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1994AJ....107..930W 8 26 Hubble space telescope medium deep survey. II. Deconvolution of wide field camera field galaxy images in the 13h+43deg field. WINDHORST R.A., SCHMIDTKE P.C., PASCARELLE S.M., et al.
1994ApJ...437...67G 151 99 The Hubble Space Telescope Medium Deep Survey with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera. I. Methodology and results on the field near 3C 273. GRIFFITHS R.E., RATNATUNGA K.U., NEUSCHAEFER L.W., et al.
1996AJ....112..352S 78 T                   24 485 Spectroscopy of Lyman break galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. STEIDEL C.C., GIAVALISCO M., DICKINSON M., et al.
1996AJ....112..359V viz 72 T                   270 286 A morphological catalog of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. VAN DEN BERGH S., ABRAHAM R.G., ELLIS R.S., et al.
1996AJ....112.1335W viz 72 T                   3240 1071 The Hubble Deep Field observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry. WILLIAMS R.E., BLACKER B., DICKINSON M., et al.
1996ApJ...466L..55F 124 T                   1 156 Hubble Deep Field constraint on baryonic dark matter. FLYNN C., GOULD A. and BAHCALL J.N.
1996ApJ...467L..61K 80 T                   1 26 Limits on the halo white dwarf component of baryonic dark matter from the Hubble Deep Field. KAWALER S.D.
1996ApJ...467L..73H 73 T                   4 23 A candidate gravitational lens in the Hubble Deep Field. HOGG D.W., BLANDFORD R., KUNDIC T., et al.
1996ApJ...468L..77G 106 T                   1 103 The redshift distribution and luminosity functions of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. GWYN S.D.J. and HARTWICK F.D.A.
1996ApJ...471L...5C viz 72 T                   156 166 Redshift clustering in the Hubble Deep Field. COHEN J.G., COWIE L.L., HOGG D.W., et al.
1996ApJ...472L..13O 17 2 107 Automated morphological classification in deep Hubble Space Telescope UBVI fields: rapidly and passively evolving faint galaxy populations. ODEWAHN S.C., WINDHORST R.A., DRIVER S.P., et al.
1996ApJ...473L..17D 82 T                   2 65 Galaxy dark matter: galaxy-galaxy lensing in the Hubble Deep Field. DELL'ANTONIO I.P. and TYSON J.A.
1996ApJ...473L..63C 88 T                   1 48 Are Hubble Deep Field galaxy counts whole numbers? COLLEY W.N., RHOADS J.E., OSTRIKER J.P., et al.
1996MNRAS.279L..47A 229 T                   1 473 Galaxy morphology to I=25 mag in the Hubble Deep Field. ABRAHAM R.G., TANVIR N.R., SANTIAGO B.X., et al.
1996MNRAS.280L..43C 73 T                   9 32 Candidate primeval galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. CLEMENTS D.L. and COUCH W.J.
1996MNRAS.282L...7M 81 T                   3 84 The nature of the faint galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. MOBASHER B., ROWAN-ROBINSON M., GEORGAKAKIS A., et al.
1996MNRAS.283..666M 73 T                   15 49 Star counts in the Hubble Deep Field: constraining galactic structure models. MENDEZ R.A., MINNITI D., DE MARCHI G., et al.
1996MNRAS.283.1388M 79 T                   87 1958 High-redshift galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field: colour selection and star formation history to z 4. MADAU P., FERGUSON H.C., DICKINSON M.E., et al.
1996JRASC..90R.308H 72 T                   1 0 Galaxy-galaxy gravitational lensing in the Hubble Deep Field. HUDSON M.J. and GWYN S.
1996S&T....91e..48P 72 T                   3 ~ To see the world in a grain of sand: the Hubble Deep Field. PARKER S. and ROTH J.
1996S&W....35..824C 2 0 Dunkle Materie, Galaxien und die Dichte des Universums. COLBERG J.M. and WHITE D.M.
1996NewA....1....1E 73 T       O           7 40 Halo stars, starbursts, and distant globular cluster: A survey of unresolved objects in the
Hubble Deep Field.
1997A&A...321..749R 73 T                   5 21 Candidate polar-ring galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. RESHETNIKOV V.P.
1997AJ....113....1S 156 T                   1 254 Evolution of the galaxy population based on photometric redshifts in the Hubble Deep Field. SAWICKI M.J., LIN H. and YEE H.K.C.
1997AJ....113..474H 72 T                   91 20 Near infrared imaging of the Hubble Deep Field with the Keck telescope. HOGG D.W., NEUGEBAUER G., ARMUS L., et al.
1997AJ....114.1741H 1 15 61 The apparent morphology of peculiar galaxies at intermediate to high redshifts. HIBBARD J.E. and VACCA W.D.
1997ApJ...474L...1Z 72 T                   14 36 Keck spectroscopy of objects with lens-like morphologies in the Hubble Deep Field. ZEPF S.E., MOUSTAKAS L.A. and DAVIS M.
1997ApJ...475L...5F 72 T                   20 38 Radio emission from objects in the Hubble Deep Field. FOMALONT E.B., KELLERMANN K.I., RICHARDS E.A., et al.
1997ApJ...481..578V 91 T                   1 58 Clustering of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. VILLUMSEN J.V., FREUDLING W. and DA COSTA L.N.
1997ApJ...481..673L viz 76 T                   33 439 Keck spectroscopy of redshift z about 3 galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. LOWENTHAL J.D., KOO D.C., GUZMAN R., et al.
1997ApJ...482..913G 23 3 211 M dwarfs from Hubble space telescope star counts. III. The groth strip. GOULD A., BAHCALL J.N. and FLYNN C.
1997ApJ...484..555H 4 2 28 The effects of amplification bias in gravitational microlensing experiments. HAN C.
1997ApJ...486L..11C 215 T                   1 429 The evolution of the global star formation history as measured from the Hubble Deep Field. CONNOLLY A.J., SZALAY A.S., DICKINSON M., et al.
1997ApJ...488L..67W 73 T                   6 23 A 2.8 millimeter survey of the Hubble Deep Field. WILNER D.J. and WRIGHT M.C.H.
1997ApJ...488..579C 74 T                   3 21 Dynamics of ``small galaxies'' in the Hubble Deep Field. COLLEY W.N., GNEDIN O.Y., OSTRIKER J.P., et al.
1997ApJ...488..606C 74 T                   2 14 Dwarf galaxies with gentle star formation and the counts of galaxies from the Hubble Deep Field. CAMPOS A.
1997ApJ...489..543P 72 T                   122 167 The nature of compact galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. I. Global properties. PHILLIPS A.C., GUZMAN R., GALLEGO J., et al.
1997ApJ...489..559G 73 T                   58 248 The nature of compact galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. II. Spectroscopic properties and implications for the evolution of the star formation rate density of the universe. GUZMAN R., GALLEGO J., KOO D.C., et al.
1997ApJ...490L.135M 72 T                   27 14 Detectability of high-redshift elliptical galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. MAOZ D.
1997MNRAS.288L..19A 75 T                   1 9 AGN predictions for the Hubble Deep Field and the X-ray background. ALMAINI O. and FABIAN A.C.
1997MNRAS.289..457S 89 T                   1 53 Observations of the Hubble Deep Field with the Infrared Space Observatory - I. Data reduction, maps and sky coverage. SERJEANT S.B.G., EATON N., OLIVER S.J., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..465G 72 T                   51 37 Observations of the Hubble Deep Field with the Infrared Space Observatory - II. Source detection and photometry. GOLDSCHMIDT P., OLIVER S.J., SERJEANT S.B.G., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..471O 101 T                   1 89 Observations of the Hubble Deep Field with the Infrared Space Observatory - III. Source counts and P (D) analysis. OLIVER S.J., GOLDSCHMIDT P., FRANCESCHINI A., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..482M 72 T                   31 38 Observations of the Hubble Deep Field with the Infrared Space Observatory - IV. Association of sources with Hubble Deep Field galaxies. MANN R.G., OLIVER S.J., SERJEANT S.B.G., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..490R 77 T                   14 250 Observations of the Hubble Deep Field with the Infrared Space Observatory - V. Spectral energy distributions, starburst models and star formation history. ROWAN-ROBINSON M., MANN R.G., OLIVER S.J., et al.
1997PASP..109...78T 176 0 Astrophysics in 1996. (Review paper). TRIMBLE V. and McFADDEN L.A.
1997ARA&A..35..389E 18 5 274 Faint blue galaxies. ELLIS R.S.
1997Natur.387..850A 1 1 The end of the beginnings. ABRAHAM R.
1997Natur.390..377Z 38 1 116 Formation of elliptical galaxies at moderate redshifts. ZEPF S.E.
1997PhT....50d..24F 1 1 3 Probing the faintest galaxies. FERGUSON H.C., WILLIAMS R.E. and COWIE L.L.
1997SciAm.276e..66M 6 0 Galaxies in the young universe. MACCHETTO F.D. and DICKINSON M.
1998A&A...333..106M 72 T                   69 34 Starcounts in the flanking fields of the Hubble Deep Field. The faint end of the disc stellar luminosity function and its scale-height. MENDEZ R.A. and GUZMAN R.
1998A&A...339L...1M 4 4 55 The nature of the host galaxies for gamma-ray bursts. MAO S. and MO H.J.
1998A&AS..129..583F viz 72 T                   100 5 Surface photometry of early-type galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. FASANO G. and FILIPPI M.
1998AJ....115.1319C 77 T                   19 308 High-z Ly-alpha emitters. I. A blank-field search for objects near redshift z = 3.4 in and around the Hubble Deep Field and the Hawaii deep field SSA 22. COWIE L.L. and HU E.M.
1998AJ....115.1400F 72 T                   50 27 Early-type galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field: the <mue>–re relation and the lack of large galaxies at high redshift. FASANO G., CRISTIANI S., ARNOUTS S., et al.
1998AJ....115.1418H 1 28 110 A blind test of photometric redshift prediction. HOGG D.W., COHEN J.G., BLANDFORD R., et al.
1998AJ....116.1039R 73 T                   61 188 Radio emission from galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. RICHARDS E.A., KELLERMANN K.I., FOMALONT E.B., et al.
1998AJ....116.1066L 1 6 20 An empirical limit on extremely high redshift galaxies. LANZETTA K.M., YAHIL A. and FERNANDEZ-SOTO A.
1998AJ....116.1513W 7 18 Deep Hubble space telescope galaxy and pair counts as tests of merger history. WU W. and KEEL W.C.
1998AJ....116.1643W 55 17 Surface brightness of starbursts at low and high redshifts. WEEDMAN D.W., WOLOVITZ J.B., BERSHADY M.A., et al.
1998AJ....116.2081W viz 96 T                   1 73 A catalog of color-based redshift estimates for z ≲ 4 galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. WANG Y., BAHCALL N. and TURNER E.L.
1998AJ....116.2086B 1 7 23 Seeking the ultraviolet ionizing background at z ~ 3 with the Keck telescope. BUNKER A.J., MARLEAU F.R. and GRAHAM J.R.
1998AJ....116.2569I 2 1 6 Optimal proper-motion measurements with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera. IBATA R.A. and LEWIS G.F.
1998AJ....116.2617S 75 T                   11 122 A z = 5.34 galaxy pair in the Hubble Deep Field. SPINRAD H., STERN D., BUNKER A., et al.
1998AJ....116.2644O 158 28 The Hubble space telescope medium deep survey cluster sample: methodology and data. OSTRANDER E.J., NICHOL R.C., RATNATUNGA K.U., et al.
1998AJ....116.2659P 37 56 Compact Lyα-emitting candidates at z ≃ 2.4 in deep medium-band Hubble space telescope WFPC2 images. PASCARELLE S.M., WINDHORST R.A. and KEEL W.C.
1998ApJ...496L..93D 115 T                   1 130 Morphological number counts and redshift distributions to I<26 from the Hubble Deep Field: implications for the evolution of ellipticals, spirals, and irregulars. DRIVER S.P., FERNANDEZ-SOTO A., COUCH W.J., et al.
1998ApJ...499....7G 13 1 40 MACHOs, white dwarfs, and the age of the universe. GRAFF D.S., LAUGHLIN G. and FREESE K.
1998ApJ...499L.125C 20 1 62 Evolution of the angular correlation function. CONNOLLY A.J., SZALAY A.S. and BRUNNER R.J.
1998ApJ...499..635B 2 10 89 Formation of a polar ring galaxy in a galaxy merger. BEKKI K.
1998ApJ...500..525S 73 58 12825 Maps of dust infrared emission for use in estimation of reddening and cosmic microwave background radiation foregrounds. SCHLEGEL D.J., FINKBEINER D.P. and DAVIS M.
1998ApJ...501...23P 72 T                   1 2 Diffuse dark and bright objects in the Hubble Deep Field. PARK C. and KIM J.
1998ApJ...503..531H 125 T                   1 161 Galaxy-galaxy lensing in the Hubble Deep Field: the halo Tully-Fisher relation at intermediate redshift. HUDSON M.J., GWYN S.D.J., DAHLE H., et al.
1998ApJ...506..557B 72 T                   35 72 Cloning
Hubble deep fields. I. A model-independent measurement of galaxy evolution.
1998ApJ...506..579B 5 2 33 Cloning Hubble deep fields. II. Models for evolution by bright galaxy image transformation. BOUWENS R., BROADHURST T. and SILK J.
1998ApJ...506..600F 73 T                   41 125 Early-type galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field: the star formation history. FRANCESCHINI A., SILVA L., FASANO G., et al.
1998ApJ...507..585M viz 112 T                   1 122 Quantitative morphology of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. MARLEAU F.R. and SIMARD L.
1998ApJ...508L...1P 98 T                   1 79 The ultraviolet luminosity density of the universe from photometric redshifts of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. PASCARELLE S.M., LANZETTA K.M. and FERNANDEZ-SOTO A.
1998MNRAS.296..585F 87 T                   1 46 The Hubble Deep Field and the disappearing dwarf galaxies. FERGUSON H.C. and BABUL A.
1998MNRAS.296..813G 11 17 Radio continuum and H I observations of the supernova remnant G296.8-00.3. GAENSLER B.M., MANCHESTER R.N. and GREEN A.J.
1998MNRAS.298.1133P 121 T                   1 148 High-redshift galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field - II. Colours and number counts. POZZETTI L., MADAU P., ZAMORANI G., et al.
1998PASP..110..223T 201 6 Astrophysics in 1997. (Review paper). TRIMBLE V. and McFADDEN L.A.
1998PASP..110..291G 19 1 57 An extendable galaxy number count model. GARDNER J.P.
1998PASP..110..727H 28 1 84 A maximum likelihood method to improve faint-source flux and color estimates. HOGG D.W. and TURNER E.L.
1998CR2...326..679R 2 ~ Formation et evolution des galaxies lointaines. ROCCA-VOLMERANGE B.
1998IAUC.6810Q...1G 5 ~ Supernovae 1997ff and 1997fg. GILLILAND R.L. and PHILLIPS M.M.
1998Natur.394..241H 91 T                   22 1264 High-redshift star formation in the Hubble Deep Field revealed by a submillimetre-wavelength survey. HUGHES D.H., SERJEANT S., DUNLOP J., et al.
1998Natur.394..860H 22 2 133 Old and blue white-dwarf stars as a detectable source of microlensing events. HANSEN B.M.S.
1998Natur.395A...3E 6 1 18 The formation and evolution of galaxies. ELLIS R.
1998PhR...307...15P 2 1 6 The nature of high-redshift galaxies. PRIMACK J.R., SOMERVILLE R.S., FABER S.M., et al.
1998S&T....96d..46D 5 0 The journey back to the source. DRESSLER A.
1998ARep...42....1W 2 1 6 On the evolution of the star formation rate in disk galaxies. WIEBE D.S., TUTUKOV A.V. and SHUSTOV B.M.
1998A&G....39b..10L 3 0 Unveiling the distant universe. LONGAIR M.S.
1999A&A...342..313A viz 72 T                   103 227 ISOCAM observations of the Hubble Deep Field reduced with the PRETI method. AUSSEL H., CESARSKY C.J., ELBAZ D., et al.
1999A&A...342..363D 72 T                   85 32 A classical approach to faint extragalactic source extraction from ISOCAM deep surveys. Application to the Hubble Deep Field. DESERT F.-X., PUGET J.-L., CLEMENTS D.L., et al.
1999A&A...342..627B 23 60 Toward a dust penetrated classification of the evolved stellar Population II disks of galaxies. BLOCK D.L. and PUERARI I.
1999A&A...343L..19F 3 3 27 The VLT observations of the HDF-S NICMOS field: photometric catalog and high redshift galaxy candidates. FONTANA A., D'ODORICO S., FOSBURY R., et al.
1999A&A...343..899Z 72 T                   3 8 Hubble Deep Field guide star photometry. ZWINTZ K., KUSCHNIG R., WEISS W.W., et al.
1999A&A...347..532S 6 5 97 The ionizing cluster of 30 Doradus. III. Star-formation history and initial mass function. SELMAN F., MELNICK J., BOSCH G., et al.
1999A&A...347..809D 73 T                   35 111 Proposed identification of Hubble Deep Field submillimeter source HDF 850.1. DOWNES D., NERI R., GREVE A., et al.
1999A&A...352..371B 1 14 52 Far infrared and Ultraviolet emissions of individual galaxies at z=0: selection effects on the estimate of the dust extinction. BUAT V., DONAS J., MILLIARD B., et al.
1999A&AS..138..365S 13 1 40 Faint source detection in ISOCAM images. STARCK J.L., AUSSEL H., ELBAZ D., et al.
1999AJ....117...17T viz 72 T                   333 115 Near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer observations of the Hubble Deep Field: observations, data reduction, and galaxy photometry. THOMPSON R.I., STORRIE-LOMBARDI L.J., WEYMANN R.J., et al.
1999AJ....117...68S 126 T                   1 162 Simultaneous multicolor detection of faint galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field. SZALAY A.S., CONNOLLY A.J. and SZOKOLY G.P.
1999AJ....117...75C viz 267 31 Tides, interactions, and fine-scale substructures in galaxy clusters. CONSELICE C.J. and GALLAGHER III J.S.
1999AJ....117..102B viz 188 139 Constraints on the early formation of field elliptical galaxies. BARGER A.J., COWIE L.L., TRENTHAM N., et al.
1999AJ....117..645C 72 T                   42 26 Quasar candidates in the Hubble Deep Field. CONTI A., KENNEFICK J.D., MARTINI P., et al.
1999AJ....117.1651G 11 1 34 On the origin of early-type galaxies and the evolution of the interaction rate in the field. GOVERNATO F., GARDNER J.P., STADEL J., et al.
1999AJ....117.2582B 26 7 A morphological and multicolor survey for faint QSOs in the Groth-Westphal strip. BECK-WINCHATZ B. and ANDERSON S.F.
1999AJ....118...86R 6 3 60 Disk and bulge morphology of WFPC2 galaxies: the Hubble Space Telescope medium deep survey database. RATNATUNGA K.U., GRIFFITHS R.E. and OSTRANDER E.J.
1999AJ....118..603C 16 4 202 Evidence for a gradual decline in the universal rest-frame ultraviolet luminosity density for z < 1. COWIE L.L., SONGAILA A. and BARGER A.J.
1999AJ....118..752Z 6 10 195 The formation and evolution of candidate young globular clusters in NGC 3256. ZEPF S.E., ASHMAN K.M., ENGLISH J., et al.
1999AJ....118.1526G 1 54 198 Globular cluster systems. I. V-I color distributions. GEBHARDT K. and KISSLER-PATIG M.
1999AJ....118.1907C 73 T                   2 6 Deuterium, lithium, and the Hubble Deep Field. CASUSO E. and BECKMAN J.E.
1999AJ....118.1912L 72 T                   215 17 Quasars as absorption probes of the Hubble Deep Field. LIU C.T., PETRY C.E., IMPEY C.D., et al.
1999AJ....118.2734P 3 9 90 The age difference between the globular cluster subpopulations in NGC 4472. PUZIA T.H., KISSLER-PATIG M., BRODIE J.P., et al.
1999ApJ...511..562C 83 T                   1 34 A lower limit on ΩmΛ using gravitational lensing in the Hubble Deep Field. COORAY A.R., QUASHNOCK J.M. and MILLER M.C.
1999ApJ...513L...9R 73 T                   17 53 Radio identification of submillimeter sources in the Hubble Deep Field. RICHARDS E.A.
1999ApJ...513...34F viz 72 T                   1064 370 A new catalog of photometric redshifts in the Hubble Deep Field. FERNANDEZ-SOTO A., LANZETTA K.M. and YAHIL A.
1999ApJ...513L.103C 12 2 75 Is galactic dark matter white?. CHABRIER G.
1999ApJ...514..535H 86 T                   1 44 Constraints from the Hubble Deep Field on high-redshift quasar models. HAIMAN Z., MADAU P. and LOEB A.
1999ApJ...514..648M 45 5 677 Radiative transfer in a clumpy universe. III. The nature of cosmological ionizing sources. MADAU P., HAARDT F. and REES M.J.
1999ApJ...515L..65B 2 8 66 Detection of evolved high-redshift galaxies in deep NICMOS/VLT images. BENITEZ N., BROADHURST T., BOUWENS R., et al.
1999ApJ...515...69G 1 3 11 Galactic extinction from colors and counts of field galaxies in WFPC2 frames: an application to GRB 970228. GONZALEZ R.A., FRUCHTER A.S. and DIRSCH B.
1999ApJ...519....1S viz 6 76 1520 Lyman-break galaxies at z ≳ 4 and the evolution of the ultraviolet luminosity density at high redshift. STEIDEL C.C., ADELBERGER K.L., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
1999ApJ...521...30G 75 T                   8 86 High-redshift supernovae in the Hubble Deep Field. GILLILAND R.L., NUGENT P.E. and PHILLIPS M.M.
1999ApJ...524L..95I 76 T                   6 80 Faint, moving objects in the Hubble Deep Field: components of the dark halo ? IBATA R.A., RICHER H.B., GILLILAND R.L., et al.
1999ApJ...526L..73R 35 84 Optically faint microjansky radio sources. RICHARDS E.A., FOMALONT E.B., KELLERMANN K.I., et al.
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1999MNRAS.305L..55M 73 T                   2 8 The Hubble Deep Field North reveals a supernova at z - O.95. MANNUCCI F. and FERRARA A.
1999MNRAS.305..412C 4 1 Gravitationally lensed X-ray sources towards galaxy clusters. COORAY A.R.
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1999MNRAS.306..988M 88 T                   1 49 The redshift evolution of clustering in the Hubble Deep Field. MAGLIOCCHETTI M. and MADDOX S.J.
1999MNRAS.307..111R 1 3 15 Modelling ISO galaxy counts with luminosity and merger rate evolution. ROCHE N. and EALES S.A.
1999MNRAS.308L..11C 40 4 Candidate high-redshift and primeval galaxies in Hubble Deep Field South. CLEMENTS D.L., EALES S.A. and BAKER A.C.
1999MNRAS.308..527B 2 3 19 Using SCUBA to place upper limits on arcsecond-scale cosmic microwave background anisotropies at 850 mu-m. BORYS C., CHAPMAN S.C. and SCOTT D.
1999MNRAS.308..569A 96 T                   2 146 The evolution of barred spiral galaxies in the
Hubble Deep Fields North and South.
1999MNRAS.309L..25N 1 1 5 Probing the evolution of early-type galaxies using multicolour number counts and redshift distributions. NAKATA F., SHIMASAKU K., DOI M., et al.
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1999MNRAS.310L..27F 7 2 44 High-redshift evolution of optical- and infrared-selected galaxies: a comparison with cold dark matter scenarios. FONTANA A., MENCI N., D'ODORICO S., et al.
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1999Ap&SS.269..165I 7 2 Galaxies at high redshift. ILLINGWORTH G.
1999Ap&SS.269..243W 17 5 Young and old galaxies at high redshift. WINDHORST R., ODEWAHN S., BURG C., et al.
1999Ap&SS.269..323A 3 1 11 Quantifying morphological evolution from low to high redshifts. ABRAHAM R.G.
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