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2002AAS...201..601H 4 ~ The great observatories origins deep survey (GOODS): overview and status. HOOK R.N. (The GOODS Team)
2002AAS...201..602K 2 ~ Morphology and environments of X-Ray/Radio-Loud AGN in the GOODS fields. KOEKEMOER A.M., MOBASHER B., AFONSO J., et al.
2002AAS...201..605H 4 ~ Lower-mass black holes in the GOODS: the ULX population at z > 0.1.. HORNSCHEMEIER A.E., ALEXANDER D.M., BAUER F.E., et al.
2002AAS...201..606P 2 ~ Strong and weak gravitational lensing in the GOODS fields. PARK Y., CASERTANO S., CONSELICE C., et al.
2002AAS...201..608D 4 ~ Pure parallel Near-UV observations with WFPC2 within the GOODS fields. DE MELLO D.F., GARDNER J.P. (The GOODS Team)
2002AAS...201..612C 2 ~ Accuracy of determination of host galaxy morphologies in the GOODS fields. CHATZICHRISTOU E.T., CONSELICE C.J., URRY C.M., et al.
2002AAS...201..614K 2 ~ Lyman break galaxies in the great observatories origins deep survey. KRETCHMER C., CONSELICE C., DICKINSON M., et al.
2002AAS...201..615J 2 ~ Structure and evolution of disk galaxies in the GOODS fields. JOGEE S., CONSELICE C., RAVINDRANATH S., et al.
2002AAS...201.3204B 4 0 Cloning drop-outs: implications for galaxy evolution from z∼6 to z∼2 using HST ACS/WFPC2 data. BOUWENS R., ILLINGWORTH G.D., BROADHURST T.J., et al.
2004A&A...427L..17P 1 8 46 Truncation of stellar disks in galaxies at z ≃ 1. PEREZ I.
2004AJ....127.3121W viz 5734 275 The Team Keck Treasury Redshift Survey of the GOODS-North Field. WIRTH G.D., WILLMER C.N.A., AMICO P., et al.
2004AJ....127.3137C viz 1604 167 A large sample of spectroscopic redshifts in the ACS-GOODS region of the Hubble Deep Field North. COWIE L.L., BARGER A.J., HU E.M., et al.
2004ApJ...600L..93G viz 7819 1453 The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: initial results from optical and near-infrared imaging. GIAVALISCO M., FERGUSON H.C., KOEKEMOER A.M., et al.
2004ApJ...600L..99D viz 255 235 Color-selected galaxies at z ~ 6 in the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. DICKINSON M., STERN D., GIAVALISCO M., et al.
2004ApJ...600L.155F viz 53 24 Strong gravitational lens candidates in the GOODS ACS fields. FASSNACHT C.D., MOUSTAKAS L.A., CASERTANO S., et al.
2004ApJ...603L..13R 15 2 95 X-ray and radio emission from ultraviolet-selected star-forming galaxies at redshifts 1.5≲z≲3.0 in the GOODS-North field. REDDY N.A. and STEIDEL C.C.
2004ApJ...604..534S 10 16 522 A survey of star-forming galaxies in the 1.4≲Z≲ 2.5 redshift desert: overview. STEIDEL C.C., SHAPLEY A.E., PETTINI M., et al.
2004ApJ...607..704S 1 22 130 Hubble Space Telescope imaging and Keck spectroscopy of z ~ 6 i-band dropout galaxies in the Advanced Camera for Surveys GOODS fields. STANWAY E.R., BUNKER A.J., McMAHON R.G., et al.
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2004ApJ...611..732C 3 15 170 Evidence for extended, obscured starbursts in submillimeter galaxies. CHAPMAN S.C., SMAIL I., WINDHORST R., et al.
2004ApJ...612..122E 1 15 59 The kinematics of morphologically selected z∼2 galaxies in the GOODS-North field. ERB D.K., STEIDEL C.C., SHAPLEY A.E., et al.
2004ApJ...613..655W 104 64 An 850 micron SCUBA survey of the Hubble Deep Field-North GOODS region. WANG W.-H., COWIE L.L. and BARGER A.J.
2004ApJ...616..123T 7 7 160 Obscured active galactic nuclei and the X-ray, optical, and far-infrared number counts of active galactic nuclei in the GOODS fields. TREISTER E., URRY C.M., CHATZICHRISTOU E., et al.
2004ApJ...617..240K viz 1 206 621 Metallicities of 0.3<z<1.0 galaxies in the GOODS-north field. KOBULNICKY H.A. and KEWLEY L.J.
2004MNRAS.355..374B 1 58 270 The star formation rate of the Universe at z~ 6 from the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field. BUNKER A.J., STANWAY E.R., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2004AAS...205.6211B 1 0 Submillimetre galaxies in GOODS-north. BORYS C., POPE A., SCOTT D., et al.
2004AAS...205.6904G 1 1 Supernovae at z>1.2 discovered with the ACS on HST. GIBBONS R.A., KNOP R.A., KUZNETSOVA N., et al.
2004AAS...205.9413L 1 0 A strategy guide for integral-field specroscopy of z ∼ 2 - 3 galaxies. LAW D.R., STEIDEL C.C., ERB D.K., et al.
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2005ApJ...624L...5B viz 2 17 86 Constraints on z~10 galaxies from the deepest Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS fields. BOUWENS R.J., ILLINGWORTH G.D., THOMPSON R.I., et al.
2005ApJ...625..621B viz 52 3 316 The mass assembly histories of galaxies of various morphologies in the GOODS fields. BUNDY K., ELLIS R.S. and CONSELICE C.J.
2005ApJ...627L..97G 23 4 184 AGN host galaxies at z∼0.4-1.3: bulge-dominated and lacking merger-AGN connection. GROGIN N.A., CONSELICE C.J., CHATZICHRISTOU E., et al.
2005ApJ...627..621S viz 3 2 13 Properties of extremely red objects in an overdense region. SAWICKI M., STEVENSON M., BARRIENTOS L.F., et al.
2005ApJ...631L..13D 28 3 169 The population of BzK-selected ULIRGs at z ∼ 2. DADDI E., DICKINSON M., CHARY R., et al.
2005ApJ...632L..65M 18 2 72 Optical morphology evolution of infrared luminous galaxies in GOODS-N. MELBOURNE J., KOO D.C. and LE FLOC'H E.
2005ApJ...633..174T viz 232 237 The assembly history of field spheroidals: evolution of mass-to-light ratios and signatures of recent star formation. TREU T., ELLIS R.S., LIAO T.X., et al.
2005ApJ...633..748R 4 22 189 A census of optical and near-infrared selected star-forming and passively evolving galaxies at redshift z ∼ 2. REDDY N.A., ERB D.K., STEIDEL C.C., et al.
2005ApJ...634..128T viz 160 27 16µm imaging around the Hubble Deep Field-North with the Spitzer IRS. TEPLITZ H.I., CHARMANDARIS V., CHARY R., et al.
2005ApJ...634..833C 63 1 127 Measuring galaxy environments with deep redshift surveys. COOPER M.C., NEWMAN J.A., MADGWICK D.S., et al.
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2005ApJ...635..115B 2 4 19 The number density of intermediate- and high-luminosity active galactic nuclei at z ∼ 2-3. BARGER A.J. and COWIE L.L.
2005ApJ...635..832M 7 10 151 Evidence for a massive poststarburst galaxy at z∼6.5. MOBASHER B., DICKINSON M., FERGUSON H.C., et al.
2005ApJ...635..853B 5 17 186 The relationship between stellar and black hole mass in submillimeter galaxies. BORYS C., SMAIL I., CHAPMAN S.C., et al.
2005ApJ...635.1022C 109 14 Dust in the host galaxies of supernovae. CHARY R., DICKINSON M.E., TEPLITZ H.I., et al.
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2005Msngr.121...42L 4 3 The zCOSMOS redshift survey. LILLY S. (The zCOSMOS Team)
2005Msngr.122...25V 4 0 GOODS' look at galaxies in the young universe. VANZELLA E., CRISTIANI S., DICKINSON M., et al.
2005PASJ...57..447S 7 4 63 Number density of bright Lyman-break galaxies at z ∼ 6 in the Subaru deep field. SHIMASAKU K., OUCHI M., FURUSAWA H., et al.
2005NewAR..49..346A 15 1 31 Exploring dark energy with SNAP. ALDERING G.
2005NewAR..49..366S 1 1 Why we need wide-field imaging from space to understand galaxy formation. SOMERVILLE R.S.
2006A&A...451...57M viz 74 56 Mid infrared properties of distant infrared luminous galaxies. MARCILLAC D., ELBAZ D., CHARY R.R., et al.
2006A&A...453..397F 9 4 77 Cosmic evolution of the galaxy's mass and luminosity functions by morphological type from multi-wavelength data in the CDF-South. FRANCESCHINI A., RODIGHIERO G., CASSATA P., et al.
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2006ApJ...642...63L 20 4 165 The large-scale and small-scale clustering of Lyman break galaxies at 3.5≤z≤5.5 from the GOODS survey. LEE K.-S., GIAVALISCO M., GNEDIN O.Y., et al.
2006ApJ...644..143B 6 7 85 The active galactic nuclei contribution to the mid-infrared emission of luminous infrared galaxies. BRAND K., DEY A., WEEDMAN D., et al.
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2006ApJ...645L...9A 31 1 62 Deficiency of large equivalent width Lyα emission in luminous Lyman break galaxies at z ∼ 5-6?. ANDO M., OHTA K., IWATA I., et al.
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2006ApJ...646L..33Y 1 7 16 E+A galaxies with blue cores: active galaxies in transition. YANG Y., TREMONTI C.A., ZABLUDOFF A.I., et al.
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2006NewAR..50....1B 3 4 First light and reionization: A conference summary. BARTON E.J., BULLOCK J.S., COORAY A., et al.
2006NewAR..50...46S 1 5 16 Searching for the sources responsible for cosmic reionization: Probing the redshift range 7 < z < 10 and beyond. STARK D.P. and ELLIS R.S.
2006NewAR..50...75B 3 5 In search of first light: New technologies and new ideas. BLAND-HAWTHORN J.
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2006ApJ...650...12K 1 4 12 Mass-dependent color evolution of field galaxies back to z∼3 over the wide range of stellar mass. KAJISAWA M. and YAMADA T.
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2006ApJ...653.1027W viz 75 T                   1442 164 A survey of galaxy kinematics to z∼1 in the TKRS/
GOODS-N Field. I. Rotation and dispersion properties.
2006ApJ...653.1049W 130 T                   1 111 A survey of galaxy kinematics to z∼1 in the TKRS/
GOODS-N Field. II. Evolution in the Tully-Fisher relation.
2007ApJ...654..172D 7 6 88 Evolution of the luminosity function, star formation rate, morphology, and size of star-forming galaxies selected at rest-frame 1500 and 2800 Å. DAHLEN T., MOBASHER B., DICKINSON M., et al.
2006PASJ...58..951K 2 7 39 MOIRCS deep survey. I: DRG number counts. KAJISAWA M., KONISHI M., SUZUKI R., et al.
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2007MNRAS.375.1049W 4 10 94 The metallicity dependence of the long-duration gamma-ray burst rate from host galaxy luminosities. WOLF C. and PODSIADLOWSKI P.
2007MNRAS.376..287A 2 5 23 The FALCON concept: multi-object adaptive optics and atmospheric tomography for integral field spectroscopy - principles and performance on an 8-m telescope. ASSEMAT F., GENDRON E. and HAMMER F.
2007MNRAS.376..416R 851 T   A     X C       21 37 14 Hidden activity in high-redshift spheroidal galaxies from mid-infrared and X-ray observations in the
GOODS-North field.
2007A&A...465..393G 42           X         1 10 87 A comparison of LBGs, DRGs, and BzK galaxies: their contribution to the stellar mass density in the GOODS-MUSIC sample. GRAZIAN A., SALIMBENI S., PENTERICCI L., et al.
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2007A&A...468...33E 46 14 1305 The reversal of the star formation-density relation in the distant universe. ELBAZ D., DADDI E., LE BORGNE D., et al.
2007ApJ...663...81P viz 2 148 703 Spectral energy distributions of hard X-ray selected active galactic nuclei in the XMM-Newton Medium Deep Survey. POLLETTA M., TAJER M., MARASCHI L., et al.
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2019ApJ...883..141Y 43           X         1 3 ~ Quasars have few