 7 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: PTF quiescent optical counterpart. CENKO S.B., NUGENT P.E., FOX D.B., et al.
2011GCN.11828....1K 78 T                   1 ~ GRB / X-ray transient 110328A: Mitsume OkayamaOptical upper limits. KURODA D., YANAGISAWA K., SHIMIZU Y., et al.
2011GCN.11829....1X 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A/ Swift J164449.3+573451 : Xinglong TNT upper limit. XIN L.P., QIU Y.L., WEI J.Y., et al.
2011GCN.11830....1L 78 T                   2 2 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: NOT optical observations. LELOUDAS G., MALESANI D., TANVIR N.R., et al.
2011GCN.11833....1L 79 T                   1 2 GRB 110328A: Gemini spectroscopic observations. LEVAN A.J., TANVIR N.R., WIERSEMA K., et al.
2011GCN.11834....1T 79 T                   1 2 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: optical spectroscopy from GTC. THOENE C.C., GOROSABEL J., DE UGARTE POSTIGO A., et al.
2011GCN.11836....1Z 79 T                   1 2 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: EVLA detection. ZAUDERER A., BERGER E., FRAIL D.A., et al.
2011GCN.11837....1V 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: optical observations. VOLNOVA A., POZANENKO A. and ELUNKO E.
2011GCN.11838....1M 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: PAIRITEL NIR upper limits. MORGAN A.N., KLEIN C.R., MILLER A.A., et al.
2011GCN.11839....1I 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: LOAO r-band observation. IM M., URATA Y. and HUANG K.
2011GCN.11840....1K 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: konkoly observations. KELEMEN J. and SARNETZKY K.
2011GCN.11841....1Z 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: CARMA mm detection. ZAUDERER A., BERGER E., FRAIL D.A., et al.
2011GCN.11842....1S 80 T                   1 4 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: BAT refined analysis. SAKAMOTO T., BARTHELMY S.D., BAUMGARTNER W.H., et al.
2011GCN.11843....1C 79 T                   1 2 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: beamed emission. CAMPANA S., COVINO S., TAGLIAFERRI G., et al.
2011GCN.11844....1L 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: no optical variability of the optical counterpart. LELOUDAS G., MALESANI D., XU D., et al.
2011GCN.11845....1M 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: PAIRITEL NIR detection in 2nd epoch. MORGAN A.N., BLOOM J.S., LEVAN A.J., et al.
2011GCN.11846....1L 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: Gemini and UKIRT IR observations. LEVAN A.J., TANVIR N.R., MORGAN A., et al.
2011GCN.11847....1B 82 T                   1 9 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: X-ray analysis and a mini-blazar analogy. BLOOM J.S., BUTLER N.R., CENKO S.B., et al.
2011GCN.11848....1Z 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: EVLA observations of a brightening radio source. ZAUDERER A., BERGER E., FRAIL D.A., et al.
2011GCN.11849....1P 79 T                   1 3 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451. POOLEY G.
2011GCN.11850....1I 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: KASINICS k-band observation. IM M., PARK W.-K., SUNG H.-I., et al.
2011GCN.11851....1C 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451: Fermi observations. CAMPANA S., FOSCHINI L., TAGLIAFERRI G., et al.
2011GCN.11852....1P 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: mondy optical observations. POZANENKO A., VOLNOVA A. and ELUNKO E.
2011GCN.11853....1L 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: infrared transient. LEVAN A.J., PERLEY D., TANVIR N.R., et al.
2011GCN.11854....1B 82 T                   1 8 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: Radio-optical/NIR astrometry. BERGER E., LEVAN A., TANVIR N.R., et al.
2011GCN.11855....1I 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+57345: correction to GCN 11850. IM M., PARK W.-K., SUNG H.-I., et al.
2011GCN.11856....1I 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: KASINICS NIR observation. IM M., PARK W.-K., SUNG H.-I., et al.
2011GCN.11862....1O 78 T                   1 1 GRB110328A/Swift J164449.3+573451: Fermi LAT observations. OMODEI N., TROJA E., CORBET R., et al.
2011GCN.11867....1K 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A: konkoly observations. KELEMEN J. and SARNECZKY K.
2011GCN.11872....1K 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328A/Swift J164449.3+573451: SARA-N detection. KEEL W.C., DARNELL E., UPDIKE A.C., et al.
2011GCN.11874....1C 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: Keck/DEIMOS optical spectroscopy. CENKO S.B., PERLEY D.A., BLOOM J.S., et al.
2011GCN.11880....1C 79 T                   1 2 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: millimeter detection at PdBI. CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., BREMER M., WINTERS J.-M., et al.
2011GCN.11881....1F 81 T                   1 6 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451, HST observations. FRUCHTER A., MISRA K., GRAHAM J., et al.
2011GCN.11882....1Y 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: Keck LRIS r-band photometry. YOSHIDA M., YAGI M. and KOMIYAMA Y.
2011GCN.11886....1L 80 T                   1 4 GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451: Chandra observations. LEVAN A.J., BUTLER N., BLOOM J., et al.
2011GCN.11910....1B 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A/Swift J164449.3+573451 UVOT upper limits. BREEVELD A.A., CHESTER M.M., HOLLAND S.T., et al.
2011GCN.11911....1B 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: VLBA observations. BRUNTHALER A., SODERBERG A., RUPEN M., et al.
2011GCN.11913....1R 78 T                   2 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: optical observations. RUMYANTSEV V., VOLNOVA A., ELUNKO E., et al.
2011GCN.11915....1G 78 T                   1 1 GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: MASTER pre, prompt and follow-up observations. GORBOVSKOY E., LIPUNOV V., KORNILOV V., et al.
2011GCN.11917....1I 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: r-band monitoring. IM M., JEON Y., SUNG H.-I., et al.
2011GCN.11933....1H 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A / Swift J164449.3+573451: WISE quiescent source upper limit. HOFFMAN D.I., BLOOM J.S., CUTRI R.M., et al.
2011GCN.11956....1I 78 T                   1 ~ GRB 110328A/Swift J164449.3+573451: Maidanak optical observation. IM M., JEON Y. and IBRAHIMOV M.
2011GCN.12041....1F 78 T                   1 ~ Swift J1644+57/GRB 110328A, additional HST observations. FRUCHTER A., MISRA K., GRAHAM J., et al.
2011ApJ...734L..33S 1795 T   A D S   X C       44 5 18
Sw 1644+57/
GRB 110328A: the physical origin and the composition of the relativistic outflow.
SHAO L., ZHANG F.-W., FAN Y.-Z., et al.
2011GCN.12060....1Y 78 T                   1 ~ GMRT detection of GRB 110328A. YADAV N., CHAKRABORTI S., RAY A., et al.
2011GCN.12155....1F 78 T                   2 1 GRB 110709B: additional Gemini observations and deep limits on an optical afterglow. FONG W. and BERGER E.
2011Sci...333..199L 6 19 228 An extremely luminous panchromatic outburst from the nucleus of a distant galaxy. LEVAN A.J., TANVIR N.R., CENKO S.B., et al.
2011Sci...333..203B 82 2 331 A possible relativistic jetted outburst from a massive black hole fed by a tidally disrupted star. BLOOM J.S., GIANNIOS D., METZGER B.D., et al.
2011Natur.476..421B 148 1 296 Relativistic jet activity from the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole. BURROWS D.N., KENNEA J.A., GHISELLINI G., et al.
2011Natur.476..425Z 11 10 225 Birth of a relativistic outflow in the unusual γ-ray transient Swift J164449.3+573451. ZAUDERER B.A., BERGER E., SODERBERG A.M., et al.
2011ApJ...738L..13M 1162 T   A     X C       28 2 33 X-ray and radio constraints on the mass of the black hole in Swift J164449.3+573451. MILLER J.M. and GULTEKIN K.
2011ApJ...738...52L 40           X         1 12 28 Discovery of an ultrasoft X-ray transient source in the 2XMM catalog: a tidal disruption event candidate. LIN D., CARRASCO E.R., GRUPE D., et al.
2011GCN.12214....1B 78 T                   1 ~ Sw J1644+57 (GRB 110328A): continued VLBA observations. BOWER G., CENKO S.B., BLOOM J.S., et al.
2011Natur.476..405L 1 0 Astrophysics: The awakening of a cosmic monster. LAZZATI D.
2011ApJ...738L..30A 648 T   A     X         16 4 12 VERITAS observations of the unusual extragalactic transient Swift J164449.3+573451. ALIU E., ARLEN T., AUNE T., et al.
2011ApJ...740L..27L 1123 T   A S   X C       26 2 34 Black hole spin in Sw

and Sw J2058+05.
LEI W.-H. and ZHANG B.
2011ApJ...742...32C 1018 T   A     X C       24 1 41
GRB 110328A/Swift
J164449.3+573451: the tidal obliteration of a deeply plunging star?
2011MNRAS.416.2102G 51           X         1 4 102 Radio transients from stellar tidal disruption by massive black holes. GIANNIOS D. and METZGER B.D.
2011MNRAS.417L..51V 377     A     X C F     8 7 48 Radio jets from stellar tidal disruptions. VAN VELZEN S., KORDING E. and FALCKE H.
2011Natur.480...69C 1 17 46 The unusual gamma-ray burst GRB 101225A explained as a minor body falling onto a neutron star. CAMPANA S., LODATO G., D'AVANZO P., et al.
2011ApJ...743..116O 649 T   A S   X         15 3 15 Quark-novae in low-mass X-ray binaries. II. Application to G87-7 and to

GRB 110328A
2011ApJ...743..134K 489 T   A     X C       10 1 75 Swift J1644+57: a white dwarf tidally disrupted by a 104 MBlack hole? KROLIK J.H. and PIRAN T.
2012MNRAS.419L...1Q 2044 T   A S   X         50 2 57
Swift 1644+57: the longest gamma-ray burst?
2012ApJ...746..116C 79           X         2 11 20 The Fermi bubble as a source of cosmic rays in the energy range >1015 eV. CHENG K.-S., CHERNYSHOV D.O., DOGIEL V.A., et al.
2012ApJ...746..170M viz 79             C       1 355 10 Rapid, machine-learned resource allocation: application to high-redshift gamma-ray burst follow-up. MORGAN A.N., LONG J., RICHARDS J.W., et al.
2012MNRAS.420.1135S 79           X         2 21 40 SN 2010jp (PTF10aaxi): a jet in a type II supernova. SMITH N., CENKO S.B., BUTLER N., et al.
2012ApJ...747...57M 39           X         1 110 35 AMUSE-field I: nuclear X-ray properties of local field and group spheroids across the stellar mass scale. MILLER B., GALLO E., TREU T., et al.
2012ApJ...747...70F 302     A     X C       7 8 59 A revised view of the transient radio sky. FRAIL D.A., KULKARNI S.R., OFEK E.O., et al.
2012MNRAS.420.2684C 41           X         1 18 74 PTF10iya: a short-lived, luminous flare from the nuclear region of a star-forming galaxy. CENKO S.B., BLOOM J.S., KULKARNI S.R., et al.
2012MNRAS.420.3528M 2198 T K A S   X C F     52 3 66 Afterglow model for the radio emission from the jetted tidal disruption candidate
Swift J1644+57.
2012ApJ...748...36B 2112 T   A     X C       52 15 92 Radio monitoring of the tidal disruption event
Swift J164449.3+573451. I. Jet energetics and the pristine parsec-scale environment of a supermassive black hole.
2012MNRAS.421..908W 896 T   A S   X C       20 1 14 Internal shock model for the X-ray flares of
Swift J1644+57.
2012ApJ...749...92K 49           X         1 2 40 Jets from tidal disruptions of stars by black holes. KROLIK J.H. and PIRAN T.
2012MNRAS.421.1942W 1087 T K A     X C       26 7 20 Polarimetry of the transient relativistic jet of
GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451.
2012MNRAS.422.1625S 662 T K A     X         16 2 36 Long-term X-ray variability of
SAXTON C.J., SORIA R., WU K., et al.
2012ApJ...752...32W 354     A     X         9 3 97 Long gamma-ray transients from collapsars. WOOSLEY S.E. and HEGER A.
2012A&A...541A.106S 395           X C       9 18 74 A tidal disruption-like X-ray flare from the quiescent galaxy SDSS J120136.02+300305.5. SAXTON R.D., READ A.M., ESQUEJ P., et al.
2012ApJ...753...61S 41           X         1 11 64 Evidence for gamma-ray jets in the Milky Way. SU M. and FINKBEINER D.P.
2012ApJ...753...77C 1257   K A S   X C       30 7 196 Swift J2058.4+0516: discovery of a possible second relativistic tidal disruption flare? CENKO S.B., KRIMM H.A., HORESH A., et al.
2012ApJS..201...33W 208 26 Three years of Fermi GBM earth occultation monitoring: observations of hard X-Ray/Soft gamma-ray sources. WILSON-HODGE C.A., CASE G.L., CHERRY M.L., et al.
2012MNRAS.425..605F 46           X         1 13 205 The physics of galactic winds driven by active galactic nuclei. FAUCHER-GIGUERE C.-A. and QUATAERT E.
2012Sci...337..949R 7 3 47 A 200-Second quasi-periodicity after the tidal disruption of a star by a dormant black hole. REIS R.C., MILLER J.M., REYNOLDS M.T., et al.
2012ApJ...756L...1S 777 T K A S   X         18 1 13
: an ultra-luminous X-ray event.
2012ApJ...756...44R viz 39           X         1 215 16 On the spectral lags and peak counts of the gamma-ray bursts detected by the RHESSI satellite. RIPA J., MESZAROS A., VERES P., et al.
2012MNRAS.425.2401A 40           X         1 3 8 Tidal disruptions of separated binaries in galactic nuclei. AMARO-SEOANE P., MILLER M.C. and KENNEDY G.F.
2012ApJ...759..132A 43           X         1 5 45 Three-dimensional moving-mesh simulations of Galactic Center cloud G2. ANNINOS P., FRAGILE P.C., WILSON J., et al.
2012ApJ...760..103D 816   K A S   X C       19 5 66 The dynamics, appearance, and demographics of relativistic jets triggered by tidal disruption of stars in quiescent supermassive black holes. DE COLLE F., GUILLOCHON J., NAIMAN J., et al.
2012ApJS..203...18W 40           X         1 28 61 Source-intrinsic near-infrared properties of Sgr A*: total intensity measurements. WITZEL G., ECKART A., BREMER M., et al.
2012ApJ...761..111C 1208 T   A S   X C       28 1 8 Probing the structure of the outflow in the tidal disruption flare Sw
J1644+57 with long-term radio emission.
CAO D. and WANG X.-Y.
2012ApJ...761..113G 459 T   A     X         11 1 6
SWIFT J164449.3+573451: a plunging event with a poynting-flux-dominated outflow.
2013Sci...339...49M 16 3 99 Alignment of magnetized accretion disks and relativistic jets with spinning black holes. McKINNEY J.C., TCHEKHOVSKOY A. and BLANDFORD R.D.
2013ApJ...762...85W 40           X         1 37 15 ASGARD: a large survey for slow galactic radio transients. I. Overview and first results. WILLIAMS P.K.G., BOWER G.C., CROFT S., et al.
2013ApJ...762...98L 1062 T   A     X C       25 2 26 Frame dragging, disk warping, jet precessing, and dipped X-ray light curve of
LEI W.-H., ZHANG B. and GAO H.
2012A&A...548A...3A 891 T K A     X C       21 2 9 Mass estimate of the Swift J
164449.3+573451 supermassive black hole based on the 3:2 QPO resonance hypothesis.
2013ApJ...763...84B 319           X         8 14 40 Late-time radio emission from x-ray-selected tidal disruption events. BOWER G.C., METZGER B.D., CENKO S.B., et al.
2013ApJ...764..151G 56       D     X         2 132 154 The MBH-lspheroid relation at high and low masses, the quadratic growth of black holes, and intermediate-mass black hole candidates. GRAHAM A.W. and SCOTT N.
2013ApJ...764..190A 16       D               1 89 0 Limits to the fraction of high-energy photon emitting gamma-ray bursts. AKERLOF C.W. and ZHENG W.
2013ApJ...766...30G 297       D     X C       7 13 100 The ultra-long gamma-ray burst 111209A: the collapse of a blue supergiant? GENDRE B., STRATTA G., ATTEIA J.L., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..312F 535 T   A S   X C       11 9 2 GRBs by thin persistent precessing lepton jets: the long life
GRB110328 and the neutrino signal.
2013MNRAS.430.2574L 40           X         1 7 8 Can a satellite galaxy merger explain the active past of the Galactic Centre? LANG M., HOLLEY-BOCKELMANN K., BOGDANOVIC T., et al.
2013ApJ...767..152Z 984 T   A     X C       23 5 74 Radio monitoring of the tidal disruption event
Swift J164449.3+573451. II. The relativistic jet shuts off and a transition to forward shock X-Ray/Radio emission.
2013A&A...552A...5V 1 20 42 Constraints on off-axis jets from stellar tidal disruption flares. VAN VELZEN S., FRAIL D.A., KOERDING E., et al.
2013A&A...552A.112A 79 T         X         1 3 5 Very high energy gamma-ray observation of the peculiar transient event Swift J1644+57 with the MAGIC telescopes and AGILE. ALEKSIC J., ANTONELLI L.A., ANTORANZ P., et al.
2013ApJ...769L...7R 41           X         1 28 63 On the size and location of the X-ray emitting coronae around black holes. REIS R.C. and MILLER J.M.
2013ApJ...769...85S 200           X         5 15 31 GRB060218 as a tidal disruption of a white dwarf by an intermediate-mass black hole. SHCHERBAKOV R.V., PE'ER A., REYNOLDS C.S., et al.
2013ApJ...770..146B 1065 T   A     X C       25 1 19 On the origin of the radio emission of
Sw 1644+57.
2013ApJ...771..136L 23 33 Superluminous x-rays from a superluminous supernova. LEVAN A.J., READ A.M., METZGER B.D., et al.
2013GCN.15085....1M 3 ~ GRB 130807A: Swift-XRT refined analysis. MELANDRI A., BURROWS D.N., ROMANO P., et al.
2013ApJ...775L...9D 85           X         2 2 25 The impact of bound stellar orbits and general relativity on the temporal behavior of tidal disruption flares. DAI L., ESCALA A. and COPPI P.
2013ARep...57..233G 205 32 The MASTER-II network of robotic optical telescopes. First results. GORBOVSKOY E.S., LIPUNOV V.M., KORNILOV V.G., et al.
2013ApJ...776L..10L 80           X         2 6 16 A ∼ 3.8 hr periodicity from an ultrasoft active galactic nucleus candidate. LIN D., IRWIN J.A., GODET O., et al.
2013MNRAS.434.2948D 80           X         2 4 8 Roche accretion of stars close to massive black holes. DAI L. and BLANDFORD R.
2013MNRAS.434.3078K 1899 T   A S   X C F     44 1 17 A model for the multiwavelength radiation from tidal disruption event
Swift J1644+57.
2013MNRAS.434.3463Z 818 T   A     X C F     18 5 7 Long-term X-ray emission from
Swift J1644+57.
2013MNRAS.435.1904M 199           X         5 30 31 A tidal flare candidate in Abell 1795. MAKSYM W.P., ULMER M.P., ERACLEOUS M.C., et al.
2013ApJS..209...14K viz 135       D     X         4 255 208 The Swift/BAT hard X-ray transient monitor. KRIMM H.A., HOLLAND S.T., CORBET R.H.D., et al.
2013GCN.15299....1C 79 T                   2 ~ GRB 130925A/Sw J0244-2609: mm observations at PdBI. CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., BREMER M. and WINTERS J.-M.
2013ApJ...778L..11Z 40           X         1 12 10 Cosmological time dilation in durations of Swift long gamma-ray bursts. ZHANG F.-W., FAN Y.-Z., SHAO L., et al.
2013ApJ...779...14J 119           X         3 10 13 Discovery of a new kind of explosive X-ray transient near M86. JONKER P.G., GLENNIE A., HEIDA M., et al.
2014ApJ...780...39L 40           X         1 43 11 Classification of X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalog: objects of special interest. LIN D., WEBB N.A. and BARRET D.
2014ApJ...780...44C 672     A     X C       16 17 103 The ultraviolet-bright, slowly declining transient PS1-11af as a partial tidal disruption event. CHORNOCK R., BERGER E., GEZARI S., et al.
2014MNRAS.437.2744T 3769 T   A S   X C       89 1 92 Swift J1644+57 gone MAD: the case for dynamically important magnetic flux threading the black hole in a jetted tidal disruption event. TCHEKHOVSKOY A., METZGER B.D., GIANNIOS D., et al.
2014ApJ...781...10A 161           X C       3 22 3 Reliability of radio transients detected in the Nasu sky survey. AOKI T., TANAKA T., NIINUMA K., et al.
2014ApJ...781...13L 647           X C       15 25 145 A new population of ultra-long duration gamma-ray bursts. LEVAN A.J., TANVIR N.R., STARLING R.L.C., et al.
2014ApJ...781...59D 202           X         5 16 27 A tidal disruption event in a nearby galaxy hosting an intermediate mass black hole. DONATO D., CENKO S.B., COVINO S., et al.
2014ApJ...781...82C 771   K A S   X         17 1 65 Hyperaccretion during tidal disruption events: weakly bound debris envelopes and jets. COUGHLIN E.R. and BEGELMAN M.C.
2013PASJ...65L...8K 859 T K A     X C       20 2 5 Recurrent outbursts and jet ejections expected in
: limit-cycle activities in a supermassive black hole.
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2011ATel.3242....1K 235 T         X         5 2 4
Swift J164449.3+573451 (AKA
GRB110328A) : a new candidate SFXT ?
2011ATel.3243....1C 234 T         X         5 1 ~
GRB 110328A /
Swift J164449.3+573451 : PTF quiescent optical counterpart.
CENKO S.B., NUGENT P.E., FOX D.B., et al.
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Swift J164449.3+573451.
2011ATel.3250....1K 274 T         X         6 2 4
Swift J164449.3+573451/
GRB 110328A : continued Swift monitoring.
2011ATel.3251....1M 156 T         X         3 1 1 RXTE detection of rapidly varying transient
Swift J164449.3+573451.
2011ATel.3252....1M 195 T         X         4 1 ~
GRB 110328A /
Swift J164449.3+573451 : followup at 15 GHz.
2011ATel.3269....1B 156 T         X         3 2 ~
GRB 110328A : VLBA observations.
2011ATel.3278....1B 196 T         X         4 1 3 Upper limit on radio polarization for
GRB 110328A /
Swift J164449.3+573451.
2011ATel.3292....1G 273 T         X         6 1 1 GALEX UV upper limits for
GRB 110328A /
Swift J164449.3+573451.
2011ATel.3426....1C 234 T         X         5 2 ~ Swift J2058+0516 redshift determination : a Swift
J1644/GRB 110328A-like event ?
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Swift J164449.3+573451 with XMM-Newton.
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2011ATel.3522....1B 195 T         X         4 1 ~ Sw
J1644+57 (
GRB 110328A): Continued VLBA Observations.
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Swift J16444+57: dramatic drop in intensity for the past month.
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reveals a powerful jet with fast core and slow sheath.
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: a Compton echo?
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: an ideal test bed of radiation mechanisms in a relativistic super-Eddington jet.
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2022Natur.606..261W 100           X         2 33 ~ X-ray astronomy comes of age. WILKES B.J., TUCKER W., SCHARTEL N., et al.

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